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Discover the best Hotels in Urmia for a Comfortable Stay

best Hotels in Urmia

by Parastoo Sahebi
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best Hotels in Urmia

If you are concerned about your accommodation in Urmia City, you can read this article from Eligasht. We intend to introduce you to the best hotels in Urmia. We suggest you choose Urmia city if you want to visit one of the oldest cities in Iran with unique beauty, rich culture, delicious food, and historical buildings. This city is located in West Azerbaijan province and offers many attractions to tourists.

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Hotel Deniz


Hotel Deniz, also known as Bari Hotel, is one of the best 5-star hotels in Urmia. It is located about 40 kilometers from Salmas Road to Urmia. This hotel opened in 2005 and has since continued its work as best as possible.

This hotel is known as Deniz Hotel because of its beautiful view of Lake Urmia seen by guests staying at this hotel. The word “deniz” means “sea” in Turkish, which the Turks use to refer to the lake.

All the facilities you see in this hotel are in line with world standards, and very good space and location have been provided for welcoming guests in Deniz. Some of the facilities of this hotel include independent villas, suites, halls for ceremonies and concerts, a swimming pool, and more. If you like to play billiards, there are no restrictions or prohibitions; a special hall for this sport has been built in the hotel, which allows you to exercise your favorite sport. The hotel’s restaurant can cook a variety of Iranian and Turkish foods with the best quality and the most special taste and offer them to travelers, so no one will experience hunger in this hotel. This hotel has 53 rooms, and all the rooms are equipped with amenities.

Deniz Hotel is located on the old Urmia-Salmas road in Urmia.

best Hotels in Urmia

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Hotel Ana


Another one of the best hotels in Urmia is Hotel Ana. This hotel is one of the international hotels in the city and is considered one of the best hotels in Urmia in terms of the quality of services provided. Ana was opened in 2015, and the modern architectural style can be seen in its design. Various services in the field of accommodation, ceremonies, and sports have been provided in this hotel.

Hotel Ana has 196 luxurious rooms and suites, as well as suitable spaces for holding meetings and multi-purpose halls that people use based on their needs. In addition, the sports facilities provided by Hotel Ana are also noteworthy.


The indoor pool and sauna provide good conditions for those who love water sports and swimming. Add the gym, massage, and Turkish bath to the excellent and extraordinary services of this hotel.

Another advantage of this hotel is its location outside the city of Urmia. This location is very suitable and ideal for that group of travelers who want to rest in a quiet and peaceful place during their stay in this city.


Hotel Ana is located on Shahid Beheshti Street, Jame Jam Street, and with experienced and professional staff, it promises to provide you with a memorable stay.


Hotel Aria


Another one of the best hotels in Urmia is Hotel Aria. Hotel Aria is a 4-star hotel that started its activity in 2011. This hotel has 11 floors and 63 rooms, and it aims to turn your visit to Urmia into one of your unforgettable trips.

Among the amenities provided in this hotel are a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, and parking. If you want to have a fun time with your friends and play billiards, go to the hotel’s billiard hall.

Water sports are also available at Hotel Aria. Those who love swimming can enjoy themselves in the pool, and get rid of the fatigue of the day.

The best services can be seen in all the rooms of this hotel, including a refrigerator, closet, air conditioning system, television, and more.

best Hotels in Urmia

Another positive point about Hotel Aria is its proximity to Urmia Bazaar, Maryam Church, and Urmia Jame Mosque. If you are interested in visiting historical and ancient places, staying at Hotel Aria will be very attractive, and you can easily access the places we mentioned.

Hotel Aria is located in the middle of Taleghani Street in Urmia


Park Hotel


Park Hotel can also be considered one of the best hotels in Urmia. This hotel is old and located in the city center. It is interesting to know that this hotel was opened in 1961 and has been able to provide decent and suitable services to travelers and tourists until now.

Park Hotel is built on an area of ​​approximately 2,500 square meters and has 7 floors. Although this hotel is old, the conditions and facilities it has provided for the guests’ stay have been remarkable and have been able to satisfy the guests.

Park Hotel has 78 rooms and suites and is equipped with amenities such as a TV, refrigerator, private bathroom, and air conditioning. History enthusiasts also enjoy going to this hotel because a special museum has been built in Park Hotel. The atmosphere created by the staff and employees of this hotel seems very intimate and pleasant.


You don’t need to go outside the hotel to eat quality and delicious food or drink cold and hot drinks. Park Hotel has a restaurant and café where guests can easily order what they want.

Access to Urmia’s traditional bazaar and other tourist attractions is one of the positive points that can be mentioned about Park Hotel. Park Hotel is located on Imam Street, facing the bazaar, in Urmia city. Note that this hotel is located within the city’s traffic plan.


Hotel Sahel


One of the oldest hotels in Urmia is Hotel Sahel. This hotel was opened in 1996 and underwent renovation in 2006, increasing its amenities. This hotel is located in a green and beautiful area, in front of a park and near the Urmia River, providing a very calm and quiet atmosphere for guests.

