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11 of the best restaurants in Tehran

by Parastoo Sahebi
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the best restaurants in Tehran - eligasht

Choosing 11 of the best restaurants in Tehran, where there are restaurants on every street, is a very difficult task. Tehran, as the capital of the country, has many high-quality restaurants, which are very attractive to both travelers and residents of this city. Whatever your taste and diet, you can find your favorite food in the restaurants of this city and enjoy the delicious taste of these foods.  join Eligasht to get to know the best traditional restaurants and fast foods in Tehran.

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The best traditional restaurants in Tehran

1.      Ali Qapu

Ali Qapu traditional restaurant can be considered one of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran. This restaurant, which is located near Vanak Square, has been able to gain regular customers over the past few years. Traditional Iranian arches, very artistic mirror work, wooden tables, traditional beds, water basins, and antique objects, all make the appearance of Aali Qapu traditional restaurant look like a traditional Iranian place.

Many Iranians, who have foreign guests and are looking for the best traditional restaurants in Tehran, choose this restaurant to serve their guests. In addition to very tasty and high-quality food, Aali Qapu restaurant is also famous for its nightly performance and several hours of fun and traditional programs.

In this restaurant, from 7 pm to 12 pm, several different music groups perform to keep you entertained. Therefore, Aali Qapu should be considered one of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran, as well as one of the best restaurants with live music in Tehran, which is located in the north of the capital.

Address: Vanak Square, 1st Gandhi St., No. 55

The best traditional restaurants in Tehran - eligasht

2.      Barbod

Barbod traditional restaurant is known as one of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran with its very beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. In this restaurant, in addition to being in a space with an original design, you can also enjoy eating Iranian food. On the menu of Barbod restaurant, you can see a variety of Iranian dishes, including all kinds of kebabs. Besides these dishes, tea, traditional sweets such as baklava, and fruit service are also offered.

Also, the Barbod restaurant has live music most nights. So, if you want to enjoy the taste of Iranian food in a traditional and beautiful environment with music, you can visit the Barbod restaurant.

Address: Vanak, Seoul Street, above Sheikh Bahai, No. 57

3.      Moslem

Moslem restaurant in 15 Khordad Bazar is one of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran and many Tehran residents have eaten at this restaurant at least once. The most famous dish of Muslim restaurant is its special chicken tahchin, which has gained the satisfaction of all customers.

It should be noted that in addition to Tahchin, the rest of Moslem restaurant’s dishes have good taste and quality, and you can order food safely. Don’t forget that Moslem presses are usually big and can even feed two people, but it depends on your eating style.

Before you go to this restaurant, keep in mind that there is always a long line of people who want to taste the authentic food in the Bazar. Don’t forget that Moslem restaurant has a few other halls next to it that you can use and this will make you not stand in line too long. If you decide to go sightseeing in Tehran by metro, you can consider Moslem for your meal.

Address: Tehran Bazar, Khordad 15th St., west corner of Sabzemeidan

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4.      Hoz Khooneh

the interior of Hoz Khooneh restaurant is traditional and at the same time very casual and simple. Hoz Khooneh restaurant was opened about 40 years ago and during these years, it has gained many regular customers. Hoz Khooneh restaurant has two completely separate floors, and therefore many people prefer to hold their events or parties in this restaurant.

On the lower floor of this restaurant, it is also possible to order various traditional teas. In the traditional restaurant of Hoz Khoune, all kinds of traditional dishes are served, from Dizi to greasy and delicious kebabs. The restaurant staff are also dressed in traditional clothes and are very friendly. The restaurant has a very beautiful atmosphere and it is one of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran.

Address: Valiasr St., at the end of the north side of Sa’i Park, in front of 1st Sa’i St., No. 2366

5.      Termeh Restaurant (Ferdowsi Hotel)

Termeh traditional restaurant is considered one of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran, which is located near Imam Khomeini Square and inside the Ferdowsi Hotel. This restaurant has a unique atmosphere and every detail has been observed in it. Inside the restaurant, there is a turquoise pond in which the water flows and makes the restaurant environment very spectacular. Traditional bricks, wooden seats, and arched ceilings are all traditional elements that are well respected.

We should add that the food of the traditional Termeh restaurant is served as self-service and by paying the entrance fee, you can enjoy the countless variety of traditional dishes. Also, every night from 7 pm to 12 pm, a live music program is held in this restaurant.

Address: Imam Khomeini Square, the beginning of Ferdowsi St., Koushk Masri St., Ferdowsi Grand Hotel

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6.      Morshed

Morshed traditional restaurant has many fans with 4 branches in Tehran and 1 branch in the north of Iran. This restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran, which provides both a very beautiful and pleasant atmosphere to its customers by offering delicious, high-quality, and colorful food.

On the menu of Morshed restaurants, you can see all kinds of kebabs and Iranian stews. A long menu that probably covers the taste of many people who are interested in traditional Iranian food. So, if you are one of these people and you like to enjoy your food in a beautiful, traditional and pleasant environment, you can visit one of the branches of Morshed restaurant in Tehran or on Noor road to Mahmoud Abad.

