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Top 18 foods you should try in Dubai

Dubai's famous foods

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Trying Dubai’s famous foods and having a belly tour is one of the most attractive experiences of traveling to this city. Dubai is one of the modern cities of the Middle East and one of the main tourist destinations of the Asian continent. This city has many surprises for a memorable trip. From soaring skyscrapers to the most advanced facilities at the level of European countries, there are some exciting points of traveling to Dubai. In Dubai, some foods are specific to Arab countries and are prepared in this city with the best facilities and by the most skilled chefs. But what are Dubai’s famous foods? This is the question most tourists ask before traveling to this extraordinary city. In this article from Eli Gasht, we intend to answer these questions and introduce Dubai’s famous foods. Join us to learn about the most delicious foods in Dubai.

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Tips you should know before eating in Dubai

  • Dubai has delicious and cheap street food, we suggest you try Dubai street food.
  • Eating habits in Dubai are often similar to other cities in the United Arab Emirates.
  • To reduce the cost of your food, eat in lower-level hotels.
  • Pork is not served in Dubai and this meat is used only in some special areas for foreign tourists.
  • Meat dishes are more popular in Dubai.
  • All kinds of international foods and world-famous fast food chain restaurants are available in Dubai.
  • If you like seafood, you can have good choices in Dubai.

In the following, we will introduce Dubai’s famous foods that you can try in Dubai.

1. Dubai’s famous foods: Koshari

Koshari is one of Dubai’s famous foods. This dish is also served in Egyptian restaurants, but the most delicious type can be tried in Dubai. The interesting thing about this food is its ingredients. Most of us use rice and pasta as two separate ingredients in cooking, but in Koshari, both of these ingredients are included in this dish. To cook koshari, rice is first cooked with lentils and chickpeas, and then the mixture of pasta with tomato sauce and onions is poured over them. Koshari is flavored using vinegar, salt, pepper, and spices specific to the region, which creates a special and different taste for this dish.

2. Dubai’s famous foods: Shakshuka

Shakshuka is one of Dubai’s famous foods. This food originally belongs to Turkey and the Mediterranean regions, but it is also very popular in Dubai. Shakshuka is a type of omelet that is prepared in a short time. Like all types of omelets, the main ingredient of this dish is eggs. Tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, and eggplant are other ingredients used in this dish. One of the characteristics of Shakshuka is the absence of meat in its ingredients, which makes this food a suitable choice for patients and vegetarians. Shakshuka is served in all restaurants in Dubai.


3.Dubai’s famous foods: Smoked mackerel dip

Like other Arab countries, seafood has a special place in Dubai. One of the most delicious fish dishes and Dubai’s famous foods is smoked mackerel. This dish is a different kind of cooking fish and has a unique taste. Fish, cream, onion, and horseradish are used to cook this dish. In some regions, vegetables such as parsley or chives are also added to this dish. Smoked mackerel fish is served with bread and because of its lightness, it is possible to use it as a snack.

4.Dubai’s famous foods: Shawarma

Shawarma is one of the most popular dishes in Dubai, which is not Arabic at all. This food is of Russian origin, but due to the Arabs’ interest in it, most people know it as one of the special dishes of Arabs, especially in Dubai or Lebanon. as one of Dubai’s famous foods, Shawarma is cooked with flavored beef, chicken, and fish. The taste of shawarma is similar to Turkish kebab and it is served with tomatoes, onions, and parsley in special pita bread. Shawarma is served in bite form and although it is also cooked everywhere these days, the most delicious type can be tried in Dubai.

5. Dubai’s famous foods:Camel kebab

Among the types of meat used to cook food in Dubai, camel meat has a special place. The meat of this animal is used in main dishes, snacks, and in all kinds of traditional and modern dishes. It is interesting to know that even a special pizza is prepared from this meat. But camel kebab is the most famous dish that is cooked with the meat of this animal. In addition to its unique and extremely delicious taste, this kebab has a relatively high price. Camel kebab is one of Dubai’s famous foods, but it has a special taste and may not be liked on its own, so it is recommended to use this dish with a combination of flavored vegetables.

6. Dubai’s famous foods: Mehlabiya

Dubai’s famous foods do not end only with its main dishes, the desserts of this city are also special and delicious. One of the tastiest desserts served in Dubai restaurants is Mehlabiya. Mehlabiya is basically a dessert, but due to its special ingredients, it can also be consumed as a complete meal. Mehlabiyeh is cooked with boiled milk, jasmine flowers, and flavored oranges. To use Mehlabiya, it should be put in the refrigerator for a few hours so that it cools down well. Mehlabiya has a pudding-like texture and is one of the must-try desserts.

