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Travel to Qeshm: Top 5 Things to Do in Qeshm in 2 Days

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Qeshm Island, located in the Persian Gulf off the southern coast of Iran, is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural heritage. it is one of the most fascinating islands in southern Iran, with numerous pristine and mysterious areas. In a travel to Qeshm, you will encounter a vast expanse of endless beauty. With just two days to explore this captivating island, Eligasht suggests you the top five activities and attractions you shouldn’t miss.

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1. Explore the Stunning Hara Forests

Start your Qeshm adventure by visiting the mesmerizing Hara Forests, a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve. These lush mangrove forests are home to diverse plant and animal species, including migratory birds. The Hara Sea Forest is one of the most beautiful attractions in Qeshm, and it holds great environmental importance as well. This sea forest serves as a safe habitat for marine birds. The Hara Sea Forest spans 22,000 square kilometers along the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. 2,400 hectares of this sea forest are located within a 60-kilometer distance from Qeshm Island.

The beauty of the Hara forest trees, which range from 3 to 6 meters in height, lies in their year-round greenery. One unique characteristic of the Hara forest trees is that they thrive in brackish water and derive their nourishment from it. Over the years, these trees have developed a mechanism to purify the salty water. You can visit the Hara Sea Forest at the location between Bandar Khormoj and Qeshm Island, 60 kilometers west of Qeshm city, Tang-e Khuran, along the Hara Forest-Soheili Road in Hormozgan province. take a boat ride through the dense greenery, observe the unique ecosystem, and learn about the importance of mangroves in protecting the coastline.qeshm travel

2. Discover the Enchanting Valley of Stars- travel to Qeshm

Make your way to the otherworldly Valley of Stars (Dareh Setaregan), a natural geological phenomenon that will leave you in awe. Explore the maze of towering rock formations, shaped by wind and water erosion over centuries. Witness the stunning landscape at sunset when the rocks glow in warm hues, creating a truly magical atmosphere. The Valley of Stars is one of the most popular geosites in the world, and it is highly recommended to visit this area on travel to Qeshm. The locals call it “Estar Oftideh,” which means “fallen star.”

The indigenous people of this region believe that the impact of a star (meteorite) on the earth caused rocks and soil to be thrown into the air, resulting in the explosion and formation of this valley. Scientific research indicates that the Valley of Stars dates back to about two million years ago, and factors such as wind, storms, rain, and weather change over many years have shaped the rocks in this valley into beautiful and at the same time peculiar structures. The Valley of Stars is one of Qeshm’s natural wonders and has also been registered among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

location of The Valley of Stars

The Valley of Stars is located in Qeshm, in the northern part of the island, near a village called Borka Khalaf. If you travel from Qeshm city towards the southern coast of the island, you will reach the mentioned village, which is about five kilometers from the southern coast. If you have heard rumors about jinns and spirits in this valley at night, you probably wouldn’t want to spend the night among the strange formations of this remarkable valley. However, keep in mind that the Valley of Stars in Qeshm is a window to the sky, so set aside these rumors and make one of the most memorable nights of your life by staying in the Valley of Stars. The sky in this valley is incredibly visible and full of stars at night.qeshm travel

3. Visit the Vibrant Chahkooh Canyon

Embark on a journey to the breathtaking Chahkooh Canyon, known for its striking rock formations and vibrant colors. Near the village of Chahooye Sharqi, which is 70 kilometers away from Qeshm, one of the most beautiful attractions of Qeshm called Tange Chahkuh is located. Tange Chahkuh is formed within a rocky mountain and resembles a dreamy pathway. By walking through this narrow passage and observing the surrounding walls, you feel like you’ve entered another world. The width of the path is initially wide, but as you progress, it becomes so narrow that not only can you no longer stand, but the sky above your head is also no longer visible. There are only a few small alcoves along the path where you can sit and rest. Tang-e Chahkuh is filled with wells that the locals use to collect rainwater.

These wells have thousands of years of historical significance in this narrow passage. You can find Tange Chahkuh at the address of Hormozgan, Qeshm Island, Chahooye Sharqi village. One of the main attractions of Tange Chahkuh is the opportunity to gaze at the starry night sky of Qeshm from this valley. The depth of the valley reaches up to 100 meters, and upon entering it, especially at night, you feel like you’ve entered another realm. In the past, this gorge served as a gathering place for water and held a sacred significance because of this view. Take a walk along the canyon’s trails, marvel at the unique shapes and patterns created by nature, and capture stunning photographs in your Travel to Qeshm. The view from the top offers a panoramic vista of the surrounding desert landscape.qeshm travel

4. Baam-e Qeshm (Qeshm Roof), an Ancient Site with Panoramic Views of Qeshm Island

Baam-e Qeshm is one of the most fascinating places that you can visit in your 2-day travel to Qeshm. It is located in the center of Qeshm Island towards the west. This mysterious attraction is considered one of the geoparks of Qeshm and is located 5.4 kilometers south of a village called Tabl and 4.5 kilometers northeast of a village called Salakh in the southern part of Hara Forest. The distance between Baam-e Qeshm and the passenger port of Shahid Zakari is 75.7 kilometers (70 minutes) and to Lāft Port (by car) is reported as 37.2 kilometers.

