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Introducing the most delicious local dishes of Yazd

local dishes of Yazd

by Parastoo Sahebi
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local dishes of Yazd

If you have traveled to the city of Yazd, you will fall in love with Iranian architecture and the authenticity of this city. But Yazd, apart from its natural attractions and architecture, also has delicious food. The local dishes of Yazd have a wide variety and are served in most of the restaurants in this city, so tourists can easily taste the new flavors of Yazd’s local foods and enjoy eating them. In this article from Eligasht, we are going to introduce the most delicious local dishes of Yazd, so stay with us!


One of the interesting points about the people of Yazd is that the people of this province change their food style according to the weather. For example, in the cold months of the year, Arde and Shire can be found in most Yazdi houses, and it is common to serve tea with Yazdi vegetables and sugar at breakfast. Yazidis also make and eat a snack of dried berries and crushed walnuts in winter.


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Gheymeh Yazdi


One of the most delicious local dishes of Yazd is Gheymeh Yazdi. This dish is similar to normal Gheymeh stew, but split chickpeas are used instead of chickpeas, and its main ingredients include meat, onion, and Omani, lemon urchin. In the traditional Yazdi gheymeh recipe, tomato paste is not used, but nowadays some people add it to this stew when cooking.


plum stew


Plum stew becomes one of the most popular daily dishes of Yazidis with the beginning of the autumn season. Plums and ingredients in this stew give it a sweet and sour taste. The sweet taste of this stew is very pleasant even for tourists. The main ingredients of plum stew include plums, meat, cobs, lime, saffron, sugar, ginger, black pepper and tomato paste.

local dishes of Yazd

Kufteh Lappeh


Kufteh Lappeh is one of the local dishes of Yazd, which is slightly different from Tabrizi Kufteh. Minced meat, raw and cooked eggs, cod liver oil, aromatic vegetables, barberry, hot onion, spices, barberry, salt and tomato paste are used to prepare this dish. Yazidis serve this food with vegetables, bread and pickles. If you are a traveler to Yazd, we suggest you try this dish.


Yazdi Meatball


Another famous meatball in Yazd is “Nakhodchi meatball or Yazdi meatball”. This dish is one of the local dishes of Yazd and has many fans in this historical city. The basic ingredients of this dish include onion, minced meat, aromatic vegetables such as leek and parsley, and chickpea flour.

local dishes of Yazd

Pumpkin stew


Pumpkin stew is full of antioxidants and vitamins, and you can cook and drink it when you have a cold to speed up your recovery. This tasty dish is one of the most popular local dishes of Yazd and is usually cooked in the fall season. Yazidis prepare this dish with ingredients such as red beans, mung beans, walnuts, pumpkin, turmeric, sugar, nargin powder and cinnamon. Pumpkin roe is usually served at Yazidi feasts.


Pumpkin soup


soups are usually the mainstay of the traditional dishes of each province, and the people of each region prepare this delicious food in their way and eat it together. Pumpkin soup is one of the traditional dishes of Taft City, Yazd province. In addition to its good taste, this soup is also nutritious and has many benefits for diabetic patients. The people of Yazd make pumpkin soup mostly in the cold months of the year and they use ingredients such as lentils, beans, mung beans, chickpeas, dill, pumpkin, onion and flour in its preparation.

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  Mash soup


Mash soup is another local dish of Yazd that has many fans in Mehriz. If you are interested in eating mash, you will definitely enjoy eating mash. This soup is mostly served in winter and for breakfast, and it takes a little time to cook. To cook mash soup, you need greens (leek, parsley, coriander and spinach), rice, mung beans, hot onion, hot mint, tomato paste, salt and pepper. It is interesting to know that this soup is also made in the Golestan province.


Yazdi Tas kebab


Now it’s the turn of Yazdi kebabs. Yazdi Tas Kebab is one of the local dishes of Yazd and Yazdis usually prepares and eat this delicious dish at parties and friendly and family gatherings. This delicious dish is made with ingredients such as onions, minced meat, oil, potatoes, cinnamon and tomato paste, and sometimes carrots are also used in it. We suggest that you eat Yazdi Tas kebab with vegetables, fresh bread and yogurt so that its good taste will stay in your mind forever. This dish, like other traditional dishes of Yazd, is available on the menu of restaurants in this city.

local dishes of Yazd

Abghore soup


Abghore soup is one of the delicious dishes that have a very high nutritional value. Due to the presence of a lot of gourd in this soup, eating it reduces cholesterol and blood sugar and quenches thirst. Abghore soup has many fans in Azerbaijan province and is often cooked. In the preparation of Ash Abghoreh, vegetables such as ash, lentils, chicken broth, cowpeas, rice, wheat grits, dry mint, Abghoreh are used.


