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Palangan village, an Ancient Terraced Village in Kurdistan province

Palangan village

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Palangan village

Have you ever visited Palangan Village near Kamyaran County? This village is one of the most beautiful and unique terraced villages in Iran, famous for its striking resemblance to Masuleh village. Palangan Village welcomes tourists in the early months of the year, during the spring and summer seasons, with its extraordinary rivers, springs, and waterfalls. Additionally, the rich history and ancient heritage of this area showcase numerous historical artifacts. To learn more about this Village located in Kurdistan Province, refer to the materials prepared by Eligasht Travel Magazine.

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Where is Palangan Village?

Palangan is one of the villages in Zhavrurd District, located in Kamyaran County, Kurdistan Province. The village is situated on the border between Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces, approximately 57 kilometers away from Kamyaran County. It’s worth noting that Kamyaran County is also about 70 kilometers away from Sanandaj.

Palangan is situated at the beginning of the Uraman region, a cold and mountainous area, nestled in the foothills of the Shahou Mountains. The Kol and Sarlu mountains lie to the southwest of this village, while the Gardaneh Zaman is located to the southeast of Palangan.

Address of Palangan Village: Shahkooh Highlands, Uraman Region, Kamyaran County, Kurdistan Province.


The History of Palangan Village

Based on the remaining ancient artifacts from distant pasts and the accounts of historians, the history of Palangan Village dates back to before the arrival of Islam in Iran. Historical castles, ancient bridges, fire temples, and various archaeological sites demonstrate the rich and ancient history of this village and its connections to the Median and Huvakhshatra periods. Some believe that the popularity of Palangan Village can be traced back to the Samanid period.

In addition to these aspects, the presence of Palangan Castle in the highlands of this village highlights its significance during the Seljuk period. By visiting the cemetery of Palangan Village, you can observe gravestones dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries AH (Islamic calendar).

It is worth mentioning that the rulers of the Kalhor and Bani Ardalan dynasties, who were local rulers of Kurdistan, governed this village and the northwestern regions of Iran for more than 400 years.


Architecture of Palangan Village

The architecture of Palangan Village is very similar to Masuleh Village. It follows a stepped or terraced architectural style, which is why these types of villages are referred to as terraced villages. The only difference between these two villages lies in the culture of the people and the climate. For this reason, some have referred to this village as “Masuleh of Kurdistan.”Palangan village

Due to its historical significance dating back to pre-Islamic times, the houses in Palangan Village are mostly old. It’s important to note that the houses in this village are made of stone and mud bricks, showcasing ancient and fascinating architecture. All the houses in Palangan Village are built in the eastern and western parts of the valley, creating a breathtaking landscape.


Recreational Facilities in Palangan Village

Like other natural, historical, and tourist attractions, Palangan offers various recreational and entertainment facilities. Let’s explore some of the possible recreational activities in the village:

Photography: If you are interested in photography, make sure to bring your camera when visiting Palangan Village. The village and the journey to reach it are surrounded by pristine nature and beautiful and captivating landscapes that will attract the attention of nature enthusiasts.

Nature Walks: The unique nature and pleasant climate of the village provide an excellent opportunity for hiking and spending time amidst its beautiful vegetation. With suitable footwear and equipment, you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends like the village. It’s worth mentioning that various amenities such as public parking, restaurants, supermarkets, and shops are available in the village.

Horseback Riding: One of the most interesting and enjoyable activities in Palangan Village is horseback riding. If you have an interest in horses, you can experience horseback riding in the beautiful nature of Kurdistan Province.

Gastronomic Tour: One of the remarkable features of Kurdistan Province and Kurdish regions in the country is the unique taste of local dishes and a wide range of delicacies. If you plan to travel to these areas, it is highly recommended not to miss the opportunity to try the traditional and local dishes of the people in the Kurdish region.

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Attractions of Palangan Village

Palangan is one of the most beautiful and famous villages in northwestern Iran, located in Kurdistan Province. It has gained significant attention from tourists due to its pleasant climate, historical, natural, and tourist attractions, as well as its stepped architecture. Palangan Village welcomes nature lovers and tourists with its abundant water springs, lush greenery, and diverse landscapes during the spring and summer seasons.

In addition to these factors, interacting with the warm-hearted people of Palangan and getting familiar with their customs and culture are among the other advantages of traveling to this Kurdish region of Iran. Let’s introduce some of the best attractions to visit in Palangan Village:

Palangan village

Palangan Springs:

Palangan boasts abundant and beautiful water springs that attract numerous visitors each year. The village is home to over 20 springs, including eight permanent springs and seasonal ones. These springs flow into the Sirvan and Tangivar rivers, providing mineral-rich water. Furthermore, there are mineral water springs abundant in iron and sulfur compounds located about 10 kilometers northwest of the village.

To visit Palangan Springs, you can go to Sheikh Omar’s Garden, where springs named Seyed Aladdin, Khatoun, and Shiteh flow.


Palangan Waterfalls:

Wherever you go in Palangan Village, the sound of flowing water will accompany you. The presence of numerous and beautiful springs gives rise to unique waterfalls in this region. These waterfalls cascade down from rocks and cliffs, creating indescribable beauty amidst the trees. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Palangan is located in the Yakh Omar Garden. To reach the waterfalls, you need to walk along the river path for approximately half an hour until you reach the source of these beautiful waterfalls.


Palangan Rivers:

The numerous springs of Palangan Village ultimately flow into various rivers, with the main one being the Sirvan River, the most significant river in Kurdistan, located to the north of the village, and the Tangivar River, which runs through the village. The Sirvan River is formed by smaller rivers such as Qeshlaq, Gavrud, and Gardalan. The Tangivar River is also part of the Sirvan River. In addition to the mesmerizing sound of water, the diverse migratory birds and fish in these rivers add to their natural appeal.


