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Plane Tickets for Children – A Guide

by Parastoo Sahebi
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If you are traveling with children, you probably have many questions such as the cost and conditions of buying plane tickets for children or babies. These are the kinds of concerns we will be addressing in this guide to plane tickets for children.

Most airlines have different prices and conditions when it comes to children. Knowing this and checking the conditions of different airlines, passengers have the opportunity to choose the best and most suitable airline for their flight and reduce their travel expenses to some extent.

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Factors Influencing Plane Tickets for Children

One of the key factors that determine the price and specifications of plane tickets for children is their age. According to the age categorization of airlines, children in the age group of 0 to 2 years are divided as infants, and the age group of 2 to 12 years is divided as children; This grouping is one of the most important factors in determining the price of plane tickets for children.

Another factor influencing the price of plane tickets for children is whether it is a charter flight we are talking about or a scheduled flight. In the following section of this guide, we will discuss this a bit further.

Plane Tickets for Children

Flying with Children – Charter vs Scheduled

One of the most important differences between charter and scheduled tickets is their price difference. As you know, charter tickets are sold by the charterer and are not subject to airline rules. For this reason, they may announce different prices for a specific route in different hours left until the flight. One of the advantages of scheduled tickets compared to charter tickets is the rather stable price. Since the scheduled flight tickets are sold directly by the relevant airline, they announce fixed prices and people can plan their trips by buying a scheduled plane ticket days in advance.

Also, the scheduled ticket price for minors and babies is lower than the ticket price for adults while the charter ticket price is the same for all people and there is no price difference between tickets for adults and children. It is recommended to book a scheduled flight when flying with children in order to be able to pay less for the ticket.

The price of plane tickets for children is between fifty to seventy-five percent of the price for adult tickets. Of course, the cost also varies depending on the fare class of the flight. The conditions for buying plane tickets for children on scheduled and charter flights are completely different. Usually, on scheduled flights, the cost of infant tickets (children under 2 years old) is 10-15% of the adult ticket price. This rule may also apply to charter flights, and the terms of seats and baby carriers are the same on both flights. The conditions for buying plane tickets for children between 2 and 12 years old however are completely different from each other in scheduled and charter flights.

Airlines rules determine the ticket price for this age group and each airline has a different price in this regard. But in general, most airlines calculate the cost of plane tickets for a domestic flight for children between 2 and 12 years old at half price and for their international flights at 80% of adult tickets.

Flying with Children

Plane Tickets for Children Flying Solo

If the child’s parents cannot travel with them for any reason, the child is allowed to travel by plane only if there is a companion. For this reason, airlines have established special rules for children traveling without their parents. In such a situation, parents should receive the forms related to their child’s travel from the relevant airline company and fill them out completely and accurately.

Note that children under the age of 5 will not be allowed to be on the plane unaccompanied according to airline rules, but for children over the age of 5, the following rules apply:

  • Parents of unaccompanied children over 5 years old can book non-stop flights for their child.
  • The conditions of these children must be checked before the flight and due to the time-consuming nature of this operation, the child must arrive at the airport 60 to 90 minutes earlier than other people.
  • Since a full seat is given to the child, the ticket price must be paid in full to the relevant airline.
  • Children should not be separated from the person designated to accompany them.
  • Ask the flight attendant to assign a seat for your child that has an empty seat next to it.
  • Make sure to fill out the relevant form of the airline company carefully so that the company can use your information in case of any problems.

Baggage Allowance for Children

In general, the amount of baggage allowed for children under two years old is 10 kg on domestic and international flights while the amount of luggage allowed for children aged 2 to 12 years is 30 kg. But in general, you should keep in mind that these figures may vary for different airlines.


Flight Amenities for Children

As you know, children have very delicate moods and emotions, and when they have to sit in one place for a long time, they usually do not take it very well. For this reason, different airlines have provided special amenities and entertainment for children. In addition to entertaining children during the flight, these amenities also have an educational impact and are planned to strengthen their intelligence and memory.

Many kinds of games, toys, drawing books, coloring books, etc. will normally be provided to children during long flights. Also, most airlines consider a special food menu for children. This menu includes children’s favorite foods and is usually more suitable for their taste.


Advice and Info for Flying with Children

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable pastimes for every human being. Traveling, in addition to the recreational aspect of it, creates memories and new experiences that we may be able to in our daily lives. Children are not exempt from this rule.

In this section of the guide, we will review some tips about flying with children. The tips mentioned below aim to provide children with ever safer and more flight experiences.

  • Make a list of your child’s needs and favorite things before the trip. Put these items in the child’s bag and take them with you into the airplane cabin so that they will be readily at hand.
  • Choose night flights if possible. Because children sleep better at night than during the day, so they will be able to rest more comfortably during the trip.
  • The air inside the plane is dry due to the closed space and lack of oxygen, and the child may feel uncomfortable and start to get restless. To avoid this, give your child some milk or water every once in a while, during the flight. You can also use sterile eye drops to prevent dryness and irritation of the child’s eyes after consulting with a doctor.
  • Let the child play and have fun before entering the plane. This will drain their energy and make them sleep more comfortably during the flight.

Plane Tickets for Children – FAQs

Can children travel by plane without their parents present?

It is possible for children to board the plane without the presence of their parents only if there is a companion.

How much does a plane ticket cost for babies?

The age group of 0 to 2 years is considered for babies, and their ticket price on all domestic and international trips is equal to 10-15% of the ticket price for adults.

What is the difference between a charter ticket and a scheduled ticket for children?

Scheduled tickets are sold directly by the airline and have a lower price for children while the charter ticket price is normally the same for all ages.

What amenities are there for children on the plane?

Most airlines have carrier seats for infants and gift packages and special food menus for children can usually be found too.

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