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All you need to know about plane tickets

by Parastoo Sahebi
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the plane ticket is one of the most familiar and popular permits for travel. No matter what is your job or position, when you work too much, after a while, you will be aware of all its points. Traveling is the same, people who travel a lot either for work or non-work reasons, behave so professionally that even this professional behavior can be seen in them at the same moment of buying a plane ticket.in this case, these people have tricks that usually allow them to go through the process of buying a plane ticket very easily and effortlessly.

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Airline ticket price

Plane tickets are one of the most expensive parts of every travel, and some people look for the cheapest plane ticket prices in different places due to their high cost. Those who intend to travel by airplane can purchase plane tickets for their flight in various ways, such as by visiting travel agencies or online ticket sales sites. Usually, the number of domestic air travel is more than foreign travel, which is why the demand has increased, and in some seasons and days of the year, such as summer holidays, the price of plane tickets for domestic travel increases. The price of plane tickets for children under 12 years old depending on whether they want to sit in a seat or not, but for children under two years old, there is usually no cost to fly, although the rules of different airlines in this regard differ from each other.

Airline ticket prices are different according to two types of charter tickets and scheduled tickets, and the distance and flight time also affect the airline ticket price. On Eli Gasht’s online plane ticket sales website, you can compare all available plane tickets by selecting the cities of origin and destination. On all days of the year, 24 hours a day, you can buy all domestic and international flight tickets at the most up-to-date prices from the Eligashts agency website.


Charter plane ticket

Charter plane ticket is a common term that you come across when buying air travel tickets. A Charter plane ticket is a ticket in which all or some of the seats of an airplane are rented by travel agencies, that is if the travel agency cannot sell the tickets It has actually suffered. Travel agencies have a good discount by renting tickets from airlines, which has a very attractive profit margin for them. charter and scheduled tickets do not have any special difference in service, and only the process of selling them to passengers is different.

A charter ticket is a suitable option for those who can travel without prior planning because its price is usually lower than the price of a scheduled plane ticket, but it has a difference if the ticket is canceled by the passenger, usually according to the rules of the chartering companies, there will be no refund to the passenger. Before 2017, the price of charter plane tickets was the same for children and adults, but from 2017 onwards, the price of these tickets, like the scheduled ticket price, is settled to be lower for children than adults.

The price of charter tickets usually fluctuates a lot in times of high demand, such as the summer season or the Nowruz holiday, although this does not mean that the price of plane tickets does not fluctuate systematically! You can usually find cheap charter plane tickets in the seasons when travel is less frequent, for example, the plane ticket from Tehran to Kish and vice versa in the hot seasons of the year has a lower price than in the autumn and winter seasons. Most of the charter plane tickets are offered on high-traffic routes such as Tehran to Mashhad, Kish, and Qeshm or foreign routes such as Tehran to Istanbul or Dubai. If you are looking to reduce the cost of your trip, you can buy your flight ticket at the lowest price in the form of a charter from the Eli Gasht agency website.

Charter plane ticket

Scheduled plane ticket prices

Scheduled plane tickets are exactly opposite to charter plane tickets; these tickets are a suitable option for travelers who plan to travel in advance. Scheduled tickets are offered to passengers by the domestic airline company at an approved rate, these tickets usually have a special schedule and passengers can purchase them long in advance according to their travel plans.

One of the obvious differences between a scheduled ticket and a charter is in relation to the inclusion of the passenger’s name in the flight list after purchasing the ticket. If you don’t find your name on the flight list, you will get a lot of stress and your travel plan may face problems. If a passenger who has a scheduled ticket has prepared his own air travel and wants to cancel his ticket, it is possible for him to be refunded the remaining cost of the plane ticket after deducting an amount as a penalty.

Some of the famous Iranian airlines such as Iranair and Mahan offer all their domestic flight tickets to passengers in a system that if you have the experience of flying with these airlines, you definitely know about the high quality of their flight services. Among the advantages of the plane, the ticket system website has nearly delay on loading as well as the provision of various services to passengers.

In systematic fixed prices tickets, usually, the flight rate for children aged 2 to 12 is much lower than for adults, and because of this, when you want to buying plane tickets for children, you should pay attention to the rules of the airlines. In order to purchase a plane ticket from the Eli Gasht agency website, you just need to choose the origin and destination and the time frame of your air travel on the website and then buy your travel ticket based on the available plane tickets for that date.

Scheduled plane ticket prices

One-way ticket

One-way plane tickets are tickets that the passenger buys one-way and only for the one-way route. Buying these types of tickets is very common among travelers on domestic trips. This possibility is not available for some foreign trips to specific destinations, for travel to some Eastern Asian countries, you must buy a round-trip plane ticket before the trip to allow you to travel. This issue is possible for those who have a work visa, student visa, residence visa, government visa, or diplomats.

Iranian travelers of Armenia and Turkey can buy a one-way plane ticket without any problems, and there is no requirement to buy a two-way ticket. Eli Gasht’s agency site offers all kinds of foreign and domestic tickets, one-way and two-way, and you can buy the ticket you need online.

Round-trip ticket

A round-trip plane ticket is the type of ticket that the passenger buys for their two ways trip. There are no restrictions on the purchase of these types of tickets for domestic travel without restrictions and for foreign travel with a visa. Just pay attention to the fact that your visa is valid until the time of your return flight when you buy a plane ticket for your foreign trip.

Passengers buy round-trip tickets when they are sure of their return date. In the plane ticket-buying section, Eli Gasht’s agency website has provided this possibility for travelers to buy their tickets in a two-way, i.e. round-trip tickets at the same time, so that they don’t have to worry about getting tickets when they return from their trip.


One stop flight ticket

The flight route of your trip may be such that you have to buy a one-stop ticket when buying a plane ticket. These tickets are issued under the following terms:

  • If there is no direct flight to your destination, your flight will be made through intermediary countries. For example, if your destination is Geneva city in Switzerland, since there is no direct flight from Iran to this country, you must first go to Istanbul airport and then take another flight to Geneva after a stopover of a few hours.
  • Your flight has a long route, such as the Toronto flight, where all the airlines that operate this flight have stops along the way. For travelers who don’t like to be delayed at the airport, a one-stop ticket is not a good option for their trip.

Passengers can purchase their plane tickets to domestic and foreign destinations through the Eli Gasht agency website with 24-hour support, Eli Gasht Group has a long and brilliant experience in providing all kinds of domestic and foreign travel services.

Two or more stops flight ticket

Two or more stop tickets are those types of plane tickets that stop at one or more airports. For example, if you are want to traveling from Tehran to Vancouver, Canada, due to the long flight route, the flight will stop once in Istanbul and once in Toronto and then take you to your destination. Be sure to pay enough attention to the duration of the stop and the time of the next flight before purchasing a plane ticket with two or more stops. These flights are usually cheaper than other flights and passengers choose these flights for their suitable price.

Layover ticket

If your flight path is long, the plane will have to stop for refueling or other reasons. This type of ticket with a mandatory stop is called a Layover in the aviation industry

Round-trip ticket with variable destination

If you come to Tehran from a specific origin such as Istanbul and go to Ankara on the way back from Tehran, your flight is called a round-trip ticket with a variable destination. In this case, the passenger goes from the origin to the destination, but the return flight to the origin is made from another place. In order to purchase a round-trip plane ticket with a variable destination, you can purchase your ticket completely online from Eli Gasht agency; a provider of all kinds of travel services, 24 hours a day, and reach your trip safely.

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