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16 of The most delicious Shiraz local dishes you have to try!

Shiraz local dishes

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Shiraz local dishes

Shiraz local dishes, like the city itself, have many fans. Shiraz is not only famous for Hafeziyeh, Saadiyeh, gardens, and historical, religious, cultural and touristic places, but also the cuisine of this city has many claims for itself. The city of Shiraz, like other parts of the world and also other cities of Iran, has diverse and delicious foods and snacks that are unique in their kind. Their preparation is done with special methods and the raw materials are easily found everywhere.  For example, Do Piazeh Aloo, Shirin Polo, Kalam Polo, or ash-e Mast are among the dishes that have no equal. In this article from Eligasht, we have prepared a list of the most delicious Shiraz local dishes. So follow us to get informed.


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1- Shirazi Polo

One of the most authentic and famous Shiraz local dishes is Shirazi Polo. This dish is usually cooked by Shirazis during celebrations and Nowruz days. Most of the traditional restaurants in Shiraz have this dish on their menu, such as Kate Mast and Parhami restaurant. You can enjoy Shirazi Polo with a delicious Shirazi salad. Shirazi Polo is a rice dish with chicken, eggplant, barberry, yogurt and saffron.

They fry the chicken and chop it into pieces, then mix it with a special sauce made of eggplant and yogurt with different spices. They put a layer of rice on the bottom of the pot and then pour the chicken into it and then add the rice again. Barberries, almonds and pistachios are poured on top of it to decorate, and it takes an hour for the Shirazi Polo to brew. We suggest you try this dish whenever you visit Shiraz City.

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Shiraz local dishes

2- Do Piazeh Aloo

Another one of the Shiraz local dishes is Do Piazeh Aloo. This dish originally belong to the city of Abadeh, but today it is considered one of the favorite dishes of Shiraz and you can eat Do Piazeh Aloo in traditional restaurants of Shiraz. The main ingredients of this dish are boiled potatoes, tomatoes, onions and spices, to which meat is added in restaurants. If this dish is without meat, it is considered an excellent and light dish for dinner.


3- Shirazi Kalam Polo

Shirazi Kalam Polo is a familiar name for Iranians. This dish is considered one of the most authentic Shiraz local dishes, which is also very famous. Kalam Polo is a rice dish. In it, rice is cooked with dill, leek, basil, tarragon and lunar cabbage. Minced meat is fried separately and then mixed with rice. Shirazi Kalam Polo has a very delicious taste and the reason is the use of aromatic herbs such as dill, tarragon and basil. Most restaurants in Shiraz have this delicious food and you can enjoy it.

Shiraz local dishes

4- Qanbar Polo

Qanbar Polo is one of the Shiraz local dishes, which, like Shirazi Kalam Polo, is mostly cooked at parties and celebrations. In this dish, Shirazis use rice, minced meat, walnut kernels, onions, pomegranate paste and raisins. Minced meats are fried and walnut kernels are roasted with onions and pomegranate paste. Then the meat is added to these ingredients. When the rice is drained, the meat that was in the onion and walnut sauce and pomegranate paste is added to it.

At this time, they usually add raisins to the rice and put it on the gas to infuse and it takes an hour to cook well. The taste of this dish is usually sweet because of the raisins. Sometimes they use grape juice and dates instead of raisins. Qanbar Polo is one of the hearty Shiraz local dishes, which you can choose according to your taste.


5- Qormeh Beh

Another dish of Shiraz is Qormeh Beh, and one of the main ingredients of this dish is beets. This dish is one of the sweet Shiraz local dishes, and if you like the taste of sweet food, you can choose it. The main ingredients of this stew are sugar, meat, beets, onions, saffron, and spices, and they are usually eaten with rice or bread.

The pieces of beetroot are fried with onions and meat and then they add spices to it. One of the special spices of this dish is saffron, which they add to it and then add water to the required amount in the food and cook at the right temperature. You can order this dish in most traditional restaurants in Shiraz.

Shiraz local dishes

6- Shekar Polo

One of the Shiraz local dishes that have a sweet taste is Shekar Polo. Shekar Polo is made from sugar, rice, pistachio slices, almonds, tangerine peel and saffron. Sugar is dissolved in saffron water, which is considered the main syrup of this dish. When they want to boil the rice, they add this syrup to it. Almond pistachio nuts and tangerine peel are also used to decorate rice. This dish is one of the sweetest Shirazi foods that you can choose if you like sweet food.


