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Experience different tastes of the local dishes in Chabahar!

Local dishes of Chabahar

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Local dishes of Chabahar

If you are traveling to Chabahar, remember to try one of the local dishes Chabahar. As you know, tourism nowadays is so vast and extensive that one of its branches is food tourism. Eating local food has several benefits. Firstly, you become more familiar with the customs and traditions of the region, and secondly, you help the local economy. Also, after trying fresh food, you can ask for the cooking recipe and, if you like, add a delicious dish to your homemade menu. In this article from Eligasht Tourism magazine, we introduce the local dishes of Chabahar to you, so that if you intend to travel to Chabahar, you can get to know the delicious foods of this city.


Local dishes of Chabahar


In general, people in the Sistan and Baluchestan region use various and diverse spices in their food. Chabahar’s foods are usually spicy. Chabaharis also use dates in some of their foods, which makes the food tastier and more nutritious. local dishes of Chabahar are similar to Indian and Pakistani foods. If you want to experience a different taste on your trip to Chabahar, you must try the special local food of this city.


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“Batt Mash”


One of the famous local dishes of Chabahar among tourists is “Batt Mash”. If you are a vegetarian, this food is a great option for you as Chabaharis do not use meat in its preparation. Its cooking method is similar to “Dampokhtak”. As the name suggests, one of the main ingredients of this delicious food is “Mash” (a type of legume). Rice and fragrant herbs are also added to this dish. In February and March, fragrant herbs from the Balochistan region are used, which makes the food even tastier. If you want to enjoy a light and delicious meal, you can choose “Batt Mash” in Chabahar.




One of the famous local dishes in Chabahar is “Tabahag”. This food is popular among people who enjoy eating meat. If a Chabahari wants to serve you the best food, he/she will make “Tabahag” for you. In Chabahar, they usually choose salted meat for cooking “Tabahag”. They boil the meat in water and salt, then fry it. They put delicious pieces of lamb or goat meat on top of rice for guests to enjoy. If you go to Chabahar, you can order a very delicious “Tabahag” in many famous restaurants.

Local dishes of Chabahar



Another local food in Chabahar is “Takhalan”. This food has a very high cholesterol and fat content. If you have any previous health conditions, avoid eating “Takhalan”. It is cooked with wheat, sheep, and lambast. Due to the fat in the tail of the sheep or lamb, this food is very oily. Cooking this food is not that simple. Chabaharis grind the semi-yellow wheat and add the tail fat to it, then cook it over low heat until the wheat absorbs all the oil. When it is ready, it is served. This food is very popular among Chabaharis, and you can try it in local restaurants.

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“Tanourcheh” is a delicious kebab dish in Chabahar. As the name suggests, Chabaharis need a tandoor to cook it, and local restaurants usually prepare it. There are two ways to cook “Tanourcheh”. In the first method, they skewer pieces of meat and place them in the tandoor to cook slowly with the heat of the tandoor. In the second method, when they slaughter a sheep, they clean out its stomach and stuff it with lamb or goat meat. They then place it in the tandoor to cook slowly. Afterward, they place the meat on top of rice for guests to enjoy.

“Tanourcheh” is one of the local dishes of Chabahar that has gained popularity among tourists and is frequently mentioned on social media. It is considered a luxurious dish due to its cooking method and the expensive ingredients used.


“Karahi shrimp”


When you visit the port city of Chabahar, it is best to try a delicious seafood dish. One of the local dishes in Chabahar is “Karahi shrimp”. Restaurant owners usually order fresh prawns from the market during busy seasons and usually have “Karahi shrimp” on their menu.

Chabahari chefs fry onions and then add fragrant herbs like coriander, fenugreek, and aromatic spices to the prawns when they turn yellow. A dish of rice is served alongside “Karahi shrimp”. Locals usually eat this dish with rice. If you like seafood dishes, be sure to try “Karahi shripm” in Chabahar.

Local dishes of Chabahar

“Doogh Pa”


Another local food in Chabahar is “Doogh Pa”. It is similar to “Gheimeh” (a Persian stew). In “Gheimeh”, they usually add tomato paste and water to the stew, but in “Doogh Pa”, they use yogurt instead of tomato paste and water. It is interesting to know that Chabaharis usually cook this dish for guests during important celebrations such as childbirth, and it is considered an important dish in this region.


“Soozi Omelette”


Soozi Omelette is another local dish in Chabahar. “Soozi” is the name of a specific herb in the Chabahar region. In this omelet, they use potatoes, eggs, onions, garlic, peppers, salt, and oil, and they always add “Soozi” herb to it. This dish is very suitable for breakfast and afternoon snacks. If you want to have a different breakfast in Chabahar, don’t forget about “Omelette Soozi”.

Local dishes of Chabahar

” Khorak-e Khorma”


Another vegetarian dish in Chabahar is “Khorak-e Khorma”. In this dish, Chabaharis also do not use meat and if you are a vegetarian, it is one of the suitable options for you. This dish is prepared with dates, rice, and legumes. “Konak” is another Chabahari dish that is also cooked with dates and other ingredients such as sesame, green almonds, and pennyroyal. The nutritional value of “Konak” and “Khorak-e Khorma” is very high, and if you go to Chabahar, be sure to try these dishes. Interestingly, this dish is usually consumed by women who have just given birth in Chabahar and is also considered one of the most nutritious local dishes in Chabahar.


“changal Sweet “


“Changal Sweet” is a delicious snack in Chabahar. This pastry is mostly baked during the month of Ramadan and is very nourishing. In other months of the year, you can also find “Changal Sweet ” as one of the local dishes in Chabahar. It is made with flour, dates, and oil. You can enjoy this pastry as a snack.


“Tamuosh and Dotini Bread”


In Chabahar, you will see all kinds of delicious bread. One of these local bread is “Tamuosh bread”, and Chabaharis eat it with dishes such as “Abgoosht” and “ShirDagh”. This bread is very thin and is made with flour, water, salt, and oil for cooking. “Dotini” is another bread in Chabahar that is cooked with oil, and Chabaharis enjoy it with tea. Remember, on your trip to this city, don’t forget to try “Tamuosh and Dotini bread” and you can order it alongside local dishes in Chabahar.


“Saffron Rice”


One of the local dishes in Chabahar is “Saffron Rice”. Although it originated in Pakistan, it has become popular in Chabahar. Chefs usually decorate this dish with fragrant herbs. The ingredients for “Saffron Rice” in Chabahar include chicken, rice, saffron, potatoes, cumin, dill, bell pepper, onion, and garlic. They fry the chicken and then sauté it with various spices, bell pepper, and onion. Then they add it to the drained rice and cook it until the chicken is fully cooked and the rice is tender. Saffron and other spices like turmeric are added to this dish to make it more flavorful. This dish is so delicious that you will most likely add it to your home cooking list.

Local dishes of Chabahar

Final words


In this article, the local dishes of Chabahar were introduced to you. It is good to experience the local cuisine of different cities on every trip you take. Not only does it add variety to your diet, but also buying local food can help the local economy. Also, the cuisine of every city is part of its culture, and it is good to experience different tastes at least once to become more familiar with the culture. If you have traveled to Chabahar and have tried any of the mentioned local dishes, write about your experience with Chabahar’s local cuisine for the readers of this article in the comments section. This way, more people can become familiar with the local dishes of this region.

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