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The best 5-star hotels in Antalya for a memorable stay

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Concorde De Luxe Resort Hotel

The best 5-star hotels in Antalya are an ideal choice for a dreamy experience on a trip to Turkey. Antalya, as one of the tourist cities of Turkey and the world, has many tourist and recreational attractions and hosts many people every year. Therefore, in this attractive city, various hotels have been built, which have a great variety. Staying in Antalya’s 5-star hotels, which are among the most luxurious and luxurious hotels in Turkey, can be the dream of every tourist. If you are planning to travel to Turkey on an Antalya tour, we suggest you read this article from Eligasht.

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Types of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya

In the list of the best five-star hotels in Antalya, many hotels have a special place due to their modern design, unique amenities and services, unique location, and other advantages. The number and variety of 5-star hotels in Antalya are many, and this may make it difficult to choose one of them as the best hotel in Antalya. The best 5-star hotels in Antalya are divided into different types from different aspects such as location and type of facilities and services, the most important of which are beach hotels, hotels near shopping centers, UALL hotels, and ALL hotels.

The best UALL 5-star hotels in Antalya

UALL 5-star hotels in Antalya tour are hotels that have high-quality facilities and services. In these hotels, meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snacks, and receptions are available 24 hours a day for free and without any restrictions. Also, the use of all the amenities and entertainment facilities of the hotel, such as a swimming pool, massage parlor, gym, water sports, private beach, etc., are free of charge for guests.

The price of 5-star UALL Antalya hotels as the best hotels in Antalya is higher than the price of other 5-star hotels in this tourist city. but due to the provision of the best facilities and services without restrictions, it can be said that 5-star UALL Antalya hotels are considered the best hotels in Turkey.

The best ALL 5-star hotels in Antalya

among other differences between this type of hotel and UAL Antalya hotels, we can point out the limitation in serving food and snacks and hospitality. In ALL 5-star hotels in Antalya, it is not possible to order food at any hour of the day and night, and guests can use the restaurant and coffee shop of the complex for free during the specified hours.

The best 5-star beach hotels in Antalya

Travelers who are looking for the best 5-star hotels in Antalya to spend a dream vacation on the Mediterranean beaches will have different options. Antalya hosts many tourists on different days of the year due to its proximity to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and its pristine and unique nature.

Brilliant and amazing beaches, stunning views and landscapes, various water and beach activities, high-quality international restaurants, etc. are the reasons why 5-star Antalya beach hotels are included in the list of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya and Turkey.

The best 5-star beach hotels in Antalya

The best 5-star hotels in Antalya near shopping centers

Shopping centers are other attractions of Antalya, which have a high number and variety. You can buy quality goods and products from various international and Turkish brands during your trip to Antalya. If you want to have easier access to commercial places and markets, the best option for staying in 5-star hotels near Antalya shopping centers.

These hotels have excellent facilities and services and are a short distance from important shopping centers such as Premium Lara, Mall of Antalya, etc. You can experience a pleasant and memorable stay in this wonderful city by booking one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya near shopping centers.

Calista Luxury Resort Hotel

Calista Luxury Resort Hotel, located in the Belek area of the unique coastal city of Antalya, is an exceptional complex and one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya. Guests staying in this complex need only walk to the beach for 6 minutes, and on the other hand, golf enthusiasts can have the best famous golf clubs and training at a distance of up to 7 kilometers. However, Calista Luxury Resort’s entertainment and accommodation complex on a land of 120 thousand square meters is a full-fledged tourist attraction on its own, with all kinds of entertainment facilities and, more importantly, accommodation units that meet the needs of all its international guests. has prepared From 2007 until today, this building has been serving clients to provide services at the level of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya. therefore, various accommodation and recreational facilities that are suitable for children, young guests, couples, and large families.

Concorde De Luxe Resort Hotel

This hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya, which provides complete facilities for travelers and guests. In terms of accommodation facilities, resorts, and entertainment and services, this hotel has been highly rated by guests. Concorde De Luxe Resort is located on a private beach in the Lara area and is close to shopping centers in the surrounding neighborhoods. A golf course, sports and fitness club, water sports, beautiful and luxurious rooms, family suites with full sea view, and full breakfast served in the room, are just some of the facilities of this 5-star hotel in Antalya.

Concorde De Luxe Resort Hotel

Selin Hotel (Kamelya world)

kamelya resort village is located on the golden and brown sandy beach of Cholakli in an area of 240 thousand square meters. kamelya World consists of Folia, Selin, and K Club and is ready to welcome you with countless services. The comfortable, stylish, and quiet rooms of Selin Hotel combine your vacation with luxury and unique services, so you can enjoy a unique and joyous vacation with those you love. You are invited to create memorable memories with the natural beauty, amazing flavors, and great entertainment of this hotel. The distance of this complex to the tourist and historical city center of Side is 8 km and to Antalya airport is 55 km. Kamelya resort Village, one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya has Ultra All Inclusive service (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks in Turkey, as well as outside and in the evening for 24 hours for free).

