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Battle of ice and fire in Tehran Ab-o-Atash Park

Tehran Ab-o-Atash Park

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Ab-o-Atash Park

Tehran Ab-o-Atash Park is one of the popular recreational destinations in Tehran, attracting the attention of many residents and tourists. This park is a large and multi-purpose space that offers a variety of facilities and entertainment for people of all ages. From thrilling experiences to green pathways and sports fields, it captivates different individuals. In this article, join us at Eligasht to get acquainted with this versatile and attractive park near Tabiat Bridge.

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Tehran Ab-o-Atash Park

Tehran Ab-o-Atash Park, also known as Hazrat-e Ibrahim Park, is one of the popular tourist attractions in Tehran. It was inaugurated on 6th July 2009 by Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the former mayor of Tehran. This park, with an area of over 24,000 square meters and diverse facilities, such as fire towers and rotating tents, provides a unique and appealing space for recreation and relaxation.

This Park, with its various amenities, including beautiful fountains and fire towers, is one of the popular recreational and tourist destinations in Tehran, attracting a large number of visitors each year. Hazrat-e Ibrahim Park, as part of Tehran Ab-o-Atash Park, includes various sections such as fountains, fire towers, and an amphitheater. This park is known not only as a recreational and entertainment center but also as a cultural and educational venue. It offers facilities such as a 7D cinema and a Walk of Fame, allowing tourists to enjoy exciting and diverse experiences.

abo atash park

Features of Tehran Ab-o-Atash Park

When you enter Tehran Ab-o-Atash Park, the first thing that catches your attention is the fountains and fire towers. In addition to visual attractions, this park has extensive spaces for walking, cycling, and even a skating rink. Children and teenagers can experience joyful and thrilling moments in the skating rink with full confidence.

Moreover, the presence of a dedicated playground for children in the Water and Fire Garden has made families choose this park with more confidence and peace of mind for spending their weekends. Another reason that has made Tehran Ab-o-Atash Park one of the popular destinations in Tehran is the existence of Tabiat Bridge, which connects this park to Taleghani Park.


Recreational Attractions of the Ab-o-Atash Park

Fire Towers

One of the most attractive sections of the park is the fire towers, which have become the symbol of the Ab-o-Atash Park. These four towers are located on the eastern side of the park and have an average height of 10 meters and a length ranging from one to eight meters. At night, with the flames illuminating, they create a breathtaking view.

Ab-o-Atash Park

Amphitheater Hall

The Amphitheater Hall in Ab-o-Atash Park has a capacity of 370 people and provides a suitable space for hosting social events. As a cultural and artistic center, it hosts a variety of sessions, theater performances, concerts, and other artistic events that attract both local and international communities. With its large capacity and modern equipment, the Amphitheater Hall in the Park is known as one of the prominent venues for cultural and artistic events in the area.


Artificial Lake in the Garden

By visiting the Ab-o-Atash Park, you can see the Khazar artificial lake, which is one of the popular sections of the park. Park visitors often walk around the lake and relax in the gazebos. Additionally, food stalls provide various delicious snacks and diverse meals for tourists.


7D Gaming Cinema

In Ab-o-Atash Park, the 7D gaming cinema offers computer games in a 7D space with exciting and thrilling effects for teenagers and young adults. This 7D gaming cinema was built by Canadian engineers and, in addition to 3D images, provides advanced features such as highly interactive seats, storms, thunder and lightning effects, leg stimulation, colorful lights, Dolby sound, and other facilities. Each seat in this cinema is equipped with a laser gun to provide an incredible and immersive experience for people of different ages.


Water Fountains

Near the fire towers, in Hazrat-e Ibrahim Garden, there are water fountains arranged in a circular space. These fountains shoot water up to a height of 10 meters towards the sky from 240 different points within this circular area. During the summer season, these fountains turn into a popular destination for water play for both children and adults in the Ab-o-Atash Park.

