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Introducing the most beautiful islands in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Many people like to travel to the most beautiful island in Iran to enjoy its nature and entertainment centers for a few days.

islands of Iran are part of the country’s identity and some of them are several thousand years old. In addition to historical antiquity, these islands have strategic geographical positions and are also the habitat of many plant and animal species. In this article from Eligasht, we will introduce you to the islands that are known as the most beautiful islands in Iran. So stay with us If you want to visit these gems inside Iran.

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the most beautiful islands in Iran: Kish Island

Kish Island is one of the most attractive and beautiful islands in Iran, which is located in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf. Kish has always been of interest because of its unique geographical and political location. As soon as you enter the beautiful island of Kish, you will feel its warm and humid weather. Palm groves, beautiful blue waters and the peace that prevails on this island are what attract the attention of every tourist.

Water sports have a special place in Kish; Diving, jet skiing, shuttle, submarine scooter, fly board, banana, parasail, etc. are among these entertainments. Several beautiful places such as Kish Dolphin Water Park are other tourist attractions of Kish, where you can see various marine animals and the secrets of the world zoo with its exotic animals.

Those who are interested in history can visit places like the traditional water tank, the Greek ship, 2500 years old underground city of Kariz, the historical city of Harireh, etc. Kish also has many shopping centers for those interested in shopping.


Ways to reach Kish Island:

You can go directly to Kish by plane or go to Bandar Abbas by train/bus and travel to Kish Island by barge.

the most beautiful islands in Iran: Qeshm island

Qeshm is the largest island in Iran and is considered one of the cities of Hormozgan province. This island is seen as one of the best commercial centers in Iran for buying goods at reasonable prices. Therefore, you can experience the pleasure of an affordable shopping trip to Qeshm along with the unique beauty of this island. The characteristics of Qeshm are not limited to its economic and commercial role; The historical sights and natural tourist attractions of this island attract a large number of tourists every year.

As we said, Qeshm Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Iran. After you reach Qeshm, you will see that many recreational places have been built for you to explore and enjoy. 8000 hectares of natural resources of mangrove forests, the historical port of Laft in the vicinity of the forest, countless caves including the Qeshm salt cave, which is the longest salt cave in the world, Chahkooh, and the abandoned Portuguese fort are just some of the attractions of Qeshm Island.

Star Valley can also be a spectacular place for you to visit with mysterious stories. According to the natives, falling stars have created the nesting caves and the strange shape of the land of this spectacular place. Stargazing in this area is so fascinating that even astronomy groups organize their annual educational tours here.

Ways to reach Qeshm Island:

You can go to Qeshm with a direct plane ticket or go to Bandar Abbas by train/bus and board a barge from there at Haqqani Wharf to Qeshm.

the most beautiful islands in Iran: Hormoz island

If you have already heard that Hormuz Island is one of the places you must see before you die, you heard right! One of the most beautiful, pristine, and colorful islands in Iran is Hormuz Island. This island is located in the southeast of Bandar Abbas, and with an area of 42 square kilometers, it is in the heart of the Strait of Hormuz. Beautiful Hormuz was under Portuguese colonization for many years and many times witnessed the rebellion of the people of the region against the colonialists. But finally, during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid, this island was taken back and regained its position as one of the most beautiful islands in southern Iran.

However, Hormuz Island still maintains its old texture and does not have any luxury residences or fancy hotels. On this island, you can visit dozens of beautiful natural places that cannot be gathered in one day. Among the most famous places of Hormuz Island, we can mention the famous Red Beach, Valley of Statues, Salt Cave, Rainbow Valley, and Farsh Beach, which host a large number of tourists in the region every year.

Ways to reach Hormuz Island:

First, go to Bandar Abbas by land or air, and then go to Haqqani Wharf and board the Hormuz barges from there.

the most beautiful islands in Iran: Hengam Island

Hengam Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Iran and is located in the southern part of Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf. Apart from the natural beauty of this amazing Iranian island, you can watch the precious dolphins of the Persian Gulf emerge from the clear waters of the sea and dive with their beaks into it. A rare sight that cannot be found easily on other islands. To increase your chances of seeing these beautiful and intelligent creatures, try to arrange your cruise to the island in the morning between October and May, or just go for a boat ride early in the morning after you are on the island.

This island in the middle of the Persian Gulf and Hormozgan province has several tourist attractions and other essential features. As one of the most beautiful islands in Iran, Hengam is full of wildlife. Some rare animals such as native Iranian gazelles, lizards, sea turtles, and crabs live on this island. The memorable end of your trip to Hengam Island can be a visit to the local market and buying traditional souvenirs for your family and friends.

