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Rules for travel with pets by Iran Air flight | Do’s and don’ts

by Parastoo Sahebi
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What are the rules for transporting animals on Iran Air flights?

Carrying pets on airplanes has its own rules and conditions. Because airline companies have strict regulations in this field that you must comply with in order to transport your pet by plane. Iran Air flight from London to Tehran also has specific rules in the field of transporting pets, such as the minimum age of the animal. Of course, you can also transport animals that are not pets to Iran through Iran Air flights. However, these animals must have the necessary permits and must not be among the illegal animals in Iran and the country of origin. Rules for transporting animals by Iran Air flight are very clear, and you can take your pet with you on a trip to Iran simply by knowing them.

One of the important points in the field of Rules for transporting animals by Iran Air flight is to pay attention to the animal’s documents. You must bring all health and identification documents for your pet when handing them over to the flight attendants. In this article, we will first get acquainted with the Rules for transporting animals by Iran Air flight and then the details of transporting all kinds of animals on Iran Air flights.

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Conditions for accepting animals at the airport

Apart from the Rules for transporting animals by Iran Air flight, accepting animals at airports also has its own conditions and rules. In other words, in addition to paying attention to the rules of Iran Air, you should also consider the rules of the airport of the country of origin. For example, you first need to get the AVIH code from the airline agency office when purchasing the ticket. It is also suggested to call the airport of origin 24 hours before the flight to be informed in case of a problem. It should be noted that accepting animals at the airport takes time; Therefore, be at the airport at least three hours before international flights.

At least ten weeks must have passed since the birth of the puppy or kitten. In some countries, the minimum age is 12 weeks. According to Iran Air rules, your pet must be more than ten weeks old. Finally, it should be said that some airlines may not accept aggressive animals, sick animals, animals with a strong smell, animals with an appearance incompatible with air travel, and very expensive animals.


Rules for transporting animals by Iran Air flight

Different airlines, including Iran Air, allow pets to be carried, but you should not assume that you can take your bird or dog to its special place in the cabin and keep it with you during the flight. It is forbidden to bring pets and birds into the cabin of Iranian airplanes. Therefore, if you want to take your pet or bird with you on a trip, you must book a place to carry it from the ticket offices and get the approval of the desired airline.

In general, the rules for transporting pets fall into four main categories:

  • International laws
  • Laws of the country of origin
  • Laws of the destination country
  • Airline rules

Rules for transporting animals by Iran Air flight can be different depending on the type of bird and its transportation conditions. For example, you have a limit on the number of animals you carry on the flight, and according to the rules of the Iranian Veterinary Organization, each passenger can carry a maximum of 2 dog or cat collars or ten pieces of decorative birds. You should also give the animal light food a few hours before the flight so that it is not disturbed during the flight.

Don’t forget to leave enough water and food for the animal on flights longer than 2 hours. In general, the transportation of live animals is carried out in two ways: passenger terminals (accompanied) and cargo terminals (non-accompanied), which we will learn about later.


Carrying a pet through passenger terminals

In order to carry a pet through the passenger terminals (carry-on), you must obtain the code “AVIH” from the airline agency office when purchasing the air ticket. In the companion method, the pet is accepted as a passenger’s companion and travels on the same flight; But this does not mean that the animal enters the passenger cabin. Acceptance of the animal is done at the passenger terminal of the airport, and it is transferred to the baggage department and delivered to the passenger in the baggage reception hall at the destination airport. This method is only for domestic pets.

It should be noted that this method has a relatively high cost. Therefore, if you want to save on the cost of transporting your pet with Iran Air, we suggest you go for the unaccompanied method. Because in that way, you won’t have to pay extra. Of course, the unaccompanied method is only recommended if you have people at your destination, i.e., Iran, who will pick up your pet from the airline before your arrival.

Transporting pets through cargo terminals

If, for any reason, the passenger cannot send his pet through the carrier, the airline company, including Iran Air, provides cargo services to transport the animal through the (non-carrier) cargo terminals. In the non-accompanied cargo method, the animal is delivered to the cargo terminal one or more days before the passenger’s flight and becomes a bill of lading for sending to the destination and at the airport of destination to the passenger or the person who is introduced as the recipient in the bill of lading, at the place of the bill of lading clearance. It is delivered.

The unaccompanied method is suitable for carrying a pet, domestic or wild. In this method, the animal is kept in the cargo section, the temperature of which can be controlled and provides favorable conditions for the animal during the flight. Cargo method is much more reliable and cost-effective for transporting the animal than the companion method.


