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VIP and CIP Services at the Airports

by Parastoo Sahebi
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If you go on business trips a lot, you must have come across the two words VIP and CIP a lot and you know who these two services are offered to. Those who, due to financial or other issues, always buy economy tickets from an airline company are not familiar with these two types of services. In this guide, we will get to know more about VIP and CIP services. Stay with us to the end.

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What Are VIP Services?

VIP is an abbreviation of Very Important Person. These services are associated with high security and those who are in a high position in terms of rank get to use them. VIP services start before the flight and continue until after the plane has landed.

The provision of all facilities is controlled by personal guards and security cameras monitor all events. These conditions are observed so that the services provided are accompanied by the highest level of security.

As we mentioned before, these VIP services at the airports are provided to those for whom security is a matter of great concern. Among those who should use this service, the following can be mentioned:

  • Ministers
  • Diplomats
  • Managers of public companies
  • Brokers
  • Heads of states
  • Military leaders
  • Presidents
  • Ambassadors
  • Famous artists
  • Political figures

Airport VIP Services

Another important issue that should be mentioned about VIP services at the airports is the type of services provided. The people who are responsible for the provision of VIP services must receive the passenger’s boarding pass, transfer their baggage, serve them in a special hall or restaurant, and give them a bouquet of flowers at the beginning of their arrival as a welcome gift.

The services provided also include escorting the person through the security gate. After the guests of the VIP service pass through this gate, they will be served a variety of delicious and pleasant foods or drinks.

After this stage, the person in question will be escorted to the plane. It should be noted that the transportation of these people is done by special vehicles and the regular bus that takes the buyers of economy tickets to the flight will not be used.

These VIP services are not restricted to the flight. You can also benefit from VIP services and special facilities at the airport restaurant. In many airports, luxurious restaurants have been built and everything is prepared to welcome special guests.

The best services and facilities are provided and everyone makes sure that the traveler will have a pleasant experience at these restaurants. In addition to the quality food served in these airport VIP restaurants, the decorations are also remarkable and this is one of the other advantages of using the airport VIP services. Of course, the respectful and courteous behavior of the staff is also remarkable in its own way.

In short, it can be said that the airport VIP services provide the best conditions for special passengers to wait for the flight and start their journey. The services are provided only to people who have government and sensitive positions, and even by paying a fee, it is not possible to use the airport VIP services for people who do not have a sensitive or government job.

Airport VIP Services

What Are CIP Services?

In addition to VIP services, CIP services are offered at the airports as well. CIP is an abbreviation of Commercially Important Person, and as the meaning of the term implies, these services are provided to those who are in a good position from a commercial point of view.

An important thing that is good to know about the airport CIP service is that, unlike VIP services, which are only available to some people, all those who can afford to pay for CIP can make the most of the facilities defined in this service.

All people who can pay for airport CIP services are allowed access to them. Among those who regularly use these services, the following people are exemplary:

  • Managers of factories and large production complexes
  • Company heads
  • Traders
  • Athletes
  • In general, everyone who is financially well off

Airport CIP Services

Among the services provided in CIP, we can mention the following:

  • The personnel working in this service will get your boarding pass for you
  • Carrying out special inspections
  • Free catering
  • Transfer until the end of the flight
  • Handing over luggage
  • And more

This service allows the passenger to take care of their personal work and fly with peace of mind, without worrying about paperwork and possible issues.

What Are CIP Services?

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP services

The only airport in Iran that provides CIP services is Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran. This airport has an area of 7 thousand square meters and is built on three floors. Those who can pay for the CIP lounge or services, do not need to stand in long queues to receive flight tickets or worry about transferring luggage.

In this airport, a special CIP lounge has been prepared for these passengers to rest, and among the facilities that can be seen in it is a luxurious store that offers different and special products such as caviar, pistachios, leather, etc. Free internet and serving a variety of drinks are other notable services available in the Imam Khomeini CIP lounge. In addition, suites are also provided for travelers who need to rest, so that they can relax.

Imam Khomeini Airport VIP services

As mentioned before, the only airport in Iran that offers CIP and VIP services is Imam Khomeini Airport. For those who can use VIP lounges, significant services have been considered. Among these services, we can mention the collection of the boarding pass by the personnel of this service, delivery of baggage and luggage to the airport, reception in stylish and very luxurious halls, etc.

Those who are allowed to use this service can go to a special lounge and take care of their personal work or tasks that require a computer or the Internet. A dedicated bank counter is also intended for doing bank work for the people in the VIP lounge.

If someone has arranged a negotiation meeting before the flight, they can have the meeting in private meeting rooms, without worrying that someone or something will disturb them. A stylish two-story reception hall has been built in this airport, where VIP service passengers can order and enjoy the best and highest quality drinks and food.


The Difference Between CIP and VIP Services

One of the most important differences between CIP and VIP is the issue of security. As we mentioned before, in the VIP service, all the facilities offered to the passengers are accompanied by security and are monitored by cameras or personal guards. There is no such thing in CIP services, however.

Another difference between VIP and CIP services is the cost of these two. The cost of VIP services is paid by companies or organizations, and the individual does not need to pay for these services from his personal account, but in CIP, the cost of the service is borne by the person who is going to use the facilities and services.

VIP services are given to those who hold government positions, and for this reason, providing security for them seems obligatory and necessary. CIP services are given to travelers who can pay for this service. Holding or not holding a government position does not matter for receiving CIP services and the only important issue is the financial ability to pay the fees.

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