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Everything about the Narenjestan-e Ghavam in Shiraz (Ghavam house)

Ghavam house

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Ghavam house

Many people know Shiraz for its poetry and beautiful Iranian gardens. This city is famous for its gardens, which feature captivating historical mansions. Narenjestan garden is one of the most prominent architectural remnants of the past, which today attracts the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists with its spectacular architecture. In this article from Eligasht, we intend to introduce Narenjestan-e Ghavam in Shiraz.

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Where is Narenjestan-e Ghavam located?

This garden is one of the most visited gardens in Shiraz and is located at the eastern end of Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street, in the Balakaft neighborhood. This area is situated at the end point of the old city.

Access to Ghavam Garden by private car: To reach this beautiful garden, you need to go east from Namazi Square along Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street and, after passing Nasir ol-Mulk Mosque, reach your destination. Due to the congestion on this route, finding parking can be difficult at times. Considering the suitable length of the street, you can park your car at a greater distance and walk to the garden.

Access to Ghavam house by bus: If you want to reach Narenjestan-e Ghavam in Shiraz by bus, you should use Line 71 from Valiasr Terminal to Namazi Terminal, and Line 97 from Shahid Dastgheib Terminal to Narenjestan Boulevard, and then take yourself to Lotf Ali Khan Station.

Access to Ghavam Garden by metro: Those who intend to visit this beautiful garden by metro can take Line 1 to Valiasr Station, which is the closest metro station to Ghavam house, and then walk for 10 to 15 minutes to reach the garden.

Address of Narenjestan-e Ghavam in Shiraz: Fars Province, Shiraz, Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street, near Zeinabiyeh Street (Ghadir Square).


Introduction to Narenjestan-e Ghavam in Shiraz

Narenjestan-e Ghavam is composed of a garden and a mansion built during the Qajar era. This house is called “Narenjestan Garden” due to the presence of numerous orange trees, but many also know it by other names such as Khan-e Ghavam ol-Molk or Ghavam Garden. Narenjestan-e Ghavam was the residence of “Ghavam ol-Molk II,” the ruler and governor of Fars province, and the Ghavam dynasty.narenjestan garden

Another mansion called ” Zinat ol-Molk Ghavami house” is located right next to the Narenjestan Garden, forming a large complex together. The main mansion in the Narenjestan Garden is referred to as the “Outer Mansion,” and the side mansion or Khan-e Zinat al-Molk Ghavami is known as the “Inner Mansion.” These two mansions are connected through an underground passage. In the past, the Outer Mansion served as a place for handling administrative affairs, holding meetings, and receiving guests, while the Inner Mansion was used as a place for women, children, and servants. Additionally, it is worth noting that besides Zinat ol-Molk house, several other gardens belong to the Ghavam family, such as Bagh-e Kalantar, Bagh-e Biglar Beygi, Bagh-e Delgosha, and Bagh-e Afif Abad.

Currently, Ghavam house in Shiraz, with its lush green space and magnificent mansions, is considered one of the attractions of the city. Fortunately, in recent years, restoration work has been carried out in the underground section of this complex, and that part of the house has been used as a museum showcasing historical artifacts of Iran. Visiting this complex is open to the public.


History of Qavam house in Shiraz

Narenjestan-e Ghavam in Shiraz was constructed between the years 1878 to 1888 during the reign of Naser el-Din Shah Qajar. After the death of Ghavam ol-Molk I, his son, Mohammad Ali Khan Ghavam ol-Molk, ordered the construction of the Narenjestan Garden in 1878. However, during the construction, Mohammad Ali Khan passed away, and his son, Mohammad Reza Khan Ghavam ol-Molk III, completed this beautiful building by 1882. Additional interior decorations were added to the garden and the main building until 1919.

In 1966, Narenjestan-e Ghavam in Shiraz was donated to Shiraz University by Ibrahim Ghavam ol-Molk, and since then, it has become one of the main attractions of the city, welcoming numerous tourists from around the world.


The Architecture of Narenjestan-e Ghavam in Shiraz

The architecture of Narenjestan-e Ghavam has transformed it into one of the most unique and beautiful Iranian gardens. This magnificent garden is built on 3,500 square meters of land, and its main building, with a total area of 940 square meters, is located on the northern, eastern, and southern sides.

The main mansion of Ghavam house is situated in the center of the garden, and there is a beautiful pool in front of it. The design of Narenjestan-e Ghavam utilizes the principle of symmetry, with the central hall or mirror hall placed in the middle and rooms harmoniously arranged on its left and right sides. Moreover, upon entering this complex, the symmetric courtyard, filled with palm and orange trees, leads visitors to the main mansion.

