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Top tourist attractions in Chile you should visit

by Parastoo Sahebi
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tourist attractions in Chile are very diverse. Chile, officially the Republic of Chile, is a country located in South America, whose capital is Santiago. Chile on the map of South America is stretched like a long and narrow strip between the Andes mountain range in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. The Pacific Ocean forms the entire western border of the country, bordering Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage at the southernmost point of the country.

In this large, narrow country on the west coast of South America, one will find an array of stunning sightseeing opportunities, from the peaks of the Andes and endless beaches to temperate forests, ancient volcanoes, and stunning coastlines. Follow us in this article from Eligasht to know more about the most spectacular tourist attractions in Chile.

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1-The city of Santiago, the capital of Chile

The city of Santiago is not only the commercial and financial center of Chile but also a recreational and cultural center. Therefore, its presence in the list of tourist attractions in Chile is mandatory. Almost 40% of the entire population of Chile lives in this city. That is why we can call Santiago a miniature version of Chile. In this city, you can go to museums, and art galleries or wander the streets to see the traditional and historical aspects of Chile.

Chile has a colonial origin. If you are interested in this period, you should go to Armas Square, where the colonial heart of the city beats. Here are two examples of colonial tourist attractions in Chile:  the National History Museum and the Metropolitan Cathedral. This museum is full of paintings, sculptures, and photographs. So, be prepared for valuable details about Chilean history and culture.


2-The colorful city of Valparaiso

The coastal city of Valparaiso is a place known for its photogenic scenes. Colorful houses, lively nightlife, and stunning sea views are the main actors of Valparaiso’s splendor. This is a great area for those who prefer to walk around the city. You should do this, especially at night. You can start your tour from the hillside to the streets, where you will find many bars. When you check out this vibrant nightlife, you’ll understand why it’s so famous.

Another feature that makes this place one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile is its graffiti. Most people agree that this city is the graffiti capital of South America. As you walk the streets, you will see exceptional architecture and street art. If you want to see Valparaiso’s maritime heritage, visit the Lord Cochrane Museum.

3-Milodon Cave

In the Magallanes region, you will find the famous Milodon cave. Extensive archaeological excavations in 1895 revealed well-preserved caves, human and animal bones, and plant remains. The total depth of the cave is 200 meters. You can explore the inside of the cave or continue the path of the cave until you reach the top of the cave. There you will have a chance to see amazing scenes. This cave is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Chile.

Milodon Cave

4-Atacama desert

The Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest place on Earth, with less than one millimeter of rainfall per year. Also, due to the absence of trees and shade, it is considered uninhabited and is immune from human pollution. The valleys that have been beautifully shaped by the wind and the salt lakes that have created a beautiful background for photography, revive the passion of traveling to this desert.

The Atacama desert, with landscapes that resemble Mars, is not only used for testing rovers; It has also been the location of many films and documentaries on the subject of Mars. In addition to all this, this is one of the unique tourist attractions in Chile.

5-Easter Island

This island is located in the southeast of the Pacific Ocean and is among the best tourist attractions in Chile. The sandy beaches and volcanic mountains that can be seen around this area are very eye-catching and attractive. This area is a good place for tourists interested in boating.

One of the important attractions in this region of Chile is the presence of Moai. Moai is a collection of giant and ancient statues that have a very long history and are a special place for archaeologists and those interested in the history and civilization of Chile. These sculptures show an image of undeveloped humans and have many dimensions and weights that attract the attention of every tourist. In the illustration of this example of the statues, you see smooth pink with big noses and rectangular ears, and small lips. It is interesting to know that in these statues, glass spheres are used as the eyes of these moai.

6-Magdalena Island

This island is a place that connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The Strait of Magellan is the junction of these two oceans. This area is among the tourist attractions in Chile because of the penguins. These lovely creatures have taken over this area. Among other attractions of this island for those interested, we can mention the beautiful waters and beaches.