Palangan Castle:

One of the most important and famous historical and tourist attractions in Palangan Village is Palangan Castle. It is located 800 meters southeast of the village and used to be the seat of power for the rulers of Kalhor but later came under the control of the Ardalan dynasty. This castle served as the center of the Bani Ardalan government for over 470 years.

According to evidence, the castle was in use until the 10th century AH (Islamic calendar), and only the gate, bridge, and some other spaces remain as remnants. Palangan Castle is registered on the list of national heritage sites in Iran.


Palangan Cemetery:

While strolling through Palangan Village, amidst the beauty of nature and lush vegetation, you suddenly come across Palangan Cemetery, which has a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Some gravestones with Kufic script inscriptions indicate their antiquity, dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries AH. Some of these stones are from very distant years.

Palangan village

Historical Bridges of Tangivar River:

On the Tangivar River, which is one of the main rivers in Kurdistan Province, numerous old bridges are built for people to cross and navigate. Standing on these bridges and observing the flowing water beneath, accompanied by the roaring sound, along with the green landscapes, is quite enjoyable.


Best Time to Visit Palangan Village:

Due to the cold and mountainous location of Kurdistan Province, the weather in the village is often cold and dry. This makes Palangan have the best weather during the warm seasons of the year when other cities face scorching heat. Additionally, the ceremonies and festivals of the Palangan people often take place during the Persian New Year (Norouz) and the first six months of the year. Therefore, it can be said that the best time to travel to Palangan Village is during the spring and summer seasons.


Access Route to Palangan Village

To access Palangan, you can travel from nearby cities such as Kamyaran, Paveh, Sarvabad, and Sanandaj to reach this village. It is worth mentioning that all roads leading to the village are asphalted and provide the necessary facilities for a safe and secure journey. The best route depends on your city of origin.

If you are traveling from Tehran or the central cities of Iran towards the village, the best route is from Kermanshah. By starting from Kermanshah and taking the Kermanshah-Sanandaj road, you would reach Kamyaran city. Along the way, you can also see small villages such as Mavian, Gazorkhani, Bezush, and Yuzider. Then, after 48 kilometers from the road, you would reach the sign indicating Palangan Village.

If you choose the Sanandaj road route, you have approximately a 2-hour journey to reach your destination. You should first go from Sanandaj to Kamyaran and then exit from Beheshti Street in Kamyaran. Passing through the Javrud district, you would reach the Tangivar Valley. The village is located in the middle of this valley, with the Tangivar River passing through it on one side and the Shahou mountain ranges on the other.

If public transportation is your choice, you can take a minibus or taxi from Kermanshah or Sanandaj to reach Kamyaran. From Kamyaran to Palangan, you can also use buses and taxis. It is worth mentioning that minibusses have specific operating hours, but taxis are always available for traveling to Palangan Village.

Palangan village

Staying in the village of Palangan

If you intend to have a one-day picnic and do not want to spend the night in the village, it is better to spend a beautiful day in the heart of nature in Palangan village by visiting the Mohi-al-Din or Sheikh Omar gardens and return before sunset.

However, if you want to spend the night under the clear sky and in pleasant weather in the village, you can experience a memorable stay in the eco-lodges of Palangan village or rental houses in the village. Camping enthusiasts can also spend the night in tents by having sufficient equipment and suitable tents.


Important tips for traveling to Palangan village

To have a pleasant and memorable stay in Palangan, it is important to consider some important tips about this village. Here are the most important tips for traveling to this village:

  • For more comfort and enjoyment, it is recommended to check suitable village tours. Guided tours proceed with precise and planned itineraries, and the tour guide is a professional and experienced person who knows the best tourist attractions.
  • When planning a trip to Kurdistan Province, make sure you can also visit the tourist attractions and important places in Sanandaj and the cities near Palangan village.
  • If you plan to travel during the Nowruz holidays, make sure to book your accommodation in advance because the village is small and has limited capacity to accommodate guests.
  • The Nowruz celebration in Palangan village is considered one of the best and most famous tourist attractions in Kurdistan Province, so be sure not to miss the experience of participating in this celebration.
  • Before traveling, make sure to check the weather conditions on reliable websites.
  • Since the village is located in the cold and mountainous region of Kurdistan, always bring warm clothes with you, even if you are traveling in summer.
  • Do not forget to bring a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Wear comfortable and waterproof shoes suitable for long walks and nature hikes.
  • Handicrafts are the best souvenirs of Palangan.


Final words

In the above article, we introduced Palangan village as one of the most beautiful and unique villages in Kurdistan Province with its stepped architecture, and we discussed the facilities and travel conditions of this area. Palangan is one of the best options for nature trips and travels in the first half of the year due to its pleasant weather, pristine nature, and beautiful landscapes. By traveling to this area and visiting its unique springs and waterfalls, you can escape the scorching heat of spring and summer.

For more information about organizing tours to Kurdistan and traveling to Palangan village, purchasing tickets, and reserving accommodations, contact experienced experts at Eligasht Travel Agency.



1) Where is Palangan village located?

Palangan is located in Kurdistan Province, Kamyaran, at the beginning of the Oraman region, at the foot of the Shahkooh Mountains.

2) What is the best time to travel to Palangan village?

The best time to travel to Palangan is during spring and summer.

3) Is it possible to stay in Palangan?

Yes, you can experience a memorable stay in the eco-lodges of Palangan village, rental houses in the village, or camping.

4) Are there any amenities in Palangan village?

The village amenities include public parking, public restrooms, restaurants, supermarkets, and shops.

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