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Discover the Best Boutique Hotels in Iran: A Fusion of Luxury and Authenticity

Best Boutique Hotels in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Best Boutique Hotels in Iran

There is currently a wide range of boutique hotels available in Iran and the number of the best boutique hotels in Iran is continuously increasing. Boutique hotels were introduced in the late 20th century by an American individual in the United States, aiming to provide more comfortable accommodations for travelers while offering an experiential focus. These hotels are characterized by showcasing the culture of a region and incorporating local and indigenous architectural elements.

Boutique hotel restaurants typically serve authentic and traditional cuisine. Sometimes, guests are allowed to observe the cooking process or participate in experiential workshops and craft events held within the boutique hotels. It’s important to note that boutique hotels should not be confused with traditional guesthouses. Boutique hotels typically have around twenty to a hundred rooms and provide facilities equivalent to four-star hotels. This article by Eligasht introduces the best boutique hotels in Iran.


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Boutique Hotels in Iran: A Space to Touch History

As mentioned, boutique hotels represent the culture of a region. In Iran, due to the presence of numerous historical buildings and their preservation, some of these structures have been transformed into boutique hotels. For example, Karvansaray-e Kharanagh in the village of Yazd, which once hosted past travelers, has now been preserved as a residential inn. One of the reasons for choosing boutique hotels is to experience a unique and distinctive atmosphere. That is why travelers in Iran choose boutique hotels to have an experience and create memories of the past architecture in Iran.

The boutique hotels in central cities of Iran are mostly reconstructed old Qajar houses, or traditional caravanserais that have been chosen and adapted to the taste of travelers. In other parts of Iran, especially in the northern regions, you can find boutique hotels with different architectural and cultural characteristics based on the local context. Apart from their unique features in terms of architecture, boutique hotels must also provide suitable services according to international boutique hotel standards.


Dad Yazd Boutique Hotel

One of the best boutique hotels in Iran is Dad Yazd Hotel, located in the heart of the desert and offering unique two-hundred-year-old architecture to welcome travelers. This hotel initially started as a guesthouse in 1928 and was established by Haji Abdolkhalegh Dad. It has undergone significant restoration and renovation by its descendants and entered the tourism industry as a boutique hotel in 2001. Today, Dad Yazd Hotel is widely known among travelers and offers amenities equivalent to a four-star hotel.

Dad Yazd Boutique Hotel has around 88 rooms, including single, double, triple, interconnected four-bedrooms, and a royal suite. The design of all rooms takes inspiration from traditional spaces, with antique-style beds and furniture. This traditional hotel also provides modern amenities for guest comfort.

There is a large traditional restaurant in this hotel where you can enjoy authentic Iranian and Yazdi cuisine. The facilities of Hotel Dad Yazd include a swimming pool, free internet, taxi service, handicraft shop, laundry services, conference hall, and ceremony hall, offering modern amenities in a traditional setting. The courtyard of Hotel Dad Yazd is one of the most beautiful courtyards among Iranian hotels, designed in the style of a garden well, and you need to descend the stairs to sit in it. From the lower view of the courtyard, you can see rooms with colorful windows and two large wind catchers. Boutique Hotel Dad Yazd is located in the Fahadan neighborhood, near historical attractions such as Amir Chakhmaq Square, Jameh Mosque of Yazd, Water Museum, Alexander’s Prison, and Lari House, making it ideal for those who want to explore the history.

Best Boutique Hotels in Iran

Ameriha Kashan Hotel

Another old house that has been transformed into one of the best boutique hotels in Iran is Ameriha Kashan Hotel. This boutique hotel also has the amenities of a four-star hotel and is located near historical sites in Kashan. With a short walk, you can reach the Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood and visit historical buildings such as Tabatabaei House, Abbasi House, Borujerdi House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, and finally, Agha Bozorg Mosque. One of the reasons why Ameriha Kashan Hotel is chosen by many travelers is the historical and unique atmosphere of this grand house. Ameriha Kashan House belongs to the Zand era and is nearly three hundred years old. This house has also been renovated and started operating as a boutique hotel in 2014.

This complex has 38 accommodation units, consisting of single, double, twin, and honeymoon royal suite rooms. Other facilities of Ameriha Kashan Boutique Hotel include a traditional restaurant and a café shop for guests to enjoy. The architectural style of this house is based on authentic Iranian architecture. If you visit this historical house, you will find the sitting area under the large veranda very beautiful, with unique decorations underneath. The style of this old house also features a garden well, and by walking in the hallway, turquoise water basin, and gardens, you will feel freshness and vitality. Ameriha Kashan Hotel is one of the most standard boutique hotels in Iran.


Nezamieh Boutique Hotel Tehran

Perhaps when the name Tehran is mentioned, few people are familiar with staying in a traditional house in Tehran. Recently, one of Tehran’s historical buildings has been transformed into a boutique hotel. Nezamieh Tehran House is one of Tehran’s unique buildings, which belonged to Prime Minister Naser el-Din Shah Mirza Agha Khan Nouri and has a history of two hundred years. Today, Nezamieh House is considered one of the best boutique hotels in Iran and has become well-known among tourists. This hotel consists of a two-story historic building with unique architecture and a large courtyard in the heart of Tehran.

The rooms in this boutique hotel are double, twin, and two-person suite rooms. The difference between the double and twin rooms is only in the type of bed, where double rooms have double beds, and twin rooms have two single beds. Nezamieh Boutique Hotel Tehran started operating in 2019 and is located in the Baharestan neighborhood. If you would like to visit historical sites in Tehran, such as Oudlajan, Baharestan, Imam Khomeini Square, and Tehran Bazaar, choosing this boutique hotel is suitable as it has good access to all the mentioned locations.

