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List of Desert Eco-Lodges in Iran: Discover Sustainable Accommodation in the Desert

Desert Eco-Lodges in Iran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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Desert Eco-Lodges in Iran

Desert eco-lodges in Iran offer an exceptional experience for travelers and adventure enthusiasts who are interested in exploring the local culture while immersing themselves in the beauty of the desert. These lodges represent the traditional lifestyle of Iran in desert regions and provide guests with an opportunity to become acquainted with the pristine nature of the desert. From traditional architecture and local amenities to local cuisine, customs, and traditions, these eco-lodges offer a unique opportunity to get familiar with the culture and life of the people in these areas. Additionally, stargazing under the desert’s starry sky and adventurous tours provide guests of these lodges with a one-of-a-kind experience in the desert. If you plan to travel to the desert and stay in desert regions, join us in this article by Eligasht to learn more about the desert eco-lodges in Iran.


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Barati Desert Eco-Lodge

Barati Desert Eco-Lodge is an attractive destination located in the heart of Iran’s desert, in the village of Mesr. This lodge offers an extraordinary opportunity to experience life in the untouched nature and the indigenous culture of the Iranian desert. The most notable feature of this lodge, which is an old house, is its traditional architecture and suitable amenities such as a bathroom and toilet outside the room, toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc.), laundry services at an additional cost, breakfast, free internet, and 24-hour reception.

Furthermore, the lodge’s programs include desert tours, tour guides at an additional cost, stargazing on dark desert nights, delicious flavors of local cuisine, and getting acquainted with the culture and life of the indigenous people of Mesr village. This unparalleled experience in the Iranian desert allows tourists to establish a deeper connection with nature and local culture, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Address: 2 kilometers from Mesr Desert, Masr Village, Alley in front of Sadat Shop, near attractions such as Garmeh Village, Farahzad Village, and Namak Lake.

Desert Eco-Lodges in Iran

Services at Barati Desert Eco-Lodge:

Bathroom and toilet outside the room, toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc.), laundry services at an additional cost, breakfast: butter, jam, eggs/lunch: local food, free internet, 24-hour reception.

Tours: Desert, dunes, camel riding, quad biking, safari.

Tour guide at an additional cost.


This lodge is closed from the beginning of April to the end of September.

Cancellation policy: If canceled less than 24 hours before the arrival date, only 50% of the cost will be refunded.

Accommodation for children up to 8 years old is half price.

Check-in time: noon | Check-out time: 2:00 PM

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Iran Desert Eco-Lodges: Atashooni House or Maziar House

Atashooni House or Maziar House is another desert eco-lodge in Iran located in the village of Garmeh in the desert plain. With a history of 400 years, this place features traditional and indigenous architecture, preserved using raw bricks and the original style. It has been transformed into a traditional and eco-friendly lodge for nature enthusiasts and those interested in experiencing the local culture. At Atashooni House or Maziar House, travelers can enjoy local cuisine and get acquainted with the local people of the region.


Services at the Desert Eco-Lodge:

Safety equipment: Fire extinguisher, first aid kits

Drinking water bottles, internet access, electricity, blankets, laundry services for guests, card reader machine, mobile signal coverage adapted for disabled individuals, souvenir shop

Address: Garmeh Village, Khur and Biabanak, Naein City, Isfahan, Iran

Desert Eco-Lodges in Iran

Iran Desert Eco-Lodges: Amou Hassan

Amou Hassan Desert Eco-Lodge is a unique and captivating destination in the heart of the desert, located in the village of Hod near Jandaq. This eco-lodge is built with traditional and indigenous architecture, harmonizing with the natural environment and local culture of the area. It provides an excellent opportunity for those who want to experience the simple and indigenous life of people in the heart of the desert and get familiar with the hospitable people and unique culture of the region.


Services at Amou Hassan Desert Eco-Lodge:

Five floor-bedded rooms with a capacity of 25 people

Cooling and heating system, outdoor bathrooms and toilets, private parking, birthday room, local guide, communal kitchen for tourists’ cooking, complimentary breakfast, local lunch and dinner upon request

Address: Hod Village, Khur City, after Jandaq Village, Isfahan Province, Iran


Iran Desert Eco-Lodges: Khaneye Safa Kashan

Khaneye Safa Desert Eco-Lodge is located in the city of Kashan and is one of the other desert eco-lodges in Iran. It dates back to 350 years ago, belonging to the Safavid period, and is now known as one of the most beautiful and stylish eco-lodges in Iran. Khaneye Safa offers suitable facilities and unique cultural experiences such as local music, traditional restaurants, and acquaintance with local customs, allowing guests to get familiar with the life of the local people. The lodge has 7 traditional rooms.

Currently, a part of this historical complex has been converted into an eco-lodge by nature lovers Ali Mohseni and Nastaran Saadati, with a capacity of 40 people for nature and historical tours, friendly group and family trips. The lodge also includes a traditional restaurant with delicious homemade food and a café for tea drinking in a historical atmosphere, providing ideal recreational conditions for travelers.

Services at Khaneye Safa Desert Eco-Lodge: Handicraft shop, safe deposit box, Iranian-style toilets in the lobby, taxi service, 24-hour reception, in-room breakfast, currency exchange, fax, ticketing services, photocopying, internet access, internet services, offering city and out-of-town tours.

