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Iran Air Branches

World-Wide Offices Of Iran Air

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Iran Air: Oldest Airline in The Middle East

It may be surprising that during the last several decades, the Middle East has developed into one of the greatest and most significant aviation markets, giving rise to some of the world’s largest airlines and their attendant passenger traffic. You can correctly rate airlines around the globe by examining their discounts and offers, safety records, and product offerings. When choosing a middle eastern airline, you may be confident that you are getting the largest airline in the region by selecting one with a complete fleet size of flights. You could get useful information about Iran Air branches all over the world here. The airline once was the largest airline in the Middle East.

The biggest airline in the Middle East, Iran Air, debuts at number five and is swiftly pursued by the customer for the reservation. It is Iran’s state-owned national airline, from which you may choose the optimal flights to buy at a certain time. More than 70 Middle Eastern destinations in Iran are served by this airline, which has its airline headquarters in Tehran. Iran Air branches are spread all over the world, from Canada and North America to the Far East and China.

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Iran Air Is The Only Airline With Nonstop Flights to/from Iran

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Domestic Iran Air Branches and Offices

Here is the list of Iran Air branches and offices around Iran. As one of the most important Iranian Airlines, you may find Iran Air branches and offices in your vicinity.

  • Abadan, Khuzestan Province, +98 631 333 11 57
  • Ardabil, Ardabil Province, +98 45 322 520 40
  • Kianpars, Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, +98 61 333 656 84
  • Uromia, West Azerbaijan province, +98 44 33 440 530
  • Isfahan, Isfahan province, +98 31 366 9332 – +98 31 366 81 266
  • Bandar Lengeh, Hormozgan province, +98 76 44 222 800
  • Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan province, +98 76 3333 59 59 – +98 76 3333 6547
  • Bushehr, Bushehr province, +98 77 333 22 042
  • Birjan, South Khorasan province, +98 56 323 16 002 – +98 56 323 16 003
  • Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province, +98 41 36 55 4002
  • Chabahar, Sistan and Baluchistan province, +98 54 222 14 56 – +98 54 222 14 57
  • Rasht, Gilan province, +98 13 33 11 21 25
  • Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchistan province, +98 54 322 0 813
  • Sari, Mazandaran Province, +98 11 322 69 400
  • Shahr-e Kord, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, +98 381 333 0002
  • Shiraz, Fars province, +98 71 321 241 58
  • Qom, Qom province, +98 25 329 330 96 – +98 25 329 330 97
  • Karaj, Alborz province, +98 26 3222 98 97
  • Kerman, Kerman province, +98 34 324 58 873
  • Kermanshah, Kermanshah province, +98 83 382 488 14 – +98 83 382 48 610
  • Kish Island, Hormozgan province, +98 764 44 55 683
  • Mashhad, Razavi Khorsan province, +98 51 322 40 400
  • Yazd, Yazd province, +98 35 362 22 080


Iran Air Branches and Offices Around the World

Iran Air provides its passengers with direct flights from/to Iran. Because of this, you probably need to know about Iran Air branches and offices in your country. below is the list of Iran Air branches and offices globally.

