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What are the newest airplanes in Iran Air Fleet?

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Iran Air’s new airplanes have made the company’s air fleet stronger and safer than ever. Iran Air was established in 1323 and from the beginning tried to use up-to-date aircrafts. The air fleet of Iran Air consists of Boeing, Airbus, Fokker, and ATR planes, and the average age of its air fleet is 25.4 years.

Currently, there are new airplanes in Iran Air fleet. In the last few years, Iran Air has ordered several high-powered airplane from various American and European aircraft companies, and some of these orders have entered Iran today and are transporting passengers. In this way, the fleet of Iran Air is modernized to a great extent and is able to gain the satisfaction of the passengers.

According to the website of Iran Air, this company currently has 41 planes, among which Airbus with 17 planes, and ATR with 13 planes have the largest number of planes.

In this article, we introduce the newest aircraft added to Iran Air’s fleet. And then we discuss their features and abilities to get a better understanding of the new airplanes of Iran Air airline.

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the newest airplanes in Iran Air Fleet: Airbus A321

The Airbus company started to build this plane on the purchase order of the Colombian company Avianca with the serial number 7418, but after the withdrawal of this company, Iran Air demanded to buy it.

Iran Air’s new plane “Airbus 321” arrived at Mehrabad Airport on January 23, 2015, with EP-IFA registration. This Airbus was the first plane that Iran Air purchased in a new form.

On 11/16/2016, the first flight of this aircraft with test registration D-AVXF was carried out at the Airbus facility in Hamburg, Germany, for about three hours, and on 12/14/2016, it was painted by Iran Air.

Due to its travel distance, this new plane of Iran Air can be used both for domestic and foreign trips. According to the officials, currently, the imported Airbus A321 is operating on domestic routes to prepare its foreign flight schedule.

Airbus A321

Features of the Airbus A321, the new airplane of Iran Air

The Airbus A321 is the largest aircraft of the Airbus 320 family and belongs to the category of thin-body aircraft. The first flight of the A-321 was made in 1993 and it has been one of the most popular passenger planes to this day. This plane has 2 turbofan engines that can reach a maximum speed of 908 km/h.

Airbus A321, which is classified in the category of short-range and medium-range aircraft, can travel 5930 km with each refueling. In terms of dimensions, this plane is 44.5 meters long, 11.8 meters high, and 3.95 meters wide. The distance between the wings of this plane is 34.1 meters.

The new plane of Iran Air normally has a capacity of 185 seats for passengers in two travel classes (16 seats in business class and 169 seats in economy class), however, by merging the two classes, its capacity can be increased to 220 seats.

Currently, there are 1396 of these planes in flight, and American Airlines is the main user with 197 planes. Other main consumers of Airbus A321 include Eastern and Southern China Airlines and EasyJet.

Airbus 321 can travel more distance with one refueling, about 2,222 km compared to the same class and about 2,555 km compared to all passenger planes.

The new Airbus of Iran Air has a maximum altitude of 39,000 feet, which is 370 feet less than similar aircraft and 2,000 feet more than all passenger aircraft. The best aircraft in this category in terms of altitude is the Boeing 707-320 with an altitude of 43,000 feet.

Airbus A321 needs about 2.5 km runway for taking off and 1.5 km runway for landing. These numbers are more than 600 and 175 meters of the same class airplanes and 780 and 280 meters more than all passenger planes. The best aircraft in this category in terms of runway required for flight is the Boeing 717-200, which requires only 510 meters of runway. This plane has two turbofan engines under its wing and a body of 44.51 meters and its speed is 870 km/h.


the newest airplanes in Iran Air Fleet: ATR72-600

ATR72-600 aircraft are at the disposal of the Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines and are flying in Short routes to small airports. The first new ATR72-600 plane of Iran Air’s order landed at Mehrabad Airport on March 11 and the second one on March 25, 2017.

The arrival of these planes has so far been able to revolutionize regional air transportation in Iran, to the extent that Iran Air has created a new hub at Bandar Abbas airport and from this hub has started serving small airports in the south of the country. New routes across the country and the activation of airports that did not have economic justification before, are other fruits of flying ATR72-600 in the skies of Iran.

The ATR72-600 is an advanced and cost-effective airplane, and its purchase can lead to the operationalization of small airports in the country and the expansion of the use of the aviation industry, especially in low-income groups.

