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3 ways of shipping cargo from the UK to Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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What are the most convenient and economical ways to send cargo from the UK to Iran? sea, land, or air? Suppose you are in the capital of England and you want to send cargo from the UK to Iran. In this article from Eligasht, we will give you all the useful information for carrying commercial or passenger-cargo (small postal packages and household goods) with knowledge and at the right price.

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1- Shipping cargo from the UK to Iran by truck

The most common and economical way to send goods from England to Iran is by truck. if the cargo does not need to change the documents, it will arrive at the Shahriar customs office in 10 to 14 days. The transportation time of the loads that are not transported in a container is usually longer than that of a full truck.

All ground cargo is sent to Iran and Europe through the Channel Tunnel. Ground transportation is one of the cheapest ways to send cargo from the UK to Iran, which is done in the form of a full truckload or small cargo. The duration of ground transportation for small cargo from the UK to Iran is between 15 to 20 days and 12 to 15 days for the full track.

2- Shipping cargo from the UK to Iran by ship

Sea freight from the UK to Iran usually comes from the two ports of Felixstowe and Thamesport. Sea freight from England is usually transported by 20 and 40 feet containers or small cargo. If your goods are in bulk, the best shipping method is by sea. Shipping time from the UK to Iran usually takes 35 days, but it may take 4 to 5 days for switch loads. Add days to this time.

3- Shipping cargo from the UK to Iran by plane

If you want your cargo to reach its destination quickly, you must transport it by air. Shipping cargo from the UK to Iran by plane is done by most airlines.

The air transportation time usually takes 3-5 days from London to Imam Khomeini Airport, and the issuance of the warehouse receipt takes 24-48 hours. It is usually transferred by airlines such as Iran Air, Qatar, Emirates, and Lufthansa.

There is no weight limit for air cargo. Many may say that the minimum weight of air transport is 45 or 35 kg, but you can transport any product of any weight by air.

Shipping cost from the UK to Iran

The cost of shipping cargo from the UK to Iran depends on the type of your shipment. The cost of air transportation is higher than other transportation methods, but it is more secure and faster. Ground transportation has an acceptable speed and a reasonable cost. if you consider a low budget for moving goods, sea transportation is the best option.

In the following, we will explain the details of the cost according to the shipping method.

The price of shipping cargo from the UK to Iran by air

The best prices for air freight from England are usually provided by Iran Air, whose price range is usually based on weight. the heavier and more voluminous your cargo is the price per kilo decreases. The price ranges are divided based on weight as follows.


45-100 KG

100-300 KG

300-500 kg


The price of shipping cargo from the UK to Iran by truck

The cost of ground transportation is highly dependent on the shipping company and can vary widely, but naturally, the price of a full truck is lower than that of a small cargo.

One of the important criteria in determining the price of ground cargo is transportation time. sometimes the lack of trucks and working with companies that do not have many drivers may reduce your costs, but it increases the transportation time and the possibility of damage to the cargo. Therefore, when inquiring about the price, be sure to ask the forwarder about the shipping time.

The price of shipping cargo from the UK to Iran by ship

Sea shipping is usually cheaper but The conditions of switching and clearance of loads in Jebel Ali have slightly increased the costs. It has actually increased transportation time and decreased the popularity of this transportation method.

Customs rules for carriage from England

UK export laws are a long and complicated subject, but here we will explain how to send gifts and restricted or prohibited goods for export.


Sending gifts from England to Iran

The amount of duties that you have to pay in sending gifts depends on the value of the goods. For gifts worth less than £270 you must complete form CN22 for gifts over £270 CN23. After completing the form and submitting it to the UK tax office, the amount of money you will pay will be determined, and sometimes you may be exempt from tax.

Restricted or prohibited goods

  • Weapons and ammunition
  • military equipment
  • Explosives
  • Strategic goods (such as encryption technology for communication equipment and medicine)
  • Dual-use goods, i.e. goods that may be used for both military and civilian purposes
  • Goods that can be used for torture, capital punishment, or similar inhumane treatment.

Sending a package from the UK to Iran

If the weight of your package is 3 to 4 kilos, send your cargo by post, which carries out the shipping and clearance at the same time. but if your goods are more than 5 kilos, it is better to coordinate with the shipping company to send your cargo to Iran and carry out the clearance operation separately at the destination airport.

Important ports in England

Here we introduce the important ports that carry the most cargo to Iran:

  • Felixstowe
  • Thamesport

Shipping small cargo from the UK to Iran

Before we talk about shipping small cargo from the UK to Iran, let’s see what is a small cargo and what does it refer to?

The loads that are transported on the ground and are less than a full truck, are called small cargo.

In sea shipping, small cargo refers to cargo that is less than 20 feet from a container and occupies a part of the container.

In air transport, we have no such thing as small cargo.

In ground and sea transportation methods, when we have small cargo, it is better to wait until your cargo is collected with other cargoes and is complete in the size of a container so that they can be transported.

In ground and sea transportation, it is possible to send small cargo from the UK to Iran. Regarding air transportation, there is no question of small cargo and you can transport any amount of cargo.

Just keep in mind that because we have to wait until the container is full to transport small cargo, the shipping time will naturally be longer.

shipping personal belongings by sea

another very important point is that if your cargo is transported by sea, it will arrive at Bandar Abbas and you have to pay another cost for transportation from the port to the desired destination. For example, if your home is in Tehran, you have to load the cargo again, Pay the fee and deliver it to your door in Tehran.

Important factors in shipping cargo from the UK to Iran

1: The vehicle that carried the cargo, shipping cargo from England to Iran is done by air, sea, and land. each of which has special conditions and also the shipping cost is different for each.

2: The type of packaging and other services, the type of packaging, and ancillary services are one of the most important factors affecting the cost of shipping cargo from the UK to Iran.

3: The weight of the package sent, and the weight and volume of the shipment are the main determinants of the shipping costs. The weight of packages sent from England to Iran is also one of the most important influencing factors in determining shipping costs.

4: The destination city, destination city is also one of the other factors affecting the cost of shipping cargo from the UK to Iran.

Procedures and cost of postage to Iran

In general, to transfer and post cargo from the UK to Iran, there are steps and a process to go through. These steps are:

The first stage includes delivering the parcel to the post office of the place of residence and performing the procedures and rules related to package delivery, such as obtaining the tracking code, choosing the type of shipment, paying the fees, and considering additional services.

In the next step, the post office will pack it according to the type and material of the postal items, and, taking into account the delivery method and also the ancillary services, they will prepare it for entering the ship, plane, or special post containers.

The next step includes the distance that the shipment must travel according to the type of shipment. It should be noted that during the route, whether by air, land, or sea, the security of the postal packages is fully provided and the packages are delivered to the destination country, i.e. Iran, in complete safety.

The last stage of shipping cargo from the UK to Iran is entering the destination. When the parcels arrive at the ports or airports or the land borders of Iran, England and the postal company of this country will not have any responsibility for the sent parcels because they have done what was in their duty. now It is the turn of our country’s post company to fulfill its duties and obligations regarding the received postal items.


There are many ways of shipping cargo from the UK to Iran. The choice of each of them depends on the type of your load and the amount of money you want to spend. Sending by land, sea, or air, each has different characteristics. This article has fully explained these three ways of carrying cargo and their various costs.

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