Iran Air Branches and Offices Around The World

Country City Address Tel
UAE AL AIN Saneaya St.Near Abu Dhabi commercial bank (+971 3) 7541159
ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi Airport road, next to Abu Dhabi (+971 2) 6105217, 6338700
DUBAI No.702, Salemiyah AI Maktoum (+971 4) 2240200 , 2228494
SHARJAH Arabian Travel agency,Al Arooba st. (+9716) 5610000
Canada TORONTO 7368Yonge St., suite PH-A, Ontario (+1 905) 882244
VANCOUVER 1410Lansdale Ave. N. Vancouver-B.C (+1 604) 9820909
MONTREAL 1006De La Montagne Suete 200 (+1 514) 9387277
Netherlands AMSTERDAM WTC Tower A-level 3, Schiphol Blvd. 191-1118 BG (+31 20) 4054789
Turkey ANKARA Paris Cad. No: 28/B Ankara (+90 312) 4278419
ISTANBUL No.7 Vali Konagi St. (+90 212) 2250255-7
Japan TOKYO Akasaka Minata-Ku Tokyo Japan (+81 3) 35862567, 35893738
Austria VIENNA A-1010 Wien Opernring 1 (+43 1) 5865601-3
France PARIS No.63 Avenue des, Champs Elysees, (+33 1) 42259906
Italy ROME 00189Roma- Via Bissolati, 55 (+39 6) 4741144
MILAN P.zza Diaz 6, Milan, Italy (+39 2) 89096136
Sweden STOCKHOLM Sveavagen 31,4tr 10369 (+46 8) 54510000
Uzbekistan TASHKENT Toy – tepa street-1 (+99871) 2338163
Cyprus NICOSIA 12Zenas Kanther St.cy-1056 (+357 22)676216
Oman MUSCAT P.O.BOX 629 MUSCAT P.C 113, Oman (+968) 24787423
India MUMBAI Sunder Mahal Marine Drive Mumbai 400020 (+91 22) 22047070, 22041025
Russia MOSCOW KOROVY VAL ST.7, OFFICE 1A (+7 499) 2385762, 2302609
UK LONDON 177-179Hammersmith Road (+44 20)87418000
Kuwait KUWAIT CITY Alsharg Area, Khalid bin Alwaleed St. (+965) 2240575-6
Malaysia KUALA LUMPUR Megan Ave.11 12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, (+60 3) 21610411, 2162002
Pakistan KARACHI 10 Hotel Mehran, Karachi, 75530 (+92 21) 5678274, 5216293
Saudi Arabia JEDDAH Al-Nakheel center, Medineh Road (+9662) 6646449
Germany HAMBURG Ernst -Merck Str.12-14, 20099 (+49 40) 245588, 245500
FRANKFURT Am Hauotbahnhof 10 60329 Frankfurt Main +49(69) 25600613
COLOGNE Terminal 2- Abflugebene, Cologne Airport +49 (220) 3402493 , 3402492
Qatar DOHA Ras-abouaboud St, Opposite Sana Bldg (+974) 4432666
Bangladesh DHAKA 10Karwan Baza Bangladesh (+88 2) 91220426
Syria DAMASCUS Engineering Bldg., Milson street (+963 11) 2226431, 2238660
Denmark COPENHAGEN Terminal 2,2SAL,Box225, Copenhagen (+45 33) 338800
Thailand BANGKOK 174/2baan suriyasai Bldg, Suriwongse Rd,Si-Praya (+662) 2381721-3
Azerbaijan BAKU Malakan Baghi-khaghani, Street No.1.2 nd floor (+99412) 4985886, 4986623
Lebonan BEIRUT Beirut – Hamra, Avenue Aresco Palace (+9611) 753064 – 5
Turkmenistan ASHGABAT No.73 Makhtoom Gholi Ave (+312) 510641 -510642
China BEIJING No. 19 Citic Building 701 Jianguomenwai Dajle (+86 10) 65124940, 65120047

Iran Air Branches, From the Past to the Present

During the time that Iran Air had the leased aircraft, they managed to keep a full schedule with only one plane. It was not an easy feat; but, flights to Istanbul, Rome, Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Karachi, and Bombay were flown along with a few flights to nations in the Persian Gulf. These flights were conducted two to three times each week. Iran Air’s own planes started to arrive at the airport gradually. The Boeing family includes the two-engine short-range Boeing 737, which was the smallest of all a tri-motor B727-100 and 200, which were utilized for short to medium-range flights used mostly inside Iran.

Both of these aircraft were used for domestic flights. The B707 is a regional aircraft that can fly semi-long distances. Long-distance trips were taken by the B747-100, B747-200, and B747SP (special performance) aircraft, which traveled to Europe, the United States of America, and the Far East. At the time, only a select group of airlines, including Pan American and South African carriers, were in possession of the B747SP, the newest variant of the B747. Here is the information on Iran Air branches around Iran.