Features of the ATR72-600, the new airplane of Iran Air

The new airplane of Iran Air, ATR72-600, is a small plane and can carry 68 to 78 passengers depending on the type of seat arrangement. According to the information included in the catalog, the traveling speed of this plane is 510 km per hour and it can cover a distance of 1528 km with a full load. Its flight ceiling is estimated at 25,000 feet. This flight range is sufficient to cover most of the routes inside Iran and can even connect border airports to cities located in neighboring countries. Therefore, ATRs can be a boost for Iran’s regional routes.

The maximum take-off weight of the plane is 22 thousand 800 kg and its empty weight is 13 thousand 311 kg. This means that each ATR72-600 can carry more than 7,500 kg of fuel, cargo, and passengers per flight. The volume of the cargo compartment of this plane is 10.6 square meters, which is enough to carry the cargo of passengers on each flight.

Although the new ATR72-600 planes of Iran Air are small, the passengers inside do not feel uncomfortable. The width of the cabin of this plane is 2.57 meters. There are two seats on each side of the aisle of this single-aisle plane. The width of each seat is 45.72 cm, which provides enough space for passengers to sit. Light seats are used in the 600 ATR72 model, which reduces the aircraft’s weight by 200 kg compared to the previous models.

Each ATR72-600 requires 1,333 meters of runway for takeoff and 915 meters for landing, which is significantly less than other aircraft in Iran’s fleet. The height of the aircraft is low, and this reduces the need for complex equipment to prepare and load the aircraft. The stairs of the plane are also mounted on it, and there is no need for a separate staircase for passengers. The totality of these facts makes even small and low-income airports able to accommodate shopkeepers. Therefore, with this plane, many inactive airports in Iran can be returned to the flight cycle.

the newest airplanes in Iran Air Fleet: Airbus A330-200

Iran Air has purchased Airbus 330 to carry out its long-haul flights to Europe and revive flights to Southeast Asia. Since it entered into service, this aircraft has flown to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Cologne, Gothenburg, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Mumbai. According to Iran Air pilots, if the air route between Iran and Canada is established, the Airbus A330-200 will be able to fly directly on this route.

It should be mentioned that the first new Airbus A330-200 aircraft of Iran Air arrived in the country on March 21, 2015, and joined the Iran Air fleet.

Iran Air has two new Airbus A330-200 planes in service, which fly with EP-IJA and EP-IJB registers. These two planes, which joined Iran Air’s fleet after the JCPOA, were produced for delivery to Avianca Airlines of Brazil, but after the company’s inability to pay the purchase price, these planes were delivered to Iran. Each of these two planes is more than 4 years old, but after ATRs and Iran Air Airbus A321, they are considered the youngest planes in the country. Of course, it should be noted that since these two planes have spent most of these 4 years in Airbus facilities, the flight hours of these two are much less than a 4-year-old plane.

Iran Air new Airbus has 206 seats in the economy section and 32 seats in the business section, which brings the capacity of the plane to 238 people.

In general, the Airbus A330 200 series is one of the best, most comfortable, and most affordable wide-body and long-range aircraft in the world, the use of which can lead to the expansion of intercontinental routes in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Features of the Airbus A330-200

The 200 series of Airbus A330, like the 300 series, can carry 139 thousand and 90 liters of fuel, in other words, 109 thousand and 185 kilograms of fuel, but its body is shorter than the 300 series and its passenger carrying capacity is less. Therefore, it can fly a longer distance.

The cruising speed of the new Airbus A330-200 of Iran Air is 871 km/h and it can reach a height of 41,000 feet. This means that this plane has the necessary criteria to fly over the ocean.

Airbus A330-200 can carry 406 people in its maximum seating arrangement, but airlines usually do not use this capacity. The use of more comfortable seats and the arrangement of seats in both business and economy classes make the number of seats in this plane usually less than its maximum capacity.

It is easier to fly with this wide-body plane than to fly with small planes. The 5.28-meter wide body of this plane creates a lot of comfortable space for passengers, and the large 60-meter wingspan of this plane makes the flight vibrations less transmitted to the cabin.

Both commercial and economy sections of the plane have a dedicated audio and video entertainment system for each passenger. This system allows each passenger to use their favorite archive of movies, series, music, cultural items, and games during the flight. It is also possible to use the Internet during the flight in the Airbus A330.

This new plane of Iran Air has a space equivalent to 132.4 square meters for carrying cargo and can carry the allowed cargo of passengers to the destination without any problems.


In this article, we reviewed the latest Iran Air planes and listed the various features of these new Iran Air planes. We examined the technical specifications of these planes and understand what capabilities these giants have.

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