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How to Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere?

by Parastoo Sahebi
11 minutes read

For most trips, airfare is the most expensive part of the trip. Of course, flight prices have decreased in recent years, but they are still expensive compared to people’s budgets. It doesn’t matter if you want to travel alone or with your family. In both cases, being able to find cheap flights can greatly reduce your costs.

These days, different airlines and airports offer you various options and have very special features for some of their flights. Cheaper flights sell out sooner and can make your dream trip a reality. Provided you know where to look in order to find cheap flights. Today we help you learn how to find cheap flights. These steps are quite accurate and have been used for decades to find the cheapest flights possible.

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Find Cheap Flights Every Time

1)    Ignore the Rumors

The first thing you need to know about trying to find cheap flights is that there is no magic or secret that you don’t know about. There is a lot of content online about finding cheap flights. In fact, you may have encountered them many times. But many of these posts that talk about various myths are all lies. They only mislead you.

Most websites hire very bad writers to simply write anything for them. Some of these common headlines are 100% false. Airports use computers and advanced pricing algorithms to determine their prices and sales volume based on customer requests at any time of the year; They use weather, festivals and special events, every hour of the day, competitors’ prices, fuel prices, etc. In fact, magic or fraud does nothing. This system is very smart. So, it is better not to be fooled by these advertisements.

2)    Be More Flexible about the Date and Time of Your Flight

Airport ticket prices vary depending on the day of the week, time of year, holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. August is usually the month when many travel to Europe and everyone wants to escape the winter to a warmer place and it is also precisely when the kids are out of school. In fact, if you naturally choose to travel at such a time, so will others. As a result, the ticket prices will be much more expensive.

Try to be more flexible with your travel date. For example, if you want to travel to Paris, it is better to do it in autumn or spring when the price of Paris tickets is cheaper. But if you want to travel in the middle of August, you will definitely miss the chance to find cheap flights. For example, a trip to Hawaii at Christmas is definitely one of the most expensive trips you can take.

So, the solution is to travel in seasons that have cheaper prices. Try searching for alternative search dates so you can choose the best day. The more flexible you are, the easier it is to find cheap flights.

It is usually cheaper to travel in the middle of the week than on the weekend. Because people prefer to travel on weekends. Prices drop sharply after a major holiday. Air ticket prices are cheaper in the early hours of the morning or late at night because fewer people tend to travel at such times. In short, one day’s difference makes a big difference in the cost of the trip.


3)    Be flexible about Your Destination

If you can’t change your travel dates, at least reconsider where you’re going. Of course, it is better to consider both factors. Airport search engines have made it easy for you to find cheap flights around the whole world. You don’t have to search manually, city by city, and day by day.

These tools allow you to compare the prices of different destinations without getting confused. You can even find somewhere more exciting in between. If you are flexible about where you want to go, you can easily find cheap flights using these programs.

  • Step 1: Sign in to Google Flight and click on the map.
  • Step 2: On the side of the page, select the desired date and city. Now you can see a wide range of options on the map.

The truth is that the first choice is not always the best one. If you stay flexible about your destination, it will always help you save a lot of money. When you insist on a certain area at a certain time, you should expect high costs. Nothing will change but when you act flexible. Suddenly all the good options are brought to you and you can find the best cheap flights very easily.

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4)    Travel on a budget

Years ago, if you wanted to travel between countries, you had to use big expensive airports. You had no other option. Airports now have a variety of services and amenities that allow you to travel around the world for much less money.

For example, Norwegian Airport allows you to fly between Europe and Bangkok for less than $250. These days, you can have a suitable flight to any airport you want based on your budget. If you are not sure how much the flight price is at the airport, it is better to enter the website of that airport and check the prices.

5)    Do Not Always Travel Direct

You should be flexible with your date and destination. In addition, you should take other routes to be able to find cheap flights. For example, sometimes traveling to London and then to Amsterdam is cheaper than traveling directly to Amsterdam from your city.

