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Flight Rules and Regulations

by Parastoo Sahebi
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You should read the Flight rules before flying to experience comfortable air travel. To start a domestic flight, you must arrive at the airport one hour before the flight time with a valid ticket and ID card, this time for foreign trips is three hours before the flight. pay attention to the flight board and identify your flight gate in advance so that you can get your boarding pass and deliver your cargo at the appointed time. Be sure to control the weight of your load before arriving at the airport, because if your load exceeds the announced amount on your flight ticket, according to the flight rules, you must pay a fine for your overload. Avoid carrying prohibited and illegal items. If you are pregnant or have a specific illness, be sure to provide the boarding pass to the relevant officer at the time of receipt and make sure you have a medical prescription for your medications. You can buy your plane ticket online from the Eli Gasht website, the provider of a variety of scheduled and charter tickets.


Flights rules: Restricted and prohibited items in flight

According to the flight rules, it is forbidden to carry some objects inside the cabin of the plane or even in the passenger’s baggage, the list of rules of prohibited items on the flight is usually announced to passengers by the Civil Aviation Authority and the airport. Passengers who bring these items will not be allowed to fly and board a plane until they deliver the prohibited items. devices are deemed illegal in terms of the laws of some countries and are also prevented from entering the country, for example, it is forbidden to carry alcoholic beverages into Iran, and travelers carrying them are fined.

Flights rules: List of prohibited items in flight

According to the flight rules, if the volume of your perfume glass is more than 100 milligrams, you cannot enter the cabin of the plane and you must deliver it in the cargo area. It is forbidden to carry some sporting goods such as baseball bats, billiards sticks, ski batons, bows and arrows, hockey, golf sticks, and other sports equipment with sticks or batons, and passengers must deliver these sporting goods with the appropriate compartment at the cargo section. Sharp objects are strictly prohibited from entering the cabin of the plane, and passengers must put them in their luggage and deliver the cargo area, some airlines have declared small cosmetic scissors or nail clippers announced as prohibited items in the plane cabin.

According to the list of prohibited items on the plane, any tools, incendiary devices, and toys to the cabin of the plane are prohibited and must be delivered to the cargo area before entering the cabin, each passenger has the right to bring a small light or a box of matches into the cabin. Some airlines have even banned food from entering the plane.

Some devices are even prohibited from entering the flight and are not accepted at the time of delivery. These prohibited devices include firecrackers, dynamite, plastic or non-plastic explosives, gunpowder, bombs, ignited materials, chlorine, car airbags, airbags, radioactive devices, infectious devices, organic materials, guns, fireworks, batons, gas canisters, radioactive materials, sparklers, substances that spontaneously catch fire and a variety of toxins.

List of prohibited items in flight

Flights rules: The rules for medication in the fight

According to the flight rules, some medicines are prohibited from entering the flight and passengers must provide a valid medical prescription for carrying them, as well as the volume of the passenger’s medicine is include restrictions and the passenger can carry only as much medicine as he or she needs. There are usually no restrictions or specific rules for carrying medicines by passengers on domestic flights, but for foreign flights based on destination and airline, there are different rules for carrying medicines on the plane that passengers are required to comply with.

If you have a specific illness and need to take your medicines with you on the plane, first read the rules for medication on the flight a few hours before the flight and show the airport inspection police a valid letter from your doctor. Even for some special medications, you need to provide documents for your illness to allow you to carry medications. For reading and know the list of prohibited drugs, you can visit the relevant airline website, and passengers must include their medicines in appropriate and identifiable packaging according to the flight rules.

In general, drugs with strong analgesic, or narcotics are prohibited from entering the plane, among them Benadryl, Tramadol, pseudoephedrine, Vicks, Codeine, Ritalin, Intermezzo, and Dextromethorphan, according to the laws of the destination country, some other drugs, and medical devices are also included in the ban. There are no restrictions on carrying liquid drugs less than 100 ml and medical devices such as syringes, dressing devices, etc.

