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10 of the most spectacular attractions of Shiraz city in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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The variety of attractions of Shiraz and the beauty of this historical city are truly indescribable, and this has made Shiraz one of the most valuable tourist areas in Iran. Shiraz is undoubtedly the best choice if you want to see a diverse collection of Iran’s natural and historical monuments in one city. The sights of Shiraz are flipping in front of our eyes like a beautiful and unrepeatable album. In this article from Eligasht, we will introduce you to the attractions of Shiraz.

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1. Narenjestan Garden

Shiraz is the city of famous and heavenly gardens of Iran, and there are colorful and beautiful gardens with pleasant weather. Narenjestan Garden, or Qawam Garden, is one of the must-see attractions of Shiraz, located on Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street. Narenjestan garden is a relic of the Qajar era and has a historical atmosphere. The garden area will welcome you with a heavenly atmosphere and mature trees that are located close to each other. Spring is one of the pleasant times to visit Narenjestan Garden because you will be intoxicated by the scent of spring oranges in this pleasant garden. On the north, east, and south side of Narenjestan Garden, you will see beautiful buildings with a special design of Iranian architecture. This collection is decorated with seven arts of plastering, tile work, traditional painting, mirror work, sculpture, mosaic work, and carving.

There is a museum of objects obtained from the excavations and research trips of professor “Pope,” one of the Iranologists named American, in the Narenjestan Garden of Qavam. Besides enjoying the spectacular atmosphere of the garden and the magnificent mansion, visit the antique objects of this museum.

Address: Zeinbiyeh Blvd., Lotfali Khan Zand St

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Narenjestan Garden shiraz - eli gasht

2. Saadiyeh – attractions of Shiraz

Saadiyeh is the name of one of the famous attractions of Shiraz, where Saadi’s tomb is located. Saadi was one of the popular and famous poets of the 7th century Hijri, whose tomb is now visited by many travelers and tourists. The building of Saadi Mausoleum was built in 1330 and in 1353, it was registered as a national monument of Iran.

This place used to be a monastery and a place of worship for Saadi, so he was buried there after his death. Combining two traditional and modern styles is unique and has given a special effect to this place. The existence of the pond, trees and colorful flowers undoubtedly contributed to the beauty of Saadiyeh and played a special role in the unique peace of this precious place. On your trip to Shiraz, be sure to visit Saadi’s tomb.

Sadia’s address: Shiraz, at the end of Bostan St., next to Delgosha Garden

Saadiyeh - eli gasht

3.Afif Abad Museum Garden

Another green garden and tourist attraction of Shiraz is the garden of the Afif Abad Museum. The mansion located in this garden has become a museum of old weapons and it is possible to visit it. You can see all kinds of old hot and cold weapons in this museum.

After passing through the covered entrance of the garden, on your right, you will see a corridor made of plantain and orange trees that leads to an old dining room and a bathroom. There is also a large pond in the garden, which is surrounded by palm, plantain, and orange trees and has become particularly beautiful.

You can find Afif Abad Museum Garden at the address of Feleke Sangi, Sattar Khan Blvd., in front of Afif Abad Street, Qawamuddin Shirazi Pass, Afif Abad Museum Garden.

4.Hafezieh – attractions of Shiraz

One of the best Iranian poets, who has many titles such as Lasan al-Ghaib, and Lasan al-Arafa, is called Hafez. Hafezieh is much more beautiful at night and brings you more peace. The lighting of this place is wonderful and the presence of an octagonal arch on the tomb of Hafez is very spectacular. It is interesting to know that the architecture of this building belongs to the Achaemenid and Zandiye periods and Hafez’s poems are beautifully carved on its marble stones. It is not bad to know that the area of this place is about 2 hectares and it is located south of the Quran Gate.

In addition to the people of Shiraz, Hafezieh is considered a peaceful place for many tourists and walking in it will be recorded in your memory forever. This place is busy on most days of the year and one or more people are always busy reading hafiz fortune for you. You can relax in Hafezieh Tea House and enjoy spending time in this magnificent place.

Address of Hafez: Hafez Mausoleum, Hafez Square, Shiraz

Hafezieh - attractions of Shiraz - eli gasht

5. Persepolis

You will unlikely know anyone who has not heard the name “Takht Jamshid”; The largest ancient building in Iran. It is Persepolis that shows the history of Iran itself. This building is located in the heart of Marvdasht, 60 km from Shiraz city. Takht Jamshid is a child of two historical periods: Achaemenid and Sassanid, and parts of it are attributed to the Elamite period. Shiraz was a combination of the architecture of all the civilizations covered by the Achaemenids to be a symbol of the unity and integrity of the land of Iran.