This location has the highest rooftop on the island, and the starry night sky, ancient artifacts, and its landscape are among the main attractions for tourists visiting this area. Baam-e Qeshm is the first and oldest area related to the Permian period discovered and identified in the islands of the Persian Gulf to this day. The rock materials and elevations of Baam-e Qeshm vary. The lower part is composed of sandstone, marl, and silt. Meanwhile, the peak of Baam-e Qeshm is made of limestone with a shell-like texture. Part of this variation in textures is related to the geological history of Baam-e Qeshm, as volcanic activity has been recorded in the past.qeshm travel

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5. Relax on Qeshm’s Pristine Beaches

Qeshm Island is blessed with picturesque beaches that offer tranquility and natural beauty. Spend some time unwinding on the sandy shores of Hengam Island Beach, where you can relax, swim, and soak up the sun. If you’re lucky, you might even spot dolphins swimming in the crystal-clear waters. Another popular beach is Naz Island Beach, known for its turquoise waters and scenic views.

Naz Island is one of the geopark sites in Qeshm and is considered one of the seven wonders of this island. It is located 37.2 kilometers from Qeshm International Airport, 29 kilometers (30 minutes) from Shahid Zakari Passenger Port, and 61 kilometers from Lāft Port (by car). The locals refer to Naz Island as “Dokordeh,” which means a place that is connected to the land during half of the day and submerged in water during the other half. Naz Island is composed of two islands, with a total area of approximately three hectares and no sandy beaches.

The islands of Naz are surrounded by rocky walls. The wonder of Naz Island lies in the fact that during low tide, several rocks emerge and form a narrow strip of shiny sand that connects Naz Island to Qeshm Island. This phenomenon astonishes every tourist. This one-kilometer strip is called Tāmbolu, and after crossing it, tourists reach Naz Island with an area of about 30,000 square meters. It is a flat area where turbulent waves crash against the rocks, creating a unique landscape. Naz Island lacks specific facilities, and restroom facilities are located at a relatively long distance from the main areas. Food stalls and handicraft vendors (offering essential items) and a parking area with a suitable platform for camping in front of vehicles and electricity are the only accessible facilities on Naz Island.qeshm travel

Bonus: Taste Qeshm’s Culinary Delights- 2day travel to Qeshm

On your 2day travel to Qeshm, don’t forget to indulge in the island’s delectable cuisine. Try traditional dishes like Ghalyeh Mahi (a fish stew), Saffron Rice with Seafood, and local seafood delicacies. Qeshm also offers various exotic fruits, such as the Hara palm, which is unique to the region. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the island’s flavors and experience the culinary delights of Qeshm.

Final words

With just two days of travel to Qeshm, these top five activities will give you a taste of the natural wonders, cultural heritage, and culinary delights that Qeshm Island has to offer. Qeshm is an island in southern Iran with a rich historical background. People have inhabited it since pre-Islamic times. This historical significance has led to the presence of untouched natural attractions on this island, which hold great appeal for both domestic and international tourists. The best time to travel to this island and visit Qeshm’s attractions is during the winter season, as the weather in other seasons becomes extremely hot and humid, making it less tolerable. Additionally, there are numerous hotels and accommodations available on the island where you can have a pleasant stay and experience enjoyable moments. So, pack your bags, soak in the island’s charm, and embark on an unforgettable journey through this captivating destination.


  1. Can I explore Qeshm Island in just 2 days?

While it’s ideal to have more time, two days are sufficient to get a taste of Qeshm Island’s highlights and immerse yourself in its unique culture and natural beauty.

  1. How can I reach Qeshm Island?

You can reach Qeshm Island by taking a flight to Qeshm International Airport or by taking a ferry from Bandar Abbas, which is the nearest mainland port.

  1. What are the must-visit attractions in Qeshm Island?

During your short travel to Qeshm, make sure to visit the mesmerizing Valley of the Stars, the vibrant Hara Forests, Chahkuh Valley, Naz Island, and Baam-e Qeshm.

  1. What activities can I do in Qeshm Island in 2 days?

In addition to exploring the attractions, you can indulge in a boat tour to Hengam Island, where you can spot dolphins, and enjoy the pristine beaches for swimming and relaxation.

  1. Are there any accommodations available on the island?

Yes, Qeshm Island offers a range of accommodations, from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury resorts. It’s recommended to book your accommodation in advance to secure your preferred option.

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