Ab-o-Atash Park


The Lighthouse, which is part of the Ports Garden, is a large and beautiful structure with a maritime theme. As the name suggests, it has a marine-inspired design. In the past, it was possible to climb up the lighthouse, but currently, it is not accessible for climbing.


Gonbade Mina Sky Dome

One of the largest planetariums in the Middle East is the Gonbade Mina Sky Dome. It’s important to know that this beautiful structure is one of the most famous parts of the park, and if you’re interested in astronomy, you can visit the Gonbade Mina Sky Dome for sky observation and benefit from free stargazing sessions. This planetarium is also located in the Nowruz Park. If you’re on a Tehran city tour and visit this part of the park, you can enjoy not only the sky dome but also watch educational and documentary films, participate in various workshops, and even join educational camps.

abo atash park

Skate Park

Skating is one of the popular activities for kids and especially adults. If you’re a skate enthusiast, you can comfortably play at the skate park in the Ab-o-Atash Park. This skate park has an area of approximately 4,500 square meters. It’s good to know that besides skateboarding classes, other sports classes such as BMX, martial arts, aerobics, and fitness are also held at this facility. There is also a shop, game center, and buffet available at this skate park.


Bicycle Riding Track

Great news for bicycle lovers! In the Ab-o-Atash Park, a 3.5-kilometer path has been allocated for bicycle riding in the park. However, if you wish to ride a bicycle in this park, you need to have your bicycle because bike rentals are currently not available, and the track is designed specifically for leisurely rides in the green space of the park.

Recreational Facilities in the Park

In this Park, you will enjoy high-quality recreational and welfare facilities, which have turned this park into an ideal destination for family recreation. The amenities in this complex include a restaurant and food court with diverse cuisine, a cafe, a bicycle track, parking lots, restrooms, ATMs, water stations, a prayer room, wheelchair and stroller-accessible ramps, picnic shelters, and other facilities. This variety of amenities allows families to easily and joyfully experience moments of happiness in this park.

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Access Route to the Ab-o-Atash Park

To reach the Ab-o-Atash Park by private car, you should head towards Alam-e-Shahidi Street from the Haghani Highway. You can use the available parking lots in the surrounding areas for parking your car. On holidays, be aware that the area experiences heavy traffic.

Additionally, to reach the park by public transportation, you can take Line 1 of the metro, Kahrizak to Tajrish, and then walk for about 15 minutes to reach the park. If you choose to use the bus, you should use the buses that pass through Resalat Highway. However, the best option for reaching the park is to use the metro, as it reduces the likelihood of getting stuck in traffic with a bus or the need to take a taxi along the way.

Ab-o-Atash Park

Final Words

The Ab-o-Atash Park in Tehran is recognized as an important recreational destination, offering a variety of amenities and entertainment. With its safe and joyful atmosphere, the park provides people with an opportunity to experience happy and energetic moments. Through continuous efforts to improve and expand its facilities, the Ab-o-Atash Park in Tehran offers visitors an exceptional experience as a symbol of attraction and entertainment.



  1. What is abo atash park?

Ab-o-Atash Park is a popular recreational park located in Tehran, Iran. It is known for its beautiful green spaces, refreshing water features, and various entertainment facilities. The name “Ab-o-Atash” translates to “Water and Fire,” which reflects the park’s main attractions.

  1. What are the main attractions in abo atash park?

Ab-o-Atash Park offers a range of attractions for visitors. The park features large ponds, fountains, and waterfalls that create a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, there are playgrounds, walking paths, and picnic areas where families and friends can enjoy outdoor activities. The park also hosts cultural events and festivals throughout the year.

  1. Are there any dining options available in abo atash park?

Yes, Ab-o-Atash Park offers various dining options to cater to visitors’ needs. There are cafes and restaurants within the park premises where you can enjoy a meal or grab a snack. These establishments provide a range of cuisines, including traditional Iranian dishes and international fare.

  1. How can I reach abo atash park in Tehran?

This park is located in the northwestern part of Tehran. It is accessible by private car, public transportation, or taxi. Several bus and metro lines connect to the park, making it relatively convenient to reach.

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