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Boeing 787 – The Luxurious Private Dreamliner

Boeing 787

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Boeing 787

Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the largest private luxury aircraft in the world. This plane is an equipped apartment like a penthouse. The regular Dreamliner is a passenger plane with a capacity of between 240 and 335 passengers. But for the first time, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner became an airplane with a capacity of only 40 passengers.

This private plane is very spacious and well equipped with all the facilities needed for life. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is so equipped that upon entering it, you think you are in an apartment in a penthouse, except that this penthouse is above the clouds and suspended in the sky.

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This aircraft was designed and developed by Kestrel Aviation Management. This American airline company, which is a specialist in the field of major airlines, sales, financing, and making internal changes in the aircraft, has transformed this Boeing passenger plane and turned it into a dream jet. Only a few people are able to step on this plane and experience the dream of flying with it. By boarding the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, these people can expect to experience flight services that are a world apart from the services provided by regular Boeing.

The interior of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was developed by Pierrejean Design, a joint venture between cruise ships and aircraft. This plane is intended to serve as a refuge for special people, and in this sense, special attention has been paid to how the interior of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner will attract the attention of special passengers.


Specs of Boeing 787 Dreamliner Passenger Plane

  • Maximum take-off weight: 227,930 kg equivalent to 502,500 tons
  • Wingspan: 60.12 meters
  • Length: 56.72 meters
  • Height: 17.2 meters
  • Maximum speed: 902 km/h
  • Maximum flight speed: 945 km/h
  • Engine type: General Electric GEnx-1B or Rolls-Royce Trent 1000

Boeing 787

Although the company is not able to reveal the identity of the person who ordered this special plane, they only mentioned that the owner of this luxury Boeing is an Asian person and they started developing and building this Boeing in 2009.

Kestrel was directly involved in the project from 2011 to 2013, and the aircraft was unveiled at the 2016 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. This luxury Boeing can fly non-stop for more than 17 hours and has a flight range of 9,800 miles.

At a time when such projects were quite naïve, Kestrel Aviation Management had a lot of experience in the field of transforming airplanes in an ambitious way. The main customers of this company are important international airlines, financial institutions, aircraft manufacturers, government organizations, and important people. So far, this company has succeeded in buying and selling more than 300 passenger planes worth more than 50 billion dollars with its efforts in creating important and significant innovations in the aviation sector and Boeing 787 seems to be the star.


The longest Non-Stop Flight in the World

On October 20, 2019, the longest non-stop passenger flight from New York to Sydney was successfully recorded by a Qantas Australia Boeing 787-9 in 19 hours and 16 minutes.

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Using the Best Materials in the Construction of the Plane

In the construction of the Boeing 787 plane, very high quality and nature-friendly raw materials such as composite and carbon fiber polymers, which are both lighter and more durable than other alloys and metals such as traditional aluminum, have been used. This makes the plane 20% lighter than the average passenger aircraft. It produces less carbon dioxide than other planes as well.

Boeing 787

These materials have been used in various parts such as the plane’s wings and its body, which in addition to significantly reducing the weight, reduces fuel consumption as well and increases the flight range of the aircraft.


The Air Inside the Cabin

Air pressure and humidity in Boeing 787 are higher than in other planes. This reduces fatigue and possible bruises, dry eyes, and headaches, as a result of which passengers will feel more comfortable during the flight.

Most of these changes are caused by the use of quality materials that have replaced aluminum.


Optimal Fuel Consumption

The changes made in the structure of Boeing 787 have caused a significant reduction in fuel consumption by 20% compared to other similar passenger planes so that the Dreamliner can fly longer distances without refueling.

In addition to the great savings in energy consumption and economic costs, as well as increasing the length of flight routes, this reduces the number of stops along the way, which plays a significant role in increasing passenger satisfaction levels.

Boeing 787

Use of Advanced Technologies in the Cockpit

In the cockpit of Bowing 787, the latest technologies are used, among which we can mention the displays that show important flight information and data on the windshield in front of the pilot.


Interior Decoration of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Ensuring that passengers’ senses of taste and smell are not unduly challenged, the air distribution team, purification, and separated cabins inside the plane are considered with hard and soft barriers; For the sense of touch, by applying innovation, all the furniture sets are made from luxury organic materials and considering different tastes, the design has been made in a way that it will be liked by the general public.

The features of the interior decoration of this plane include a high and dome-shaped ceiling, wooden parquet floors, high-quality carved wooden doors, and hand-woven carpets with silk designs. Also, facilities such as light control tablets, video and audio monitors, window shutters, and flight attendant requests are available to passengers. All types of entertainment are available in each of the cabins. In addition, a study hall with a capacity of 16 people and a dining hall have also been provided.

The master bedroom of this luxury Boeing has a 24-inch TV, changing room, and equipped bathrooms like luxury hotels.

Boeing 787

Interesting Facts About Boeing 787

  • In the exclusive Boeing 787 plane, there are facilities and equipment for a complete life. The interior decoration of this plane takes into account the five human senses.
  • The best organic and luxury natural materials with the most up-to-date technologies in the world have been used in the preparation of the raw materials for this plane.
  • In the construction of the body of the Boeing 787, more composites have been used, which, along with other unique features, help to increase its lifespan.
  • Currently, Asian countries such as Japan, and leading in the of purchase this aircraft by registering more than 800 orders.
  • Having the record for the longest flight, this plane is able to fly for more than 17 hours without stopping.
  • The Boeing 787 was designed and built by Kestrel Aviation directly from 2011 to 2013 and was finally unveiled in 2016 at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition.
  • Among the competitors of this flying giant, we can mention the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777.


History of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The design of this wide-body jet, which is, as previously said, one of Boeing’s innovations, was launched to the market and the globe on January 28, 2005.

This jet was not initially known as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, but it became known as such in the industry later. This aircraft was initially introduced in the airline development plan under the brand name 7E7, but its name was later altered.

When images of the design of this aircraft were first published in publications and other aviation circles, everyone agreed that it was and is fundamentally different from other commercial and passenger airplanes. All the experts in this field informed about the fundamental differences between this design and other Boeing aircraft products.

The proof of their claim was offered in the form of this plane’s body surface having a high level of curvature, which was a fundamental distinction not only from other aircraft created by this firm but also from other aviation products that were available.

Boeing 787

On April 26, 2005, one year after the publication of the first images of this jet and its presentation to the rest of the world, the final body design of the Boeing 787 was finished, and the plane and its unique design were unveiled to the public. Nonetheless, this new plane appeared to be pretty ordinary.

After two years, the Boeing aviation firm finally presented this new airplane with tremendous fanfare on July 8, 2007.

According to several estimations, the Boeing 787 was supposed to enter the fleets of airlines all over the world on May 2, 2008, however, this date was pushed back owing to changes in planning to 2010. But the plane delivery adventures did not finish there as the planes were not delivered on the agreed-upon date.


Final Word

Boeing 787 private jets have a capacity of 40 passengers but are nonetheless quite large and well-equipped. In reality, this jet is a hybrid of a cruise liner and a luxury plane. The interior decoration of this airliner was created with the five human senses in mind.

The finest organic natural materials and the most advanced world technology were employed to prepare each of its components.  Top technology was utilized for the creation and design of the Boeing 787’s air conditioning system as well. The complete furniture assortment of this gorgeous airplane is constructed of organic and exquisite materials too.

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