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Iran Air Charter Tickets – London to Tehran

With Eligasht you can book Iran Air charter flights from London to Tehran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Iran Air Charter Tickets

Iran Air Charter Tickets are more affordable compared to normal flights. In charter flights, the chartering company, the chartered flights, and the passenger are interconnected. The charterer or the travel agency rents the whole aircraft or at least some of its seats from the airline company (for example, Iran Air) for a certain period of time and then sells its tickets to passengers at a lower price. This is how you can purchase economy Iran Air charter tickets from Eligasht and enjoy direct flights from London to Tehran at a reasonable price.

This indirect purchase of Iran Air charter tickets from intermediary agencies (in this case Eligasht) will benefit the passenger. Chartering companies are responsible for all matters related to price fluctuations, ticket cancellations, and ticket sales, as well as providing accurate information to passengers.

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Why Iran Air Charter Flights

Iran Air, is probably the only Iranian airline that even if you have not flown with it, you have heard its name many times before. Iran Air, as the oldest Iranian airline, was formed in 1340 from the merger of two airlines, “Iranian Airways” and “Persian Air Services”. Currently, most of the domestic and international flights connecting Iran to the rest of the world are carried out by Iran Air. Iran Air charter tickets are among the most popular flights among tourists and frequent visitors of the country.

More about Iran Air International Flights

Since the new Airbus, Boeing, and ATR aircraft were added to the Iran Air fleet, the quality of Iran Air flights has increased significantly. Comfortable seats, the presence of monitors in front of the seats, a quiet flight with the least possible noise and movement, along with the friendly faces of the flight crew and generous hospitality, have managed to win the hearts of international passengers choosing to book Iran Air charter tickets.

The price of Iran Air charter tickets is calculated based on many criteria, most of which are fixed, but sometimes the price changes due to various factors. Among the factors affecting the price of Iran Air flights are the occasions and official holidays in the country’s calendar, the time and day of booking the ticket, the flight class, etc. Iran Air charter tickets are usually booked and purchased way in advance thanks to the history and reputation of this airline.

Iran Air Charter Tickets

How many planes are there in Iran Air’s fleet?

According to the website of Iran Air, this airline currently owns 36 planes. The planes of this airline are manufactured by Boeing, Airbus, and ATR. Some of these planes have been purchased in recent years and are brand new.

How can we book Iran Air charter tickets?

There are different ways to buy Iran Air tickets, but the best way to do so is through online shopping, which lets you choose from different flights and times.

Reception at Iran Air Flights

Iran Air boasts one of the largest catering services in the Middle East which has been serving passengers with the best quality food for more than forty years on both domestic and international flights. The use of fresh raw materials, experienced, and trained personnel, and compliance with food safety standards are some of the things that you can expect when booking Iran Air charter tickets.

Iran Air Charter Tickets

Iran Air Charter Tickets with Eligasht

With Eligasht you can book Iran Air charter flights from London to Tehran at the cheapest price available in the market, with 24-hour support.

The benefits of booking plane tickets with Eligasht:

  • Online booking of plane tickets from more than 900 airlines, including Iran Air, Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jet, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Air France, KLM, and other airlines of your choice.
  • Booking services along with plane tickets, including airport transfer, travel insurance, obtaining visas, and airport formalities.
  • Choosing the desired airport at the destination
  • Economy, business & first-class flights
  • Determining the number of stops along the flight route
  • Buying last-minute plane tickets, charter flight tickets
  • Access to Eligasht’s customer service after buying a plane ticket

Booking Iran Air charter tickets from London to Tehran can be done fast and hassle-free via the Eligasht Booking Platform.  In case of any problem, you can contact Eligasht support 24/7.

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