Iran Air and Concorde

Following the completion of production of the Concorde aircraft and in response to the Shah’s declaration of interest, Iran Air placed an order with the manufacturer to acquire the supersonic aircraft. In June of 1972, the British flew the Concorde to Tehran as part of a tour that included stops in Australia, the Far East, and the Middle East. The management of Iran Air invested a significant amount of time in the Concorde project’s research. After doing in-depth research on the plane, the company’s specialists came to the conclusion, and they were correct in their belief, that Iran Air should not go with that particular plane since it is not the most cost-effective or efficient option.

In addition, they did not hold out much hope for its potential. However, since the Shah was the one who ultimately decided to purchase the Concorde, they were required to write certain papers in order to persuade him that the aircraft, for a number of different reasons, was not a feasible project for Iran Air. Iran Air’s first post-revolutionary managing director, Houshang Tajadod, was the one who canceled the purchase order for the Concord in 1979.

Iran Air Branches Get Their New Aircraft

Iran Air modernized its aircraft fleet in 2017 by purchasing brand new planes, one of which was a brand new Airbus a330-200. It is generally considered as being one of the aircraft in the world that is among the most fuel-efficient aircraft. Iran Air branches also purchased other brand-new planes in 2017. This cutting-edge and trustworthy airplane is used on the route that travels from London to Tehran and back to London.


Taking a flight on an airline that is well-known for its superior service and that has a well-appointed aircraft that is tailored to accommodate passengers for extended periods of time may prove to be an experience that is hard to forget. One of the Iran Air branches is now located at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, and the airline runs flights to sixty different domestic and international destinations at the time.

Iran Air Luggage Allowance

Although Iran Air provides its passengers with a sizable baggage allowance, it is not always simple to determine what that amount is prior to purchasing a ticket. Because the airline has a variety of different regulations regarding luggage depending on the route. This means that it is not always easy to determine what that amount is. It is highly recommended that you get in touch with one of our travel agents before you go ahead and book your journey. The typical baggage restriction for international flights originating from a country other than Iran is 40kg for checked luggage, in addition to 5kg for carry-on bags in economy class.

In Iran, this limit is 20kg for checked luggage and 10kg for carry-on bags. If, on the other hand, your journey starts in Iran, you will be restricted to checking in a maximum of 30kg of baggage and taking on a maximum of 5kg of hand luggage. For flights departing from outside of Iran, the baggage limit for business class passengers will increase to 45kg, in addition to 7kg for carry-on luggage. For flights departing from within Iran, the baggage limit will increase to 35kg, in addition to 7kg for carry-on luggage. Both increases take effect immediately.

Because the maximum weight that may be allowed for a single piece is 23kg, you need to separate your whole allowance into two separate bags in order to comply with the regulations.

Passenger Baggage Rules

Iran Air Branches: Iran AirTour, and Homa Hotel Group

The airline’s freight operations are handled by Iran Air Cargo. The transportation of cargo through aircraft had its start when a tiny portion of the cabin was set aside for cargo and freight. This eventually led to the creation and production of larger and better-equipped aircraft, which is a trend that is still going strong today. Iran Air has benefited from the experience and knowledge of its talent management along with its fleet to provide services to both its clients and passengers, whilst boosting the quality and quantities of its services, attempting greatly to secure safety, and using state-of-the-art methods in attracting and carrying all types of cargos.

Iran AirTour is a low-cost airline that has its headquarters at the Mashhad International Airport. Iran AirTour began its regularly scheduled operations in 1990 and took over the majority of the city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran. Mashhad is home to the Imam Reza shrine, which is considered to be one of the holiest sites for Shia Muslims. The Homa Hotel Group is a hotel group that has locations in most of Iran’s main cities. Hotels with the Homa brand may be found in the Iranian cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, and Mashhad. Since 1990, guests have been accommodated in any one of its more than 800 rooms.

Eligasht; Book Your Direct Flight From Iran Air Branches

In the city of London, Eligasht serves as the official sales agent of Iran Air. We provide a range of services, including the sale of tickets, hotel reservations, and consular assistance, in addition to individual and group trips. People who are interested in having an authentic Iranian experience might take one of our guided excursions. Please browse our website or give us a call for any other information you may want.

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