7-Havij Polo

We can add Havij Polo to the list of the most delicious Shiraz local dishes. The ingredients of this dish are carrots, rice, sugar, minced meat, saffron, cinnamon, salt and pepper. Minced meat is mixed with cinnamon and pepper and fried in small pieces in a pan. They drain the rice and add carrots and meat to it and then put it on the flame to infuse. Pistachio nuts and almonds are used to decorate it. Because of the sugar they use in the food, Havij Polo is considered a sweet dish.


8-Yakhni Nokhod

If you enjoy eating Dizi (broth), we must tell you that Shirazi’s daisy broth is called Yakhni Nokhod. Ingredients for this dish are meat, chickpeas, potatoes, onion, salt, pepper, and turmeric. This dish is eaten with hot bread and vegetables. Yakhni Nokhod is one of the most delicious Shiraz local dishes, which is usually ordered by the people of the bazaar for lunch.

Shiraz local dishes

9-Rob Polo

One of the Shiraz local dishes is Rob Polo. This dish is rice and its sauce is pomegranate paste, raisins, sugar and onion. Raisins, sugar, onion, and walnuts are fried together with pomegranate paste, and when the rice is drained, these ingredients are added to the rice and put on the gas to cook. Rob Polo is a suitable and delicious meal for vegetarians, which is cooked without meat and has a high nutritional value due to walnuts.


10- Shirazi Lobia Polo

Another one of the most delicious Shiraz local dishes is Lobia Polo. This dish is cooked with rice, minced meat, dill, saffron and spices. Shirazis drain the rice and then add pieces of fried meat with onions and cooked beans to the rice. Another ingredient that is added to rice is dried dill, to which they sometimes add tarragon and put on the flame to infuse for a while and then drink it.


11-Dampokht Adas

Among other delicious Shiraz local dishes, we can mention Dampokht Adas. This dish is one of the favorite dishes of Iranians because of the aromatic vegetables and is very tasty. The main ingredients of this dish are rice, lentils, onions, carrots, tarragon, spinach, basil and spices. In the winter season, the Shirazi people also use fresh garlic in cooking this food. This dish is one of the most famous Shiraz dishes that you can order in traditional Shiraz restaurants.

Shiraz local dishes

12- Shiraz Koufteh Sabzi

one of the authentic Shiraz local dishes is Koufteh Sabzi. Minced meat, peas, onions, aromatic herbs, tarragon, coriander, dill, meze and leek are used in preparing this dish. Koufteh Sabzi is one of Shiraz’s dishes that the residents of this city usually cook in the summer.


13- Eshkeneh Shirazi

Eshkeneh Shirazi is one of the other Shiraz local dishes. In Eshkeneh Shirazi, they use fenugreek, dried mint, eggs, salt and turmeric. This dish is also without meat and is considered an excellent meal for vegetarians. Cooking this dish is very easy and quick to prepare. It is one of the light foods that is digested quickly and is suitable for dinner.


14-Ash-e Sabzi

All kinds of Ash(soups) are cooked in Shiraz. Especially if you travel to Shiraz City in winter and are looking for a delicious evening meal, you can choose Shiraz Ash. Ash-e sabzi is considered to be another Shiraz local dish that is special to this city. Shirazis are used to eating this dish during breakfast. The ingredients of this food are rice, meat, white beans, lentils, peas and aromatic greens such as leeks and dill. If you plan to have a delicious vegetable soup in Shiraz, you should buy it in the morning from restaurants.

Shiraz local dishes

15- Ash-e Mast

Ash-e Mast can be a unique evening meal for you. Yogurt, tarragon vegetables and dill, rice, salt and pepper and meat are also used in this meal. This dish is cooked by most of the people of Shiraz during the month of Ramadan and it is one of the favorite dishes of the people of Shiraz for breaking the fast. Ash-e Mast t is another dish of Shiraz that is less known among tourists.

16- Ash-e Anar Shirazi

One of the most famous Shiraz local dishes is Ash-e Anae (Pomegranate Soup). Pomegranate soup is one of the few Iranian soups in which pomegranate seeds are used. The main ingredients of this soup are pomegranate, rice, vegetables, cobs, onions, meat, and spices. This soup is cooked in autumn and winter, and it is considered a tonic and excellent concoction for those who have caught a cold.


Shiraz local dishes, final words

Like other parts of Iran, Shiraz has many traditional dishes due to its ancient history. Part of the pleasure of traveling to Shiraz is tasting Shiraz cuisine, which is exactly suited to the mood of this city. Tourists who have tasted the local food of Shiraz cannot forget its taste and color. In this article, we introduced you to the delicious Shiraz local dishes. We hope you will try these delicious dishes during your trip to this beautiful and historical city.

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