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12 Must-Try Restaurants in Urmia: A Culinary Journey Through Iran’s Northwest

restaurants in Urmia

by Parastoo Sahebi
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restaurants in Urmia

Urmia, a vibrant city located in northwest Iran, has become a popular destination for tourists due to its diverse range of attractions. From its stunning natural landscapes to its rich cultural heritage, Urmia offers something for everyone. To ensure visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable experience, the city has a range of amenities such as hotels, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues. In this article, we will delve into the city’s culinary scene and introduce the best restaurants in Urmia. Whether you are a fan of traditional Iranian cuisine or prefer international dishes, Urmia’s restaurants have got you covered. So, join us on a culinary journey through the city’s top eateries and discover the flavors that make Urmia a must-visit destination for food lovers.


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1.Kashkool Restaurant

Kashkool restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Urmia. The restaurant’s ambiance is decorated with music, and the atmosphere becomes more enjoyable with the scent of the pool in the middle of the restaurant. Apart from the pleasant ambiance, the restaurant’s menu is also of good quality. This menu has various types of authentic Iranian food. In addition to all these foods, Urmia’s special foods are also served in this traditional Urmia restaurant.

Foods such as meatballs, kashke bademjan, and dizi are cooked with the special customs of the Urmia people. Tea is also served in this restaurant, so don’t miss tea after your meal.

Address: Urmia, Bargh Street, after the Governor’s Office building, near the intersection of the college, besides the Bahar alley

restaurants in Urmia

2.Flamingo restaurant

This restaurant, located on Kashani Street, is known as one of the best restaurants in Urmia, due to the high score it has received from visitors. If you travel to Urmia, you should not miss the taste of the food in this restaurant. The quality of the cooked food in this restaurant is high, and most of the people who have visited it have been satisfied. Kubideh and Joojeh Kabab have been able to receive a good scores from people, and you should not miss them if you visit this Urmia restaurant.

The service at Flamingo restaurant is a bit slow, but the staff behaves politely with the customers. The cost of the food is also reasonable compared to its quality, and for this reason, you can order anything you want without worry. The restaurant is open from 12 noon to 11 pm every day of the week, and you can visit it during this time.

The interior of the restaurant is normal but clean, and most of the time, it is crowded due to the quality and reasonable price of the food. If you want, you can take your food outside the restaurant and eat it wherever you want, or order it to be sent to you.

Flamingo Restaurant Address: Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Kashani Street, close to Bakeri intersection, next to the oil company.

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3.Hoor Restaurant Urmia

Hoor Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Urmia, located in the Band neighborhood of Urmia. With its various Turkish and Iranian dishes and a very calm atmosphere, this restaurant has gained a lot of popularity among the people of this city and travelers who intend to visit a Turkish restaurant.

One of the strengths of this restaurant is its very professional management. You can have a unique experience with the most delicious Iranian and Turkish foods in an extraordinary environment.


Address: Urmia.Band Park.

restaurants in Urmia

4. Diyako Restaurant Urmia

If you like to eat in a very luxurious and peaceful environment, Diyako restaurant is the best choice for you. Diyako Urmia restaurant, famous for its delicious kebabs and fresh and tender steaks, has a menu for all tastes and preferences that has gained a lot of tourists’ satisfaction. In addition to Iranian dishes, various seafood, and international dishes, along with appetizers, can be seen in this restaurant’s menu, and you can try unique tastes of various foods.

The address of Diyako restaurant: is Jamejam Boulevard, between Golestan 1 and 2 streets, at the corner of 15th Alley.


5.Molavi Restaurant

This restaurant is also one of the best restaurants in Urmia, as it has received high ratings from its visitors and most people who have been to Molavi have been satisfied with the quality of the food and the interior of the restaurant. The interior design of this Urmia restaurant is simple, but in this simplicity, it has managed to attract many people. Molavi Restaurant can be a suitable place for holding various celebrations and special events with a small number of guests.

If you visit this restaurant, it is better to add grilled chicken to the dishes you order, as it has received good ratings from users and has good taste. Of course, most of the dishes in this restaurant are well-cooked and you can confidently order whatever you need. Molavi Restaurant is open every day of the week from 9 am to 11 pm, and you can go there to have your desired meal during this time frame.

Based on user reviews, it should be said that this Urmia restaurant serves quality food and the cost of the food is slightly higher compared to other similar restaurants, but it is worth trying. Some seafood dishes are also served at this restaurant, which has its fans and you can also try them.

The exterior of the restaurant is quite simple, but the quality and customer satisfaction have made it one of the most famous restaurants in Urmia. It is worth mentioning that there is enough space for parking in front of the restaurant, and you can also use it.

