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10 of the best hotels in Isfahan for a great stay

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Isfahan is one of the main tourist destinations of Iran with its ancient history and valuable historical and cultural monuments. Therefore, it has suitable infrastructure in the field of tourism, such as all kinds of hotels. The best hotels in Isfahan can be selected from various aspects. In this article from Eli Gasht, we tried to address it. If you are planning to travel to Isfahan and are looking for a good and memorable stay in this beautiful city, join us to know the best hotels in Isfahan together.

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1. Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

It surely can be said that Abbasi Hotel is one of the best hotels in Isfahan. This luxurious and beautiful hotel is one of the most historical and prominent hotels in Isfahan. Abbasi Hotel is considered a tourist attraction due to its history. This hotel, which is also known as the Shah’s Caravanserai, dates back to 1120 AH. This hotel was built at that time by the order of Shah Sultan Hossein Safavi and the Shah gave it to his mother. Abbasi Hotel was restored and renovated in 1345 and its name was changed from Abbasi Caravanserai to Abbasi Guest House and Hotel.

Due to its location in the center of the city, Abbasi Hotel has easy access to many historical and touristic places in Isfahan. With 14 reception halls, a restaurant, a traditional dining room, a traditional teahouse, a cafeteria, and other amenities, it is always ready to receive 1500 guests. 225 rooms and suites with one-bed, two beds, and two and three bedroom apartments are all located on three floors around the turquoise pool of this hotel. The exceptional and beautiful view of the garden, the turquoise dome, and the Chaharbagh School have gifted the rooms facing the garden with a unique view. In some of the suites and rooms of the Abbasi Hotel, historical Safavid architectural elements can be seen. This international hotel is one of the best hotels in Isfahan and is preferred by tourists and famous people.

Address of Abbasi Hotel: Chaharbagh Abbasi, Amadgah Street, Isfahan.

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

2.  Parsian Kowsar Hotel

Parsian Kowsar Isfahan’s five-star international hotel is located on an area of 11,000 square meters and on the beautiful side of the Zayandeh rood in Isfahan, next to the historical bridge of Si o Se pol. This hotel, which is considered one of the best hotels in Isfahan city, started operating under the supervision of Sheraton Hotels Group under the name Korosh Hotel in 1350 and was renamed Parsian Kowsar after the revolution. Parsian Kowsar Hotel has two main and turquoise buildings and has a total of 194 standard rooms and suites (normal, royal, and luxury) equipped with facilities such as a safe deposit box and internet.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel is close to most of Isfahan’s attractions, Naqsh Jahan Square, and its historical monuments, shopping centers, and offices. This hotel also has five restaurants and cafes, Parse Simin restaurant on the ground floor (serving a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes), Abshar restaurant (serving a variety of kebabs with hot bread in the vicinity of the hotel pool), Serv traditional restaurant (serving local dishes and traditional Iranian drinks with traditional music performance located in the Mosafa garden of the hotel), Zarin restaurant on the ground floor (serving a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes), Firouze Lobby Lounge or Phil Merritt Cafe (serving a variety of hot and cold drinks, desserts, cakes, and special pastry) and Parmin Sabz Italian restaurant (serving all kinds of steak, pizza, and pasta).

As one of the best hotels in Isfahan, Various shops for buying souvenirs and handicrafts of Isfahan, elevator, taxi service, laundry, swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, Turkish bath, gym, jacuzzi, fire alarm, internet cafe, ATM, green space, parking with a capacity of 90 cars, hairdressing salon And the four halls of Keshmandaz, Mikhak, Taranj and Firuzeh for holding conferences, seminars, workshops, banquets, ceremonies, and exhibitions are among the facilities of Parsian Kowsar Hotel.

Address: Mellat Blvd., Isfahan

3. Qasr Monshi Hotel

Qasr Monshi Hotel is a traditional hotel whose building dates back to the late Safavid period. This hotel has unique architecture and a very beautiful and special traditional atmosphere. Qasr Monshi traditional hotel is considered among the best hotels in Isfahan. This hotel has 21 rooms for 1 person, 2 people, 3 people, Mehtab room and Shahin room, Safavi suite, Qajar suite, Delneshin suite, and Aineh suite (honeymoon suite for couples).

In addition to being traditional and having a historical atmosphere, the rooms and space of this hotel are very luxurious and equipped with modern facilities and services. As a result, it can provide a pleasant stay for tourists. Qasr Monshi traditional hotel restaurant serves a variety of Iranian dishes of the highest quality. Also, this restaurant has a special menu for vegetarians.

Qasr Monshi Traditional Hotel has a good location and easy access to the traditional market of Isfahan and other tourist and sightseeing places.

Address: No. 9, Qasr Monshi West Alley, Neshat Street, Isfahan.

4. Atiq traditional hotel

The old traditional hotel is a 200-year-old house that has been used as a hotel since 1392. It is interesting to know that this one of the best hotels in Isfahan has been registered in the list of national works of Iran. Be careful that the hotel has only 30 rooms and its capacity fills up quickly. On the other hand, this place is a historical building and its stairs have not been changed, so young children, the elderly, and people with mobility restrictions will have problems staying there.

