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23 of the World’s Weirdest Airports

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Most of us go to airports to travel and regardless of the airport, we are looking for a safe flight that is on time, and we do not pay much attention to the structure and surroundings of the airport, but some airports are built special. In this post, we will be focusing on the world’s weirdest airports.

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1) Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

If you have a flight at the Hilton Head airport in Georgia, you will notice something strange! There are some strange graves there. But how did these graves get here? The previous owners of this place were Catherine and Richard Dotson, who used it as a cemetery. The two died in the late 1880s and were both buried in this cemetery. Years later, when World War II started, the army decided to turn the cemetery into an airfield for military training.

The military moved all the bodies to another cemetery but kept some of the headstones in place to honor the Dotson family. Now, these two graves are still there in this airport.


2) Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar is one of the world’s weirdest airports. Gibraltar (meaning Tariq mountain) is the name of a mountain village located on the south coast of Spain in the southwest of Europe and is considered one of the subdivisions with the citizenship of the British flag, although the ownership of this area is disputed between Spain and the United Kingdom.

Mount Tariq is connected to the Strait of Gibraltar in its coastal part. This strait connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and Morocco and Spain are located on both sides of it, and it is stated that Gibraltar is the name of a small autonomous region located at the mouth of the Mediterranean and bordering Spain.

The runway of Gibraltar Airport passes through the main highway of the city and the airport building is only 500 meters away from the city center of Gibraltar. For this reason, this highway must be closed for any landing or takeoff of any planes.

Gibraltar Airport is one of the few strange airports in the world and currently has flight routes to four destinations in England and two destinations in Spain. It is interesting to know that the only road that connects Gibraltar to the main parts is the same road that passes through the middle of the airport runway. You can visit this strange airport on your tour of Spain.

3)  Vancouver International Airport

When you are at the Vancouver airport in Canada, you will not be bored because the beautiful aquariums that exist in this airport will attract your attention. Even starfish can be seen in them. There is also a smaller aquarium that is particularly spectacular. These aquariums have made Vancouver airport one of the strangest airports in the world.


4) Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

This airport, named after Aruban Minister Juancho Irausquin, is 400 meters long with a paved surface, located between the mountains and the sea, and is one of the most dangerous airports on this list. Jet planes cannot fly here as its length is too short.

5) Chengdu Airport

Chengdu Airport is one of the world’s weirdest airports. It also use to be the highest airport in the world. With a height of 4334 above sea level, it is located on the Himalayan mountain range. It is also the longest runway with 5600 meters. Due to the high altitude of this airport, there will be possible risks and damages for both the passengers and the plane, which poses serious challenges for landing at this airport.

6) Princess Juliana International Airport

Princess Juliana International Airport, which is located on the coast, is one of the strangest airports in the world. Those who are present at the beach to spend time and have fun can closely watch the passing of the plane. The problem in this airport is the narrowness of the road and the possibility of the plane hitting the trucks and equipment that have stopped there!


7) Kansai International Airport

This airport is located in Osaka, Japan, and is 4,000 meters long and 2,600 meters wide. This airport is completely on the water and is considered one of the purest engineering projects in the world. The area of this airport is so big that it can even be seen on space satellites.

Experts have predicted that in the next few years due to climate change, the airport may go under water, and the fact that it is located in one of the earthquake-prone areas has turned this airport into one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

8) Narsarsuaq Airport

The area of this airport in Greenland, which is included in the list of the world’s weirdest airports is 1800 meters, which makes it difficult for airplanes to land even on days with good and calm weather. Narsarsuaq is located in icy and very cold regions. This airport is also one of the most dangerous airports in the world because it is located near the volcano called Eyjafjallajökull.

9) Queenstown Airport

This airport is located in New Zealand with a very beautiful view of the lake, river, mountain, and forest. It is actually called the most beautiful airport in the world. Lake Wakatipu and the atmosphere of Green Head convey a pleasant feeling to passengers flying from this airport.


10Majuro Marshall Islands International Airport

Majuro Airport is another one of the world’s weirdest airports. The length of this airport, which is located between the lagoon and the ocean, reaches 2407 meters and with a height of 2 meters above sea level is located in the city of Majuro in the country of the Marshall Islands. The beginning of the runway starts from Majuro and continues to another island called Laura. The Marshall Islands include 25 islands and land is scarce in Majuro.

11) Agatti Airport

The airport is located in the city of Lakshadweep, India, with a runway length of 1291 meters and a height of 4 meters above sea level. It is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is one of the most dangerous and strange airports in the world, whose runway disappears into the sea. A big challenge for the pilots is that with any mistake there is a possibility of falling into the ocean.

