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Which airports in Iran have international flights? international airports of Iran

international airports of Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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international airports of Iran

International airports in Iran are increasing day by day with the progress of the country’s aviation industry. Air transportation may have been limited to military industries and fighter planes in the past, but these days the concept of air travel is much broader. Today, buying plane tickets and air travel is a way to save time to enjoy a great trip.

But the important question here is what are the International airports of Iran? Or from which airports in the country are foreign trips made? And many other questions in this field for which an up-to-date answer should be found. Considering the importance of this issue, in this article from Eligasht, we decided to provide you with practical and useful information about the International airports of Iran.


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List of international airports in Iran and their specifications

Since the opening of the first international airport in Iran, it has made significant progress. Currently, the possibility of foreign travel is available in each corner of Iran. If you are planning to travel abroad, take a look at the list of international airports in Iran.


Imam Khomeini International Airport

Tehran Airport (IKA) is known as Imam Khomeini International Airport of Tehran. Imam Khomeini Airport is one of the main international airports of Iran. Note that there are no domestic flights at this airport. The question may arise, how many airports does Tehran have? Tehran has 2 airports; Mehrabad Airport is for domestic flights and Imam Khomeini Airport is for international flights. Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport has non-stop passenger flights to 41 destinations in 24 countries.

The list of foreign flights from Imam Airport is Mumbai, Karachi, Dubai, Doha, Yerevan, Kuwait, Beirut, Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Barcelona, Belgrade, Milan, Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Hamburg, Ukraine, Moscow, Yerevan, Baku, Kazakhstan, China, Shanghai, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Lahore, and New Delhi. It is necessary to know that these flights are direct airlines.

international airports of Iran

Mashhad International Airport

Mashhad Hashminejad Airport is an international airport that was first established in 1330 for training flights and military flights. It goes without saying that at the beginning of its establishment, this airport was called only by the name of Mashhad Airport, and the first flights of this airport were from Mashhad to Tehran. Gradually, over time, the number of flights as well as the facilities and services of this airport increased until today it is one of the best international airports in Iran. More than 30 domestic and foreign transport companies fly from this airport. About 35 thousand passengers fly to Saudi Arabia from this airport every year.

The parking lot of the airport, which has a capacity of more than 1000 cars, was established in this airport. On the other hand, for the convenience of passengers, it is possible to rent a car inside and outside the country.

There are many domestic and international flights at Mashhad International Airport, and an exit terminal called Terminal 2 has been considered for international flights. This terminal has an area of about 21 thousand square meters.

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Kish International Airport

Kish Airport is one of the best and most reliable international airports in Iran. The beautiful island of Kish is known as one of the most popular tourist spots in our country due to its many tourist attractions. This island hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Kish Island International Airport is currently known as one of the most beautiful and prosperous airports in Iran. This airport has daily flights to Persian Gulf countries. Domestic flights have a special terminal that is open from 6 am to 12 pm and welcomes passengers. International flights at the airport have two separate terminals. Terminal number one is used for outgoing flights and terminal number two is used for incoming flights.

international airports of Iran

Ahvaz International Airport

Ahvaz International Airport is considered one of the most reliable International airports in Iran, which has been operating since 1342. The number of domestic and foreign flights at this airport reaches 85 daily, and domestic flights are carried out in a separate terminal from foreign flights. Foreign flights to Dubai, Kuwait, and Damascus are made from Ahvaz Airport. The facilities of this airport include parking, a medical emergency center, ATM, internet, a restaurant and shopping centers.


Isfahan Shahid Beheshti Airport

one of the most important international airports in Iran is located in the historical industrial city of Isfahan. Isfahan Shahid Beheshti Airport has non-stop passenger flights to 21 destinations in 4 countries: Turkey, UAE, Qatar and Dubai. There are also 16 domestic flights from Isfahan to other parts of the country.  This airport has two terminals, one for domestic flights and the other for international flights. Airport parking, car rental services for passengers, internet kiosks, and easy access are other facilities of Isfahan Airport.

international airports of Iran

Rasht International Airport

Another one of the most equipped international airports in Iran is Rasht Airport, also known as Sardar Jangal. Rasht International Airport is the only airport in this city and is located 7 km from Rasht Road towards Anzali Port. The area of this beautiful airport is nearly 220 hectares and it is interesting to know that this airport has accurate navigation and communication support systems. Rasht International Airport is one of the most prosperous airports in Iran and during the week it has about 76 flights to cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Asaluyeh, Isfahan, Kish, Qeshm, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz, Isfahan, Damascus, Baghdad, Medina, Jeddah and Istanbul.


Shiraz International Airport

Among the International airports of Iran, we can mention Shiraz Shahid Dastgheyb Airport. Shiraz Airport is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level and is the most equipped airport in Iran after Imam Khomeini International Airport located in Tehran. This international airport is well-equipped in terms of navigation and electronic equipment, which has made it one of the safest airports in the country. In terms of passenger traffic, it has been able to occupy a fourth place among Iranian airports.

