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3 Benefits of Booking London to Tehran Plane Tickets with Iran Air

Iran Air Benefits

by Parastoo Sahebi
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For several years, Iran Air has been providing quality services to its business class passengers in the Homa flight class which is the business class of flights in Iran Air that also travels between London and Tehran.

Book iran Air  London to Tehran Flights with Eligsht – Official Iran Air’s Sales Agency in London.


Benefits of Booking Iran Air Flights – Overview

  • With Iran Air, you can experience direct, non-stop flights from London to Tehran
  • Iran Air offers the lowest direct flight fares from London to Tehran
  • There is a generous 40 kg baggage allowance

Other Advantages of Booking Iran Air Flights

Parents and Children

For parents with babies, the best way to move around over long distances is air travel. Iran Air has considered special services for parents and their children to make these journeys even easier. Parents can take their seven-day-old to two-year-old child on an air trip with Iran Air by purchasing a ticket with a 90% discount.

It should be noted that while a separate seat is not assigned to babies, a special baby basket will be provided to the passengers free of charge. Parents with more than two babies will be given a ticket with a seat. Note that Based on the regulations, it is not possible for two babies to travel with one adult passenger, and in order for two babies to travel with one adult, one of the babies has to be over 12 months old and able to sit on a plane seat with a seat belt on. Therefore, if both babies are younger than 12 months old, a second adult passenger who is at least 18 years old must also accompany them.

Two Seats for One Passenger

Sometimes a passenger needs two seats on a flight. Of course, this can happen for a variety of reasons. Among other benefits of booking Iran Air flights is that passengers can use an extra seat for medical reasons or just to have more space or be able to sit more comfortably. There are also those who carry a valuable suitcase, important documents, or fragile musical instruments during their trip and intend to use this extra space to keep their package next to them, which will be possible with Iran Air.

Travelers with Special Diets

There are people who, due to a specific condition or food allergy, are forced to follow special diets and need to consume foods prepared with special raw materials in their meals. For example, those who are allergic to peanuts or those who have to stop consuming sugar due to diabetes may also be among the passengers on a flight. There are also vegetarians and vegans.

Another benefit of booking Iran Air flights is that passengers can request their diet food when booking so that they will be served the meal of their choice during the trip.

Iran Air Catering

Iran Air Catering was established in the year 1967 to provide the passengers of this airline with quality food and snacks during their journeys. The almost 32000 daily services of Iran Air’s catering include hot and cold meals, snacks, and beverages. In addition to serving its passengers and flight crew, Homa Catering provides other domestic and international airlines with the highest quality services as well.

Homa catering has repeatedly taken first place in the Middle East in terms of food variety, quality, compliance with the standards, and the availability of equipment and supplies.


Air Cargo and Mail Services

International passengers can proceed to export and import cargo via Iran Air. Packages and postal shipments of Iran Air passengers are sent around through Iran Airmail services. Every year, Iran Air transports more than 3200 tons of postal cargo to international destinations safely, accurately, and quickly.

Benefits of Booking Iran Air Flights – Homa Class

Iran Air has considered two flight classes for its flight routes, Economy and Homa classes. These two flight classes differ in terms of the level of facilities and services provided for the passengers.

To book Iran Air Homa class flights, the passengers pay a bit more to be able to experience Iran Air’s highest quality services. In Homa class flights, in order to protect the privacy of the passengers, the seats have more space between them compared to the flights in the Economy class. In addition, during the flight, the passengers will be sitting on soft and comfortable furnished seats with the ability to turn into beds.

Among other advantages of booking Iran Air flights from London to Tehran is that the passengers will be served the best, healthiest, and most diverse meals and ingredients. Passengers can choose their favorite dishes in addition to being served healthy drinks and delicious desserts.

In order to make passengers of this flight class more comfortable, Iran Air has prioritized their entry and exit to the plane, so that they don’t have to wait in long queues.

The flight attendants and crew of this flight class are among the best air service professionals active in Iranian airlines. Throughout the flight, they will be taking care of all the requests and needs of the passengers, in order to provide them with a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable travel experience.

Iran Air International Routes

Currently, in addition to the airports of many Iranian cities, Iran Air flights also land at the airports of many European and Asian countries.

Iran Air’s European destinations include London, Milan, Cologne, Rome, Paris, Ankara, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Hamburg, Vienna, Gothenburg, Moscow, Stockholm, and Frankfurt. Iran Air’s Asian flight destinations include the cities of Najaf, Kuwait, Karachi, Damascus, Doha, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Beirut, Beijing, Damascus, and Tashkent.

Passengers of Iran Air’s international destinations can enjoy the benefits of booking Iran Air tickets from London to Tehran with Eligasht – the official Iran Air Sales Agency in London.

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