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17 Best Christmas Destinations in 2023

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Christmas is of special importance for most people in the world. Cities are decorated and everything takes on the smell of Christmas. Traveling at Christmas can be a wonderful and memorable experience. But have you thought about the places you are going to visit this year? What are the best 2023 Christmas destinations?

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1- Lapland, Finland – Land of Santa Claus

Lapland, Finland, known as the land of Santa Claus, is a dream Christmas destination for many. In the birthplace of Santa Claus, all the wooden houses are decorated at Christmas. Wooden sleds are pulled by deer allowing you to experience Finnish-style sledding. Everything is different at Christmas in Finland. Not only can you experience a special Christmas, but you can also see the aurora borealis, which is one of the most amazing sights the universe has to offer.

2- Copenhagen, Denmark – Dream Christmas Destination

If you want to really experience Christmas and have fun at the same time, Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the best Christmas destinations available to you. Snowy Copenhagen is indescribably gorgeous during Christmas and New Year. You can choose several places to have a blast. One of these places is Tivoli Gardens. This garden is one of the oldest and most magical Christmas parks in the world. Tivoli Gardens tickets are booked very early for Christmas and some choose this garden for their New Year moment as well.

Copenhagen is also famous for its castles, which have an added magical charm at Christmas time. The most famous ones are Kronborg Castle, Christiansborg Palace, and Rosenborg Castle, which are filled with joy and festivity during Christmas.

3- Dublin, Ireland – Best Christmas Ever

Another fantastic Christmas destination for 2023 is Dublin, Ireland. You can feel the festive atmosphere in all the streets of Dublin and there are huge carols in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Dublin Ireland gives you the opportunity to experience Christmas in a religious place as well as take in whatever fun Christmas always has to offer.

Big ice rinks are ready for Christmas and New Year celebrations. The pubs are open and there is a great drinking competition going on which is known throughout Europe. Sky House and Baggot Court Townhouse are considered among the most important boutique hotels in Dublin during Christmas time.


4- Salzburg, Austria – Mozart’s Town

One of the European cities that is always considered a great Christmas destination is Salzburg, Austria. Austria’s Salzburg welcomes countless tourists for Christmas with its charming and original traditions. If you want to experience Christmas with the smell of warm gingerbread in Europe, choose Salzburg. This city has a traditional market with all kinds of handicrafts, and Christmas sweets.

The facades of the old buildings with baroque architecture are breathtakingly beautiful and the old houses in Salzburg are all decorated for Christmas. Santa Claus walks in the city and sings and gives gifts to children. This city is the birthplace of Mozart, and you can hear classical music all over it, whether in cafes or in historical places. This is guaranteed to make Christmas a different experience for you.

5- New York, United States of America – Spirit of Celebration in the Metropolis

If you want to experience the glory of Christmas in a busy metropolis and be overwhelmed with joy and delight, choose New York, America. In New York, United States of America, there is a real spirit of celebration in the metropolis and visiting this city during Christmas is the dream of many tourists. There is the large famous Christmas tree in the Rockefeller Center with its unique decoration that is popular among tourists. Apart from that, there are amazing ice rinks for skiing enthusiasts as well.

Another added attraction of New York as a Christmas destination is the glow of the New York Botanical Garden. You can walk in this garden after dark and be amazed by the wonderful illuminations and performances.

6- Berlin, Germany –Mix of Cultural and Nightlife Festivities

Berlin, Germany is without a doubt one of the most attractive places to travel on Christmas. Berlin, Germany will offer you a combination of cultural and nightlife celebrations. Berlin has 50 Christmas markets, many of which will give you a generous discount. Iconic museums are open until dusk and have extended visiting hours. Nightlife is in full swing among the city residents, and snow and Christmas trees can be seen everywhere in the city. Big concerts are rolling and some are performed in the big squares of the city. If you are planning to travel on Christmas, Berlin is one of the best choices available.

7- Rome, Italy – Heart of Christmas

Rome is considered one of the best Christmas destinations in the world.  In Rome, even the historical monuments and museums smell like the New Year at Christmas time. You can try the best Italian food on Christmas Eve and thorough the New Year holidays. If you like to see great cathedrals and historical collections, you can choose Rome as a Christmas destination. The whole city is decorated for the New Year and big concerts of dance and light are going on.

8- Montreal, Canada – Fireworks and Christmas Magic

Christmas in Montreal is magical. This is Canada’s second-largest city and has everything from skiing at Mont Tremblant to the Vieux Port ice rink. Enjoy the Christmas festivals and discover old Montreal. Montreal, Canada is a dream Christmas destination with fireworks and the magic of Christmas.

Montreal has been holding an annual Santa Claus parade since 1925. The parade is known locally as the Defile du Pere Noel. Don’t miss the beautiful views of the Christmas fireworks that take place every year in Montreal’s Old Port.


