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What to buy from Qeshm? 9 Unique Souvenirs from Qeshm Island

qeshm souvenirs

by Parastoo Sahebi
9 minutes read
qeshm souvenirs

Qeshm Island is the largest island in Iran and is part of Hormozgan province. The island has a rich history, with historical structures dating back to the Achaemenid and Sassanian periods, making it highly attractive to domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to these ancient buildings, the island also boasts pristine and natural landscapes, which attract many visitors. One tradition of traveling to this island is to purchase gifts for loved ones or even souvenirs for oneself, ensuring that the memories of the trip always remain vivid. Join us as we introduce the Souvenirs from Qeshm  Island in this article by Eligasht Travel Magazine.

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1. Basketry Handicrafts

Due to the warm climate of Qeshm Island, basketry handicrafts have both practical uses and a thriving industry. Therefore, it can be said that basketry handicrafts are among the best Souvenirs from Qeshm  Island that you can purchase. These basketry handicrafts include round trays called “Sap” in the local language. Additionally, items such as straw hats, strawflower pots, fruit and bread baskets, and more are considered as Qeshm’s basketry souvenirs. The straw used in these crafts is derived from date palm trees, which are abundant on Qeshm Island. Many people on the island engage in basket weaving, making it an integral part of their daily lives.


2. Southern Spices

If you have ever traveled to southern Iran, you may have noticed the essential role spices play in southern cuisine. Qeshm Island is no exception, and one of the best souvenirs from the island is its special spices. There are many shops and stores on Qeshm Island that sell various types of southern spices. Since a small amount of spices can greatly enhance the taste and flavor of food, southern spices can be an excellent choice for buying souvenirs and mementos from Qeshm Island.

qeshm souvenirs

3. Gelim Weaving and Traditional Embroidery

The people of Qeshm Island have a special skill in handicrafts, and in addition to mat weaving, gelim weaving and traditional embroidery are also prevalent on the island. Gelim weaving and embroidery are among the most important Souvenirs from Qeshm  Island. Most of these products are made by women and girls of Qeshm who engage in gelim weaving and embroidery to earn a living. It is interesting to note that embroidery, gelim weaving, needlework, straw weaving, khous embroidery, turban weaving, gargor weaving, ribbon weaving, etc., are just a part of the art of the people of Qeshm. The people of Qeshm have been practicing these crafts since ancient times and have passed them down from generation to generation. Today, many individuals have found a commercial aspect in these arts and try to keep them alive by mechanizing parts of the process.


4. Buy Clothes in Qeshm Shopping Centers

One of the main attractions of traveling to Qeshm is shopping and exploring its shopping centers. There are a large number of shopping malls and centers in Qeshm, offering a great variety of options. One souvenir from Qeshm that you can consider buying is clothing. You can purchase various types of clothes for yourself as mementos or as souvenirs for your loved ones.

qeshm souvenirs

5. Sea-related Handicrafts

Sea-related handicrafts are among the most fascinating Souvenirs from Qeshm  Island. But what exactly are sea-related handicrafts? When the ebb and flow of the sea occurs, a large number of shells, snails, and remnants of other marine creatures remain on the shore. Some local people collect these shells and snails and create handicrafts such as decorative panels using them, which are very beautiful and worth seeing. The local people of Qeshm Island gather snail shells, shells, fish bones, fish ears, coral, etc., and use colorless adhesives to create these sea-related handicrafts.


6. Handmade Jewelry

Qeshm is a treasure trove of handmade jewelry, where skilled artisans create stunning pieces using a variety of materials. Visitors can find intricately designed silver and turquoise jewelry, reflecting the island’s historical connections to the Persian Gulf region. These exquisite pieces not only add a touch of elegance to any wardrobe but also serve as a reminder of the beauty and craftsmanship found on the island.

qeshm souvenirs

7. Traditional Halar Cake

In a village called Halar, located 18 kilometers from Qeshm Island, there is an important attraction of the island. The main souvenirs of this village are local cookies and pastries, which are produced by two pastry workshops in the village. Halar cake, which is baked in these workshops, is considered one of the most delicious Souvenirs from Qeshm  Island. Halar cake, which is a type of sponge cake, is made from a combination of flour, eggs, sugar, and vanilla, and despite its simplicity, it has an extraordinary taste. In addition to the village of Halar, other pastry shops in Qeshm also have this special cake, and you can get it as an attractive souvenir.


