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12 of the best hotels in Shiraz for a unique stay in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Choosing a good place to stay when traveling to tourist cities like Shiraz is one of the main concerns of tourists. The best hotels in Shiraz for tourists who travel to this beautiful city is a hotel that has various facilities, reasonable price, good location, etc. In this article from Eli Gasht, we will review the best hotels in Shiraz, which is one of the most touristic cities in Iran and welcomes many domestic and foreign tourists every year.

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1. Shiraz Grand Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel is a five-star hotel in the northeastern mountains of Shiraz, which has been operating since 1392 with a beautiful and eye-catching view similar to a ship. This hotel is built with an infrastructure equivalent to 40,000 square meters on 14 floors and is considered one of the luxury and the best hotels in Shiraz. All 158 accommodation units of the Grand Hotel are equipped with modern equipment; So you will experience a pleasant stay in this hotel.

By booking Shiraz Grand Hotel, you will have access to many accommodations and comfort facilities, which we will mention below. These facilities are in addition to common hotel facilities, such as refrigerator, telephone, TV, central antenna, bathroom, wireless internet, air conditioning, fire alarm system, 24-hour housekeeping, elevator, and safety deposit box, including five conference halls, reception hall, men and women hair salon, laundry, taxi service, swimming pool, sauna, game room, billiard room, handball, babysitting room, coffee shop, Iranian restaurant located on the fourth floor, rotating restaurant on the sixth floor, Italian restaurant on the fourth floor, business center and in the end parking with a capacity of 600 cars).


2. Zandiyeh Hotel

Near Karim Khan Citadel, there is one of the best hotels in Shiraz, where traces of traditional architecture are evident. Zandieh Shiraz Hotel was built in 1394 and put into operation on 7 floors and a total of 80 rooms. This hotel has provided an attractive environment for its guests with its Iranian yet luxurious design.

The stylish restaurants of this 5-star hotel have a high quality and variety of food, and the unique design of the swimming pool and sauna of this hotel is inspired by Vakil’s bath. With a friendly and professional staff and facilities such as outdoor parking, gym, car rental, safety deposit box, and 24/7 room service, this hotel has always been able to attract the maximum satisfaction of its passengers. Also, Zandieh Hotel is very important in terms of its location and its proximity to important city attractions such as Karim Khan Citadel and Vakil traditional market.


3. Pars Hotel Shiraz

Pars International Hotel Shiraz is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, which was put into operation in 2001 on Karim Khan Zand Street. This hotel has easy access to the international airport, Persepolis, Saadi tomb, Karimkhan complex, and Hafez tomb. 190 luxurious rooms and suites of the hotel are located in 2 luxurious twin towers with 13 floors.

Hotel services include a swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, jacuzzi, gym, and massage room, a restaurant serving a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisines in an environment that creates a unique atmosphere and view, live music, a 24-hour coffee shop, Two pearl and emerald halls can be used for all kinds of conferences, shops in the hotel lobby, etc. The seasoned and experienced staff of Pars Hotel are ready to send off the passengers with the best memories. So we can say it is one of the best hotels in Shiraz city.

4.Homa Hotel Shiraz

As one of the best hotels in Shiraz, This 5-star luxury hotel Homa Shiraz is located next to Azadi Park, with a beautiful view of the center of Shiraz. This hotel offers travelers the facilities needed for a stylish business hotel along with the facilities of a luxury leisure hotel. Homa Hotel welcomes the dear guests of Shiraz city with complete comfort facilities, sports facilities, various restaurants, and services according to international standards.

A coffee shop, dry cleaning, 24/7 room service, various meeting halls, sports facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, jacuzzi, massage room, and parking are among the facilities of Homa Shiraz Hotel.

5.  Chamran Hotel, Shiraz

One of the luxurious hotels that have the title of one of the best hotels in Shiraz is the Chamran Hotel, which is the tallest hotel in the city with 30 floors. Chamran 5-star hotel with 250 accommodation units in the form of rooms and suites and stylish design and decoration is one of the most beautiful hotels in Shiraz.

This hotel has various facilities such as an Italian coffee shop, a view coffee shop (located on the 23rd floor), a traditional visit cafe, a panoramic restaurant (located on the 24th floor), a restaurant of nations, fast food, a bank, an elevator, 24-hour housekeeping, medical services, laundry, and a safety deposit box. , men’s and women’s hair salon, photography studio, special services for the disabled, commercial complex, multi-purpose halls (located on the 21st and 22nd floors with an area of about 800 meters suitable for parties, ceremonies, and conferences), gym, swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, Western bath, Dr. Fish massage, aromatherapy (massage with herbal aromatic oils), green space and tourism counter.