The cost of transporting pets with Iran Air flights

The cost of transporting animals by plane is calculated as excess. Based on the type of animal you are transporting, you will be charged an extra charge in two groups. Most airlines, including Iran Air, have two formulas for calculating animal overload. The number obtained is the same amount you have to pay for the entire route to transport your pet:

  • The cost of transporting birds: (bird weight + cage weight) x 4
  • The cost of transporting domestic pets: (animal weight + cage weight) x 2

Keep in mind that the amount of baggage you have to pay to transport your pet has nothing to do with the amount of baggage allowed in your fare class or flight class. If you do not have baggage but want to board your pet, you must pay the amount determined for carrying your pet. Please note that you will not need to pay the extra charge for the non-accompanied animal transportation method.

The cost of transporting pets with Iran Air flights

Necessary documents for transporting animals by plane

Transporting animals by plane has strict rules; Therefore, it is better to prepare the required documents according to the request of your desired airline so that you do not face any problems at the airport. The documents required to transport animals by plane on Iran Air flights to Iran are as follows:

  • Animal birth certificate or passport with a 15-digit microchip code
  • The original international health certificate from the government veterinarian of the country of origin or destination and the written confirmation of the airport veterinary quarantine
  • Valid vaccination documents with a validity date
  • Parasitotherapy degree from an accredited veterinary medicine
  • Blood test certificate to measure the rabies antibody titer
  • The original payment slip for transporting the animal
  • Completing the three-sheet form related to the transportation of living organisms


What are the requirements for pet carrier cages?

Another important point in the field of Rules for transporting animals by Iran Air flight is the conditions of the pet carrier cage. Because all pets must be in cages when transported by Iran Air planes. As recommended by airlines, keep these points in mind when it comes to pet cages:

  • The cage should have suitable dimensions and be big enough for the animal to stand.
  • The cage should be strong enough, secure, and have ventilation holes.
  • The cage door must have a lock to prevent it from being accidentally opened.
  • The cage does not have wheels.
  • The animal cage should not have sharp edges and corners.
  • Prepare the cage in advance so that the animal gets used to it.
  • The muzzle of the animal must be free inside the cage.
  • It is forbidden to wear a collar inside the cage.
  • The cage should be in such a way that it prevents the leakage of liquids.
  • The cage should have a small water container installed on the cage door.
  • The cage must be labeled with information including the full name, address, and contact number of the traveler or recipient of the animal.
  • In each cage, up to three animals that were born together, with the condition that they are less than six months old and weigh up to 4 kg for each, can be together. If they are older or heavier, they should be kept in separate cages.
  • In each cage, a mother animal and a maximum of three children can be together under the condition that the age is less than 12 weeks and the weight of each child is no more than 2 kg

What animls are allowed to be carried on the plane?

Iran Air, like most international airlines, has specific rules regarding animals allowed to be carried on board. The unique characteristics of each live animal create difficult conditions and rules for transportation and make animals with certain restrictions accepted on the plane. These limitations include the type of aircraft, the required temperature, and the special cage for each animal. In general, animals are allowed to be transported by plane as accompanied or unaccompanied (cargo), according to the facilities of the airlines and the laws of the country of origin and destination.

The rules regarding the type of animals allowed to be carried on Iran Air flights are as follows:

  • Pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc. (with or without the cargo)
  • Marine animals such as shrimp, crabs, aquarium fish, etc. (as cargo)
  • Special ornamental animals such as parrots, canaries, pigeons, ornamental fish, etc. (as cargo)
  • Cattle such as sheep, cows, horses, camels, etc. (as cargo)
  • Special examples of animals to keep in the zoo, such as lions, bears, leopards, elephants, etc. (as cargo)
  • International circus animals (as cargo)
  • Endangered animals (as cargo)
  • Amphibians with healing properties, such as leeches (as cargo)
  • Trained police dogs or search dogs (as cargo)


Rules for transporting animals by Iran Air flight are not complicated

Pets have entered people’s lives for years and have found a special emotional place among families. So separating from them is problematic for some people. Therefore, people who intend to immigrate or travel to another city and country are looking for a solution to this issue. To solve this problem, Iran Air has provided facilities so that passengers can travel to Iran with their pets from various destinations, including London.

Rules for transporting animals by Iran Air flight can be different depending on the type of animal or the duration of the flight. For example, pets can be loaded onto the plane at the same time as the passenger. On the other hand, non-domestic animals must be loaded on the plane as cargo. For all animals, it is mandatory to provide the required documents, such as vaccination documents, blood test certificates, etc., which are mentioned in this article. Also, if you plan to carry your pet along with Iran Air flights, you must also pay for their excess baggage. Paying attention to these rules and conditions will help you to carry your pet with you on your trip to Iran with Iran Air without any problems.

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