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What does a “Flight Class” mean?

Different types of flight classes

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Flight classes are one of the factors influencing ticket price, the prices of plane tickets from the same origin and destination are divided based on the plane flight classes. Usually, in most airlines, tickets are sold to passengers in three flight classes: first class, business class, and economy, all these flight classes are on the same plane, with the differences in the location, type of seats, and services provided to passengers. The flight classes are different. Different flight classes are indicated on the plane tickets with capital English letters “Y” indicating economy class ticket with the possibility of a full refund, “J” indicating business class ticket with the possibility of a full refund, and “F” indicating first class ticket with possibility of full refund. At the time of buying a plane ticket, passengers can buy a plane ticket based on their budget in any of the flight classes and there is no limit for them. To buy all kinds of plane tickets with different flight classes, just go to the plane ticket sales page of Eligasht website and buy your plane ticket for the desired flight class completely online.


1- Flight Class: First class flight

Usually, the most expensive tickets belong to the first-class flight seats in a plane, and the passengers of this section are often wealthy people. First-class seats in flight classes are usually larger than other plane seats and are single, furnished, and cubicle-like, these seats provide comfortable private space for passengers during the flight. The amenities of the first class section cannot be compared with other sections of the flight, this section has facilities such as private TV with remote control, laptop, satellite internet service, automatic seats with the ability to adjust the footrest, back, and headrest with a flexible pillow and separate toilets.

Even the food that is served to passengers in this class of the flight is different from other parts and in some flights the food is served to order and based on the choice of first-class passengers. Usually, the number of seats in the first class section is less than in other sections of the plane. You can buy your first-class flight ticket to your desired destination from Eli Gashts website at the approved rate of the local airline.


2- Flight Class: business class flight

Another class of plane flight, which is placed after the first class, is business class. The seats of this flight class are in two separate rows, the seats of this section of the plane are located in front of the economy class, and the distance between the seats of this section of the flight is greater than the economy section. Passengers of business class flights have good facilities and welfare during the flight and use various welfare services at a lower cost than the first class section. This section may not be as luxurious and stylish as the first class section, but everything is provided for the comfort of passengers in this section.

In business class flights, hot meals are served in various and complete ways, there are comfort facilities such as independent counter and separate transportation from the terminal to the plane and vice versa for passengers. The attendants usually have a lot of traffic in this section and are patient with the passengers. The price of tickets for this class of the flight is higher than the economy ticket but lower than the first class.

business class flight

3- Flight Class: economy class flight

The last and cheapest flight classes belong to the economy flight, passengers buy tickets for this part of the plane at a lower price than the first and business flight classes. Most of the seats on each flight are reserved for economy seats, and passengers sit in rows with a small distance between them. For the passengers who are stationed on the economy flight, there are usually limited facilities such as newspapers, advertising magazines, and flight guide cards, although, in recent years, monitors and headphones have been installed in some planes for economy class seats, a large monitor in this section for all passengers who broadcast a certain program usually.

Facilities and entertainment for economy flight passengers are different according to the flight line and model of the plane. By choosing the origin and destination of your flight on the Eli Gasht website and pressing the search button, you can compare the flight class tickets of different planes and buy the ticket you want. The Eli Gasht website provides travel services to passengers 24 hours a day.

Flight Class: economy class flight

 Iranian airlines fare classes

Like foreign airlines, Iranian airlines use flight classes to grade the price of their tickets, although the classes price are different in Iranian airlines, and the number of Iranian airlines that have first-class tickets on their flights is limited to Iran Air, Mahan and the cargo service belongs to Qeshm Air. Most of the flights in Iran are the economy type and in limited cases the business class, this is due to the low acceptance of passengers from other flight classes due to the high price.

In Iran, flight fare identifiers are marked with Latin letters on the tickets, in Iranian airlines, each letter of these identifiers is selected and determined according to the policies of the airline company itself. Different letters are used to name and determine the percentages of refund penalties and baggage rules. Airline companies in Iran specify letters and set them on their tickets based on their rules in the field of baggage and ticket refunds. For example, the Iran Air airline company gives different fare IDs to its passengers, which differ in the amount of baggage, refund conditions, and other things.


Baggage allowance for flight classes

Iran Air airline company has divided the baggage allowance of its flight classes based on various variables such as time, services, and other variables into N, M, Q, V, and Y fare classes in the economy cabin and C, J fare classes in the cabin. Homa Airlines has planned for ordinary passengers and class O in the economy cabin for the families of martyrs, and disabled people.

But at the opposite point is Homa Ata Airline, which considers the same refund penalty percentage for all its fare identifiers and uses the same letters for this. Zagros Airline has considered 22 different fare classes for its tickets, which are divided into 8 groups in terms of the amount of penalty for refunding plane tickets, and the penalty percentage is about 10% to 100% (without the possibility of refund). Be sure to pay attention to the class price of the ticket when buying a plane ticket from Eli Gasht website.

Baggage allowance for flight classes

class v fare

The significant difference between the tickets that have class V fare is in the amount of baggage allowance and their refund percentage, which has a lot of differences in the flight classes of different airlines of this fare. For example, in the class V fare of Iran Air, the maximum baggage allowance for passengers on local routes is 25 kg and on international flights is 30 kg, but the ticket refund fare for this flight class is the same as for other classes fare. For example, if you cancel your ticket three days before the flight, you will only be fined 30% and the rest of the ticket price will be returned to your account. This penalty fare for one day before the flight is 60% of the ticket price.

Class Y fare

Class Y fare, like class V fare, has its own rules for refunds and the baggage allowance of cargo. For example, Mahan Airlines has considered a maximum of 20 kg in the class Y fare. The amount of the ticket fine at the time of refund is also different in class Y fare, if the passengers cancels the ticket one day before the flight, they must pay 10% of the ticket price as a fine if they refund their ticket three hours before the flight. They must also pay 30% of the ticket price as a fine. The amount of penalty for returning the ticket half an hour before the flight is 50%

flight classes rules

From the combination of flight classes with other rules, alphanumeric codes have been created in the flight classes rules that are included on plane tickets, these numbers and letters have created the original fare codes, which are great use to the officials of reservation systems and travel agencies. After viewing these codes, passengers can easily find the information they need.

For example, if the letter E is written on the ticket, which is related to special fares (Excursion Fare), it indicates that the target ticket has been issued with a fare which has a limit on the duration of the trip. The passengers have the opportunity to use These tickets about 2 to 3 days or a month.

One of the important part of information that the main fare code provides to travel agencies is related to the impossibility of refunding the ticket, also you can get some information about the route for the ticket (one-way or two-way), the origin or destination of the ticket, the possibility or not from these codes, you can realize the combination of the ticket with other flight classes and the appropriate season of the ticket, which is very valuable information for the experts of travel agencies. To decode these codes, travel agencies agents should be given the necessary training in advance in order that analyze the ticket well and guide the passenger.

For your unplanned travel, you can check all types of charter and scheduled price tickets online on Eli Gasht website and buy tickets according to your travel plan. Eli Gasht’s professional and experienced staff answer your possible questions when buying plane tickets.

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