The architectural style of the Ghavam Mansion can be inspired by the Qajar style and the architecture of the Zand era. In this magnificent structure, a combination of tilework, mirrorwork, stucco, and plasterwork can be observed. The walls of the central hall are adorned with exquisite stucco work, which represents the pinnacle of Qajar-era art, and the entire floor of the hall is covered with white and blue tiles. The ceilings in the adjacent rooms of the mirror hall are mostly made of wood and adorned with beautiful stucco work. Additionally, the main room adjacent to the central hall also has a mirrored ceiling that captivates the eyes of any beholder.

narenjestan garden

Main Entrance of the Garden

The main entrance of Narenjestan-e Ghavam features a wooden door made of cedar, decorated with woodcarving. It opens towards the south. After passing through this door, you will enter an octagonal space covered between the street and the courtyard of the house. The octagonal space is reached by two corridors and its ceiling is adorned with tiles, bricks, and plastered muqarnas.

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Narenjestan-e Ghavam Compound

After passing through the octagonal space, you will enter the garden compound and see the orange and palm trees, which are symmetrically planted on both sides of the main pathway. In the middle of the pathway, there is a water channel with geometric patterns and beautiful flower arrangements that lead directly to the pool in front of the mansion.

The large pool in front of the mansion, built with red stone blocks, creates a spectacular reflection of the main mansion. There are also flower gardens surrounding the pool.


Kitchen of Ghavam house

The kitchen of Narenjestan-e Ghavam is located on the eastern side of the building and includes a small courtyard, a pool, a stone fountain, and several rooms. In the past, the servants were stationed in this area.


Main Mansion of Ghavam house

The main mansion of Ghavam House is located at the end of the pathway on the northern side of the complex. This two-story mansion features a central courtyard and a basement. It has two unified stone columns and a flat roof that overlooks the pool and the garden area. Interestingly, all 20 rooms of the main mansion of Ghavam house are interconnected. The main room adjacent to the central courtyard is also adorned with mirrorwork and is known as the Mirror Hall or the Throne of Fame.

narenjestan garden

The Divan Khaneh and Maktab Khaneh of Ghavam house

The Divan Khaneh (reception area) of Narenjestan-e Ghavam is built with six rooms on the southern side of the garden. This section features wooden columns decorated with woodcarving, white and blue tiled flooring, beautiful plasterwork, and stone windows. Additionally, the Maktab Khaneh (school area) of the complex is located in the eastern part and has undergone some renovations.


The Gachineh Bathhouse

The Gachineh Bathhouse was built in 1300 AH (1921 CE) and is one of the five ancient bathhouses in the city of Shiraz. This bathhouse has various sections, including the private bath of Ghavam al-Sultan, and it is connected to the Narangestan-e Ghavam mansion through a tunnel.


The Best Time to Visit Narenjestan-e Ghavam

The best time to visit Narenjestan-e Ghavam is during the spring season. During this time, the garden is filled with orange trees and flourishes with lush greenery, freshness, and beauty. Undoubtedly, witnessing the springtime views of the garden and breathing in the fragrance of orange blossoms enhances the joy of visiting this complex.


Final words

In this article, we introduced Narenjestan-e Ghavam in Shiraz. With its magnificent structure, it stands as one of the most attractive gardens remaining from the Qajar era, showcasing a combination of Qajar and Zand architectural styles. We recommend visiting this beautiful garden during spring when its beauty is multiplied.

Ghavam house


1- What is Ghavam House and where is it located?

Ghavam House, also known as Naranjestan-e Ghavam, is a historic mansion located in the heart of Shiraz, Iran. It is situated in the district of Zand, near the famous Vakil Bazaar. The mansion is renowned for its stunning architecture, exquisite tile work, and beautiful Persian gardens.

2- What is the historical significance of Ghavam House?

Ghavam House dates back to the Qajar era, which spanned from the late 18th century to the early 20th century. It was originally built as a residence for the influential Ghavam family, who were prominent political figures in Iran during that time. The mansion served as a symbol of their wealth, power, and refined taste.

3- What are the main attractions inside Ghavam House?

Inside Ghavam House, visitors can explore the opulent rooms adorned with intricate mirror work, colorful stained glass windows, and delicate plasterwork. The mansion also houses a museum that showcases a collection of Qajar-era artifacts, including traditional Persian costumes, jewelry, and paintings. The highlight of the mansion is its stunning courtyard, featuring a central pool surrounded by lush gardens and orange trees.

4- Are there any nearby attractions to visit after exploring Narenjestan-e Ghavam

Absolutely! Ghavam House is located near several other popular attractions in Shiraz. Visitors can take a short walk to the stunning Nasir ol-Mulk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, famous for its vibrant stained glass windows. The Vakil Bazaar, with its bustling atmosphere and traditional shops, is another must-visit destination nearby. Additionally, the Arg-e Karim Khan, a historical citadel, and the tomb of the renowned Persian poet Hafez are within a short distance from Ghavam House.

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