6.Setargan Hotel

One of the newest 5-star hotels in Shiraz is Setaregan Hotel. This hotel is 1391, at the intersection of Azadi and Eram streets, with 13 floors and only 47 rooms, providing a very enjoyable stay experience in a quiet and peaceful place for its passengers. With a stunning design in its external and internal architecture and providing complete accommodation facilities, one of the best options for booking a hotel in Shiraz is Setaregan Hotel. With these facilities, we consider this hotel one of the best hotels in Shiraz.

7. Vakil Hotel Shiraz

Vakil Hotel in Shiraz, which was opened in 2017, is also considered one of the best hotels in Shiraz from the point of view of travelers. This three-star hotel is located in the historical context of the city and has an ideal location. This hotel has easy access to historical places such as the bathhouse and Vakil Bazaar, Narenjestan Qavam, etc. Vakil Shiraz Hotel is ready to welcome guests on three floors and 31 accommodation units with convenient facilities.

The hotel has a quiet restaurant with a beautiful and pleasant environment and a varied menu of delicious Iranian dishes. The coffee shop of the hotel is located in the open space of the hotel yard, and with Iranian architecture and a beautiful blue pond, it will bring you happy moments with your friends and family.

Vakil Hotel Shiraz

8. Khaneh Bagh Irani

Khaneh Bagh Irani Shiraz eco-tourism resort is located in the central part of this city. This house, which is the largest ecotourism residence in Shiraz, is built on two floors and has easy access to the historical and sightseeing centers of the city. This 100-year-old house dates back to the first Pahlavi period and welcomes the art-loving tourists of Shiraz with 12 rooms with a capacity of 40 people. A gazebo, pond, greenhouse, and beautiful open space covered with green and old trees have made this residence to be on the list of the best hotels in Shiraz for art lovers.

9.Fil(elephant) house

If you are the type of person who likes to stay in a traditional and completely historical place, this residence can be a good choice for you. The traditional ecotourism residence of the fil (Elephant) house is located in the traditional context of Shiraz city, which dates back to 200 years ago. After restoration, this traditional hotel started working as one of the most popular traditional residences and the best traditional hotel in Shiraz. This traditional house with a small pond in its yard and a forest-like environment provides a pleasant atmosphere for its travelers. The main reason for this accommodation to be included in the list of the best hotels in Shiraz is the great popularity of this accommodation among travelers and tourists.

Shiraz fil mansion has provided services and facilities such as experienced and professional staff, private parking, free internet, Iranian and foreign sanitary facilities, and the possibility of ordering Shiraz’s local homemade food for tourists and guests.

10. Arg Shiraz Hotel

The 3-star Arg Shiraz Hotel started operating in 1370 and was renovated in 1384 to improve the quality level. Currently, Arg Hotel is ready to host guests with 42 accommodation spaces. All the necessary facilities are available in this hotel and you can use the coffee shop and restaurant if needed.

Another advantage of Shiraz Arg Hotel is its proximity to Shiraz sights such as Karimkhani Citadel, Hammam Vakil, Jahan Nama Bagh, Shahcheragh, Hafeziya, and Afif Abad Bagh. So you can access these places in a short time. Arg Hotel is located next to Shah Cheragh and guests can easily visit his shrine. as one of the best hotels in Shiraz, this hotel is near the market and you can access the market in a short time and buy all kinds of Shiraz souvenirs for your friends and loved ones.

11. Niayesh Shiraz Hotel

Niayesh Shiraz Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Shiraz, which was opened in the historical context of the city, namely Serah Namazi, and near the shrine of Shah Cheragh. This hotel has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists with its traditional and unique architecture, a yard full of flowers and trees, large windows made of colored glass, and a beautiful water view full of redfish. As one of the best hotels in Shiraz, This hotel with two floors and 77 rooms with good amenities is a suitable place for art lovers to stay.

12. Beyn ol Harameen Hotel, Shiraz

Beyn ol Harameen Hotel is one of the best hotels in Shiraz with facilities such as green space, a store, parking lot, taxi service, prayer room, restaurant, and coffee shop. This three-star hotel is located on Hosseini St., Astana Square, Bein Al-Haramein St., next to the City Council. 59 rooms of this hotel are ready to accommodate guests in capacities of one to four people.

By staying in this hotel, you can easily visit the sights of Shiraz such as Narenjestan Qavam Garden, Zaintul-Molk House, Nasir-ul-Molk Mosque, and Vakil Bath; Of course, to visit these attractions, you are about 10 minutes away by car.

Final words

Shiraz, the city of art and history, is considered one of the main tourist destinations in Iran. Because of its beautiful and valuable tourist attractions, many hotels have been built in this city for travelers to stay. According to travelers, the best hotels in Shiraz are hotels that provide them with good and peaceful moments during their travel and stays in this city and doubles the pleasure of the trip. For this reason, we tried to introduce you to the best hotels in Shiraz, so you can choose easily among them.

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