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Medicines allowed on flights to Iran

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Do you know the medicines allowed on flights to Iran?

If you are a professional traveler, you must know that each country has its own rules regarding carrying medication by air travelers. The laws of Iran are also particular and quite ordinary in this field. In other words, you should not worry about carrying medicine on flights to Iran. Unlike many other countries such as Japan and the United Arab Emirates, Iran has very appropriate laws for carrying medicine by travelers. However, knowing these regulations can help you avoid serious problems when traveling by air to Iran. Medicines allowed on flights to Iran have specific categories ; therefore, it will be effortless to match personal medicines with them.

In general, the number of Medicines allowed on flights to Iran is huge, and you, as a sick person or even a person who is used to carrying all kinds of OTC medicines, will definitely not face any problems when traveling to Iran. In this article, we will learn about Medicines allowed on flights to Iran and some illegal medicines.


Why are the rules for carrying medication on a flight important?

Before going to Medicines are allowed on flights to Iran, we must check a very important point. You have probably also wondered why different countries, including Iran, have stringent laws regarding medicine carrying by travelers. To answer this question, we must say that one of the main reasons for the existence of these strict regulations is the smuggling of illegal drugs and even narcotics.

Therefore, countries should have strict regulations in this field. Another important reason for these regulations is the difference in the laws of different countries in the area of drug use. Some drugs are prohibited in European countries but are prescribed without a prescription in Asian countries. On the other hand, medicines such as abortion are allowed in some states of America and even some European countries, but they are illegal in Iran, and carrying them is considered a crime.

Due to all these reasons, countries try to prevent the smuggling of unlicensed drugs into their country by establishing clear and very strict regulations. However, these regulations are not supposed to endanger the health of patients. Because all patients, by providing a doctor’s prescription, can transport any medicine they take to Iran or other countries. In fact, these laws have been established only to prevent drug smuggling, and ordinary people will definitely not have a problem with these laws.

carrying medication on a flight

Regulation of Medicines allowed on flights to Iran

According to the public relations of the Ministry of Health of Iran, the entry and clearance of any type of drug, raw material, and substance Imported pharmaceutical packaging by natural and legal persons (both private and public sector) requires obtaining a license from Iran’s Ministry of Health.

Clearance of pharmaceutical products as personal consumption of the product owner by providing medical documents or a doctor’s prescription is allowed. In addition, the clearance of pharmaceutical products is done based on the official pharmaceutical list of Iran. That’s why Regarding drugs outside of this list, the criteria for clearance, its supply in the pharmaceutical market of the country of manufacture, and the presentation of a certificate is either an internal or external doctor’s prescription. The amount that can be cleared for each medicinal product for a maximum of 3 months for one person is allowed, which is determined by the experts.

The General Department of Drug and Narcotics Supervision is calculated and determined according to the type and cases of drug use. Packaging of all medicinal items must be original, healthy and have the necessary information on the label. If this information to If a language other than Farsi or English is entered, it will be mandatory to provide an official translation upon request.

Clearance of pharmaceutical products to be submitted to the Ministry of Health or for research purposes in the pharmaceutical industry or Pharmaceutical research and research centers of the country require sending a written request to this general office and issuing a written license It is a discharge.

Regulation of Medicines allowed on flights to Iran

Regulations for carrying illegal drugs on flights to Iran

Entry and clearance of controlled drugs (narcotic, psychoactive, and anesthetic) is not allowed. Entry and clearance of medicinal items with minority use in abortion are not allowed without written permission from the General Directorate of Drug Supervision. T‌he entry and clearance of medicinal items with the potential for abuse in doping and bodybuilding are not allowed without the written permission of the General Administration of Drug Affairs. The entry and clearance of medicinal items declared unusable by national and international pharmaceutical authorities due to severe problems or complications are not allowed.

The representatives of the General Department of Drug Supervision located in the customs will take action after controlling and matching the medicinal items with the list of their names and amounts that the customs appraisers enter. It should be noted that The opinion of the representatives of the General Department of Drug Supervision is only to enter the product, and its quality is not verified. Therefore, in case of complications arising from the consumption of the cleared drug, the responsibility will be on the owner of the product.


Some medicines allowed on flights to Iran

After getting to know the regulations related to Medicines allowed on flights to Iran, it is time to get to know some of these medicines. Because the rules in this field are general, you cannot know precisely whether your medicines are included in these regulations or not. In general, many of the medicines that patients use for their treatment with a doctor’s prescription are among the Medicines allowed on flights to Iran. However, knowing these drugs’ categories will help you carry your drugs more carefully on the flight to Iran. In the following article, we will learn about Medicines allowed on flights to Iran.

