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Iran Air competitive advantages

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Iran Air competitive advantages

Iran Air can be considered the first airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran that is still active and known as the national airline of Iran. Iran Air has direct flights to more than 40 domestic and foreign destinations and transports more than 6 million passengers annually. Domestic and international flights of Iran Air were carried out only at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran since the beginning of its establishment. Since 2013, Iran Air’s international flights have been gradually transferred to Imam Khomeini International Airport.

But what are the competitive advantages of Iran Air?  What does Iran Air have that distinguishes it from other airlines? This article introduces you to these Iran Air competitive advantages.

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Iran Air competitive advantages: Multiple flight destinations

Iran Air offers the most popular flights on domestic and international routes. Most of Iran’s domestic and foreign air travel is handled by Iran Air, and this airline has always tried to provide the best flight services.

Iran Air has Domestic flights to Ardabil, Urmia, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Abadan, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Lange, Bushehr, Birjand, Tabriz, Chabahar, Khorram Abad, Rasht, Zahedan, Sari, Shiraz, Qeshm, Karaj, Kerman, Kermanshah, Kish, Gorgan, Lar, Mashhad, and Yazd city

This airline is also active in the international arena and routes such as Kuwait, Najaf and Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Beirut, Mumbai, Dubai, Damascus, Beijing, Tashkent, Doha, Karachi, in Asian countries and Stockholm, Paris, Istanbul, Frankfurt, It covers Gothenburg, Cologne, Amsterdam, Moscow, Hamburg, Ankara, Rome, Vienna, London and Milan in European countries.


Iran Air competitive advantages: Honors of Iran Air

Iran Air was able to win the title of the best logo of the airline companies in the world. It also received a customer satisfaction certificate from the Canadian company ICS GROUP by the Iran Air branch in Tashkent.

In other hand, Iran Air achieved first place in the field of information in the 9th International Public Relations Symposium and won the golden statue of the brand. in 2004, Iran Air was the first online seller of plane tickets in Iran.

Iran Air competitive advantages: Quality of Iran Air planes

With the arrival of new planes to the Iran Air fleet, you can expect to board a stylish and clean Boeing or high-quality Airbus. This airline has about 51 airplanes, which include Airbus A300, Airbus A3010, A300-600, Boeing 747, Dutch Fokker aircraft, and ATR7.  Iran Air is known for quiet flights and friendly crew and flight attendants. You will receive a very pleasant welcome on Iran Air planes and you will experience a quality trip in general.

Iran Air competitive advantages: Buying a cheap Iran Air flight ticket

ran Air has two flight classes: Hخma Class and Economy Class. You can choose any of them according to your conditions and needs.

considering the wide range of choices among Iran Air flight tickets, you will not have a hard time choosing a cheap ticket. The variety of Iran Air tickets is so high that you can find cheap tickets for any route in any season.


Iran Air competitive advantages: Parents with one or more babies

For many couples who have more children, traveling by plane can be a little daunting. This apprehension increases when the couple has multiple babies and decides to experience an air trip for the first time.

In the meantime, Iran Air has considered services for this type of customer. In this way, parents with babies can take their 7-day-old to two-year-old child on an air trip by purchasing a ticket with a 90% discount. It should be noted that on this trip, seats are not assigned to infants, but if the duration of the trip is more than 90 minutes, a special baby basket will be provided for free. Parents who have more than two babies also have plane tickets. For two babies to travel with one passenger according to the rules, and for two babies to travel with one passenger, one of the babies must be over 12 months old and able to sit in a seat with a seat belt. Therefore, if both babies are less than 12 months old, the second adult passenger who is at least 18 years old must also accompany them.

The cost of a child’s ticket is 75% of the price of an adult’s ticket on international flights and half price on domestic flights. (with the right to reserve seats)

The cost of the infant ticket is 10% of the adult ticket price (without the right to reserve a seat).