The address of Molavi Restaurant is Molavi Boulevard, Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province.

restaurants in Urmia

6.Kababi Seyed

If you want to try the best quality kabab or liver during your trip to Urmia, it is better to visit Kababi Seyed in this city. This restaurant and kabab house in Urmia is famous for serving the best types of kababs, and the cooked kababs in this restaurant have many fans.

Kababi Seyed Urmia is located on Taleghani Street in the Zanjir Intersection.


7.Hajibaba Restaurant

Another restaurant that has received high ratings from users in Urmia is Hajibaba Restaurant. This restaurant is open every day of the week from 12 pm to 12 am, and you can use it during this time frame. The interior of the restaurant is like a large reception hall suitable for all kinds of celebrations and events. The decor and design used in this restaurant are modern but simple.

The high rating that Hajibaba Restaurant has received has made it one of the best restaurants in Urmia. The quality of the food in this restaurant is high, and its price is suitable compared to other similar restaurants. This restaurant has a dedicated parking lot and can also be reserved.

The view of this Urmia restaurant is glassy and circular and faces the Qoyun Bridge. The service at the restaurant is good, and for this reason, the rating it has received is high. Also, the behavior of the staff towards customers is polite. Hajibaba Restaurant is famous among the people of this city, and they consider it a very suitable place to eat. It is better not to miss the “Koubideh” when you visit this restaurant and taste its good taste.

The address of Hajibaba Restaurant is Band Road, the beginning of Bouali, at the end of Faculty Street, Urmia, West Azerbaijan.

restaurants in Urmia

8.Super Star Turkish and Italian Restaurant

Super Star Turkish and Italian Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Urmia that offers a great variety of food. The warm and pleasant atmosphere, excellent quality of food, and friendly and professional staff make it a preferred choice for food lovers and tourists.

If you looking for something with a new and different taste that suits your palate, this restaurant offers delicious Italian and Turkish cuisine. The menu is a combination of Italian and Turkish dishes, catering to the diverse tastes of travelers and locals alike.

The address of Super Star Restaurant is Urmia, Imam Ali Boulevard,


9.Toumar Restaurant

This restaurant is famous among locals and tourists because it is located in a beautiful garden. If you visit Urmia, do not miss the chance to experience this unique ambiance. The high rating it has received from customers has placed it among the best restaurants in Urmia. The scenery and design of the garden are beautiful and attract many visitors who come to take pictures.

Toumar Restaurant is open every day of the week from 9 am to 12 midnight. you can enjoy traditional Urmia hookah and tea service at this restaurant and have a pleasant day. The restaurant also offers a dedicated parking lot, which is a plus. In addition to Iranian dishes, you can also order Turkish dishes from the menu.

The address of Toumar Restaurant is Band Road, after the Industrial University Student Park, between Dorostkar Street and Molavi Boulevard, Urmia, West Azerbaijan.

restaurants in Urmia

10.Ghooch-Italian restaurant

Koch Italian restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Urmia, which has a variety of high-quality Italian dishes. The special feature of this restaurant, which attracts the attention of every tourist, is the decoration and color of the walls of Koch Italian restaurant. There are spoons, forks, and knives hanging from the ceiling of the second floor of the Ghooch restaurant, and on the first floor, around the lamp, empty yellow glass bottles can be seen, which gives a special and new look to the decoration of the Italian Ghooch restaurant. The atmosphere of this restaurant is modern and cozy, and stylish and comfortable chairs, luxurious granite tables, and large vases give a special effect to the relaxing atmosphere of Ghooch Italian restaurant. The soft music that is played while serving the food removes the fatigue from the body of every tourist and gives them a relaxing feeling.

Address: In the middle of Amin St., next to Atavich Fast Food


11.Beef restaurant cafe

As the name of the restaurant suggests. If you like to try meat and steak in a variety of dishes, it is the best option to choose. This restaurant has a variety of burgers and barbecue dishes. It also has a very beautiful and pleasant atmosphere.

Address: Urmia, Imam Ali Blvd., not reaching Dorostkar St., opposite Guller Baghi Park

restaurants in Urmia

12.Roozegaran traditional restaurant

One of the popular restaurants in Urmia, which is very famous in this city, is Roozegaran Traditional Restaurant. This restaurant has beautiful architecture and a unique and unique environment, and the food offered in it is of very good quality. In this restaurant, all kinds of Iranian dishes are cooked and you can experience the unique taste of all kinds of kebabs, which are served with fresh local bread.

Address: Roozegaran traditional restaurant of Urmia is located on the airport boulevard of this city.


Final words

Urmia is the capital of West Azarbaijan province and many tourists visit this city every year. As a result, it is not surprising that the number of restaurants and their variety is large in this city. Whether you like local food and traditional Iranian food or fast food and international food, you will not be disappointed in the restaurants of Urmia and you will find your favorite food. In this article from Eligasht, we reviewed 12 of the best restaurants in Urmia so that you don’t get confused when traveling to Urmia to find a good restaurant.


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