Some may think that accessing shopping centers and the city center from this hotel will be difficult. In response to this group, we must say that this hotel is located near Urmia’s traditional bazaar, and for this reason, you can go to this bazaar to buy souvenirs and beautiful items.

If for any reason you want to go outside the hotel, you can visit the forest park near Hotel Sahel and enjoy walking in this park to complete your trip to this city.

This hotel is one of the 4-star hotels in Urmia and has 66 rooms and suites. In all rooms of this hotel, you can see amenities such as air conditioning, a refrigerator, a private bathroom, and a television.

Sports halls, a swimming pool, and a restaurant that can provide a variety of foods of the best quality are other amenities that Hotel Sahel has provided for the comfort and satisfaction of guests and tourists.

This hotel is located on Vali-e-Asr 2 Boulevard and is capable of providing the best and highest quality services.

best Hotels in Urmia

Jahangardi Hotel


Jahangardi Hotel is another hotel in Urmia that we want to talk about in this section. This hotel is one of the 4-star hotels in Urmia and has been very successful due to the services and facilities it provides to its guests.


This hotel is located very close to KoohSeir Church, Forest Park, and Naneh Maryam Church, and in this regard, it has a good location. Furthermore, whenever you feel like it, you can go to Urmia River, which is located near this hotel, and spend your time in the best possible way during your stay in this city.

Jahangardi Hotel has 74 rooms, and all rooms are also equipped with amenities, making your stay in this hotel unforgettable. Facilities such as a cafe, restaurant, sports hall, and parking are also provided for guests in this hotel.

All staff and management of this hotel try to provide very calm and unique conditions for guests’ stay. This hotel is located on Kashani Street, in front of Mellat Bank, in Urmia.


Morvarid Hotel


Morvarid Hotel is another three-star hotel in Urmia. This hotel was built in 1997 and underwent renovation in 2008. The location of this hotel has become attractive and unforgettable for many travelers. Morvarid Hotel is located next to the main Urmia River or Chaii River and provides a very beautiful view for those who stay in the rooms this hotel.


Morvarid Hotel has 35 rooms, and all rooms are also equipped with amenities, allowing guests to experience unforgettable days and hours in this hotel. In addition to all of these, access to the most important and touristy places in Urmia is one of the advantages and benefits that staying in this hotel can have for travelers.

This hotel is located on Pasdaran Street, facing Coastal Park, next to the Youth House.

best Hotels in Urmia

Kara Hotel


Kara Hotel is another three-star hotel in Urmia. This hotel has a total area of 2600 square meters and is built on 10 floors with 28 rooms. It is considered one of the best hotels in the city.

In all rooms, you can have the most complete amenities and facilities. The experienced and trained staff at Kara Hotel have created an intimate and friendly atmosphere throughout the hotel. It is impossible for you as a tourist to stay in this hotel and erase the memories and days you have spent there from your mind.

Kara Hotel is located near the forest park, and for this reason, you can go to this park when you have no plans.

This hotel is located on Jangali Street, Sheikh Tappeh, facing Negin Apartments, and is ready to provide the best hospitality to its guests with its pleasant and calm atmosphere.


Bahar Urmia Hotel


Another hotel in Urmia is Bahar Urmia Hotel. This hotel is also a two-star hotel and has provided acceptable services and amenities to its guests. This hotel is built on 5 floors and has 10 suites. Bahar Hotel is located in the center of Urmia, and for this reason, access to all important centers and centers that are known as tourist attractions will be very easy and hassle-free.

Most historical and recreational places are located at the shortest distance from this hotel, and this is one of the most prominent and important advantages of staying at Bahar Hotel.

All rooms in this hotel are well-equipped with amenities, and all rooms are very clean and designed in the best possible way. The cafe, air conditioning system, television, refrigerator, and high-speed internet are among the most important amenities being offered in this hotel for the satisfaction of guests.

Bahar Urmia Hotel offers very reasonable and logical prices for renting each room and suite, which will greatly reduce the cost of staying in the city.

This hotel is located on Kashani Street, at the intersection of Kashani Three-way, Tavousi Street, and First Dead-end, on the left side.


Mahe Kimia Hotel


Another one of the best hotels in Urmia is the Mahe Kimia Hotel. This two-star hotel has provided suitable and acceptable facilities for the comfort of travelers. The Mahe Kimia Hotel was built in 1350 and is one of the oldest hotels in Urmia. However, it underwent renovation in 1395, and 20 rooms were added to the complex, along with the opening of a restaurant.

One of the advantages of staying at the Mahe Kimia Hotel is easy access to most commercial and historical centers. The cost of staying at this hotel is not high, which is very noteworthy for individuals who are looking to reduce their travel expenses.

The Mahe Kimia Hotel is located on Taleghani Street, at the intersection of Vali-e-Faghih First Square, in Urmia.”



In conclusion, Urmia offers a range of hotels that cater to the needs and preferences of different travelers. From luxurious five-star hotels to budget-friendly two-star hotels, there is something for everyone. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, these hotels provide comfortable and convenient accommodation options for your stay in Urmia.

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