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Iran Air Economy Class vs Homa Class

Iran Air Flight Classes

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Iran Air flight classes are divided into two classes of Economy and Homa. Fare classes I, J, and C are sub-groups of the Homa class, while fare classes Y, L, N, M, Q, and V are placed within the economy class. These two flight classes differ from one another in terms of providing services and conditions, which vary according to the destination and date of departure. It goes without saying that Homa class passengers will enjoy special services.

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Baggage Allowance on Iran Air Flight Classes

The amount of baggage allowed with passengers for International flights of Iran Air is as follows[i]:

Baggage Allowance on Iran Air Economy Class Flights

  • 30 kg – fare class L
  • 30 kg – fare class N
  • 30 kg – fare class M
  • 30 kg – fare class Q
  • 30 kg – fare class V
  • 35 kg – fare class Y

Baggage Allowance on Iran Air Homa Class Flights

  • 40 kg – fare class I
  • 45 kg – fare class C
  • 50 kg – fare class


Differences between Iran Air Flight Classes – Economy vs Homa

Iran Air’s Homa class flights are very different compared to the economy flights of this airline. Iran Air is the oldest active airline in Iran, which offers the best aviation services among Iranian airlines. This well-known airline has provided special amenities for the Homa class passengers, who demand higher quality services.

The two Iran Air flight classes offer different qualities of service and reception. The arrangement of seats and their level of comfort is also different between Iran Air’s Homa and economy classes.


Seats in Iran Air Flight Classes

One of the most tangible differences between Iran Air flight classes is the difference in the type of seats and the positioning of passengers during the flight. The isle allocated to the seats of Homa class passengers is completely separate from the isle used for economy passengers. The type of seats and their arrangement also varies. The seats in the Homa class are more comfortable and there is more space between them.

Another difference between the seats in different Iran Air flight classes is the additional services and amenities available next to the passengers in Homa class. These seats are comfortable and furnished and come with the ability to be adjusted in different positions to allow the passenger to rest during the flight.

Food and Catering in Iran Air Flight Classes

Another significant difference in Iran Air flight classes is in the type of service offered during the flight. There is more variety of food served in the Homa class of Iran Air flights compared to the economy class. The food offered is also of higher quality. Passengers can also order unlimited drinks from the menu during the flight.


Flight Attendants in Iran Air Flight Classes

Iran Air naturally uses its most skilled and experienced flight attendants for its Homa class. The flight attendants in this Iran Air flight class are always at hand and ready to serve the passengers

Easier Check-in and Check-out with Homa Class

Passengers of the Homa class have priority over other passengers when entering and exiting the plane. These passengers will also have access to airport formalities and CIP services which will ensure a more pleasant flight experience for Homa class passengers of Iran Air Airlines.

Why Are There Different Iran Air Flight Classes?

On short flights, flight classes may not matter that much, but on longer flights, the amenities and services provided by the airline play a big role in the level of comfort the passengers will experience. This is when flight classes can come to your aid and that is why Iran Air just like any other big international airline, has provided its passengers with different flight classes.


Bottom Line

Like many other airlines, Iran Air flight classes come with different prices and different qualities of service.

Economy Class

For people who intend to book plane tickets at a reasonable price, Iran Air economy class is the best option. In the cabins of this Iran Air flight class, the distance between the seats and their level of comfort is in accordance with international standards. The catering is done without an open menu.

Homa Class

The price of a business flight class ticket from Iran Air, which is also known as “Homa Class”, is a little higher, and correspondingly, there are more facilities, including furnished seats with the ability to lie flat, the possibility of watching movies along the way and providing brochures and scientific magazines. Among Iran Air flight classes, Priority queues for entry and exit will be considered for Homa class passengers. The catering level on these flights is of better quality than the economy class, and when it is time to have lunch or dinner, an open menu will be available to the passengers.



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