8. Tamushi Bread and Local Breads

Baking local bread and pastries is very common in Qeshm. One of these local breads is called Tamushi bread. The method of preparing Tamushi bread is as follows: first, the pan is heated well, and the dough made from a combination of flour and water is spread very thinly in the pan. When the bread is well-formed, cheese or eggs are poured on top, and it is enjoyed with a special sauce called Mahiaveh.

This sauce, which has an extraordinary taste, is made from a combination of fish water, salt, mustard, coriander, basil, and fenugreek. Another sauce that can be enjoyed with Tamushi is called Suragh. Suragh sauce is also made from a combination of fish water, salt, saffron, and orange peel. The people of Qeshm attach great importance to bread, and local breads such as Rekhneh, Khameer, Balatavah, and Krosi are considered Souvenirs from Qeshm  Island.

qeshm souvenirs

9. Famous Dates – The Most Famous Product of Southern Iran

Among all the Souvenirs from Qeshm  Island, it’s time to talk about the main highlight, which is dates. Dates are a nutritious fruit that grows in tropical regions, and Qeshm Island, with its warm climate, is a suitable place for their cultivation. You can buy dates in various shops and stores. However, one of the most attractive places to buy dates is the local markets in Qeshm, where you can try freshly harvested dates and purchase them as souvenirs.

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10. Old Market of Qeshm

As mentioned, one of the best places to buy souvenirs in Qeshm Island is the Old Market of Qeshm. Whether it’s for buying dates or handicrafts, the Old Market can be a great choice, and strolling through these markets has a special atmosphere. One of the highly attractive souvenirs that can be found abundantly in the market is embroidered trousers. Toys made from seashells and snails can also be a suitable choice for children’s gifts. Harra forest honey and shark oil are other Souvenirs from Qeshm  Island that you can purchase at the Old Market.

qeshm souvenirs

Final words

The main Souvenirs from Qeshm  Island are related to handicrafts. The people of Qeshm have had a special interest and skill in handicrafts such as rug weaving, embroidery, felt making, mat weaving, and more since ancient times, and many of them still earn their livelihood through these crafts. These handicrafts can be a great choice for those who intend to buy souvenirs or mementos from Qeshm Island. In addition to these handicrafts, you can also consider local breads as souvenirs.



1- What are some popular souvenirs to buy from Qeshm Island?

Some popular souvenirs to buy from Qeshm Island include straw handicrafts such as round trays (“Sep”), straw coasters, flower pots, fruit and bread baskets, and more. Additionally, you can find local spices, traditional clothing items, and seashell crafts.

2- Where can I buy souvenirs on Qeshm Island?

You can find souvenirs for sale in various places on Qeshm Island, including local markets, souvenir shops, and tourist attractions.

3- Are the souvenirs on Qeshm Island handmade?

Yes, many of the souvenirs on Qeshm Island are handmade. Local artisans and craftsmen create unique and traditional items using their skills and expertise. Handmade souvenirs often reflect the rich cultural heritage of the island.

4- Are there any specific souvenirs that represent the culture of Qeshm Island?

Yes, there are specific souvenirs that represent the culture of Qeshm Island. One example is “Hormozgan spices,” which are a blend of local spices and herbs, known for their distinct flavors.

5- Can I find seashell crafts as souvenirs on Qeshm Island?

Yes, seashell crafts are commonly available as souvenirs on Qeshm Island. Local artisans create beautiful decorative items, jewelry, and accessories using seashells collected from the pristine shores of the island. These unique seashell crafts make for memorable and distinctive souvenirs.

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