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The best restaurants in Tabriz

restaurants in Tabriz

by Parastoo Sahebi
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restaurants in Tabriz

The best restaurants in Tabriz can provide you with a delicious travel experience. If you are planning to travel to Tabriz, we must congratulate you for making the right and unique choice. This historical and beautiful city is the center of East Azarbaijan province and because of the historical events that happened there, it has many and unique tourist attractions that are very diverse. That is why many tourists and travelers travel to this city every year.

In addition to its many tourist and historical attractions, Tabriz city has local food and many modern restaurants where you should experience the pleasure of the taste of Tabriz food. The restaurants of this city have experienced and professional staff and are known for being unique in hosting. All Iranian, international, traditional and local dishes with different tastes are prepared and presented in these restaurants. In this article from Eligasht, we will introduce you to of the best restaurants in Tabriz.


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Haj Ali restaurant in Tabriz

one of the best restaurants in Tabriz that can give you the real taste of kebab is called Haj Ali Restaurant. Food with quality and a brilliant history of 100 years of providing Tabriz local food, will undoubtedly turn you from a temporary customer to a permanent customer. The decoration used in this restaurant is cozy and simple, and along with the delicious and quality food it cooks, the attention of every customer, tourist and traveler is drawn to it.

If you go to the old market of Tabriz, we recommend that you treat yourself to a delicious meal at this restaurant. In this restaurant, all kinds of kebabs are served.

Address: Tabriz city, old market.

restaurants in Tabriz

Bam-e Tabriz

Another one of the best restaurants in Tabriz is called Bam-e Tabriz Restaurant, which is located at the highest point of the city and offers a unique view of the heights of Einali Park in front of your eyes. Most people, whether they are travelers or citizens and residents of Tabriz, choose this restaurant not only because of its high-quality and delicious food but also because of its beautiful view of nature. If enjoying beautiful views is a priority for you along with serving food, we recommend that you have a meal at this restaurant.


Address: Pasdaran Highway, Einali Forest Park, next to Aon Ali Mosque.

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Delestan traditional restaurant

This restaurant is among the best restaurants in Tabriz and is suitable for people who are not into exotic food, ceremonies and luxury. Traditional dishes such as authentic Iranian chelokebab, and meatballs are served in this restaurant. if you travel to Tabriz, we recommend that you visit the restaurant to taste the most delicious local dishes that are cooked in a completely traditional way. Visit completely traditional Delestan.

The atmosphere and interior decoration of the restaurant, which is considered one of the best restaurants in Tabriz, is delightfully traditional. Tables and chairs, windows, the center of the hall and the pond in which it is located provide you to enjoy delicious food in a cozy and relaxing environment. The food of this restaurant undoubtedly reminds you of traditional Iranian gardens.

restaurants in Tabriz

Address: Tabriz City, 29 Bahman Blvd., in front of Jam-e Jam.


Nafis restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Tabriz, which we highly recommend to Turkish food lovers, is Nafis Restaurant. This restaurant has an experienced and skilled staff and a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Nafis restaurant provides you with the taste of delicious and authentic Turkish food along with the best service. If you are a fan of Turkish cuisine, Nafis Tabriz restaurant is the best suggestion for you. In this restaurant, Turkish kebabs of the best quality and the lowest prices are offered to clients and tourists.


Address: Roudaki St., Valiasr Blvd., Tabriz.


Ipak Yuli restaurant

Undoubtedly, different people have different tastes in choosing a restaurant, among which some people enjoy eating local food in a traditional atmosphere, while the rest are interested in luxury and modern restaurants. For people who are interested in modern restaurants, we have considered Ipak Yuli restaurant, which is considered one of the best restaurants in Tabriz.

This restaurant is a high-quality and luxurious restaurant that has 2 branches in Tabriz and serves high-quality and delicious Turkish and Iranian food in both branches. The atmosphere of this restaurant is completely hygienic and up-to-date, and its interior decoration has multiplied the attractiveness of the space. We recommend you eat one of your meals at this restaurant if you travel to Tabriz.

restaurants in Tabriz

Address: Caspian Business Center, Second Property St., Tabriz.


Farahani traditional restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Tabriz is Farahani traditional restaurant, which is built in an 11-meter basement. This cozy and pleasant space is so full of good and different feelings that you don’t want to leave it at all. This restaurant, which is one of the oldest traditional restaurants in Tabriz, has a long history. At the beginning of entering this dining room, the old photos and traditional clothes will surprise you.

Address: Tabriz City, Shesh Golan St., before the Qari bridge.


Berkeh restaurant

Berkeh restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Tabriz. This restaurant with a cozy and traditional atmosphere is only 20 minutes from the city center, and the space and site of the complex are decorated with trees, tropical plants, and unique flowers, which strongly matches the name of this restaurant. There is a pond in the center of the restaurant, which is beautifully surrounded by plants and flowers in the space. The capacity of this restaurant is 280 people and it serves all the traditional and delicious local dishes such as Koufteh Tabrizi, all kinds of kebabs, very delicious broths, as well as tea, coffee, and other drinks.