9- Paris, France – Dazzled by Christmas Lights

Another popular 2023 Christmas destination is Paris, the capital of France. This city is decorated and illuminated since the beginning of December. It is definitely fascinating to see the Eiffel Tower bathed in light on Christmas Eve. In fact, the whole city is covered in light for Christmas and New Year holidays. The shopping malls offer significant discounts on the last days of the year and are open until late at night. The area around the Eiffel Tower and Rue Neauphle-le-Chateau is one of the most exciting places to experience Christmas and New Year.

Children’s choice is usually Disneyland Paris. So, try to book tickets early. Paris cathedrals have magnificent services on Christmas Eve and December 25th. The biggest concerts are also held and you can watch ballet performances at the center of the main square of the city.

10- Phuket, Thailand – Legendary Island

Phuket is definitely one of the best destinations you can travel to during Christmas and January holidays. With unique beaches, soft white sands, and the beautiful azure ocean along with water sports and nightlife, Phuket is a place not to be missed, especially in January. For those who are newly married, there is no better place than Phuket to spend their honeymoon!


11- Bali, Indonesia – Island of Eternal Spring

The island of Bali, which is located in Indonesia, is a destination for all seasons of the year. But if you are looking for a quiet place to travel to during Christmas and January, Bali is one of the best options available. This means quiet beaches and secluded hotels in perfectly pleasant weather! If you plan to spend the Christmas holidays on this island, we recommend booking a Bali tour.

12- Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Land of Luxury

Dubai becomes a key tourist spot during Christmas and the New Year holidays. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world travel to this city to spend their Christmas holidays in Dubai. The city’s weather is perfect for winter travel, and its entertainment centers, fantastic theme parks, and amazing beaches make spending Christmas in Dubai a smart choice.

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13- Beirut, Lebanon – Bride of the Middle East

Beirut, the bride of the Middle East, is one of the best Asian cities you can count on to be able to experience the Christmas spirit in. New Year’s lights, green and red decorations, Christmas markets, street parties, and New Year’s Eve fireworks are among the attractions.

Just as the city of Beirut goes out of its everyday way around Christmas, so do the big shops and malls. For example, the ABC mall in Ashrafieh decorates a big Christmas tree every year, which comes to life for a selfie! One of the best places to see Christmas celebrations is the city of Jbeil near Beirut. Decorations, big Christmas trees and of course public celebrations are among the things you are guaranteed to witness in this city. Jbeil is only 37 kilometers from Beirut and can be reached by a 1-hour car ride.

14- Tokyo, Japan – Land of Iconic Landmarks

You may not believe this, but Tokyo is a great Christmas destination as well. Christmas in Tokyo is celebrated so magnificently that it completely changes the face of the city and gives it a fairy tale look. Christmas in Tokyo is not celebrated because of religious beliefs and is only a reason for joy and happiness among Japanese people. It is also considered a romantic night in Japan and has significance for couples. Therefore, every year when Christmas comes, Tokyo is filled with eye-catching lights and lovely decorations.

If you’re heading to Tokyo for Christmas, it’s good to know that many couples plan Christmas Eve dinners and book tables at popular restaurants. Keep this in mind so that you don’t fall behind or miss eating out at the best restaurants.

15- London, United Kingdom – the City that Never Sleeps

Visit the capital of England and see and breathe in Christmas on its streets. All the streets of London are illuminated in the last month of the year, and you can find ice skating rinks everywhere in the city.

Christmas shopping, street parties, special food, New Year’s party in Westminster Abbey, and much more are among the things that await you at Christmas in London. Store owners use special decorations designed exclusively for Christmas too.


16- Prague, Czech Republic – the Golden City

Prague, the beautiful and magnificent capital of the Czech Republic, is another great Christmas destination. Prague has one of the most beautiful and oldest Christmas markets in all of Europe. Christmas in Prague is not only limited to these markets though, and the lovely lighting of the alleys and streets gives an unforgettable feel to the city.

During Christmas days in Prague, go to Wenceslas Square to see the famous Prague Christmas markets and do as much shopping as possible. Next, go to the main and old square of the city and see the beautiful and historic buildings. Then go to one of the nearby restaurants and treat yourself to a special Christmas meal.

17- Netherlands, Amsterdam – Top Christmas Destination

The Netherlands is another top tourist destination at Christmas. In the city of Amsterdam, Christmas is celebrated as fully as possible. Santa Claus visits the city in a full ceremony during a grand and entertaining procession. This celebration, which is known as Sinterklaas, is named after Santa Claus, who is very popular in the Netherlands.

The Light Festival, which is held in the Plantage neighborhood of Amsterdam, is also a very beautiful and colorful celebration. Christmas markets and various events and shows entertain guests and locals alike.

18- Sydney, Australia – Experience Summer in Winter

One of the most attractive Christmas destinations in the world is Australia. Everyone experiences Christmas in winter, but it happens in Australia in the summer season. Outdoor fun and entertainment are part of the exciting plans for Christmas celebrations in Sydney. Choirs in the Pitt Street Mall, beautiful lighting on the walls of the Sydney Town Hall, and the remarkable decorations and lights of the Queen Victoria Building turn the city into a colorful and bright festivity hall during Christmas time.


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