In addition to international flights, Shiraz International Airport has many domestic flights, and daily about 120 domestic flights to various destinations within the country are carried out at this airport. Terminal No. 1 of this airport is for domestic flights.

Terminal number 2 is related to the entry of foreign flights. There are 10 foreign flights per day in this terminal. Among the various parts of Terminal No. 2, we can mention the public hall intended for waiting for passengers, the passenger passport control section, the customs control section, the cargo receiving section, the transit hall, flight information, etc.

international airports of Iran

Bandar Abbas International Airport

this International Airport (BND) is considered a medium airport in the south of Iran. Bandar Abbas Airport has non-stop passenger flights to 11 destinations in the UAE. Also, currently, 10 domestic flights are made from Bandar Abbas.


Tabriz international airport

Tabriz Shahid Madani Airport (TBZ) is one of the International airports of Iran. This international airport has non-stop passenger flights to 13 destinations in 2 countries, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Tabriz Shahid Madani Airport also has 10 domestic flights from Tabriz.

Tabriz Shahid Madani International Airport hosts many passengers with 6 foreign flights daily to Istanbul, Najaf, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Iraq, Italy, Germany, Yerevan, Baku, Izmir, Edna, Kayseri, etc. This airport has started its activity in the field of domestic and foreign flights since 1329.

Shahid Madani Airport is currently the largest airport in the northwest of the country. This airport plays an important role in the country’s aviation industry.

Shahid Bakri Airport of Urmia

Urmia Airport (OMH) is known as Shahid Bakri Airport. Shahid Bakri Airport in Urmia is one of the small international airports of Iran. Urmia International Airport has non-stop passenger flights to 3 destinations in Turkey. Currently, Shahid Bakri Airport of Urmia has one domestic flight.


Lar international Airport

Lar Airport (LRR) is one of the international airports in Iran in Fars province. There are non-stop international flights to Doha, Dubai, and Kuwait from Lar’s small airport. But you should know that the Dubai-Laar flight attracts the attention of many travelers. Currently, Lar International Airport has a domestic flight to Tehran.


Sari International Airport

Dasht-e Naz Sari Airport is one of the International airports in Iran located in the north of the country. This beautiful airport is located 23 km northeast of Sari city in Mazandaran province and also on the way from Sari to Neka. About 77 flights take place in this well-equipped airport in a week. Sari Airport ranks 11th in the country in this respect.

Sari Dasht Naz Airport flights are normally made to the cities of Mashhad, Tehran, Ahvaz, Kish Island, Bandar Abbas, Asaluyeh, Kerman, Baghdad, Bahrain, Jeddah, Medina, and Najaf. In the meantime, flights to Tehran and Shiraz are carried out daily. This beautiful airport took third place in the country in terms of the number of flights for Hajj

international airports of Iran

Payam-e Karaj International Airport

One of the newly established and new International airports in Iran is Karaj International Airport in Alborz province. This airport, which is also known as “Payam International Airport” and “Mahdasht Airport”, was engaged in cargo transportation for many years. From September 2017 onwards, the activity of this airport expanded and started its activity in the field of passenger transportation. It is interesting to know that Karaj International Airport is one of the largest aviation training service centers in the country, with approximately 8 pilot training companies cooperating with it.

Qeshm International Airport

One of the well-equipped international airports in Iran is Qeshm International Airport. Qeshm is among the most important tourist hubs of Iran. For this reason, an airport has been built in both cities for the convenience of as many passengers as possible.

Qeshm International Airport manages more than 20 daily flights to domestic or foreign cities. The destinations of foreign flights of this airport are cities such as Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates. There are flights from Qeshm International Airport to Tehran every day, but flights to cities such as Isfahan or Mashhad are made only two days a week.


Abadan International Airport

This airport is one of the first airports in the country that was built in 1320. Ayatollah Jami Abadan International Airport is located in the east of Abadan with an area of 354 hectares. The domestic flights of this airport are to the cities of Mashhad, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Isfahan, and Tehran.

international airports of Iran

Final words

in this article from Eligasht, we intend to review the International airports in Iran and their complete specifications. Currently, many cities in Iran have international airports. This has made the air transportation situation easy and worry-free for people.  to travel through any of these airports, you can purchase plane tickets by visiting the Eligasht website.


Frequently asked questions about international airports in Iran

1- Is Mehrabad Airport the first international airport in Iran?

Suleiman Mosque Airport is the first international airport in Iran. Bandar Langeh Airport has the title of the second international airport in Iran, which has flights to England and India.

2- What is the best airport in Iran?

Two airports in Tehran; That is, Mehrabad Airport and Imam Khomeini Airport can be introduced as the best airports in Iran due to their traffic load and many flight destinations.

3- Do Iranian cities have international airports?

Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Kermanshah, Qom, Kish, Qeshm, etc. are some of the cities in Iran that have international airports.

4- Do all international airports in Iran have domestic flights?

Apart from Imam Khomeini Airport, which is only dedicated to foreign flights, the rest of the international airports in Iran also have domestic flights.

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