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Air Travel During Pregnancy – Rules & Regulations + Safety Tips

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Women’s pregnancy is one of the most sensitive periods in their lives, women who are in this period should consult a specialist doctor about all their actions or follow specific instructions so that no serious problems happen to both the child and the mother. Flying during pregnancy is one of these actions that need to be done only after getting approval from your doctor.

Although traveling can be energizing for all people, and pregnant women can also rest and get more peace during the trip. There are however flight instructions that need to be observed by women in different months of pregnancy.

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Is It Possible for Pregnant Women to Fly?

If you are experiencing your first pregnancy, you should know that from the beginning of pregnancy to the 32nd week, you can travel on flights of less than two hours, and also from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of the 28th week, you can take flights that last more than 2 hours. On the other hand, women who are pregnant with twins or multiples should follow more specific instructions, because in many cases twins and multiples are born prematurely.

Women who are going through their second pregnancy can travel from the beginning of their pregnancy to the 28th week of pregnancy with flights that have a duration of 2 hours. Flying for pregnant women who are in the middle of their pregnancy, that is, they are in the 14th to 28th weeks of pregnancy, is often unimpeded. Although this will be very different for women who have certain complications or problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

In general, it can be said that if your doctor has not prohibited you from traveling at a certain time and also you do not have any special complications during your pregnancy, you can travel by following all the necessary instructions and safety measures during your pregnancy. The best thing for pregnant women to do before flying is to discuss the exact date and duration of their flight with their doctor and then travel.

Air Travel During Pregnancy:

Tips & Recommendations for Air Travel During Pregnancy

Consult Your Doctor

You must be examined by your doctor and have documents showing the estimated date of delivery, doctor’s contact information, and blood type with you when traveling. Some airlines require pregnant passengers to have a medical certificate signed by a doctor or midwife.

Pregnant passengers must bring a copy of their medical and ultrasound records and carry them onboard. If you are traveling internationally, check with your doctor and the centers for disease control and prevention to find out if you need to bring a specific vaccination or medication document with you into your destination country or not.

Air Travel During Pregnancy:

Travel Light

Avoid making your luggage as heavy as possible. Pack only the things you need in your luggage if there is no one to help you, and preferably use wheeled luggage. Put your essentials in a small carry-on bag and take it with you onboard.

Air Travel During Pregnancy: Choose Your Seat Wisely

Choose an aisle seat, you will get up more easily, you can easily walk and you get to go to the bathroom whenever you want without having to ask the person next to you to move. Some airlines do not allow pregnant passengers to sit next to emergency doors. Pregnant women may request to be placed in seats with more legroom (it is better to pay attention to the plane you choose to see how much legroom it has).

If you cannot nook your seat in advance, it is better to go to the gate early to get a seat in the right place, for example, next to the partition known as the bulkhead. This partition is where the economy and business parts are separated and will offer more space. Don’t be shy, tell them you’re pregnant when you get your boarding pass, and rest assured that the flight attendants will do whatever they can to help.

Air Travel During Pregnancy: Get Up and Walk

There is nothing worse than being stuck in one place for a few hours. During the flight, walk and do some stretching, keep your feet on the ground and avoid crossing your legs. Pregnant women can be sensitive to colds and viruses. By adjusting the air valve on the seat, right in front of you, you can hope that the viruses on the plane will stay away from you.

Drink Water

Pregnant women should drink enough water before, during, and after the flight and avoid carbonated drinks in order not to lose water during the flight. By doing this, you will not be dehydrated and you will avoid its side effects such as dizziness, increased heart rate, weakness, etc.

Air Travel During Pregnancy:

Keep a Balanced Diet

Avoid overeating and consuming fatty and salty foods. Pack fruits that have the right vitamins so that you can eat them instead of possibly harmful foods during the flight. Dried grapes, plums, oranges, and apricots are travel-friendly options for pregnant women during flights.


Air Travel During Pregnancy: Do Not Forget the Seat Belt

Fasten your seat belt whenever you are seated, as this will greatly reduce the risk of unexcepted injury as the plane goes through air pockets; Tie the belt under your stomach.

Air Travel During Pregnancy: Love Your Skin

The skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and UV rays are stronger at higher altitudes, so don’t forget sunscreen and preferably wear tinted glasses.

Stay Calm

Enjoy all the time you have before your baby is born; Of course, traveling with a baby can be a whole new adventure, but calm and relaxation as much as possible, both on the ground and in flight, is crucial for pregnant women.

Airlines’ Rules & Regulations for Air Travel During Pregnancy

Different airlines around the world follow specific rules when it comes to flying for pregnant women, these rules are generally similar to each other but differ in detail. In the following, we are going to review the rules and regulations applied by some of the top airlines in the world.

