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Travel guide to Sareyn: Introduction to the Attractions of the city

Travel guide to Sareyn

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Travel guide to Sareyn

Summer is one of the best times for exploring the beautiful and fascinating cities of Iran, offering an excellent opportunity to visit various attractions and enjoy recreational activities. However, one of the challenges people face during the summer season is the hot weather. If you are among those who seek refuge from the heat and are always looking for cool places or water-related activities during the summer, visiting the  Sareyn and the beautiful city of Ardabil can be one of the best trips you can experience during the summer. in this article we have described a comprehensive Travel guide to Sareyn.

Ardabil is one of the notable tourist cities in Iran, located in the western part of the country and renowned for its hot springs. You probably know that this city experiences extremely cold and mountainous weather during the winter and autumn seasons, but it welcomes guests and tourists from all over the country with its cool and pleasant climate throughout the year. The attractions of Sareyn, a city in Ardabil and Iran, are among the highlights that attract many foreign tourists every year, allowing them to enjoy the traditional water therapy services and beauties of this city.

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If you have not yet chosen your summer travel destination and are looking for a memorable adventure, we suggest including a visit to the attractions of Sareyn in your summer travel list. However, before embarking on your trip, it is better to have general information about the various places and attractions available in Ardabil so that you can manage your time well and fully enjoy your journey. Stay with Eligasht Agency to learn more about the Travel guide to Sareyn


Sarein’s Location | Travel guide to Sareyn

In a brief and useful explanation, it should be mentioned that Sarein is known as one of the most famous tourist areas in Ardabil. Its first claim to fame is its abundance of hot springs. The city has over 9 hot springs, all of which have mineral sources, attracting a large number of travelers and visitors each year. Geographically, Sarein is located in the west of Ardabil, at the center of Ardabil County, with an elevation of 1,650 meters above sea level.


the Culture of the People in Sareyn | Travel guide to Sareyn

In terms of sociology and culture, the people of Sareyn are part of the local culture of Ardabil County and have played a significant role in creating Iranian literary masterpieces in the Azerbaijani language. In the past, Sarein was known as “Sarayin” and “Sari Qayah,” but do you know the meaning of its current name? Sarein, which means “spring,” is derived from the Turkish word “Sarıin,” meaning “cool.”


What are the Souvenirs of Sarein in Travel guide to Sareyn?

During your trip to Sarein, you can purchase souvenirs such as:

– Halva-ye Siah (a traditional sweet)

– Famous Sarein honey

– Gilims (traditional rugs)

– Ash-e Doogh (a traditional soup)

– Butter and Sarshir (a local dairy product)

Obtain these souvenirs and especially enjoy the delicious food items.

Travel guide to Sareyn

Sarein’s Attractions: 10 Must-See Places That Will Amaze You!

Sarein is one of the most beautiful cities in Ardabil province, located 390 kilometers from the main city. It is a popular destination for many tourists during the hot seasons of the year. This city has numerous attractions and sights, and by visiting them, you can not only enjoy the landscapes but also benefit from them for health and therapeutic purposes, making your trip a delightful experience combined with relaxing therapeutic activities.

The attractions of Sarein are not limited to beautiful nature and recreational centers alone. One of the main attractions of this city is its hot springs, which are the best choice for experiencing extraordinary water therapy during the summer. After experiencing the hot springs and therapeutic waters of this city, you can continue your journey by visiting its natural and remarkable centers. Local cuisine is also among the other attractions of Sareyn. Join us as we explore 10 of the best attractions in Sarein.


1- Alvars village, a Piece of Paradise on Earth!

The village of Alvars in Sardineh is known as one of the coolest and greenest places in the city. Alvars is located 12 kilometers west of the city and has a history of nearly 3,000 years. To describe this village and its nature to you, we suggest you close your eyes and imagine this scene:

You are in a very lush environment with cool and incredibly clean air, surrounded by numerous springs that originate from Mount Sabalan and flow. Even in one of these springs, called Minbalagh, you can see rainbow trout swimming, and red tulips, iris, and poppy flowers dancing in the breeze around you.

What we have described to you is not a metaphor but rather the exact natural features of this village. Also, don’t forget to try the Alvars village flatbread, Sarshir (a local dairy product), and honey during your trip. Make sure to bring woolen socks, Jajim (a traditional Iranian rug), and Kilim (a type of flat tapestry) as souvenirs.

Travel guide to Sareyn

2- Shayeq is a village that can become one of Iran’s most important attractions!

Shayeq, a village located 7 kilometers from Sardineh, is incredibly lush and beautiful. This village is not only considered a tourist attraction in Sardineh but also has the potential to become one of Iran’s most famous attractions.

