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Popular Nowruz Sweets and Confections in Iran

Popular Nowruz Sweets in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Popular Nowruz Sweets in Iran

Iranian sweets are one of the most delicious and attractive confections in the world that will blow your mind. Iranians love their local sweets and consider them among the best in the world. In this post, we will be focusing on the most popular Nowruz sweets in Iran.

The traditional sweets of each city are the best choices for Nowruz. Sweets such as Yazdi baklava, Qom Sohan, and Shiraz burnt almonds have many fans both in Iran and in other countries. After trying these Nowruz sweets in Iran once, it is impossible not to fall in love with local and traditional Iranian sweets and not count the minutes to taste them again.

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Top Nowruz Sweets in Iran from Yazd

The beautiful and historical city of Yazd has very tasty traditional sweets and it can be claimed that you can find the most delicious traditional Nowruz sweets in Iran from Yazd.


Yazdi Loz

This sweet is available in two forms: five Loz and four Loz. Lozes are made with different ingredients such as coconut Loz, saffron Loz, pistachio Loz, almond Loz, and baklava Loz, and each one has its own fans among the most popular Nowruz sweets in Iran.

Popular Nowruz Sweets in Iran

Yazdi Rice Cookie

One of the other Nowruz sweets in Iran that is very popular among the people of this country is the Yazdi rice cookie.

Since rice flour is used in the preparation of these sweets, they have a special crispness to them. You may be wondering what the black seeds on these sweets are once you get to see them up close. These Black seeds belong to the category of Iranian medicinal plants that have many properties for the human body.

Rice cookie sweets are available in two colors, white and yellow, but they taste the same. The reason for the yellow color of these sweets is the presence of saffron extract. One of the signs of a good rice cookie is the aroma of rice and its crispness; So that with the first bite, the sweets will turn into powder in your mouth.


Yazdi Qutab

Qutab is one of the most delicious and famous  Nowruz sweets in Iran. Other cities like Kerman produce these sweets as well. They are really popular even among non-Iranians due to their excellent taste. There are two types of Qutab: the traditional Yazdi type and the Asali Qutab.

This simple Iranian sweet is made from two internal and external parts. The preparation of these qutabs is very simple and inside there are ingredients like almond powder, sugar powder, and cardamom. The only difference between honey qutab and regular Qutab is the use of honey instead of powdered sugar.

Qutabs have a long shelf life too. The way of preparing these sweets in the past was slightly different from the present. In the old days, the sweets were wound by hand, but nowadays machines are used to take care of this and replace human labor.


Yazdi Baklava

Yazdi baklava holds a special place in the list of the best Nowruz sweets in Iran and has many enthusiasts and fans not only in Iran, but also in other countries such as Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Russia, etc.

The baklava made in the three cities of Qazvin, Gilan, and Yazd in Iran is of much higher quality than in other cities of Iran. Gilan baklavas have a different shape and taste compared to Yazd baklavas; While Qazvin baklavas are similar to Yazd baklavas in terms of shape and appearance; However their taste is slightly different.

Baklavas are prepared in different shapes such as rhombus, square, and tube. Ingredients used in preparing Yazdi baklava include rose water, wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, egg yolk, oil, water, salt, pistachio powder, cardamom, almond powder, sugar powder, and milk.

Popular Nowruz Sweets in Iran

Haji Badoumi

Haji Badoumi sweets are a type of Iranian sweet that can be a good substitute for sugar with tea and are almost always present as some of the most popular Nowruz sweets in Iran.

This is a very special sweet, and the reason for that is the presence of almonds that are used in its preparation. This sweet, like many Yazdi sweets, can also be found in Kashan city.

Sometimes in shops, you can find these sweets next to other sweets such as Loz, Baklava, Qutab, and Sohan, and this means that all the magical and unique flavors of the world will be in one frame.


Top Nowruz Sweets in Iran from Qazvin

Qazvin is a city of history, and its food and trying its sweets will take you on a tour of the heart of Iran’s ancient history. Prepare your tea as we introduce these tempting Persian sweets from Qazvin. In fact, the beautiful city of Qazvin is so famous for its sweets that if anyone wants to describe this city, they will have to first mention its sweets.

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Paderazi Sweets

Paderazi sweets are traditional Qazvin sweets that are among the most popular Nowruz sweets in Iran, coming in a variety of flavors and tastes. Padrazi traditional sweets are usually eaten with hot drinks like tea.

Other cities in Iran also make these sweets, but the way they are prepared is slightly different from Qazvin, and this difference is due to “Sherbet Bar” which gives a sweeter taste to Qazvini sweets.

Every year, Padrazi sweets, along with other types of Qazvin sweets, stand out to mark the most special occasion of the year, Nowruz. These sweets have a long shelf life because they do not contain eggs.

The city of Mashhad prepares Padrazi sweets with three other flours, which is slightly different from Qazvin. These sweets can only be prepared with wheat flour in Qazvin city, however.

Popular Nowruz Sweets in Iran

Qazvin Tea Bread

Tea bread is famous for its good taste and special crispness among the most popular Nowruz sweets in Iran. You can find this sweet in any house in Qazvin and there cannot be tea with o tea bread!