Ways to get to Hengam Island:

To reach this island, you must go to Qeshm. So, whether by land or air, get to Qeshm and then board a boat from there until you arrive on time.

the most beautiful islands in Iran: Naz island

One of the islands in Iran, which can be said to be different from all the coasts of Iran is Naz Island! This island is different from all the beaches you have ever seen, and at low tide, a strip of shining sand is visible, with three rocks sticking out of the water.

During the low tide, with the full-back of the seawater for a short time, a strip of land connects Naz Island to Qeshm Beach.

Although the time of this event is short, during this time, travelers can watch the Strait of Hormuz, Lark Island from the top of the Naz Islands.

It is interesting to know that the Naz Islands are part of Qeshm Global Geopark and one of the seven wonders of this island. According to many experts, this area used to be a resting place for fishermen.

Larak Island

Larak is a small island near Qeshm, which is only 48.7 square kilometers in size. This island is considered one of the cities of Qeshm and about 300 families live there. Lark people are mostly Qahtani Arabs and their language is Arabic. Lark Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Iran and Military forts, East India Company’s telegraph house in an area known as “Merne”, and 800-year-old houses in the mountains of the island are among its historical tourist attractions. The strangest place to see on this island is its historical cemetery. Clay hearths are placed on the graves like a small pots, and frankincense and pewter are poured on the hot coals inside them, causing a pleasant smell to be felt in this area.

The presence of plankton in the water of this island has caused blue light to be seen when the water waves hit the beach at the beginning of the night. Our suggestion is to go to the beach in the evening and relax in the pavilions after walking around the beach. When the night begins, you can record your unique photos of this beautiful beach.

There is plenty of fishing on this island and every day the caught fish are transported to Bandar Abbas and other islands. But eating tandoori fish by the beach is a pleasure that you may not forget for a long time. the best time to travel to Lark is the second half of the year because at this time the weather on the island is mild and pleasant.

Ways to reach Larak Island:

If you can get to Bandar Abbas on Thursdays and Fridays, you can board lark barges at Haqqani Wharf. Due to the limited hours of the barges, be sure to pay attention to their round-trip calendar.

Minu Island

There is an unspoiled nature in the southern part of the country, which is one of the most beautiful islands in Iran. Minu Island is separated by the Arvand Rivers, and the only way to access it is a bridge on the south side of the island over the Jarf River. About 5 rivers are flowing on this island, and a trip to it will introduce you to the local culture, traditional foods, handicrafts, etc. of the people of this island.

Siri Island

The region of the blue shores of the Persian Gulf has a high diversity in culture, history, and attractions you can get a complete treasure of tourism for yourself by traveling to it. Another one of the islands in Iran, which is very spectacular, is called Siri Island. This island is also known by other names such as Sri or Suri. It is located on a scenic island in the southeast of the blue waters of the Persian Gulf, 30 miles southwest of Bandar Abbas. The vegetation of this area consists of plants that can store high water.

When is the best time to travel to the southern islands in Iran?

The best time to travel to the southern islands in Iran is from early autumn to mid-spring. Due to the extremely hot and humid climate, these islands become a real nightmare in the summer season, and for those who are not used to this climate, they will be much hotter than they can bear.

If you want to travel to the south where you can swim in the sea and sunbathe, early autumn will be the best choice for you. With the onset of winter, the days of the islands are still warm, but the nights are a little cooler and not very suitable for swimming.


The islands in Iran with their stunning and magical nature are one of the most valuable tourist spots in the middle east. Each of these residential islands has its unique nature and with its valleys, colorful soils, and diverse animal species, they are the best destinations for camps and multi-day trips. In this article from Eligasht, we tried our best to introduce the most beautiful islands in Iran. It’s easy to find your way to these legendary islands and make your next vacation a memorable one.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Where is Red Beach?

Red Beach is located on one of the southern islands in Iran called Hormuz and is one of the most important tourism elements of this island.

Is it possible to swim on Hormuz Island?

Yes. Depending on the season you travel to Hormuz, you can swim at the beach of this beautiful island any time of the day or night.

  Which islands in Iran have airports?

Qeshm and Kish’s islands have airports due to their strong tourism industry, and Abu Musa island has an airport due to its military status.

 What season is the best time to travel to the islands of Hengam?

Mid-autumn to mid-May is the best time to travel.

 What are the tourist attractions of Kish?

Coral Beach, dolphin park, Greek ship, Harireh ancient city, and safari are the best tourist attractions of this island that attract a large number of tourists every year.

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