The name of this village is derived from a family of the same name who have lived there for 250 years. Among the attractions of this village, we can mention the Lur Kalak Summit and Zal Kalak Summit. It is worth noting that it is very easy to access the Alvars Ski Resort and Village from Shayeq village.


3- Anaahita Hill, an ancient historical site

You can find the ancient and famous Anaahita Hill in the western part of Sardineh. It is important to know that some excavations have been carried out on this ancient hill, leading to the discovery of objects and pottery. Based on the conducted research, it has been determined that these objects date back to the late second millennium and early first millennium BCE.

In addition, various artifacts from different periods such as Ilkhanids, Qara Qoyunlu, Seljuks, and Agh Qoyunlu have been found on this hill. It should be noted that this area has been a place of significance for Zoroastrian religious scholars.


4- Irdmosi Forest Valley

Irdmosi is another beautiful and remarkable forest valley counted among the attractions of Sardineh. It is located approximately 14 kilometers west of Ardebil city and starts from the vicinity of Sardineh and extends to the village of Nur’an. It offers stunning landscapes with rivers and springs, lush meadows, and magnificent fruit gardens.

Travel guide to Sareyn

5- Alvars Ski Resort is the best choice for skiers in different seasons

Alvars Ski Resort is one of the tourist centers in Ardabil city, located in the beautiful and high mountains of Sabalan. This ski resort is equipped and situated in the village of Alvars, which is 12 kilometers away from Sardineh and 24 kilometers from Ardabil city. Alvars Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Iran, open for use during 8 months of the year. It features ski lifts, an asphalt road, a ski training area, two training class stations, a guesthouse, and a restaurant.

What sets Alvars Ski Resort apart from other ski resorts in the country is that it is covered in snow for more than half of the year, and in the best conditions, it can have snow coverage for up to 8 months, allowing skiing on most days of the year, which is much more than other ski resorts in the country.


6- Rock Houses in Kalkhvoran-e Viyand Village

On the way from Ardabil Road to Nir Village, an ancient village made entirely of rock is situated. The ancient rock village of Kalkhvoran-e Viyand is a highly captivating village composed of unique stone houses and is located about 5 kilometers southwest of Sar’eyn.

This beautiful village is located next to Ardabil Road and is one of the extraordinary architectural phenomena of Iran, with a long history, and is considered among the ancient structures. In this village, there are houses built in different periods, including the Sassanid, Parthian, and post-Islamic eras. Evidence has been found in this area indicating that people lived in this village until the Safavid period.

Travel guide to Sareyn

7- Old Rocks and Vargesaran Waterfall

Vargesaran Waterfall is also one of the beautiful and remarkable attractions in Sabalan, located amidst the lush and scenic valleys. This waterfall, along with its scenic rocks, is one of the most pristine and beautiful points of interest in Ardabil. If you are interested in seeking tranquility and relaxation during your journey, we recommend not missing a visit to this place.


8- Gurgur Spring in the lush valleys of Sar’eyn

Gurgur Springs can be counted as one of the most famous and popular springs in Sabalan. This spring is located in the Alvars Valley, one of the longest and most picturesque valleys of Sabalan, at an altitude of 2,420 meters above sea level.


9- The Center of Zoroastrian Fire Temples, Atashgah Village

Atashgah Village is one of the ancient and remarkable villages of Ardabil, located a few kilometers north of Sar’eyn. This village, also known as Agh Mam, is famous among the locals of this city due to the existence of an ancient hill, temples, ancient fire temples, and its beautiful green nature. It is one of the attractions of Sar’eyn that you should not miss visiting.

Azarfarigh Fire Temple in Atashgah Village was once one of the most important historical centers of the Zoroastrian religion, especially during the Sassanian period. Regarding Atashgah Village, it should be noted that on the hill where the remnants of the Azarfarigh Fire Temple exist, there is a cave called Kohl Lor. However, no one enters it.

Travel guide to Sareyn

Travel guide to Sareyn | Other attractions in Sar’eyn include:

Vargesaran Waterfall

Chaghur Choghor

Golestan Valley

Mardan-e Bulaghi

Turesh Sooey

Kanzag Village


Hot Springs in Sar’eyn | Travel guide to Sareyn

The hot springs of Sar’eyn became the first factors contributing to the city’s popularity among people, and it seems that these springs will always remain the most important attractions of the city. The exact number of hot springs in this city is not known, but what is clear is that there are more than tens of hot springs in and around this city, which have now become one of the attractions of Sar’eyn.