Flights rules: The rules for carrying tobacco in flight

Smoking is prohibited in many indoor public places, including airports. However, according to the rules of carrying tobacco on the plane, each passenger can carry a certain size (usually less than 50 cigarettes and 250 grams of tobacco) at the time of flight, and there are no restrictions on this.

Flights rules: The Rules for transporting animals in flight

It is possible to carry pets on domestic and foreign airlines, but the rules for transporting animals by plane have mandatory conditions. The rules for transporting pets by plane are divided into four sections: international rules, country of origin rules, destination country rules, and airline rules. Before carrying pets, a medical certificate and health certificate must be issued to the pet from the relevant authorities as a permit to carry it on the flight. Be sure to know all the details of the animal transport regulations in the travel rules on your airline before flying.

In most airlines, due to health and security issues, animals are prohibited from entering the cabin of the plane and passengers must leave their pets inside the special cage for the cargo section. According to the rules of the Veterinary Organization in Iran, each traveler is allowed to have a maximum of two dogs or cats and 10 ornamental birds.

Flights rules: Pregnancy rules and tips in flight

One of the flight rules, which is very important to observe, is the rules and tips of flight during pregnancy. Before the third month of pregnancy, there are no restrictions for pregnant women on the flight, except in certain circumstances and when the mother has a high-risk pregnancy. In the second three months, as the mother’s condition is better, there is no limit to her travel, but from the 28th to 35th weeks of pregnancy, the mother will be able to fly with the permission of a specialist doctor, overweight, balance reduction and the risk of early delivery will cause most airlines not to give the pregnant mother permission to fly from 35 weeks onwards.

Of course, these rules vary based on the length of time of the flight, for example, for flights over 2 hours, mothers need a boarding permit in the second three months, but there are no restrictions on flights under two hours. In general, it can be said that four factors such as gestational age, flight time, pregnancy stage, and medical certificate are effective on the rules and conditions of flight in pregnancy.

The Rules of shipping vehicles by plane

According to the flight rules, sending any vehicle by plane requires customs clearance and passengers must comply with the rules and conditions of transporting their vehicles in advance so that they can take their vehicle out of the country by plane and easily clear them at customs. The rules regarding the shipping of cars by plane in Iran are specified according to the government and parliament’s approvals, and there is a certain ceiling for the price of the car in this case, for example, the foreign exchange ceiling for importing a car up to $1 billion is possible. To import a car into the country by plane, the documents related to the vehicle must be presented legally and in full to the customs authorities so that they are allowed to import the vehicle into the country and the vehicle is cleared from the customs of the airport. Of course, the cost of shipping a car to the country by plane is high and therefore it should be considered sufficiently budgeted.

The rules for carrying food in a flight

It is not prohibited to carry food on a plane, but some airlines rules, have imposed restrictions on this issue and have drafted their own rules.

Here are some of the forbidden foods on the plane:

When traveling to countries such as the United States and Canada, if you have grainy fruits and kernels with you, be sure to eat them before they get off the plane, as they are prohibited from entering the United States, Canada, and some European countries.

  • It is forbidden to carry meat raw materials such as kale pacheh (the traditional Persian dish recipe), a variety of brain sandwiches, and many others, and these are among the things that airlines oppose carrying unless they are cooked.
  • There are limited restrictions on carrying liquid materials such as jelly and liquids into the plane, and passengers can bring certain amounts of these materials into the plane. Jelly desserts, soft drinks, yogurt, oil, ketchup, disinfectants, and even some cosmetics such as mascara and liquid lipsticks all include this category.
  • It is forbidden to take ice into the plane.
  • Carrying luxurious food such as caviar and saffron to the plane has a weight restriction.
  • Carrying food such as rice, some cereals, flour, and many others is prohibited in most airlines due to the possibility of transmitting pests and insects.

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