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Introducing the best restaurants in Shiraz, Iran

Introducing the best restaurants in Shiraz, Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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In this article, we intend to introduce you to the best restaurants in Shiraz. Shiraz City is one of the historical and touristic cities of Iran. Shiraz hosts many tourists and travelers at different times of the year. For this reason, various restaurants in Shiraz serve different types of Iranian, international, and fast food dishes. Passengers can choose any of the restaurants according to their taste and have their meal in one of them. Follow us in this article from Eligasht to get to know the best restaurants in Shiraz, which are famous among tourists.

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the best restaurants in Shiraz – Haft Khan Restaurant

Haft Khan restaurant has several floors and is located near the Quran Gate. You can see the most complete menu of Shiraz restaurants in this collection. In this restaurant, you can also order a variety of local Shirazi dishes, and a variety of Iranian dishes, including delicious Iranian kebabs, excellent stews, and a variety of French dishes. This restaurant is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Shiraz.

the best restaurants in Shiraz - eligasht

The design space of this restaurant is luxurious and modern and very large. It gets booked up quickly for holidays and busy times of the year. One thing you should know about Haft Khan restaurant is that each floor of the restaurant has a menu and based on the menu, each floor has its design and decoration.

Address: Iran, Fars Province, Shiraz, New Qur’an Blvd., corner of 17th Street

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Saltanat Banoo traditional restaurant

If you went to visit Nasir al-Mulk Mosque or Zinat al-Muluk house and you are looking for a traditional restaurant in this area, you can choose Saltanat Banoo restaurant in Nasir al-Mulk Masjid Alley. This restaurant is an old house that has a yard with a turquoise pond and some orange trees in the yard. It has two halls that are very tastefully designed and they use pale blue color the wall is decorated with Persian tiles and pottery. They usually play traditional Iranian music for the guests. You can order a variety of Shirazi local dishes in this restaurant.

It has also a variety of cold drinks made from different plants such as nasturtium, burdock, and orange spring. Saltanat Banoo traditional restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Shiraz due to its full menu of drinks and food. Travelers can choose this restaurant to have a great time in Shiraz. Easy access to places to visit such as Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Narenjestan Qavam Museum Garden, and Khan School has made countless tourists choose this restaurant.

Address: Shiraz, Lutf Ali Khan Zand St., Gudaraban Street, Nasir al Mulk (37 Street)

Saltanat Banoo traditional restaurant

The best restaurants in Shiraz, Parhami traditional restaurant

Another restaurant in Shiraz that has become famous among tourists is Parhami Restaurant. Parhami restaurant is not that big, so if you want to choose this restaurant, which is located in the historical context of Shiraz, you should book it in advance. This restaurant is a Shirazi walk-up house with wooden tables and chairs arranged in the courtyard and rooms on the first floor.

In this restaurant, you can choose a variety of Shirazi local dishes and it is only open for lunch. It is usually booked quickly during the busy tourism seasons and travelers usually choose this place for a belly tour in Shiraz. The food is served in copper dishes with the best design, and the dessert, local yogurt, and Shirazi salad of this restaurant are amazing. Because of these reasons, it is one of the best restaurants in Shiraz. After the meal, you can explore the historical structure of the restaurant and enjoy it.

Address: Fars Province, Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street, after Ahmadi Gud Araban Three Roads, opposite Nasirul Molk Mosque

Baghe Raz restaurant complex

If you like the garden atmosphere of the restaurant and your choice is a luxury restaurant, you can choose the Baghe Raz restaurant. The entrance of this restaurant is with a lush green garden where there are several restaurants and you can choose each one according to your taste.

In the Baghe Raz complex, all the restaurants are designed in a modern style and have a luxurious atmosphere. The variety of drinks and foods in this collection is very high, and you can choose from different Shirazi, Iranian, and international dishes in this collection. Baghe Raz restaurant complex is considered one of the most expensive restaurants in Shiraz.

Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Shahid Blvd., between Qasrdasht and Chamran Blvd

the best restaurants in Shiraz - eligasht

The best restaurants in Shiraz, Khosha Shiraz Restaurant

Another famous restaurant in Shiraz is Khosha Restaurant in Shiraz. This restaurant is from the building of Kolah Farangi mansion. Many travelers choose it because it has a parking space. It is one of the traditional restaurants of Shiraz and you can choose both the courtyard and the rooms of this mansion. Khosha Shiraz restaurant has used modern design inside and you can see modern and old styles together.

For a full stomach, you can choose Shirazi pilafs, kebabs, and Iranian dishes. This restaurant has traditional drinks such as beet juice, Bahar Naranj syrup, and chicory syrup, which you can choose from. If you want to have a stomach-churning tour in Shiraz, this restaurant is a good option. Bagh Khosha Restaurant in Shiraz is considered one of the best restaurants in Shiraz.

Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Industries Blvd., in front of Goldasht Hafez entrance

Sufi restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Shiraz that we can mention here is Sufi restaurant. Sufi restaurant currently serves their customers as a traditional dining room, classic restaurant, fast food, Sufi catering, and Sufi tourism complex.