Wheat soup


Another traditional food of Yazd is Wheat soup. It is customary to cook this soup in Mehriz city of Yazd on the nights of March, and the people of this region call it “Ash Halim”.Wheat soup is also considered a kind of food for religious occasions and its cooking is common in Muharram mourning ceremonies. Wheat soup is cooked in two ways, in the first method, ingredients such as peeled wheat, chickpeas, pinto beans, greens and spices are used. this soup is eaten with olive oil. In both of these soups, when serving hot onions, hot garlic, hot mint and curd are placed next to the food and they are used as soup flavoring.

local dishes of Yazd

Yazdi Fesenjan


Fesenjan is one of the stews that are cooked in different ways, But only one of its methods is famous. Fesenjani, also known as Matnijeh, is one of the traditional dishes of Yazd. In addition to meat, this dish also contains walnut kernels, pomegranate paste and other regular ingredients, beets, beets, apples, and apricot or plum leaves.

some Yazdi families add spices such as cardamom to this dish. The use of seasoning in Yazdi Fesenjan and the amount of pickle depends on people’s taste. If you like this dish sour, you should add more pomegranate paste. But if you prefer sweet fesenjan, less pomegranate paste and a little sugar will create your desired taste.


Apple stew


Apple stew is among the dishes that are cooked in different cities, But Yazd has registered this food in its name. In this stew, there are ghee ingredients such as cobs, meat, Amani lemon, tomato paste and tomatoes. Besides that, sweet apples, saffron, cinnamon and other spices are also used in apple stew.

the first step of cooking apple stew is like a regular stew. The apple should cook in the stew for the last hour and change its taste. The charm of Yazd’s local cuisine is that it is compatible with almost any taste and there is hardly anyone who does not like the local cuisine of this city.




Shouli is one of the most popular local dishes of Yazd, which is cooked only in this city. this is usually eaten as a snack between breakfast and lunch. The ingredients of this delicious soup include sumaj, vegetable soup, cobs and lentils, beets, onions, vinegar and spices. Soumaj is a kind of curd that is made with flour and will be added to the soup. Vinegar is one of the ingredients that can be added during or after cooking.

local dishes of Yazd

Vinegar soup


This soup will be very suitable for the cold days and nights of autumn and winter, and it is nutritious because of its various compounds. In the preparation of Yazdi vinegar soup, meat with tail, lentils, chickpeas, beetroot, hot and hot onions, vinegar and shire or sugar and spices are used.


Eggplant Tamate Abgousht


Unlike all other broths you have ever seen, Tamate eggplant broth does not contain beans, and its main ingredients include lamb muscle meat, eggplant, chickpeas, potatoes, and tomato paste. The meat that is used in the preparation of Tamate eggplant broth as a local dish of Yazd includes meat and gallows.


Yazdi Abgousht


The main ingredients of Abgoousht throughout Iran include potatoes, peas and white beans, meat and tomatoes. It is interesting to know that in the restaurants of Yazd, our usual broth is served, but the local broth of Yazd has a different composition that makes it taste like a pickle. In addition to the mentioned cases, plum or lemon is also used in the preparation of Yazdi broth (abgousht), which makes its taste slightly sour.

local dishes of Yazd



Suruk is one of the local bread of Yazd. One of the local dishes of Yazd, which is a staple of Muharram days, is Suruk bread. This bread is also served for iftar and is very popular.

In the preparation of this bread, raw materials such as stone flour, salt, sugar, flower color, coriander seeds, sour cream and oil are used. This bread is so tasty that it is usually served alone without butter or jam.


Final words


In this article from Eligasht, we introduced the most delicious local dishes of Yazd. If you like to try these dishes during your trip to Yazd, visit the traditional restaurants of this city because most of the traditional Yazd dishes are available in the restaurant menus and you will definitely enjoy eating them. Undoubtedly, tasting these delicious foods while watching the unique attractions of Yazd City will leave the memory of the trip to this wonderful city forever in your mind.

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