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The top 10 safest airlines in the world

The safest airlines

by Parastoo Sahebi
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The safest airlines in the world are the subject that may have raised your curiosity. Because many of us have concerns about aircraft security and air travel. You should know that air travel is considered one of the safest forms of travel. Airline accidents have been reduced globally for more than 30 years thanks to strict laws and strict standards in the aviation industry. However, some airlines still perform better than others when it comes to safety standards. that is why Australia-based aviation analytics website AirlineRatings.com ranks it every year after monitoring more than 400 companies. AirlineRatings.com considers a wide range of factors in evaluating the world’s safest airlines, including audits from airline and industry organizations, government audits, crash and serious accident records, profitability, industry-leading safety, initiatives, the age of the fleet, and – especially – the COVID-19 protocols.

in this article from Eligasht, we have provided a list of the safest airlines in the world and their features that we will discuss below.

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The safest airlines in the world: 1. Air New Zealand

The safest airline in the world is the title that now belongs to Air New Zealand. Founded in 1940, Air New Zealand serves approximately 17 million passengers a year to and from New Zealand. The Auckland-based airline operates a global network of destinations in 20 countries, mainly around and in the Pacific Rim (Australia and the South Pacific). Known for its safety culture, the airline has been a member of the Star Alliance – the world’s largest airline alliance – since 1999. Air New Zealand currently operates a fleet of Airbus A320, Airbus A320neo, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787 aircraft.

The safest airlines in the world: 2. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the flag carrier and the second largest airline in the United Arab Emirates (after Emirates). Etihad, which began its commercial operations in 2003, uses Abu Dhabi International Airport as its hub. The airline operates more than 1,000 flights per week to more than 120 passenger and cargo destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas and has a fleet of more than 120 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Etihad is also one of the “greenest” airlines: the company is committed to a minimum goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2050. In 17 years of flying its passengers around the world, Etihad Airways has maintained a perfect safety record.

The safest airlines in the world : 3. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has won many accolades since its launch in 1997 and has become one of the elite groups of airlines worldwide to have achieved a Skytrax 5-star rating. Qatar Airways flies to 150 international destinations across Africa, Central Asia, Europe, the Far East, South Asia, the Middle East, North America, South America, and Oceania from its base at Hamad International Airport near the Qatari capital Doha, using a fleet of More than 180 Boeing services. And the airline’s Airbus aircraft have demonstrated a strong safety and security performance record as an industry leader in aviation safety. In 2003, it was the first airline to complete an IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) with 100% compliance.

The safest airlines in the world: 4. Singapore Airlines

When Singapore Airlines was founded in 1972, its vision seemed to mirror that of Singapore itself: to remain a small, regional player with little global influence. But Singapore’s flagship airline has improbably become a recognizable aviation powerhouse with Changi Airport as its hub, winning more awards than any other airline. Singapore Airlines was the launch customer for the Airbus A380 – the world’s largest airliner – as well as the Boeing 787-10 and the ultra-long range version of the Airbus A350-900. Singapore Airlines is globally acclaimed for its quality service and efficient operations. It also enjoys a reputation as one of the safest airlines in the world, having been accident-free since 2000.

The safest airlines in the world: 5. Tap Air Portugal

Tap Air Portugal is the national airline of Portugal, whose head office is located at Lisbon Airport and serves as its hub. TAP has been a member of the Star Alliance since 2005 and operates an average of 2,500 flights per week to 90 destinations in 34 countries worldwide. The company has a fleet of 100 aircraft, all of which are manufactured by Airbus, with the exception of 12 Embraer and ATR aircraft, which operate on behalf of regional airline TAP Express. TAP Air Portugal has an excellent safety record and this is not surprising as it has kept it’s fleet young and was one of the first airlines to make major improvements in safety. This carrier has not experienced mortality in modern times.


The safest airlines in the world: 6. Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines – better known as SAS – is the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The airline’s main hub is at Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport. Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the second largest hub. And Oslo Airport, Gardermoen is SAS’s third major hub.

The airline was established in 1946 through a consortium agreement between three Scandinavian airlines. Today, SAS Group operates scheduled passenger, cargo, and mail flights between more than 100 cities worldwide. Of course, the airline has an excellent safety record and has implemented more advanced health and safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The safest airlines in the world: 7. QANTAS

Founded in Queensland in 1920, Qantas is the third oldest airline in the world (after KLM and Avianca) and has become Australia’s largest airline. Over its 97-year history, Qantas has achieved an amazing record of firsts in safety and operations. It is widely regarded as the world’s safest airline, having suffered no accidents in the modern jet age. Qantas’ reputation for safety was instantly recognized in the 1988 film Rain Man when Dustin Hoffman’s character claimed that “Qantas never crashes”. Australia’s flagship airline is based in Sydney and flies to 80 destinations in more than 20 countries using a fleet of modern Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

The safest airlines in the world: 8. Alaska Airlines

Since its acquisition of Virgin America in 2016, Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest airline in the United States. The carrier operates a large route network focused primarily on connections from the state of Alaska and the West Coast of the United States to more than a hundred destinations in the United States, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. More than 45 million passengers fly with this airline every year. Founded in 1932, the Seattle, Washington-based airline has earned high marks over the years for its family-friendly environment, friendly and relaxed service, on-time performance, excellent loyalty program, excellent amenities, and safety culture. (The airline was an uninjured fatal accident in 2000)

The safest airlines in the world: 9. EVA AIR

Eva Air is the second largest Taiwanese airline (after China Airlines) and is based at Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, Taiwan. The privately owned airline is a 5-star rated airline by Skytrax and flies to more than 40 international destinations on 4 continents. Eva Air, best known for its Hello Kitty-themed planes, has long been recognized as one of the best and safest airlines in Asia. Since its establishment in 1988, the company has not suffered any casualties, accidents, or fatalities. The company currently operates a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with A330s, A321s, B777s and B787s used mainly on passenger routes along with B747s and B747s, and B747s. B777 cargo plane flew on cargo routes.

The safest airlines in the world: 10. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic was founded by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson 38 years ago with innovation and customer service at its core. Today, Virgin Atlantic carries 5.5 million customers a year, employs more than 9,000 people worldwide, and operates a fleet of 39 aircraft to 26 destinations on four continents from its bases at London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, and Manchester Airport. manages Alongside joint venture partner Delta Air Lines, they operate the leading transatlantic network – offering up to 39 flights a day between the UK and the US with onward connections to over 200 US and international cities. The Virgin-branded airline has not suffered a major accident since its launch in 1984.


This article listed the safest airlines in the world. But it should be noted that the rest of the world’s airlines also have enough travel security. Because all airlines are obliged to comply with air laws and regulations. These laws are the same everywhere in the world, and many organs are working to maintain aircraft security. Therefore, despite these strictures, there will be no rational concern for air travel.

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