Best Boutique Hotels in Iran

Fulton Boutique Hotel Qeshm

Fulton Boutique Hotel Qeshm was established in 1394 and now offers twenty rooms, two suites, two villas, and two apartments for accommodating travelers. Qeshm, being one of the most unique islands in the Persian Gulf with numerous attractions, is a popular destination for many tourists. Everything at Fulton Boutique Hotel Qeshm is modern, and you will enjoy staying in fully equipped and modern rooms. The hotel features an Iranian restaurant and a traditional tea house facing the sea, where guests can spend pleasant moments. The rooms at Fulton Boutique Hotel Qeshm include double, twin, quadruple, and two-bedroom apartments. Fulton Qeshm is now considered one of the best boutique hotels in Iran, offering excellent amenities for travelers.


Laleh Biston Hotel in Kermanshah

One of the best boutique hotels in Iran is the Laleh Biston Hotel in Kermanshah, which is an ancient five-century-old caravanserai. Staying in an old caravanserai is a valuable experience for many Iranians and foreign tourists. This caravanserai, built about five centuries ago, now welcomes various travelers from around the world and has about twenty rooms. The courtyard of the caravanserai is very pleasant, allowing you to travel back in time during your stay. Laleh Biston Boutique Hotel has about twenty rooms, consisting of double and twin rooms.

Everything is in line with traditional Iranian architecture. Inside the rooms, beds are provided for the comfort of the guests. Other facilities of this hotel include 24-hour room service, a café shop, a restaurant, a conference hall, live Kurdish music performances, handicraft shop. The conversion of caravanserais into boutique hotels helps preserve and maintain these valuable historical sites.

Best Boutique Hotels in Iran

Shemshak Boutique Hotel

Shemshak is one of the northern areas around Tehran, known for its pleasant climate. If you want to breathe fresh air, you can choose Shemshak as your destination. Shemshak Boutique Hotel is one of the most attractive and best boutique hotels in Iran, inspired by the architecture of Shemshak, featuring double-walled vaulted ceilings. Underneath the beautiful wooden ceiling, there is an elegant alcove. The structure of the boutique hotel is made of stone and wood. Shemshak Boutique Hotel offers Iranian and Western toilets according to the traveler’s preference, a café shop, a billiard hall, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a handicraft shop, an airport transfer, and a restaurant. All rooms are also equipped with comfort amenities and sanitary services.


 Bahar Hotel in Isfahan| Best Boutique Hotels in Iran

This magnificent mansion dates back to the Safavid era and was built around the tenth century. Over time, renovations and transformations have turned it into a beautiful mansion in the present era. Various facilities have been added to this beautiful mansion, providing comfortable accommodations for domestic and international guests. You can witness the architecture of the Safavid era throughout this beautiful boutique hotel.


Laleh Kandovan Boutique Hotel in Tabriz

Laleh Kandovan is one of the best boutique hotels in Iran, which is located in Tabriz. In the village of Kandovan, houses are built within the rocks, incorporating traditional architecture. Today, it has become a popular destination for travelers who want to experience a unique stay in a rock house that is nearly a thousand years old. Laleh Kandovan Hotel in Tabriz offers sanitary and comfort facilities inside the rooms, featuring quality beds, tables, and chairs. All different parts of the rooms are also decorated with handicrafts from the Kandovan village. This hotel has about 20 stone rooms, all equipped with sanitary and comfort amenities. It offers double and twin rooms, as well as four-person and five-person suites from the Kandovan accommodation units in Tabriz.

Best Boutique Hotels in Iran

Final words

In this article, the best boutique hotels in Iran were mentioned. boutique hotels in Iran offer more than just a place to stay; they provide an immersive experience that allows guests to touch the rich history and cultural heritage of the country. From beautifully restored historical buildings to contemporary designs with a local touch, these hotels offer a fusion of luxury and authenticity. If you intend to make a reservation at any of these boutique hotels, you can book them through the Eligasht website. However, there are more boutique hotels in Iran, and this article introduced the ones that meet the standards of modern boutique hotels. If you have used any of the mentioned boutique hotels in this article, you can share your experience with the Eligasht team.



What are some of the top boutique hotels in Iran?

Some of the top boutique hotels in Iran include Dad Boutique Hotel in Yazd, Ameriha House in Kashan, Fulton Boutique Hotel Qeshm, Bahar Hotel in Isfahan


What are the key features and amenities typically offered by boutique hotels in Iran?

Boutique hotels in Iran offer a range of unique features and amenities. These may include stylish and individually designed rooms, personalized service, on-site restaurants serving local cuisine, tranquil gardens or rooftop terraces, spa facilities, and curated cultural experiences.


Are boutique hotels in Iran suitable for all budgets?

Boutique hotels in Iran cater to various budgets. While some may be more luxurious and higher-priced, there are also boutique hotels that offer more affordable options without compromising on style and quality.


Are boutique hotels in Iran located in popular tourist destinations or off-the-beaten-path locations?

The best Boutique hotels in Iran can be found in a mix of locations. Some boutique hotels are situated in popular tourist destinations like Isfahan, Tehran, or Shiraz, offering easy access to major attractions. Others may be located in off-the-beaten-path locations, providing a peaceful and secluded experience for those seeking a unique getaway.

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