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The Best Hotels in Rasht City: An Unforgettable Stay in Northern Iran

Best Hotels in Rasht City

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Best Hotels in Rasht City

Nestled in the lush green landscapes of Gilan province in northern Iran, Rasht is a charming city renowned for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and warm hospitality. Whether you are a leisure traveler seeking a peaceful getaway or a business traveler exploring this vibrant region, finding the perfect accommodation is crucial to ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay. In this article from Eligasht, we delve into the realm of hospitality in Rasht and present a curated selection of the best hotels in Rasht that have captivated the hearts of travelers.

Rasht, with its mild climate and picturesque surroundings, attracts visitors from all walks of life. From historic landmarks to vibrant bazaars and delicious local cuisine, the city offers a myriad of experiences. And when it comes to hospitality, Rasht does not disappoint. The best hotels in Rasht are known for their exceptional service, convenient locations, well-appointed rooms, and a range of amenities that cater to the diverse needs of travelers.


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Kadus Grand Hotel Rasht

Kadus Grand Hotel is a prestigious 5-star hotel located in Rasht. It was established in 1983 and underwent renovations in 2012 to elevate the quality of its services. The hotel features a four-story building with 96 stylish and modern accommodations, making it one of the finest and most experienced hotels in Rasht.

Situated near the city center on Manzarieh Boulevard, Kadus Hotel Rasht enjoys a pleasant climate and offers convenient access to various tourist attractions. Guests can easily visit City Hall Square, Chamarsara Brick Bridge, Rooftop Bazaar, Mahatasham Old Garden, Saravan Forest Park, Kolah Farangi Mansion, Rasht Museum, and the Mirza Kuchak Khan Mausoleum.

With excellent accessibility to the airport and nearby cities like Anzali, Astara, Lahijan, and Zibakenar, Kadus Hotel has become a preferred choice and one of the best hotels in Rasht for tourists and travelers exploring the lush green city. The hotel is approximately 30 kilometers away from the seaside, providing a refreshing coastal experience.

Kadus Grand Hotel is part of the esteemed Aria Hotel Group. On the ground floor, guests can find the hotel’s restaurant, café shop, and a dedicated breakfast hall. The surrounding area offers a green space for leisurely walks. The hotel also features a conference hall capable of accommodating up to 200 people, making it a suitable venue for hosting events and business meetings.

Best Hotels in Rasht City

Guests can enjoy a range of amenities at the hotel, including multiple restaurants with diverse menus, a café shop, a traditional tea house, convenient parking facilities, elevators, a tennis court, an outdoor swimming pool, a beauty salon, green spaces, a children’s playground, medical services, special concierge services, well-equipped and modern halls, a dedicated wedding room, a wedding hall, and more.

Address: Kadus Grand Hotel, Manzarieh Boulevard, Rasht.

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Shabestan Hotel Rasht

Shabestan Hotel in Rasht is a 4-star luxury hotel that was established in 2012. It features a six-story building with 19 elegant and upscale rooms, offering modern amenities and top-notch services provided by experienced and well-trained staff. The hotel’s prime location allows guests to have convenient access to the city center of Rasht, as well as various popular attractions including Sabzeh Meydan Park, Rasht Museum, and the Mirza Kuchak Khan Mausoleum. Staying at Shabestan Hotel, renowned as one of the best hotels in Rasht, guarantees a memorable and delightful experience.

The hotel boasts a restaurant with a seating capacity of 80 people, serving a wide range of delicious Iranian and local Gilani dishes. Other notable facilities and services at this 4-star hotel include a cozy café, a relaxing jacuzzi, a reliable taxi service, round-the-clock reception, convenient parking facilities, efficient housekeeping services, and more.

Address: Shabestan Hotel, Golshahr Roundabout, at the beginning of Bent Alhaddi Street, Rasht.


Pamchal Hotel Rasht

Located in Rasht, Pamchal Hotel is a well-established and reputable 3-star hotel. With its diverse range of rooms and suites, it offers an ideal lodging option for both family vacations and business trips to Rasht. The hotel’s clean and tidy premises, including the rooms, combined with its convenient location, high-quality breakfast and food offerings, and attentive and hospitable staff, make it one of the best hotels in Rasht and a favored choice among travelers seeking accommodation in the city.

Guests at Pamchal Hotel Rasht can enjoy a range of services and amenities, including housekeeping services, an authentic Iranian restaurant, a cozy café shop, prompt room service, and convenient taxi services. Moreover, the hotel’s proximity to shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, popular tourist attractions, and recreational spots in Rasht adds to its appeal.

Address: Mosala Square, Imam Khomeini Street, Pamchal Hotel Rasht.