This restaurant receives a lot of customers and tourists during its working hours, which of course offers them a reasonable price in addition to the high quality of the food. If you have a craving for broth during your trip to Tabriz, we recommend you go to Berkeh restaurant. This restaurant serves delicious local dishes such as chicken, fish and lamb kebabs along with aromatic and authentic Iranian rice. In addition, if you like fast food more than traditional food, then Barke restaurant with all kinds of pizza and burgers is right for you.

restaurants in Tabriz

Address: Tabriz city, Sardroud beltway, between the first and second underpass.


Jalali Restaurant

One of the most famous and successful restaurants in Tabriz, which has been welcomed by many customers for a long time, is Jalali Restaurant. this restaurant has been serving its customers since 1980 with a variety of local, Turkish, Iranian, international and seafood dishes. All the dishes cooked in this restaurant are of the highest quality and we recommend you try koufteh Tabrizi and the delicious kebabs of Jalali restaurant if you go to this restaurant.

However, although this restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Tabriz, the price is almost high, which is not noticeable compared to the very high quality and service of the food. The menu of this restaurant is one of the most famous restaurant menus in the city of Tabriz, where you can have a variety of dishes such as shishlik with bone, special leaf, Bakhtiari fillet kebab, special grilled chicken, etc., along with delicious rice.

Address: Basij Square, Tehran Gate, Tabriz.


Ojaq restaurant

The restaurants of Tabriz city have great diversity and one of the best restaurants in this city is ojaq Restaurant. the pleasure of eating in this restaurant will never be forgotten by you. In this restaurant, you will not see a kitchen and the food is cooked and served in front of the customer, in other words, on the table. Ojaq restaurant, which is considered one of the best restaurants in Tabriz due to its different cooking methods, is very popular among city residents and tourists due to its interesting idea of cooking and serving food.

All you have to do is choose your meat and the chef will cook it for you in the best possible way. This restaurant welcomes you from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM for lunch and from 7:00 PM to 12:00 PM for dinner. We advise you not to miss serving food at this restaurant during your trip to Tabriz.

restaurants in Tabriz

Address: Tabriz city, km 5 of Tabriz road, the beginning of Kondroud road.


Vahid Restaurant

Vahid restaurant in Tabriz city is more than 10 years old, where very delicious and high quality food is served. The menu of this restaurant, which is on the list of the best restaurants in Tabriz, includes grilled beef and lamb fillets, grilled fish, lamb shishlik, grilled beef, Koufteh Tabrizi, fish and a variety of delicious dishes. If none of the Tabriz restaurants caught your attention, Vahid’s different and well-equipped restaurant will satisfy you.


Address: Tabriz City, Laleh Park complex square, Shahid Fahmideh Street, the ground floor of Vahid complex.


Anna Garden traditional restaurant

If you are looking for a beautiful and green space to experience the delicious taste of Iranian food cooked by prominent chefs of Tabriz on wooden beds, we recommend Anna’s Garden in Tabriz. This restaurant is covered, so don’t worry about the cold and heat. The atmosphere of the restaurant simulates the nature of the forest so that you can try all kinds of Iranian food in a lovely and refined environment.

Anna’s traditional restaurant and garden is a cozy place and has authentic Azerbaijani dishes on its menu. This restaurant is a great choice in the first and second half of the year because it has good quality and will bring good memories to the Tabriz travelers. At Ana restaurant in Tabriz, food is cooked in the best way and all kinds of kebabs, and Iranian dishes will be served to the travelers. If you are a traveler of Tabriz, one of the best options for your restaurant trip is Ana Restaurant Garden.

The address of Ana traditional restaurant: East Azarbaijan, Tabriz, on the first of Tabriz Road, Azarshahr, between the first and second sub-pass.

restaurants in Tabriz

Balik restaurant in Tabriz

Balik Restaurant in Tabriz is one of the other barbecue destinations in the city. Of course, the type of white meat. Because this is a place that only serves seafood, and for that reason, it is not a hangout for chicken eaters, barbecue eaters, or pizza eaters. Of course, pounded leaf kebab with fish is prepared and offered to customers. This place has good decoration and it is lit like a ship to evoke the atmosphere of the north and south seas of Iran. Balik means fish. At Balik restaurant in Tabriz, puffed shrimp and salmon have many customers.

Address of Balik restaurant in Tabriz: East Azarbaijan, Tabriz, Eel Goli Road, Sadeghi St., Golshahr, before Shohada Hospital intersection


Final words

Tabriz is the city of delicious and authentic foods. Foods that you will never forget the taste of. From all kinds of kebabs to Yeralma Yumurtai that they sell in the streets of the city. So the number of good restaurants in Tabriz where you can eat delicious food is not little. The city of Tabriz is full of various restaurants with quality and attractive food, and we tried to introduce you to the best restaurants in Tabriz in this article. If you go to Tabriz, be sure to visit these restaurants, and don’t doubt that you will never regret having a meal in these restaurants.

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