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Providing a wide range of tour and travel services from flight tickets to hotel rooms, Eligasht UK is a travel agency based in London, United Kingdom. Equipped with a team of highly experienced travel consultants Eligasht UK ensures its customers of a unique experience in purchasing services from a travel agency. This powerful team of consultants, together with a variety of flight and hotel room options for every travel destination is the reason why Eligasht UK has become one of the most fast growing travel agencies in the region.
As a travel agency, services offered by Eligasht UK falls in different categories. Flight tickets of more than 900 airlines in every flying path possible is available by Eligasht UK. With this wide range of flights, no airport around the world is out of reach. With more than 200,000 hotels in about 12,000 cities all around the world, a wide range of accommodations are ready to be chosen. There is no difference whether the destination is warm sands of Caribbean or cold lands of Russia, millions of hotel rooms in every corner of the planet are available in Eligasht UK, more than any other travel agency in the region. There are also different tour services provided by Eligasht UK such as tour packages and flight+hotel.

Istanbul Tour

Turkey Tour packages

Visit Turkey, where east meets west, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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India Tour

India Tour packages

India, the land of colors and aromas awaits you.

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Dubai Tour

Dubai Tour packages

Travel to the city of future.

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