Rules at Khaneye Safa Desert Eco-Lodge in Kashan:

Check-in time: 14:00

Check-out time: 12:00

Child policy

Address: Kashan – Aran and Bidgol, Imam Khomeini Square, Seyyed Al-Shohada Street

Desert Eco-Lodges in Iran

Nebka Desert Eco-Lodge

Nebka Desert Eco-Lodge is one of the most famous desert eco-lodges in Iran, located in the Shahdad Kalouts. With its traditional and local structures, this place has provided a beautiful and peaceful destination for tourists. Nebka is a large garden house with a river and palm trees, which enhance the beauty of this eco-lodge. Additionally, this lodge offers facilities such as local cuisine, and horseback riding for urban exploration, and can accommodate guests in five rooms.


Services at Nebka Desert Eco-Lodge:

Uncovered parking, covered parking, English-speaking staff, internet, shared bathroom, Iranian toilet, Western toilet, tour guide, evaporative cooler, split system, television

Address: Kerman Province, Shahdad, Imam Khomeini Street, Imam Khomeini 6, No. 26


Haftooman Desert Eco-Lodge in the Heart of the Desert

Haftooman Desert Eco-Lodge is an exceptional destination in the heart of the desert, located near the city of Khour. This place is particularly attractive for those interested in experiencing desert tours and traditional local life in the desert region. Haftooman Lodge has traditional and local architecture and a beautiful courtyard designed to suit the desert conditions. Here, you can experience desert tours, enjoy local cuisine, and get familiar with the culture of the local people.


Services at Haftoman Desert Eco-Lodge:

Heating system, check-in until 10 PM and check-out before sunset, parking, live music, bakery, post office, cooperative and health center, afternoon fruit service and tea service, Iranian and Western toilets, and in-room bathroom facilities. The suites in the complex also have private kitchens.

Address: Esfahan, Khour and Biabanak County, Haftooman Village

Desert Eco-Lodges in Iran

Traditional Teeda Hotel in Mesr desert

Teeda Traditional Hotel is one of the best desert eco-lodges in Iran, located in the village of Mesr. With its Iranian architecture and traditional design, this hotel offers suitable amenities and a tranquil environment, providing travelers with an unforgettable opportunity to experience life in the desert nature. The rooms at Teeda Traditional Hotel have modern facilities, including 30 modern rooms surrounding the courtyard, a VIP room, a bathroom, a refrigerator, a tea maker, Western and Iranian toilets, and central heating, which ensure the comfort of guests.


Address: Esfahan, Khour and Biabanak County, Mesr Desert Village, Farahzad Village


Stareh-e Plond Eco-Lodge

Stareh-e Plond Eco-Lodge is one of the charming desert eco-lodges in Iran located in the famous village of Plond in Ferdows County. With its traditional and local architecture, this place offers guests a unique opportunity to experience life in the pristine nature of Iran and the Dam-e Yaz Desert. Stareh-e Plond provides amenities such as dormitory rooms with a capacity of 35 people, shared bathroom facilities, parking, heating and cooling systems, breakfast, and a communal kitchen for cooking. This lodge allows tourists to escape the urban hustle and bustle, get acquainted with the local desert culture, and experience a different and delightful aspect of life in Iran.


Address: South Khorasan, 60 kilometers on the Ferdows road towards Kajeh Village, Plond Desert.


Kashkiloo Shahdad Kerman Eco-Lodge

Kashkiloo Shahdad Eco-Lodge in the city of Kerman is known as an extraordinary destination to experience Iranian culture and nature. With its 60-year-old traditional and local architecture, this eco-lodge offers guests a unique opportunity to live in tranquility in the heart of the Kerman desert region and witness its beauty. Kashkiloo Shahdad provides suitable amenities for tourists, including 6 rooms, shared bathroom facilities, an open courtyard, a television room, breakfast, and local food offerings.

Address: Kerman, Shahdad, Pasdaran Square, Shafa Street 7

Final words

desert eco-lodges in Iran offer a fantastic combination of beautiful nature, rich culture, and authentic Iranian experiences for travelers. These places serve as suitable destinations for accommodation, allowing visitors to get acquainted with the desert nature and traditional life of people in Iranian desert regions and providing a unique opportunity for adventure, relaxation, and education. By staying in these lodges, guests can have an unforgettable experience alongside the desert and enjoy the pleasures of life in a simple and beautiful environment.



1- What are the advantages of staying at a desert eco-lodge in Iran?

Staying at a desert eco-lodge in Iran offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows travelers to experience the unique desert environment and witness stunning landscapes. Secondly, these lodges often promote sustainable practices such as using renewable energy sources and employing local staff, contributing to the local economy. Additionally, guests can learn about the local culture and traditions through interactions with the lodge staff and participation in activities offered by the lodge.


2- What kind of amenities can I expect at a desert eco-lodge in Iran?

Desert eco-lodges in Iran provide basic amenities to ensure guests’ comfort while maintaining their eco-friendly principles. These amenities may include comfortable sleeping arrangements, shared bathroom facilities, heating and cooling systems, parking areas, communal kitchens for self-catering, and sometimes even Wi-Fi access. the amenities can vary depending on the specific lodge and its location.


3- What activities and experiences can I engage in while staying at a desert eco-lodge in Iran?

Desert eco-lodges in Iran offer various activities and experiences for guests to enjoy. These may include guided desert tours, camel riding, stargazing, traditional music and dance performances, and opportunities to try local cuisine. Guests can also engage in hiking or walking trails to explore the surrounding desert landscapes, learn about desert flora and fauna, and interact with the local communities to gain a deeper understanding of the desert culture.

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