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Everything about tourism SIM card in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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it is very easy to get a tourist SIM card in Iran. You can easily get your tourism SIM card from the first three mobile operators, Irancell and Shuttle Mobile. It is necessary to be able to connect to the Internet and make phone calls when visiting another country. Most of the time, tourists who come to Iran have to benefit from the Internet and communicate only with the WiFi of hotels, cafes, and restaurants. But most people prefer to always use a SIM card so that they can always be online and manage all their affairs at the moment. For this purpose, it can be said that a tourism SIM card is the best option for these people. In this article from Eligasht, we try to provide complete explanations about the tourist SIM card in Iran and its advantages for travelers and tourists, as well as how to buy and activate it.

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Learn more about tourism SIM card in Iran

Iran is one of the countries that has always received the attention of the world due to its rich history, in terms of the works left from the distant years as well as its special culture. This special attention has caused many tourists to choose Iran for travel as a country with a history of several thousand years and such a special culture.

tourist SIM card in Iran is not exclusive to foreigners, but it provides special services for them. this SIM card provides users with information about Iran’s tourist attractions in both English and Arabic languages, has easier access to the Internet, and has multimedia, and GPS. These SIM cards are also very suitable for other people who are used to traveling and are interested in exploring the nature of Iran.

A tourism SIM card in Iran is considered one of the credit SIM cards that the people who prepare it are not required to pay exorbitant costs for calling abroad and international calls. They can also use other services such as SMS and high-speed internet.

Who is the tourist SIM card suitable for?

People who come to Iran can easily obtain and use a tourist SIM card at entry borders, international airports, information kiosks, or tourism agencies by presenting a valid passport themselves or the tour officials.

Tourism SIM card in Iran with Irancell operator

Irancell operator, as the first digital operator in the country, is one of the suppliers of tourism SIM cards in Iran.  tourists and travelers can buy from the international airports of the country as soon as they arrive in Iran. The only document required to buy an Irancell tourist SIM card is the tourist’s passport number.

The advantages of the Irancell tourism SIM card are as follows:

  • high-speed Internet
  • Economic price
  • Wide coverage areas
  • 24/7 support


Tariffs and details of Irancell tourism SIM card

Irancell has considered a one-month credit for the first type of tourist SIM card in Iran, which costs 30 thousand tomans, and these SIM cards also have an initial charge of 4 thousand tomans. 1.5 GB of internet is also included in these SIM cards.

Tourist SIM cards of the second type are more economical than tourist SIM cards of the first type. These SIM cards, which cost 43 thousand tomans, have an initial charge of 14 thousand tomans and also have 3 GB of internet. Therefore, it is much more economical than the first type in terms of price.

But the third type of tourist SIM card costs 58 thousand tomans. Its initial charge is 22 thousand tomans and includes 5 GB of internet.

By examining the three types of tourism SIM cards that can be provided to tourists by the second operator, i.e. Irancell, it can be concluded that the third type of SIM card can be an option if the person’s internet consumption is relatively high during his stay in Iran. It should be better than type 1 and type 2 tourist SIM cards to meet more needs of subscribers.

The point that Irancell has taken into account regarding tourist SIM cards is that it will be usable as soon as you put it in the mobile phone and you don’t have to wait a long time for it to be activated.


Tourism SIM card in Iran with Hamrahe aval operator

Hamrahe aval operator, the largest operator in the country, which also has the largest network coverage, has designed tourist SIM cards with the aim of easy, fast, and cheap access, which are provided to travelers and tourists at the entry points of the country. Hamrahe aval tourism SIM cards are designed according to the needs of different groups of tourists to be responsive to different travelers who enter the country for pilgrimage, business, and tourism. For this reason, these SIM cards have different calls, SMS, and internet volume based on the needs of the passengers.

It is possible to purchase and register a tourism SIM card in Iran only by using a passport, and each person can have up to 3 SIM cards active at the same time.