Air France

Air France is a well-known French airline, which can be said to have no restrictions for pregnant women. In order for pregnant women to be able to fly using the flights of this airline, they will not need to provide any medical documents, however, it is recommended to consult your specialist doctor before your flight.

Air Travel During Pregnancy: British Airways

British Airways is one of the most well-known airlines in the world, based on the rules that this airline has in place for pregnant women, flights for pregnant women during pregnancy are allowed up to 36 weeks and for women who are in Pregnancy with multiples the number of weeks is reduced to up to 32 weeks. Women who are pregnant after 28 weeks must submit their pregnancy records and medical certificate before flying.

Qantas Airways

Qantas is an Australian airline. The rules for providing permission to pregnant women in this company are based on flight hours. According to the rules of this airline, women who are 40 weeks pregnant can get on flights under 4 hours, and women who are up to 25 weeks pregnant can travel on flights over 4 hours.

Also, women who are pregnant with multiples can travel with this airline if they are between 31 and 35 weeks, and it will not be possible for them to do so after that. According to the rules of this airline, women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant must submit their medical certificate and documents in order to be able to fly with Qantas.


Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is also one of the most well-known airlines in the world. This airline allows pregnant women to fly up to 35 weeks of pregnancy and for women with multiples up to 32 weeks of pregnancy is ok. Women who are after 29 weeks of pregnancy must present their medical certificates and documents.

American Airlines

American Airlines’ rules for pregnant women on domestic and international flights are different from each other. According to the rules of this airline, women who are in the last 4 weeks of their pregnancy must present their medical certificate and documents to fly, as well as have undergone their examinations, and once this information is confirmed, they can proceed to fly. It is not possible for pregnant women to fly 7 days before and 7 days after giving birth.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has no restrictions on flying during pregnancy, and pregnant women do not even need to provide a medical certificate to be able to get on board.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines offers permission for women who are pregnant up to 35 weeks of pregnancy and for women who are pregnant with multiples up to 31 weeks of pregnancy. However, women who are 35 weeks pregnant with a singleton and 31 weeks pregnant with multiples can fly with a doctor’s approval and providing relevant information. It will not be necessary to provide medical certificates and documents for women who are pregnant before 28 weeks.

Air China

Air China allows flights for pregnant women up to 35 weeks, and you will also need a medical certificate to fly with this airline.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines is a South Korean airline that does not impose special restrictions on flights for pregnant women. To fly with this airline, you should know that permission is provided for women who are pregnant with singletons up to 36 weeks of pregnancy and for women who are pregnant with multiples up to 33 weeks of pregnancy, and mothers who have passed 32 weeks of pregnancy must provide their medical certificates and documents to get onboard.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, which is the national airline of Turkey, does not place any restrictions on women who are before 28 weeks pregnant, and only medical documents and information are required to fly. Women can fly until the 36th week of their pregnancy if there are no particular problems.

Egypt Air

Egypt Air is an Egyptian airline. This company has no restrictions for flying during pregnancy. According to Egypt Air rules, mothers who are in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy or have multiples must provide a medical certificate.


Lufthansa allows single pregnancies up to 35 weeks and multiples up to 28 weeks. If the mother has passed more than 35 weeks or more than 28 weeks for multiples, she will be allowed to fly with a doctor’s approval. Having a medical certificate is not mandatory until the 28th week of pregnancy, but after that, it is necessary for multiples. Mothers with a singleton pregnancy must submit their medical certificate after 35 weeks.

Thai Air

Thai Air is the international airline company of Thailand. This company has mentioned the number of flight hours permissible for pregnant women. According to these rules, flights under 4 hours are allowed for pregnancies under 35 weeks. If the flight time is more than 4 hours, this value is reduced to 33 weeks. Mothers who are pregnant with multiples, from the 28th week of pregnancy onwards, need a medical certificate to be able to fly.


Ryanair is an Irish company. The company issues permits for single pregnancies up to 35 weeks and for multiples up to 31 weeks but does not allow flights after that. In addition, mothers who have completed 28 weeks of pregnancy are required to provide a doctor’s certificate.

Iran Air

Iran Air does not issue pregnancy permits for women who are after 35 weeks of pregnancy, and pregnant women must present their health permits to be able to fly. Medical certificates issued to pregnant women are valid and you need to renew them before each flight.

Final Word

Although traveling can be considered one of the relaxing pastimes to eliminate everyday stress, during pregnancy you should be aware of every action you take and follow the instructions of your doctor so that you can protect your health and that of your child while flying during pregnancy.

If your doctor has not prohibited you from air traveling at a certain time and you do not have any special complications during your pregnancy, you can travel paying attention to all the instructions and safety measures when it comes to air travel during pregnancy.



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