These hot springs originate from Sabalan, which is one of the highest and most elevated mountains in northwest Iran. Speaking of Sabalan, it should be noted that this mountain is one of the three highest peaks in Iran. While you can familiarize yourself with the most famous hot springs in Iran in the article “The Most Important Therapeutic Hot Springs in Iran,” we will introduce some of the most well-known hot springs in Sar’eyn to you, and soon we will provide a comprehensive introduction to these springs in a separate article.


1- Sabalān Thermal Complex: The Largest Hot Spring Complex in Iran and the Middle East

Sabalān Thermal Complex is located in the city of Sar’eyn and is known as the largest thermal complex in Iran and the Middle East. It is a popular destination for many foreign tourists who are interested in visiting it. The complex offers comprehensive recreational and therapeutic facilities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It includes various covered pools, jacuzzis, dry and steam saunas, showers, multiple private baths, separate medical and therapeutic services for women and men, and many other amenities. Additionally, there is a dedicated and secure parking area available for visitors.Travel guide to Sareyn

Address: Sareyn City, Ardabil Province, Danesh Street

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2- Dareh Larsoui Thermal Complex: A Remedy for Bone and Skin Diseases

Dareh Larsoui is a modern complex that has gained popularity among the hot springs in Sar’eyn. It is usually recommended for the treatment of ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, symptoms of neurological diseases, disc herniation, skin diseases, and neck discomfort. If you decide to visit this complex and make use of its services during your trip to Sar’eyn, please note that there are separate sessions for men and women. The working hours of the complex are from 8 AM to 1 AM. Some of the facilities at Dareh Larsoui include a group jacuzzi, rain tunnel, dry sauna, and salt and steam rooms.

Address: Sar’eyn City, Ardabil Province, Shariati Boulevard


3- Ghareh Soo Hot Spring (Soo-e-Savi): A Nerve Soother

Ghareh Soo Hot Spring is another hot and therapeutic spring in Sar’eyn. It is located in the westernmost part of Sareyn and can be used for therapeutic purposes throughout the year. It is good to know that the temperature of Ghareh Soo Spring is around 44 degrees Celsius, and it flows constantly and boils from the ground.

Travel guide to Sareyn

4- Gavmish Goli Hot spring

This spring is known for its healing properties and is commonly used for the treatment of general body disorders, musculoskeletal conditions such as chronic rheumatic pain, women’s health issues, and heart diseases. The water of this spring has a sour taste, is colorless, and has a distinct odor.

This complex is traditional and all its facilities are designed in a traditional style. The operating hours for men are from 2 PM to 2 AM, and for women, it is from 6 AM to 1 PM.

Address: Sar’eyn City, Ardabil Province, Valiasr Street

Other hot springs in this city include :

– Iranian Sar’eyn Thermal Complex

– Noh Cheshme Thermal Complex

– Royal Park Sar’eyn Thermal Complex

– Shahr-e-Aftab Sar’eyn Thermal Complex

– Besh Bajilar Hot Spring

Final words of Travel guide to Sareyn

Sar’eyn is one of the cities in Iran that welcomes domestic and international tourists with its beauty every year. The city offers numerous facilities that you can enjoy during your visit. If you’re interested in learning about other cities in Iran and getting acquainted with their tourist attractions and natural areas, stay connected with Eligasht Agency.



1- What are the most popular attractions to visit in Sareyn?

Some of the most famous attractions and hot springs in the city of Sar’eyn include the Sabalān Thermal Complex, Alvares Ski Resort, Gavmish Goli Hot Spring, and Gorgor Spring.

2- How ancient is the Anaahita Ancient Hill and what is its history?

If you plan to travel to Sar’eyn, we recommend visiting the Anaheeta Ancient Hill and enjoying the historical attractions of this ancient site. The Anaahita Ancient Hill dates back to the late 2nd and early 1st millennium BC.

3- What facilities are available at the Sabalān Thermal Complex?

It’s good to know that the Sabalān Thermal Complex is recognized as the largest thermal complex in Iran and the Middle East. The complex offers multiple covered pools, jacuzzis, dry and steam saunas, showers, various private baths, a dedicated parking area, separate medical and therapeutic services for women and men, and many other amenities.

4- When is the best time to visit the attractions in Sar’eyn?

The reality is that traveling to Sar’eyn has its charm in every season. However, if we consider a moderate choice, the best time to visit Sar’eyn and its attractions would be during the late spring and summer seasons. If you’re not bothered by the cold, you can also visit during autumn or early winter.

5- How far is the journey to visit the attractions in Sareyn?

To give an example, if you’re traveling from Tehran to this city, you should know that the distance between Tehran and Sar’eyn is 621 kilometers, which takes around 7 to 8.5 hours to travel. It’s worth mentioning that the distance between Sar’eyn and the city of Ardabil is 31 kilometers.

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