Another beautiful building is located six kilometers from Persepolis, “Naghsh Rostam”, which you should not miss, and it has the “Kaaba of Zoroaster” and important Achaemenid petroglyphs in its heart. Autumn has a special effect on this place. Therefore, put visiting Persepolis is one of the best attractions of Shiraz on the list of places to visit. Of course, if you don’t like extreme cold and heat, winter or summer might not be the right season for you to visit

6. Eram garden – attractions of Shiraz

One of the best sights and tourist attractions of Shiraz can be introduced as Eram Garden, which seems to be related to the Seljuk period, but most of its half-finished buildings were completed during the time of Naser al-Din Shah. The beauty of Shiraz’s Eram Garden is stunning without exaggeration and makes you feel alive.

Various trees such as palm, cypress, acacia, maple, willow,and colorful flowers in this beautiful garden have increased its popularity and made its atmosphere charming. It is interesting to know that the tallest cypress tree in Shiraz is located in this garden and fruits such as apples, peaches, pears, parsnips, walnuts, oranges, apricots, almonds and dates can be seen on the trees of this garden.

The presence of a long pond in the middle of Shiraz’s Eram Garden will accompany you to the Qajar Palace, and the sound of flowing water will make walking in it more enjoyable for you. The beauty of this garden doubles in spring and autumn so that in spring, the smell of spring oranges and spring flowers completely fills the garden, and in autumn, the unique orange color of the garden will not leave your eyes.

It is really necessary to have a camera with you to capture pure pictures in this garden. It is not bad to know that Eram Garden is currently under the control of Shiraz University and its name has been registered as a world heritage by the UNESCO organization.

Address of Bagh Eram: Shiraz, Eram Blvd., Eram Square, Eram St., near Shiraz University complex

Eram garden -attractions of Shiraz - eli gasht

7. Karim Khan Citadel, the seat of the Zandiyeh royal family

Karim Khan Citadel is one of the most important historical monuments and attractions of Shiraz, which is left by the beautiful architecture of the Zandiyeh period in this city. This historical building was the royal family’s residence during the reign of Zandiyeh, and now its name can be seen in the list of national monuments. Karim Khan Citadel, with its tall walls and towers, stands out in the northeast of Shohada Square, and it can be considered as the illustrated history of Shiraz from the time of Zandiyeh.

The interesting point of Karim Khan Citadel architecture is the combination of residential and military architectural elements. Sections such as porches, rooms, gardens, and water features are reminiscent of a residential building, But on the other hand, the four tall guard towers that protect the castle in four directions, as well as the tall brick walls that surround this building, have turned the citadel into a military base.

One of the spectacular parts of this building is the citadel bath, which is built in the style of traditional Iranian baths and includes a shower, platforms, a basin, a treasury, etc. Do not miss the adventure in this historical attraction during the Shiraz tour days.

Address: Northeast of Shohada Square, Hijrat Blvd

Visiting hours: 9 am to 10 pm

8. Vakil mosque – attractions of Shiraz

Another one of the most beautiful attractions of Shiraz, which belongs to the Zandiya era, is Vakil Mosque or Sultani Mosque. This mosque has 48 columns and is considered one of the strongest buildings in Shiraz.

The architecture and design of this mosque are very eye-catching in their simplicity, and the art of enameling and the use of green and red colors add to its beauty. All these parts are enameled in a very precise way and entering it will give you a unique feeling. It is not bad to know that this mosque is located near the bathroom and Vakil Bazaar. Be sure to include a visit to Vakil Mosque in your schedule.

Address of Vakil Mosque: Shiraz, Ayatollah Taleghani Street, west of Vakil Bazaar

Vakil mosque - eli gasht

9.   Vakil Bazaar

You can see a collection of Shiraz’s traditional cells in the Vakil Bazaar. Vakil Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest markets in Shiraz, which was built by Karim Khan Zand. In addition to selling goods such as carpets, paintings, gold, home accessories and other items, Vakil Bazaar also has a famous and significant design and architecture. For this reason, it is known as one of the must-see attractions of Shiraz. It is better to know that this market is closed on Fridays.

Address of Vakil Bazaar: Zand St., Shiraz

10. Vakil bathroom – attractions of Shiraz

Hammam Vakil can also be considered among the attractions of Shiraz because it is considered one of the most advanced and famous baths in the history of Iran. This bath was built in 1187 by the order of Karim Khan Zand. Hammam Vakil has different parts such as Shahneshin, warm house, dressing room and treasury, the most important part of which is Shahneshin.

The architecture and motifs used on this building are very amazing and are decorated with paintings of the ascension of the Holy Prophet of Islam, the battles of Hazrat Ali, Eshke Shirin and Farhad and Bijan and Manijeh, as well as the design of symbolic sculptures of people in the bath.

Address of Hamam Vakil: Shiraz, Taleghani St

Vakil bathroom - attractions of Shiraz - eli gasht

Final words

The variety of attractions of Shiraz is very wide, but we tried to depict the most famous and well-known ones for you to the best of our ability. There are definitely other famous sights in this city. Among them, we can mention Sarai Moshir, Shimoun Ghayor Church, Music Museum, Saber House, Khan School, Customs Caravanserai, Haft Tanan Museum, Maharlo Lake, Kovar Bridge, Bandar Castle Park, Tajuddin Gharib Mausoleum and other places of interest in Shiraz.

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