The address of Morshid traditional restaurant Branch 1: Niavaran, after Jamaran, corner of Delshad alley, No. 2

The best fast food restaurants in Tehran

7.      Senso Italian Restaurant

Senso is one of the best fast food restaurants in Tehran, which is also included in the group of Italian restaurants and has a great reputation in Tehran. If you are looking for a good restaurant in Tehran that has a good variety of Italian dishes and its pasta is famous, Senso restaurant can be considered one of the best options for you.

The high quality of the restaurant’s food, the respectful behavior of the staff, and the cozy and pleasant environment of Senso are among its other advantages. If you go to Senso restaurant, we suggest that you try one of its steak, pasta, or Caesar salad dishes.

Don’t forget that due to many customers, this restaurant may be crowded on weekends and you may linger a little outside the restaurant. However, Senso employees try to shorten the waiting time and quickly guide customers into the restaurant. So if you don’t want to wait, it’s better to go here early or make a reservation.

Address: Ferdows Blvd., South Ramin


8.      Perperook fast food

Perperook Fast Food is one of the best fast food restaurants in Tehran. This restaurant started working in the Saadat Abad area in 1376 AH and gained many fans with its square and window-shaped pizzas. Perperook is one of the chain restaurants of the capital, which since its establishment has been able to maintain itself among the best restaurants in Tehran and the most modern brands.

This place serves all kinds of pizzas (Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Bistaka, Carzana, Window, Arrosto), Sicilian Pizza, Jumbo Pizza, Sandwiches (Cheeseburger, Mushroom Burger, Hollow Burger), Toast, Appetizers, Drink, and Dessert. Among the branches of this fast food, we can mention Perperook Pasdaran, Velenjak, Apadana, Aryashahr, Gisha, Qaitarieh, Kurosh, Tehranpars, Iran Mall, Milad Tower, Argentina, etc.

Address of Saadat Abad perperook: No. 18, Mathi Bakhshaish St., West Saro Street, Tehran

 Address of Apadana Preperook: No. 125, Apadana St., Sohravardi North, Tehran

9.      Shila fast food

Shila is the first fast food chain with 29 branches in Tehran, which operates exclusively in the field of hot dogs. At first, the restaurant’s menu was only limited to a few types of sandwiches; But gradually, various types of pizza, burgers, and fried chicken were added to it.

Those who have tasted the delicious taste of Shila’s hot dogs, know that it has special sausages. These hot dogs are produced with a special formula and are different from factory sausages, and this is what has made the restaurant famous. In addition to the variety of sauces, the presence of additives such as Gouda cheese, mushroom sauce, minced meat, etc.

this fast food has lots of branches in Tehran and it is considered one of the best fast food restaurants in Tehran. Among the various branches of Shila, we can mention Piruzi, Motahari, Hijab, Tehranpars, Valiasr Square, Mellat Park, Heravi, Niavaran, Shahrak Gharb, etc.

Address of Sheila Fast Food in Dolat: Tehran, Dr. Shariati St., Shahid Kolahdoz St. (Dolat), No. 457, Address of Sheila Fast Food in Tehran Pars: Tehran, above the first floor of Tehran Pars, 152 East


10.  Barooj restaurant chain

One of the best fast food restaurants in Tehran, whose branches can be found in almost all areas of Tehran, is the Barooj chain restaurant. Barooj restaurants prepare all kinds of fast food for their customers with the best and most beautiful food designs. You can find any of the branches of this restaurant in the neighborhoods of Mirdamad, Gisha, Saadat Abad, Yousef Abad, Sardar Jangal, Ajodaniyeh, Elahieh, Hyperstar, Bamland, Korosh. You can order all kinds of pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, salads, pasta, and bread in these restaurants.

Address of Yousef Abad branch: Yousef Abad, corner of 60 St., No. 434

Address of Mirdamad branch: Mirdamad, Mader square, Mehrovarz street, Sharifi corner

11.  Bam Land Chicken Factory

Chicken Factory restaurant is one of the best fast food restaurants in Tehran, which has been able to satisfy customers by offering chicken-based dishes. In addition to the space inside the restaurant, it is also possible to eat on the balcony, which offers a spectacular view of Chitgar Lake.

In this place, not only the quality of the food is acceptable; Moreover, but the price of the food also seems reasonable. The lower floor of the restaurant is dedicated to serving all kinds of burgers, and on the upper floor you can order pizza and bread. The wooden decoration of the restaurant evokes the atmosphere of a factory and eating there can be a different experience for you.

Chicken Factory pizza with sauce and cream, chicken meat, and a lot of potato wedges, as well as Caesar salad and fried chicken, are among the most popular dishes of this restaurant. Since this restaurant is equipped with an elevator, disabled people will have no problem using the restaurant.

 Address: Tehran, the end of Hemmat highway, South Kashan exit, Moj square, Moj boulevard, Bamland, block C, second floor


Final words

Tehran is the capital and also the most crowded city in Iran, where you can find many small and big restaurants. One of the most important things that makes this lovely city stand out from other Iranian cities in the eyes of tourists is the presence of a large number of traditional and modern restaurants in it. In this article, we introduce you to some of the best restaurants in Tehran so that you can enjoy Iranian cuisine in its best way.

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