Note that subscribers must add the international prefix of the destination country to the beginning of the destination number to make a call to a destination outside of Iran.

For example 0098912123456789 or +98912123456789

Subscribers of these SIM cards can increase the validity of their SIM cards by purchasing an electronic or physical recharge of Mobile First through Mobile First agents or authorized stores and using the following command code:

#15-digit code *300*


Mobile shuttle and tourism SIM card

Shuttle has also announced the sale and offering of tourism SIM card in Iran on its website, and these SIM cards have their special field on the Shuttle Mobile website.

In the explanation of these SIM cards, Shuttle has announced: This SIM card is a credit card and is intended for tourists and travelers who travel to Iran. This SIM card provides call, SMS, and internet services to tourists throughout Iran. Tourists can easily communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues in Iran and other countries with Shuttle Mobile tourism SIM cards. This SIM card will be available to foreign tourists with special packages and variable expiration dates. Shuttle Mobile tourism SIM cards with special facilities for tourists will be released soon.

The “Tourist Smart SIM Card” of Shuttle Mobile is smart and creditable. With this SIM card, tourists can receive high-quality and cost-effective calling, texting, and mobile internet services. This SIM card has nationwide 3G and 4G coverage and tourists can enjoy these services during their travels.

The customs and information of the shuttle smart SIM card

Shuttle mobile tourist SIM card is available in a basic shape and in 4 different packages, according to the different needs of tourists.

Basic package with 1 GB of mobile internet and 2000 minutes of conversation in the network and 2000 Tomans initial credit

Package number 1 with 2.5 GB mobile internet and 1000 minutes of in-network conversation and 5000 Tomans initial credit

Package number 2 with 4.5 GB mobile internet and 1000 minutes of in-network conversation and 10,000 Tomans initial credit

Package number 3 with 10 GB of mobile internet and 1000 minutes of in-network conversation and 20,000 Tomans initial credit

Package number 4 with 20 GB mobile internet and 1000 minutes of in-network conversation and 25,000 Tomans initial credit

It should be noted that all these packages are for one month.

Where can I get a tourist shuttle mobile SIM card?

Tourist Shuttle Mobile smart SIM cards along with the provided packages can be purchased from Shuttle Mobile agents all over Iran or from Shuttle Mobile counters in the country’s airports. To buy a tourism SIM card in Iran, you must provide your passport to purchase, register and activate the SIM card according to your needs.

You can contact the experts of the center at all hours of the day and throughout the week through the number 09981000000 and get the necessary support for the SIM card.

Rightel Tourist plan credit card

Rightel operator, as the third active operator in the country, provides travelers and tourists with its tourism plan SIM cards with a validity of 30 days at 300,000 Rials.

The initial package of the Rightel tourism SIM card includes the following:

  • 1000 minutes of conversation within the network
  • 100 minutes of offline conversation
  • 5 GB mobile internet
  • 20 GB internal traffic

Tips and rules of Rightel tourism SIM card:

  • The stated price does not include 9% value-added tax.
  • The 30-day validity of the initial SIM card package will start and be calculated from the time of SIM card registration.
  • If the initial package expires, the mentioned gifts will no longer be usable.
  • After the end of the initial package, it will be possible to purchase consumer packages including calls, SMS, and Internet to reduce costs.
  • It is possible to buy this SIM card only once.
  • Users can find out about the volume and validity period of gifts by installing the Rightel Man application.

Travelers can get a Rightel tourism SIM card in Iran by visiting Rightel stores and service representatives. Of course, it is also possible to get this SIM card online and through the Rightel website.

Final words

In this article from Eligasht, we tried to review sim cards in Iran that are suitable for tourists. Since travelers and tourists who travel to Iran, like all travelers around the world, are concerned about establishing contact and communication with their country, the operators active in the country started offering tourism SIM card in Iran, which is available to tourists at the entry points of the country.

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