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Travel Guide to Maxsar Beach

Maxsar Beach

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Maxsar Beach

Maxsar Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, located in Hormozgan Province. Every year, a large number of travelers are attracted to this stunning beach and travel to Hormozgan Province to visit it. Those who have visited this beach or have seen its pictures know the reason behind its popularity.

However, if you haven’t seen this beach before, you might wonder why travelers are so fond of Maxsar Beach. If you’re curious and want to learn more about this beach, don’t miss the continuation of this article.

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Maxsar Beach in Hormozgan Province

Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, about 10 kilometers from Maqam Port, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran and Hormozgan Province. Maxsar Beach has become very popular among travelers and tourists and is considered one of the best tourist attractions in Hormozgan Province. The rocks and cliffs surrounding Maxsar Beach have been shaped by the roaring waves over the years, taking on different forms.

Many travelers visit this beach solely to see these beautiful and natural rock formations. However, besides the rocks, which are excellent subjects for photography, this beach offers various recreational activities, allowing many travelers to explore its nature and wildlife. The following article delves deeper into all these topics.


Flora and Fauna of Maxsar Beach

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons travelers visit this place is the nature of the beach. You might now wonder what plants and animals can be found at Maxsar Beach. Regarding the plant life, it should be noted that Maxsar Beach does not have a specific plant cover, and most of the beach is covered with rocks. The only vegetation in this area is some grasses growing on the rocks along the shore.

One of the most important animals found on this beach is the hawksbill sea turtle. These turtles live on this beach and lay their eggs here during the breeding season. Other animals and marine life that inhabit Maxsar Beach include the seagull, sea anemones, and various types of fish. Travelers visiting Maxsar Beach should be mindful not to disturb the habitat and eggs of the turtles and avoid polluting their living environment.Maxsar Beach

Maxsar Beach is located in the western part of Bandar Lengeh, in the Parsian County of Hormozgan Province, Iran. It is approximately 40 kilometers away from the city of Parsian. The access to Maxsar Beach is straightforward, and travelers can easily reach it from Asaluyeh or Bandar Abbas.

If you are traveling from Bandar Abbas, you need to first reach Shahid Rajaei Highway. From there, take the exit to Road 94 and continue on Road 96 until you reach Rostaq. After passing Rostaq, follow the signs towards Bandar Maqam. Once you reach Bandar Maqam, continue on Maqam-Bastanu Road. Maxsar Beach is located 10 kilometers from Bandar Maqam on the Maqam-Bastanu Road.

If you are traveling from Asaluyeh, the distance between Asaluyeh Airport and Maxsar Beach is only 113 kilometers. After leaving the airport, head to Siraaf Boulevard and then take the route via San’at Naft Street towards Mellat Square. From there, go towards Road 96 and head towards Parsian County. Once you reach Parsian, navigate yourself from Imam Street to Jameh Square. Follow the signs towards Parsian-Bastanu Road. At the entrance of Bastanu city, you can enter the coastal road towards Maqam-Bastanu. Maxsar Beach is located 40 kilometers along this road.

Both routes offer convenient access to Maxsar Beach, and depending on your starting point, you can choose the most suitable option.


What to do at Maxsar Beach?

Now that you have arrived at Maxsar Beach from Bandar Abbas or Asaluyeh, the main question is what activities are available at this beach and what should you do? The first and most obvious answer to this question is to enjoy the beauty of this beach. You can admire the beautiful waters, surrounding rocks, and the marine life, and have a peaceful trip. However, if you prefer more exciting activities, you can find such recreational options at Maxsar Beach.

One of the best activities at this beach is swimming and snorkeling. In the safe areas of the beach where swimming is allowed, you can take a dip in the water and enjoy your journey. However, make sure the sea is calm and swim in the designated swimming area. In diving sites, you can also rent diving equipment and explore the underwater world. As we mentioned, there are various species of marine life in this area, and diving in this region can be an extraordinary experience.Maxsar Beach

Among other activities that you can have in this area, you can mention walking on the beach, various beach games, and boating. Photography of the beautiful and captivating landscapes of the beach can also be an unforgettable experience for photography enthusiasts. However, keep in mind that there are numerous animal species living on this beach, and their survival depends on the cleanliness of the beach. Therefore, refrain from littering or damaging the beach to preserve these animals and the beauty of Maxsar Beach.


Maxsar Beach | Tourist Attractions

After enjoying the surroundings of the beach, you might want to explore the tourist attractions and sights around it. So it is essential to have a good knowledge of the tourist attractions around this beach. In the following section, join us to take a look at the best tourist attractions around Maxsar Beach.

One of the best attractions around this beach is its islands, which you can access with special boats from the beach. Some of these islands include Lavaneh Island and Sheedoor Island. It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour by boat from this beach to reach these islands. If you prefer to visit the nearby cities and get more acquainted with the local culture, you can go to Parsian County or the village of Chehavaz. Other tourist destinations around Maxsar include Ganjmani Beach and Eshagh Strait.


Staying at Maxsar Beach

Despite being one of the best and most popular tourist attractions in the south of the country, unfortunately, no resorts or eco-lodges have been built in this area. One way to stay in this place is to set up a camp on the beach in a safe area. You can sleep in a tent and enjoy the sound of the sea. This method allows you to watch the sunrise over the sea in the morning.

However, if you don’t have the necessary equipment or prefer not to stay on the beach, you can go to the nearby cities and stay in the available guesthouses there. If your starting point is Asaluyeh, you can return to your accommodation in one to two hours. However, the return trip to Bandar Abbas is longer, so it is recommended to stay overnight in one of the cities or villages near the beach.Maxsar Beach

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Maxsar Beach | Best Travel Season for Maxsar Beach

As you may have understood, this beach is one of the tourist attractions in the south of the country and therefore has a southern and warm climate. Therefore, it is not recommended to travel to this beach during the first six months of the year and during hotter seasons like spring and summer. Especially if you plan to stay on this beach, the intense heat can be troublesome. However, as the autumn season begins and the weather becomes cooler, the climate of Maxsar Beach also improves. Therefore, it can be said that the best season to travel to this beach is from mid-October to late February.


In conclusion

In this article, we got acquainted with another beautiful beach in Iran. This beach is known for its beautiful rock formations carved by the hands of the waves. Maxsar is the habitat of loggerhead turtles, and you can also witness their nesting during the appropriate season. There are other attractions around this beach, such as Eshagh Strait and various islands. The weather at the beach is warm, like other southern parts of Iran, so the best season to travel there is during autumn and winter. If you plan to spend your vacation in the beautiful province of Hormozgan and travel to the south of the country, contact travel experts at Eli Gasht. Thank you for accompanying us.

Maxsar Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Where is Maxsar Beach located?

Maxsar Beach is located 10 kilometers from Bandar Mogham in Hormozgan Province.


2- What is the distance between Asaluyeh and Maxsar Beach?

The distance between Maxsar Beach and Asaluyeh is approximately 113 kilometers, and you can reach the beach after a 1.5 to 2-hour drive from Asaluyeh.


3- What is the distance between Bandar Abbas and this Beach?

From this Beach to Bandar Abbas, the distance is 380 kilometers, and you can reach the beach after approximately 4.5 hours of driving from Bandar Abbas.


4- Where is the accommodation for Maxsar Beach?

There is no accommodation directly on the beach. However, you can bring your camping equipment or choose to stay in nearby cities.


5- What is the best season to travel to Maxsar Beach?

this Beach has a southern and warm climate, so the best season to travel there is during autumn and winter.

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