Address of Atiq traditional Hotel: Isfahan, Valiasr St., Alley No. 9, Aegean Dead End, Nastaran Dead End

5. Isfahan traditional Hotel

Isfahan traditional hotel is another old residence of the city. Its 400-year-old building remains from the Safavid era, and of course, the traditional hotel can be included in the list of the best hotels in Isfahan. The experience of staying in a museum in the historic heart of the city doubles the pleasure of the trip. This place has all the elements that we imagine from the past. A pond in the middle of the yard surrounded by flowers and pots.

Address: Isfahan, Sepah St., Hakim St., Qalandarha Bagh Alley (alley number 7)


6. Aseman Hotel

Four-star Aseman Hotel, which has one of the tallest buildings in the city, is one of the best hotels in Isfahan. The revolving restaurant of Aseman Hotel, which is located on the tenth floor of the hotel, is also very attractive and popular among people. The location of this hotel next to Zayandeh Rood gives the hotel guests a unique view and a great view of the area. The special location of this hotel and its location on the edge of Zayandeh rood, as well as easy access to Isfahan International Airport and the sightseeing centers of the city, are among the factors that make this hotel popular among travelers and tourists. The distance from Aseman Hotel to historical buildings such as Naqsh Jahan, Isfahan Shahr Bazaar, Ali Qapo Mansion, Ateshgah, and Bird Garden is less than ten minutes.

As one of the best hotels in Isfahan, Coffee shop, laundry, 24-hour room service, various meeting halls, conference suite, sports facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, jacuzzi, and massage room, revolving restaurant with a unique view, 24-hour coffee shop, Aseman fast food, currency exchange, internet cafe, parking, and 24-hour taxi service are facilities that this international hotel provides to its guests.

Address: Motahari Ave., Isfahan.

7. Ali Qapu Hotel

The luxurious and four-star hotel Qapu is part of Parsian hotels, which has 4 floors and a total of 100 rooms ready to welcome guests. Aali Qapu Hotel is located in a convenient location in Isfahan city and has easy access to some tourist destinations, including Si o She pol. It should be noted that the street of this hotel is cobbled and therefore it is not possible to pass the car to the entrance of the hotel and the parking lot of this hotel is located at a distance of 50 meters.

Serving a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes in the hotel restaurant, coffee shop, large and beautiful lobby, laundry, safety deposit box, indoor pool, dry and steam sauna, gym and 24/7 room service are among the facilities of this beautiful hotel as one of the best hotels in Isfahan.

Address: Isfahan Province, Isfahan, Chahar Baq Abbasi.

8. Pirouzi Hotel

One of the best hotels in Isfahan is Pirouzi Hotel. This four-star hotel is one of the old hotels in Isfahan. The Pirouzi Hotel is located in the city center and near the garden and mansion of Chehelston. Therefore, it has the shortest distance to Naqsh Jahan complex, Imam Mosque, Ali Qapu, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and Isfahan Grand Bazaar.

The Isfahan Pirouzi Hotel has 96 rooms and royal suites with excellent facilities and beautiful designs and services such as Iranian and foreign restaurants, a reception hall, a coffee shop, a meeting hall, a store, a parking lot, etc.

Address: Isfahan, Darvazeh Dolat, the beginning of Chaharbagh.

9.Attar Hotel

Attar Hotel is another one of the best hotels in Isfahan, which has a very beautiful and traditional design. The rooms of this hotel are decorated with the most beautiful art from Isfahan, and as a result, staying in them will delight every traveler. This luxurious and beautiful hotel has 10 two-person suites and two four-person suites with complete equipment and facilities, in which a combination of Iranian Islamic art and arts specific to Isfahan have been implemented, giving a special beauty to each suite and room.

Among the special amenities of Attar Hotel in Isfahan, we can refer to a swimming pool and jacuzzi, gym, indoor pool, Turkish bath, conference hall, free internet in the lobby, traditional bath, taxi service, free breakfast, 24-hour reception, safety deposit box, and free parking. did

Address: Isfahan, Seyed Mosque St., Alley 19

10. Avin Hotel

The three-star Avin Hotel was opened in February 2014 on Hatef Street, Isfahan, near Naqsh Jahan Square, in the best part of the city. The location of this hotel is very special due to being outside the traffic area and also close to Naqsh Jahan Square and other historical and touristic places of Isfahan. Avin Hotel has 71 rooms with stylish and modern architecture, all of which are equipped with the necessary facilities for guests. The rooms of this hotel are divided into gold and silver categories. Silver rooms are smaller than gold rooms and have no windows.

Avin Isfahan Hotel is complete in terms of amenities and services, and for this reason, it is one of the best hotels in Isfahan. A restaurant serving a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes baking fresh bread with a capacity of 145 people, a coffee shop serving a variety of hot and cold drinks, a safe deposit box, conference hall, Reception hall, gym, massage room, free wireless internet, VIP room, free and covered parking with a capacity of 70 cars, entrance ramp and the possibility of moving a wheelchair inside the toilet for the disabled, 24-hour reception and experienced staff are among the facilities of this hotel.

Address: Isfahan, Hatef St.

Final words

Isfahan has different types of hotels, boutique hotels, traditional residences, etc., each of which has its characteristics. In general, the choice of the best hotels in Isfahan depends on many factors, such as good hotel facilities, access and convenient location, special services, design and beauty of the rooms, etc. Several hotels in Isfahan have the mentioned features and are therefore known as the best hotels in Isfahan from the point of view of travelers.

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