Hotel SU & Aqualand in Antalya

Another option as the best 5-star hotels in Antalya is Hotel SU & Aqualand. This hotel also has complete facilities and its rooms are designed beautifully. You can see the modern architectural style in the personal and family rooms and suites, the windows of the rooms and suites are facing the seashore and display a view in front of your eyes that is rarely found in this area.

Hotel SU & Aqualand is built somewhere in the city center and close to a private beach. The windows of the hotel rooms overlook the Antalya Clock Tower and Hadrian’s Gate, both of which are considered tourist attractions of this tourist city. You can see the most beautiful coastal area of Kenyalti in the coastal park from this hotel. So it’s an opportunity to take your children to play in Kenyalti Beach Park and enjoy exciting adventures and water activities.

Five-Star-Hotels ANTALYA

Crowne Plaza Hotel Antalya, an IHG Hotel

If you are looking for a stay in one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya that is close to the city center, the beach, and shopping centers, we recommend the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Staying at this hotel is the first choice for those who want to have new experiences along with the beauty of the beach. There are facilities such as hiking, biking, horse riding, and nature tours around this hotel.

The most complete and best facilities are provided in all the rooms of the Crowne Plaza Hotel to welcome guests. The large rooms and suites overlook the beach, so you can enjoy the surrounding view. When booking an Antalya tour, be sure to specify which hotel you are considering.

Karmir Resort

Karmir Resort and Spa Hotel rest on the shores of the Mediterranean coast. this hotel offers you a pure memory of a relaxing escape in one of the most lovely parts of Turkey, the magical land of Antalya, with a set of the best amenities and hospitality services. As one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya, the first thing that catches your eye is the wonderful design and the environment full of positive energy, a unique harmony that you will feel with all your heart the moment you enter.

Limak Lara De Luxe Hotel

Limak Lara Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya, which is considered a luxury hotel of its kind. The score given by hotel guests to this place has been extremely excellent. You will find all the facilities of an ultra-luxury hotel at Limak Lara De Luxe. The rooms and suites of the hotel are open, large, and spacious. The windows of the hotel open to the beach and it has all the comforts.

This 5-star hotel is located in the beautiful area of Lara, near a recreational area and on a private beach. Also, Limak Lara De Luxe is close to Antalya premium shopping centers and nearby markets. For families who travel to Antalya with their children, staying at this hotel is the best choice; because it is close to the game parks.

Delphin Diva Premiere Antalya Hotel

Delphin Diva Premier Hotel is the shining star of the region with its facilities and it is 15 kilometers away from the city center and 11 kilometers away from the airport. This address is a place where you can spend a relaxing and comfortable vacation. As one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya, This hotel offers its guests a complete combination of sea and nature with its 230 meters of private beach and 482 rooms with a beautiful view. Miraculous meals, rooms where your comfort is a priority, VIP honeymoon services, and the Pink Moon Suite, which is specially designed for couples spending their honeymoon, are some of the facilities that Delphin Diva brings to you.

Swandor Hotels & Resort Topkapi Palace

Another one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya is Swandor Hotel. Like other luxury hotels in this city, this hotel is located in the private area of Lara. If you stay at this luxury hotel, you are close to Antalya Premium Mall and Deepo Outlet Mall.

You will have a memorable experience of staying in a 5-star luxury beach hotel here. The rooms of Swandor Hotel are perfect in every way and have the best interior design. Swandor Hotels has everything you expect from a 5-star hotel. You can book an Antalya tour and enjoy your stay at this hotel.

Özkaymak Falez Hotel in Antalya

Özkaymak Falez is another one of the best 5-star hotels in Antalya with excellent points that you can book during your stay. This hotel is not far from Antalya Museums, Kenyalti Beach, Kenyalti Beach Park, and other places in this area. For those who are interested in beach activities and want to see Antalya’s historical attractions and shopping centers up close, this hotel was the best choice. Kenyalti Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Antalya, which attracts the attention of every passerby.

Final words

Antalya 5-star hotels are among the most popular hotels in Turkey due to their best facilities and services and pleasant atmosphere. Every year, many tourists from all over the world, especially Iran, choose Antalya as one of the dream destinations for their foreign trips and book the best 5-star hotels in Antalya. We hope that the information presented and the hotels introduced in this article will help you in choosing the best 5-star hotels in Antalya.

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