7-Habitat of penguins

This habitat is a wide plain that houses 120 thousand of penguins. This habitat is located on the small island of “Maganda” and its area is only one square kilometer, and a red lighthouse is placed on top of it. In September or October every year, the migrating penguins return here and find their mates, and at the end of March, the penguins return to the sea again. Watching these beautiful animals can occupy you for hours.

8-Villarrica Volcano

Chile’s Villarrica volcano in Pucón last erupted in 2015. Today, this active volcano is one of the important tourist attractions in Chile. The town of Pucón is the base of Villarrica, where it is possible to hike to the summit of the snow-capped volcano. This volcano attracts tourists not only because of its beauty but also because you can engage in the exciting sports of skiing and snowboarding.


If you want to see the lost paradise of Chile, it is better to go to Patagonia. The beauties in this area are very spectacular and attractive. This vast area is a well-known national park in Chile and one of the tourist attractions in Chile. Torres del Paine National Park is also one of the areas that you can visit. It is interesting to know that one of the most famous and prominent hotels in the world that have indigenous culture is located in this area.

10-Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth and is part of the Patagonia region. The green landscapes full of high and frozen mountains, natural glaciers, and meadows for climbing and nature tourism of this national park have made this place one of the tourist attractions of Chile.


Arica city is considered one of the tourist attractions in Chile by visitors. The port city of Arica is located in the north of Chile and there is sunshine throughout the year, so it is usually suitable for tourists who escape from the winter cold. This city is a good place to relax by the beach and the sea and some people call it the “Eternal Spring City”. Near the city, there is a place where the world’s oldest mummies are displayed.   ‏

12-Saint Mark’s Church

Saint Mark’s Church was built by the same architect who designed the Eiffel Tower. “Alexander Gustave Eiffel” built this church in Arica on the ruins of the previous church in the same place, which was destroyed by an earthquake. The architecture of this building shows the history and culture of Chile in the most beautiful way possible.


In a word, Pucón is the real crystallization of excitement and adventure and it is among the best tourist attractions in Chile. The city of Pucón is located in the Catin province of Chile and is safe for excitement and gaining new experiences. The presence of the crystalline lake next to the Prabhat volcano has given the city a beautiful appearance, and boating, surfing, fishing, horseback riding, skiing, and kayaking are some of the activities that have been prepared for tourists and travelers in Pucón.

14-Chiloe Island

The second largest island of Chile is worth adding to the best tourist attractions in Chile. The village you will find is unique and unlike European examples. The colorful houses called “Palafitos” are the symbol of this city. In addition, there are also iconic churches, remnants of the Jesuit missionary communities that settled on the island in 1600.

Another example of Chile’s tourist attractions on this island is Chilo National Park. Chilo National Park offers a unique opportunity to view wildlife.

15-San Cristobal Hill

San Cristobal Hill is located in the north of Santiago and has a beautiful view of the city. At the top of the mountain, there is a church and a 22-meter statue of the Virgin Mary. You can reach the top by electric car or a long walk. the largest public park located on This hill. There is a botanical garden, a zoo, and two swimming pools in this park. you can spend a good day there as one of the best tourist attractions in Chile.

16-San Alfonso del Mar pool

In the city of Algarve, Chile, in a residence called San Alfonso. It is a crystal clear lagoon as one of the world’s greatest engineering masterpieces with an original and beautiful view, the largest pool in the world which beat the beautiful pool of Morocco. This eight-hectare pool is so clear that you can see its bottom and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Chile. The pool water is imported directly from the sea and enters the pool after passing through the filter. According to its creator, this large pool is a handmade paradise.

Final words

Chile is a narrow land enclosed between the high and snowy mountains of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, which bears the title of the narrowest land in the world. The country of the red-skinned people who fortunately still maintain their rich and ancient customs and culture even after the Spanish colonization. A blessed and colorful land with amazing diversity and natural, historical, and modern attractions that offers exceptional and memorable moments to its travelers.

What is mentioned in this article is only a part of the beauties tourist attractions in Chile. This thousand-colored, attractive and exciting country is the most suitable option for adventurers and thrill seekers, as well as the best destination for those seeking history and tranquility. Chile is the sum of opposites and this contradiction is beautiful

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