12)  Courchevel Airport

The airport is located in Courchevel, France, with a runway length of 545 meters and an altitude of 2008 meters above sea level. One of the most attractive and exciting airports in the world, which is built in a strange and different way, and its terrible downward slope has made it one of the world’s weirdest airports.

13)  Madeira International Airport

The airport, which was recently renamed after Cristiano Ronaldo’s brilliance in Euro 2016, is now named after this footballer. It is located at a height of 59 meters above sea level and the length of the runway is 2781 meters, but in the past, it was only 1500 meters long. The strange thing about this airport is that the landing strip is placed on a bridge with 200 columns.

14) Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

With an airport like this, it doesn’t matter if your flight is delayed! This airport is the main airport of the Netherlands where there are several museums. The Rijksmuseum contains works by famous Dutch artists. Passengers who transit at this airport can visit this museum for free from 7 am to 8 pm. Of course, the strange attractions at the airport do not end here; The airport also has a meditation center and also provides private bathrooms

15) Don Mueang International Airport

Imagine yourself playing golf in Thailand, while a plane is landing or taking off right next to you. Yes! This airport has a runway that is also considered a golf course and therefore it is considered one of the strangest airplanes in the world. This golf course belongs to the Royal Thai Air Force, but unfortunately, it is no longer open to the public.

16)  Barra Airport

For a tropical island, a beach is perfect for an airport! Fifty miles wide and eight miles long, the Isle of Barra off the west coast of Scotland is a tiny place. The beach is marked with three runways, and operations are carried out when it is low tide (otherwise, the aircraft passengers float on the runway).


17) Gisborne Airport

It cannot be hidden that Gisborne Airport in New Zealand is unusual. This strangeness is due to the fact that the Palmerston to Gisborne train tracks pass right through the middle of the airport’s main runway. The officials of the watchtower must plan the take-offs and landings correctly so that they never coincide with the passing of a train.

18) Gustaf III Airport

If you are wondering why flying to the Caribbean is so expensive, the main reason is the Gustaf III Airport, which can only accommodate planes with a maximum capacity of 20 passengers. This small airport, which has a concrete runway with a length of 650 meters, is located in the Caribbean region and on the island of St. Bartholomew, France. Gustav III Airport is one of the smallest airports in the world. Due to its proximity to the sea and the road, this airport is known as one of the most dangerous airports in the world as well.

19)  Tenzing-Hillary Airport

Tenzing-Hillary Airport, one of the world’s weirdest airports is located at an altitude of about 3000 meters above sea level in the Himalayas. At such a height and on a narrow and short runway that is located on the edge of a rocky cliff, the take-off and landing operations are a little different from other airports in the world. Even on the best days of the year, this airport only offers favorable access for a few hours.

20)  Congonhas Airport

All big cities have airports, but none of them are located within a few minutes of the city center. Although the proximity of the airport to the city center will be very useful for travelers, this issue has made taking off and landing planes challenging for pilots and air traffic controllers at Cogonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

21)  Svalbard Airport

The small islands of Svalbard are located in the Arctic Ocean, and despite the fact that 3 airports have been built on these islands, only the northernmost one is used for commercial flights. During the construction of this airport and its runway, engineers made the best use of the harsh climate of the region and turned the frozen layer of the earth into a runway. Of course, this runway must be permanently smoothed using special machines. Studies have shown that climate change in the not too distant future can make the maintenance of this runway even more difficult than before.


22)   Hong Kong International Airport

The old Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong, whose runway ended at the sea, was quickly surrounded by high-rise buildings and residential areas. Therefore, the need for a new airport was fully felt and its construction began in 1991 on an artificial island that was created by connecting two islands together. What sets this airport apart from other airports is the golf course and the large trade fair located there, which planes have to pass at close range when taking off or landing.

23) Toncontin International Airport

Toncontin International Airport, which was opened in 1934, is close to the center of the Honduran capital city and has always been investigated due to the numerous incidents that happened there. For example, 5 people were killed in an accident that happened at this airport in 2008. The runway of this airport is 7,000 feet (2,100 meters) and is located in a valley surrounded by high mountains. There is only one way for planes to enter and leave, so landing at this airport is a scary experience for every pilot.

Final Word

On average, 8 million people fly by airplanes per day. Most of us have had the experience of traveling by plane and have seen at least a few airports up close. The airports that were included in this list of the world’s weirdest airports have not followed any specific standards for design and construction, and are among the most beautiful and dangerous airports in the world.

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