7. Dubai’s famous foods:Ghuzi

Ghuzi is a type of kebab that has many fans in Arab countries, especially in Dubai. This dish is cooked with beef neck meat. Like Iranian kebabs, the neck meat is grilled on a skewer along with tomatoes and bell peppers. Ghuzi has a special skewer and is served with rice in some restaurants. This kebab is considered one of Dubai’s famous foods.

8.Dubai’s famous foods: Machboos

Majbous is one of the authentic Arabic dishes and one of the delicious and popular dishes of Dubai. This dish is cooked with rice and chicken and tomato, potato, and various vegetables are used in its composition. To prepare this dish, you must first prepare the rice with potatoes and tomatoes, then put the chicken in a separate dish He fried it and put it on the rice after it was ready. As one of Dubai’s famous foods, Machbous is also served with nuts in some Arab cities.

9. Dubai’s famous foods:Al Harees

Al Harees is another one of Dubai’s famous foods that are mostly prepared for gatherings or special occasions. This food is very popular, especially during Ramadan. Al Harees is cooked using wheat, meat, and spices. Al Harees has a wonderful taste and can be served in the most famous restaurants in Dubai.

10. Manusheh

Manousheh is a type of traditional pizza from Dubai cuisine, which unlike other types of pizza is used for breakfast. To prepare manousheh, they use Akavi cheese, olive oil, layered dough, and fresh vegetables, and it is also cooked with eggs according to taste. Like pizza, this food is cooked in the oven and served after it is fully cooked. Manousheh is on the list of Dubai’s famous foods.

11. Fatih

Fatih is another delicious dish of Dubai, which is cooked in layers in the form of lasagna. The first layer of this dish is bread, the middle layer is a combination of eggplant and peas, and the last layer is a combination of yogurt and arde, which is mixed with special spices and is usually served cold. The taste of Fatih is unique and due to the lack of meat, it is another popular dish for vegetarians.

12. Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh is one of the famous dishes of Arab countries, which is also prepared in Dubai. Tabbouleh is a type of salad, but due to its ingredients, it is considered a complete meal for people who follow a vegetarian diet. As one of Dubai’s famous foods, Tabbouleh salad is prepared with cooked wheat semolina, tomatoes, chives, vegetables such as mint and parsley, cucumber, fresh lemon juice, and salt.

13. Crab plate

In Dubai, you can taste all kinds of delicious seafood, one of the best seafood choices in this modern city is crab food.

Crab food is one of Dubai’s famous foods. In this dish, the crab is flavored with various seasonings and finally gets a spicy and sweet taste. This food is served with very beautiful designs and decorations.

14. Grilled Octopus

Octopus dishes are often Italian in origin, but this dish is also popular in Dubai.

In this dish, pieces of octopus are flavored with special spices and served with vegetables and lettuce. This dish is very delicious. as one of Dubai’s famous foods, a plate of octopus is considered an expensive meal.

15. Kousa Mahshi

Kousa is one of the delicious dishes of Dubai, its main ingredient is pumpkin. In this food, they empty the inside of the pumpkins and fill it with ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and rice. as one of Dubai’s famous foods, This food is served in hollow dishes and should be a little juicy.

This dish is popular in Asian countries and it is known as pumpkin crust, and every cook chooses the ingredients inside pumpkins according to their taste. Tasting pumpkin pie in Dubai is not without pleasure.

16. Esh Asarya

Esh Asaraya is a type of cheesecake that is decorated with cream and pistachios, and the people of Dubai know it as Haram bread. which has become an excellent dessert in Dubai due to its unique taste. We can consider Esh Asaraya s one of Dubai’s famous foods.

17. Kellaj

Another delicious and famous food of Dubai and one of the types of bread in this country is Kellaj bread. This bread is so tasty that local people use it without any other food. In this delicious bread, in addition to other basic ingredients of all bread, a cheese called halloumi cheese is also used. This cheese is grilled on charcoal and after it is prepared, it is mixed with flour, water, salt, and other basic ingredients for making bread and then baked. this one of Dubai’s famous foods can be used also as a snack.

18. Falafel

Falafel is made from chickpeas and it is very delicious. In Arab countries, falafel is known as “Nauciya” and it is among Dubai’s famous foods. If you travel to Dubai, be sure to try Dubai falafel because you will experience the real taste of it.

Conclusion of Dubai’s famous foods

Trying Dubai’s famous foods is the most attractive part of traveling to this city. The importance of food and the deliciousness of local foods in Dubai is so great that some tourists travel to this beautiful city of the Emirates just to fill their stomachs. In this article, we introduced some of the most popular dishes in Dubai, along with the country’s interesting food habits. Follow our other articles to read more about this particular city.

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