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21 Weird Laws in England

by Parastoo Sahebi
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It can be said with confidence that all the countries of the world have laws that can be considered somewhat strange, at least by outsiders. It doesn’t matter if you are in Asia, Europe, or America, Weird Laws are found everywhere in the world and not just in North Korea. Rest assured that there are laws in all European countries you would be surprised should you hear them. In this post, we will be focusing on 21 Weird Laws in England.

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1) Weird Laws in England: You Can’t Ride a Cow Intoxicated

According to traffic regulations (passed in 1872), riding a cow, horse, or steam engine while drunk or drinking alcoholic beverages is punishable by imprisonment or a heavy fine.

2) Weird Laws in England: Gandhi’s Goat Can Enter the Parliament

Any animal is forbidden to enter the British Parliament, except for Gandhi’s goat; This was a law passed by the British Parliament before Gandhi’s speech.

After a long struggle against British colonialism, Gandhi was supposed to give a speech in the parliament of this country and insisted that his goat – whose milk he always drank – be with him; So the representatives of the British parliament added a law to their set of laws to respect the guest and at the same time to prevent this from ever happening again.


3) Weird Laws in England: Can’t Die in the British Parliament

Dying in the British Parliament building is illegal. This law dates back to the time of the civil war between the king and the parliament in the 17th century. Based on the previous laws of the parliament, if someone died in the parliament building, an official funeral had to be organized for them. But during those hectic times in the 17th century, Lord Cromwell – the leader of the parliament – passed this law so that the war would not be dragged into the parliament.

According to Cromwell, anyone who died in the parliament was not given a funeral and his property was confiscated for the benefit of the government. This law is still in effect in the UK, and according to one member of parliament, if they feel you’re a bit unwell, they’ll quickly kick you out of parliament.

4)Weird Laws in England: Can’t Have Minced Meat on Christmas Day

This is another one of Lord Cromwell’s inventions that made him famous as the author of the most stupid laws in British history; No one has the right to eat minced meat on Christmas Day. This law was enacted in line with Lord Cromwell’s Weird Laws to fight overeating in Britain.

Christmas Day UK

5) Weird Laws in England: You Can’t Dress Up as a Police Officer

In England, you can’t dress up as a police officer, or any other member of law enforcement for costume parties and Halloween. In general, it is against the law to wear the uniform of a police officer and pretend you are one.

6) Weird Laws in England: Can’t Be Naked in Liverpool

According to this law, no one has the right to be naked in public unless they are a seller at the local fishmongers’! Of course, the officials of the city of Liverpool, have denied the existence of such a law and called it a myth, but this law has been quoted as a joke among the people of the city for a long time.

Liverpool UK

7) Weird Laws in England: Big Fish for Royalty

In a strange law that dates back to the 14th century and is still enforced today, if a whale or a large sturgeon is washed ashore, it must be donated to the royal court. These types of fish are classified as royal fish and belong to the king and queen. Dolphins and other large fish are also included if they are caught within three miles of the shore.

8) Weird Laws in England: Can’t Hang Your Clothes in the Street

Another rather strange law in England is that no one has the right to hang or dry their clothes in the street. This law specifically targets people who hang a clothesline from their window and dry their clothes there. If you are found doing this, you could be fined.

9) Weird Laws in England: Something Only Pregnant Women Can Do

Only one group of people has the right to pee in public or even in a policeman’s hat for that matter. If you are pregnant and you need to go, you are allowed to do it anywhere. Number two is still forbidden for everyone though.


10) Weird Laws in England: You Can’t Doorbell Ditch

Doorbell ditching is a public nuisance, but in England, it is recognized as a crime. By 1839, people were doing it so often in England that the police had to make it a crime to doorbell ditch.

11) Weird Laws in England: You Can’t Dust Your Carpet on the Street

You are not allowed to dust your carpet outside in public in England. Apparently, this is something that people used to do almost every morning in the olden days. In 1839, the Metropolitan Police passed the “No Carpet Dusting” Act, which made it illegal to hit with a stick (for the purpose of cleaning) and shake a carpet or mat on the streets of London. The only time you can do this is before 8 am; That means you are allowed to hit your carpet with a stick before 8 am and not after that.

12)Weird Laws in England: Can’t Leave Your Drink Outside

According to British law, leaving alcohol in public buildings or even on the street carries a fine. Although this one may actually not be that weird. It makes sense not to leave your alcoholic drink where a minor can easily have access to it.

13)Weird Laws in England: Hugs and Kisses Outside the Railway

Another strange law in England is that you cannot hug or kiss your family, friends, and acquaintances who have returned from a trip on the railway in Warrington as this will cause congestion. You will often see a no kissing and hugging sign there. What is the meaning of standing by the railway while hundreds of people are trying to get off the train anyway? So, the hugs and kisses ceremony had to be moved outside the railway!

14) Weird Laws in England: No Sheep in the Streets

In England, it is forbidden to have sheep or other domestic animals on the streets from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. So, if you ever see a shepherd walking by their animals on the streets at 10:01 am, you can immediately report it to the police!

15) Weird Laws in England: No American Eggs

American eggs are prohibited in England because they are washed before packaging. The British do not use American eggs because they are against washing eggs.

16)Weird Laws in England: Don’t Disrespect Pictures

Another law related to the royal family is that it is illegal and considered a crime to stick the stamps of the royal family upside down. In England, if you stick a stamp with the Queen’s picture on it upside down, you are actually committing treason! It is illegal and a crime to deface, tear and destroy a stamp, bend coins, and anything else like this with things having pictures of the royal family on them.

17) Weird Laws in England: It Is Forbidden to Enter the Parliament with Armor

In general, members of parliament and those who intend to enter the parliamentary headquarters do not have the right to wear armor! This law was passed in 1313 during the period of Edward II, after political disturbances, and although it looks a bit silly, it still stands.

Parliament UK

18) You Can Shoot the Scots but…

In the city of York, the law says: It is legal to shoot Scotsmen who carry bows, except on Sundays! The same law says: every Scottish person can consume alcohol on Sundays provided that he does not have a bow and arrow! In the city of Chester, it is perfectly legal to shoot a Welshman (if he has a bow) within the city limits and after midnight.

19) Gamble Anywhere You Want Except in the Library

Gambling in the library is considered an illegal act in the list of laws and crimes related to the library, which was passed in 1898. This applies to gambling online in a library as well! Swearing, cursing, and using offensive words, in general, are also prohibited in the list of library rules and crimes.


20) It Is Forbidden to Carry Wooden Boards on the Sidewalk

One of the rules that the city police have considered as a violation of the law is carrying a wooden or metal board on the sidewalk. Of course, flying a kite and skating on the ice on the sidewalks are also prohibited!

21)  You Need to Queue

One of the more interesting laws of England is related to queuing. If an individual jumps the queue in this country, they will be dealt with legally.

Signing Out

There are Weird Laws around the world that could surprise every reader or traveler. While these are mostly funny and read in jest, there have been instances where passengers were arrested by the police of the country or had to pay fines for not knowing the rules. In this post, we focused on 21 Weird Laws in England.

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