Best Hotels in Rasht City

Ordibehesht 2-Star Hotel

Ordibehesht Hotel and Restaurant, located in the historical City Hall Square in Rasht, has a long-standing history and has been operating since 1968. The hotel building has been renovated and now offers modern facilities and amenities to cater to the beautiful city of Rasht’s guests. Ordibehesht Hotel Rasht provides the following room options Double and Twin Rooms, Triple Rooms, and Connectable Quadruple Rooms.

Ordibehesht Hotel boasts an excellent location, making it an ideal choice for visitors. Situated in City Hall Square, guests can easily access shopping centers, recreational areas, and historical sites such as the Mirza Kuchak Khan Mausoleum, Kolah Farangi Mansion, Astara Bird Garden, and the Forest Park.

address: Shahdari Square, next to the telecommunications


Ghadir Hotel Rasht

Ghadir Hotel is a 2-star hotel located in Rasht, which commenced its operations in 2014. The hotel features 17 well-equipped rooms with double and triple beds. Ghadir Hotel is known for its reasonable prices and is considered one of the best hotels in Rasht. Situated in the pleasant climate region of Kuchesefahan, approximately 15 kilometers from Rasht, it offers convenient access to surrounding cities.

Ghadir Hotel Rasht provides amenities and services such as parking facilities, green spaces, a restaurant, unlimited internet access, housekeeping, 24-hour reception, air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, taxi services, and more.

Address: Imam Reza Boulevard, Near Imam Reza Square, Kuchesefahan, Rasht.


Sabouri Apartment Hotel Rasht

Sabouri Apartment Hotel Rasht is a 3-star hotel with seven floors and 12 stylish and clean accommodation units. It commenced its operations in 2015. The hotel enjoys a favorable location with good accessibility to the city center and attractions such as Sabzeh Meydan Park, the City Hall Building, and the Rasht Museum.

Sabouri Apartment Hotel offers a variety of accommodation units, including double and triple rooms, as well as one-bedroom apartments ranging from 55 to 65 square meters, suitable for three, four, and five guests. The hotel provides complete and quality amenities for a comfortable stay, ensuring a memorable travel experience.

Address: Golestan Park, Resalat Street, Opposite Khattibi Gas Station, Rasht.


Pardis Hotel Rasht

Pardis Hotel is a 2-star hotel considered one of the most economical and best hotels in Rasht and Gilan province. Located on Azadi Boulevard in Rasht, the hotel is conveniently situated with an 8-minute drive to the Mausoleum and House of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali, a 9-minute drive to the bus terminal, a 19-minute drive to Rasht International Airport, a 24-minute drive to Astara Bird Garden, and a 43-minute drive to Bandar Anzali.

The hotel started its operations in 1985 with four floors and 60 accommodation units. Pardis Hotel offers suitable facilities and experienced and friendly staff, ready to welcome hotel guests. Over the years, Pardis Hotel has undergone renovations to improve its performance and provide the best amenities and services to ensure guest satisfaction.

Best Hotels in Rasht City

Narges Apartment Hotel Rasht

Hotel is known as one of the best apartment hotels in Rasht. Narges Apartment is a 5-story building with 60 clean and suitable accommodation units, ideal for guests and travelers with larger group sizes.

Narges Apartment Hotel Rasht is conveniently located near popular attractions in the city, such as the Mausoleum of Mirza Kuchak Khan, the French Hat Mansion, and the Pasargad Passage. It offers affordable prices and good amenities and services.

Address: Rasht, Lakān Boulevard, Shahid Rajaei Alley, near the Islamic Azad University of Rasht.


Final words

In this article, we tried to introduce you to the best hotels in the city of Rasht, Iran. Rasht stands as a captivating destination that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of its visitors. The selection of the best hotels in Rasht city serves as an essential gateway to this enchanting realm, offering not just a place to rest, but a sanctuary where guests can find solace and create enduring memories. Whether one’s purpose is business or leisure, these hotels in Rasht consistently strive to surpass expectations, ensuring that each guest’s stay is nothing short of exceptional.



What are some of the best hotels in Rasht?

Rasht offers some hotel options, but one highly recommended choice is the Kadus Hotel Rasht. This hotel combines elegance with a central location, providing luxurious rooms, top-notch amenities, and exceptional service to ensure a memorable stay.


Are there any budget-friendly hotels in Rasht without compromising quality?

Yes, Rasht offers budget-friendly hotel options that still maintain quality standards. Hotel Shabestan Rasht is a notable choice, providing comfortable and clean accommodations at an affordable price. It offers a central location and essential amenities for a pleasant stay without straining your budget.


Which hotels in Rasht are suitable for families or larger groups?

Answer: The Sabouri Apartment Hotel Rasht is an excellent option for families or larger groups. Offering stylish and well-equipped apartment units, this 3-star hotel provides the space and comfort needed for a relaxing stay. Its modern amenities and proximity to attractions make it an ideal choice for families or groups traveling together.

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