Most of those who have been to this restaurant have praised its food and written about its quality. Sufi restaurant also has a good variety of food that is interesting for different tastes. From Iranian, French, and Italian, fast food, desserts, and sweets to all kinds of drinks and salads, there are options that you have the right to choose from in this collection.

Address of Sufi Collection: shiraz city, Sattar Khan St

Sufi restaurant

Kateh Mas Restaurant

We should include the traditional restaurant Kateh Mas among the best restaurants in Shiraz, you can experience the best traditional dishes in this restaurant. Although the restaurant is busy most of the time, you can still be sure of the service and quality of the food. Kateh Mas restaurant is located in one of the tourist areas and is usually very busy on weekdays (except holidays) around 1:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

On the menu of this restaurant, you can order most of the Iranian dishes with different variations, this restaurant can be suitable for most tastes and bring people’s satisfaction. Kateh Mas restaurant also has its parking lot, and you can also hold your events like birthdays, etc. after making the necessary arrangements. It should be noted that live music is also performed in this restaurant.

 Address of Kateh Mas restaurant: Lotfali Khan Zand St., Serah Namazi, Saeed guest house ground floor

Gabrik’s modern and green fast food

Most of the people who travel to Shiraz prefer to go to the Iranian and traditional restaurants of this city and visit them. In the meantime, sometimes it is better to try fast food.

In this regard, we suggest that if you are looking for first-class and professional fast food in Shiraz, go to Gabrik Fast Food. The different and creative decoration of this collection has made many people attracted to this fast food.

This complex has outdoor and indoor space, and you can go to any of these parts according to your interests. The outdoor part of this fast food is decorated with flowers and plants and this has increased the beauty of this fast food.

Address: Dr. Hesabi Boulevard, the corner of alleys 3-4

The best restaurant in Shiraz, Fil Mansion Restaurant

Fil mansion restaurant near Vakil market in Shiraz is considered one of the best restaurants in Shiraz. This restaurant also has a very traditional atmosphere. Fil mansion is one of the old buildings of Shiraz. By choosing this restaurant, you will enter one of the old houses of Shiraz for the time of Zandieh. It has a beautiful yard and a turquoise rectangular pond and a green date garden with orange trees. This house has two floors and a basement. You can use the rooms of this house to serve food. Its sash doors and colored windows have made the interior very beautiful.

One of the famous dishes of this restaurant is chickpeas or Shirazi broth. In this restaurant, you can choose a variety of local Shiraz and Iranian dishes. If you are looking for a quality restaurant near the Vakil bazaar, the Fil Mansion restaurant is one of the best options.

Address: Shiraz City, Zand Street, 11th Alley, Saadi Gate


Sharzeh traditional restaurant

We can almost say that Sharzeh traditional restaurant is one of the oldest and most traditional restaurants in Shiraz. The decoration and atmosphere of Sharzeh have a traditional and old style and are very memorable.

One of the negative points of this restaurant is that it does not have some authentic Shirazi dishes. So if you want to eat special food in this restaurant, it is better to find out about the existence of that special food before going there.

The address of Sharzeh Traditional Restaurant: Taleghani Street, Vakil Mosque Street

the best restaurants in Shiraz – Persian dinner restaurant

Another first-class restaurant in the heart of Iranian poetry and civilization. Persian dinner restaurant with a menu full of traditional Shirazi dishes and official Iranian dishes will prove to you how rich the food culture of Shiraz is. The pleasant environment of this long-established restaurant becomes even more pleasant with music, and you can create wonderful hours for yourself and your family in this restaurant.

Address of Persian Dinner Restaurant: Qasr Aldasht, 17 Alley, next to Kowsar Hospital

Brentin Restaurant

Among the best restaurants in Shiraz, we should also mention Brentin Restaurant. The menu of this restaurant also has various dishes, among which we can mention Iranian, sea, and international dishes. Therefore, you can choose food with different tastes. One of the positive points of this restaurant is its pleasant atmosphere, good quality food, and good service.

Among other things that we should add to the features of Brentin restaurant, is that the price of the food in this restaurant is relatively expensive; But it offers good quality that justifies its price. The capacity of this restaurant is equal to about 120 people at the same time.

Brentin restaurant address: Sattarkhan Blvd., in front of 20 meters of Namazi, corner of alley 12

the best restaurants in Shiraz – Diaco barbecue

If you are looking for a very special and high-quality barbecue in Shiraz, we recommend that you go to Diaco Barbeque among the restaurants in Shiraz. You can try a variety of delicious and quality kebabs in this collection. People who are looking for a barbecue in Shiraz generally choose Diaco’s barbecue.

Final words

In this article, the best restaurants in Shiraz were introduced from the point of view of travelers. In the city of Shiraz, you are faced with a wide range of restaurants. Also, in this city, there are many high-quality fast food restaurants that you can choose from. The variety of traditional cafes and restaurants in Shiraz is increasing, which sometimes makes it difficult for travelers to choose. If you are traveling to this city, remember that you must try the local dishes of Shiraz in your meals.

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