  • Adult ticket: passengers over 12 years old
  • Child ticket: Children 2 to 12 years old
  • Infant ticket: Infants under 2 years old


Iran Air competitive advantages: Two seats for one passenger

Sometimes a passenger on a flight needs to find two seats for his journey. there are those who make a valuable suitcase, important documents, or musical instruments during the trip and want to use this place to keep it with them. Passengers of Iran Air Airline can add this place to their ticket buying.

 Reception in Iran Air

The hospitality services of passengers on Iran Air flights are planned and prepared based on flight information such as flight route, flight duration, flight arrival and departure time, different hours of the day and night, and aircraft facilities. Based on this, the variety of services provided has the highest quality and quantity and the best raw materials. In order to satisfy more passengers, Iran Air Catering has provided hot food service on flight routes with a duration of more than one hour.

Iran Air catering

Iran Air catering experts followed special tips and rules to prepare food suitable for serving on the flight while maintaining a beautiful and appetizing appearance and using first-class ingredients, which not only reduced the occurrence of problems but also brought joy and happiness to the passengers.

In this regard, Iran Air Catering has obtained HACCP, ISO 9001-2008, and ISO 22000-2005 certificates during its years of activity to comply with global food industry standards and food safety and quality management. Also, receiving the NACI standard from Iran’s National Certification Center is one of the other honors of Iran Air Catering.

The use of fresh raw materials, experienced, professional, and trained personnel, compliance of food safety with GMP / GHP principles, and confirmation of the healthiness of food by advanced laboratories and expert forces are the features that make Iran Air catering unique compared to other caterings in the Middle East.


Iran Air competitive advantages: ordering special food

In order to increase the satisfaction and maintain the health of passengers on its international flights, Iran Air Airlines has made it possible for passengers to maintain their special diet during the flight. To order special food, they must do so at least 48 hours before the flight and at the time of ticket purchase from the Iran Air website.

Special dishes include:

  • Diabetic food
  • Gluten-free food
  • Low cholesterol food catering in Iran Air
  • Food without salt
  • Non-flatulent food
  • Food without uric acid
  • Low-calorie food
  • Lactose-free food
  • Dairy vegetable food
  • Vegetarian food without dairy
  • Asian vegetable dish
  • Food for Hindus
  • baby food
  • Baby food
  • Seafood
  • Fruit plate

Iran Air competitive advantages: Iran Air flight ticket refund conditions

Iran Air tickets often have cancellation and refund conditions. Usually, cancellation is done with a penalty deduction.

charter tickets are non-refundable, but system-issued tickets are refundable inside and outside the country (can be refunded at the same branch)

Required documents for ticket refund: Passengers can return the ticket at the issuer’s office with a valid ID card and a ticket number. (This is also possible with a valid power of attorney from the passenger)

Other Features and characteristics of Iran Air

  • One of the oldest active airlines in the Middle East (since 1341)
  • A large number of Huma Airlines sales offices around the world are listed below with their contact details. (23 domestic branches and 41 international representative offices)
  • Obtaining a license to move cargo and mail to European airports (ACCC3 license) in 2013
  • Management as well as 60% of the shares of Iran Air belong to the government and 40% in the form of shares have been handed over to the people.
  • Usually, most of the transportation of pilgrims to Mekka is done by Iran Air Airlines.
  • Iran Air has about 9 thousand personnel.


One of the primary goals of Iran Air Airlines has been to meet the needs of passengers with greater safety and Convenience. In Iran Air, first-class food services are provided to passengers, and the distance between the seats is well maintained, and if you use the economy flight, it will not be difficult for you. As you know, the economy flight is the cheapest flight class.

Iran Air is chosen by many travelers because of lots of competitive advantages of it like its new planes, good services, multiple destinations, etc. therefore, according to these advantages of Iran Air, this airline can be a very suitable option for your trips from different countries to Iran and vice versa. You can also use this experienced airline for domestic travel in Iran.

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