Tea bread is suitable for diabetics due to its low sweetness.  So, if you want your blood sugar to not go up during the days of Nowruz when sweets are everywhere, be sure to eat tea bread and don’t worry about your health.


Atabaki Sweets

Atabaki or Valiahadi is one of those Iranian sweets that are not too sweet and are considered rather healthy. Atabaki sweets are often available in two colors, cream and brown.

Baking sweets in the ancient city of Qazvin is a long-standing tradition that this art has been passed down from one generation to another. Most of the artistic and elegant women of Qazvin city have the ability to cook most of the popular Nowruz sweets in Iran.

So far, more than 30 types of tasty sweets have been registered in the list of traditional sweets from Qazvin. If we want to talk about the characteristics of Qazvin sweets, we should mention their deliciousness, long shelf life, and low sugar and sweetness. Atabek, which has Turkish roots, means grandfather or an experienced person.


Qazvin Rice Cookie

Another traditional and delicious Iranian sweet is rice bread or rice cookie from Qazvin. In the preparation of these sweets, rice flour plays the key role in how crunchy it will be,

Among the advantages of this sweet, it can be mentioned that it is easy to prepare, is tasty, has the aroma of rice, and comes with a reasonable price among popular Nowruz sweets in Iran.

Popular Nowruz Sweets in Iran


This sweet is one of those Iranian sweets whose name is linked to Qazvin, but it can also be found in other cities such as Tabriz, Zanjan, and Maragheh.

Even in other countries such as Turkey and Azerbaijan, Qarabyieh has its own fans. These sweets are claimed to be able to help to treats anemia, and traditionally pregnant women consume them so as not to suffer from anemia. Other properties of Qarabyieh sweets include strengthening the nervous system, strengthening memory, and preventing Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness.

These sweets are very suitable for people who have a lot of intellectual and mental activity during the day. Students can eat these sweets as a snack. Patients who lack calcium and suffer from arthritis can consume these sweets as well as they are a good source of vitamin D.

These sweets also contain the amino acid tryptophan, which helps to make the hormone serotonin. So, as soon as you put a small piece of these popular Nowruz sweets from Iran in your mouth, you can better control stress and depression, and maybe that’s why every ceremony should have a dish of sweets, including these super delicious ones!


Top Nowruz Sweets in Iran from Tabriz

Our journey for the most popular Nowruz sweets in Iran now takes us to the city of Tabriz which is famous for its magical hand-baked sweets and confections.


Reshteh Khatayi

These sweets are special for the month of Ramadan and are a constant present alongside Zoolbia and Bamieh. In the month of Ramadan, the people of Tabriz decorate their tables with this delicious sweet and have it with tea.

This delicious and nutritious sweet is also known as Kadaif. If you travel to the beautiful and spectacular city of Tabriz, pay a visit to its Safi market and treat yourself to these delicacies. These sweets can be prepared in various shapes such as roulette, triangle, and one piece.

Popular Nowruz Sweets in Iran

Latifah Tabriz

Among the creamy and popular Nowruz sweets in Iran, Latifah is considered one of the most charming. This sweet is originality from Tabriz and is actually some yummy cream between two pieces of crispy bread. The cream in the middle of these two pieces of bread is usually decorated with some pistachio powder.


Turkish Delight

This unique sweet covered with white powder is known by the English name of Turkish Delight. The history of these sweets is very old. Perhaps this 500-year-old sweet can be introduced as one of the oldest sweets in the world.

It might be interesting for you to know that Turkish delight was first produced by a person named Bekir Effendi. These sweets quickly became one of the city’s most popular confections, and were packaged and offered in lace napkins.

Today, even after all these years have passed since the production of this sweet, people are still very interested in them and use them as gifts. ingredients such as juice and a combination of starch and milk are used in the preparation of these easy-to-eat sweets. Turkish delight comes in a variety of types and flavors.



Nougat is one of those Iranian sweets that are available in different colors and flavors in the market. This simple sweet is also prepared in other cities and countries with its own recipe. The main ingredients in making the best nougat are honey, egg whites, and almonds. There are two types of nougat sweets, hard and soft.

If you travel to the beautiful and tourist city of Tabriz, make sure to buy nougat sweets from the best confectioneries in Tabriz, such as Rex Tabriz, and Khaneh Halwa Tabriz, so that you can take this incredible pleasure back home with you and fill it with the aroma of these popular Nowruz sweets from Iran.

Popular Nowruz Sweets in Iran


This candy can have a shape similar to a rosary, and for that reason, it is also called rosary chocolate, but not all types are like this. Eris sweets come in two colors, white and brown, and they are usually arranged together in the box just like beads.



Tabrizi Churotmeh is another simple and traditional Iranian sweet that has a long history. These popular Nowruz sweets in Iran are square-shaped and have a milky brown color. The reason for this particular color is its ingredients. Nowadays, the baking of these sweets has decreased due to an unknown reason and it is difficult to find them in the city of Tabriz.

The only places where these sweets can be found are the corridors of the Tabriz market. These rare sweets have many fans among the people of Tabriz and tourists who come to this magnificent city in search of the most popular Nowruz sweets in Iran.

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