You need to see how much your trip costs directly to the destination. Then open the Google Flight app and search for non-direct flights. If the price difference is more than 150 dollars, we suggest you make indirect trips. Be sure that your trip will not be too long.

If you look closely, the difference between these trips will definitely not be more than 3 hours. Those three hours between trips will probably be spent checking your insurance status before the flight or something anyway. This method is highly effective in reducing your expenses and will save you a lot of money.

6)    Look for Special Offers

Before you go looking for specifics, make sure you’re up to date. Sometimes there are websites that give you the best last-minute deals. Of course, 99% of them will probably not suit your conditions, but sometimes you may be able to find cheap flights that are suitable options. Usually, cheap flights are available for a limited time, for example, 24 hours. If you can’t travel then, you’re probably missing out on the best.

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7)    Remember That Not All Search Engines Are the Same

In order to find cheap flights, you should use several websites. Many websites do not provide you with a basic search of all their flights with different booking commissions. Some of these sites are not in English at all.

In short, all search websites are not equal and you should know their pros and cons It is also not possible to recommend the best search engine for flights and you have to compare things yourself. Even the best have their flaws, but from experience, the best websites for finding cheap flights include:

  • Momondo. It checks most airports and websites in the world and lets you know about the cheapest flights available. It succeeds approximately 92% of the time.
  • Google Flights. This search engine is great and allows you to see prices for different destinations.
  • Skyscanner. This is the second flight booking site that provides you with many options. It also has a user-friendly interface and its application is also available for mobile phones.

8)    Use Student Discounts

If you are a student and under the age of 26, there are many discounts available for you and you can easily find cheap flights all over the world. You can also use discounts of 20-30%, which are completely standard. Various airline agencies offer these discounts.

9)    Use different Airports

When you want to fly directly from an airport, your options are limited. To save the most money, you should book flights from different airports. For example, if you are going from New York to Paris, you must stop in London first. Buying tickets from London is easy. It is better to buy a ticket from New York to London first and buy a ticket from London to Paris at this other airport. This will save you more money.

10) Consider Airport Services

There are services that you can use in different airports, but that will increase the price of the flight. For example, some of these airports provide you with hotels and other services along with the flight.

Look for special discounts and use discount cards. It doesn’t matter how often you fly. You should look for a suitable plan so that you don’t have to pay extra. For example, some airports give you cards that allow you to travel up to a million miles a year without paying extra. If you are smart and collect these cards, you can travel around the world for very little money.

11)Buy Tickets Separately

If you are traveling with friends and family, do not buy multiple tickets together. Always try to compare the prices and find the best deal. For example, if there are four of you and you are looking for 4 flight seats, the site will try to provide you with 4 seater seats next to each other, which is more expensive, but it may be, that you can book seat A for $200, seat B for $300, and seat D for $400. It is possible that by reserving four seats at the same time, each seat will cost you $400.

So, always look for cheap seats. You can also choose seats that you can sit next to each other, which may result in a cheaper overall price than separate seats.

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12)Book Early but Not Too Early

Flight prices usually increase day by day, but sometimes there is a possibility of a decrease as well. So, don’t be in too much of a hurry, and don’t be too late to check the prices either. The best time to book a plane ticket is 4 to 6 weeks before the flight, which is about three months before the trip. So, don’t forget the right balance when determining the best time to book a flight.

13) Look for Last minute Tickets

Plane tickets are usually offered at lower prices right before the flight when passengers don’t normally buy tickets. This way, you can get the flight ticket at a much lower price. But this is very risky as you may go to the airport but the plane has no empty seats. Sometimes, when buying tickets online, you will come across options that have a discount on the price of their tickets for the next few hours (up to 24 hours). This method is suitable for those who plan to travel without prior planning and do not adhere to any particular orders and rules for their trips.

Final Word

When we plan to travel by air, buying a plane ticket seems to be one of the relatively easier tasks: We enter the website of an airline agency or go to the agency and buy the plane ticket. But that’s not all.

If you are looking to find cheap flights, you should have a little more detailed plan and pay more attention to the way you book your tickets as sometimes the difference in ticket prices can actually be very large.

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