Medicines that are not imported for commercial purposes

One of the most important regulations related to medicines allowed on flights to Iran is that the passenger does not intend to sell these medicines in Iran. In other words, the only drugs allowed to be carried by passengers on flights to Iran are for personal consumption. So, if you want to transport a drug to Iran for your personal use and this drug is not among the illegal drugs in Iran, you will not have a problem.

One of the important things in determining travelers’ intention to carry medicine is the volume of medicine. In other words, the number of medicines the traveler carries should be maximum for his three-month consumption.

Medicines for three months of personal use

As mentioned, travelers can carry medicine for their three-month supply during their flight to Iran. The amount of consumption is checked by the inspector of Iran upon entering the country. The amount of your medication should be as prescribed by your doctor. If you follow this rule, you can safely take all the medicines you need on your trip to Iran.

Medicines with appropriate packaging and specifications

Many people have the habit of putting their medicines in plastic packages to be easy to use. If you want to carry medicine on a flight to Iran, your medicine must have proper packaging and specifications. In other words, the inspector must be able to read the name and specifications of the drug from its packaging in order to allow you to enter Iran. It doesn’t matter if your medicine is among the permitted medicines or you need a doctor’s prescription to carry it . In any case, the medicines must be carefully checked by the airport inspectors in Iran.

Putting the medicine in its original packaging along with the prescription prescribed by the doctor can prevent problems for you when you enter Iran. It should be noted that if your medicine is among particular medicines, you can take it with you in Iran only by matching its information with the specifications on the package.

Any drug that the technical inspection department approves

One of the positive points about medicines allowed on flights to Iran is that any medicine that the technical inspection department has approved of this country can enter Iran without the need for permission from the passenger. In other words, if the medicines you are taking are in the category of these medicines, you can safely take them with you on your flight to the beautiful country of Iran. However, it is forbidden to carry liquid medicines in the plane’s cabin, and you must deliver your liquid medicines in the proper packaging to the plane’s cargo area.

All over-the-counter (OTC) medications

OCT or non-prescription drugs are drugs that people can get from pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. The laws of different countries about these drugs are very different, but these drugs are among the medicines allowed on flights to Iran. If you can buy medicine without a prescription in your country, you can take it with you when you travel to Iran. However, due to differences in manufacturing companies and specifications, it is better to avoid carrying these drugs when flying to Iran or other countries. In general, it is not recommended to carry any medicine without a doctor’s prescription during air travel.

You can easily buy all kinds of non-prescription drugs in Iran. Many foreign medicines have an Iranian version in this country and are marketed with specifications in English. Also, Iran’s Ministry of Health has simpler laws regarding the sale of non-prescription drugs than many other countries.

Unauthorized drugs on flights to Iran

Another way to know the medicines allowed on flights to Iran is to know the medicines that are not allowed to be carried by passengers on flights to Iran. In fact, carrying these drugs can be troublesome for you. For this reason, do not take these medicines with you when traveling by air to Iran. However, these drugs can also cause you trouble during check-in. In other words, it does not matter if you have a doctor’s prescription for these illegal drugs or not.

It should be noted that according to international laws, as long as the flight or airport officials have not asked you questions about your medication information, you will not need to show the medication or declare it to these officials. In any case, you cannot transport them to Iran. After arriving in this country, you can buy similar versions of the desired drug from pharmacies.

Some of the most important illegal drugs on flights to Iran are:

  • TE Dol 100
  • Clonazepam
  • Diphenoxylate
  • Pseudoephedrine
  • Phenylephrine
  • Chlordiazepoxide
  • Benskal


medicines allowed on flights to Iran; Almost most OCT drugs

In this article, we learned about Medicines allowed on flights to Iran. As you have seen, Iran’s laws are not very strict regarding the regulations of carrying medicine by passengers during air travel. For this reason, if you use a special medicine or want to have the medicines you need with you during your trip, you will not have any problems when traveling to Iran. However, having a doctor’s prescription, English drug specifications or a doctor’s certificate can prevent problems when checking the drugs at your destination airport in Iran. For this reason, it is suggested to keep the medicines you need in the original package with specifications in English and keep your doctor’s prescription next to it.

It should be noted that carrying psychoactive drugs, narcotics, etc., is prohibited not only on flights to Iran but all flights worldwide. Carrying these types of drugs can have serious consequences for you. Also, the regulations for carrying illegal drugs have nothing to do with the laws of the country of origin. Because these drugs may not be allowed in the destination country, and in this case, you will be considered a criminal by carrying them. For this reason, before flying to Iran, check your medications with non-approved ones according to the Iranian Aviation Organization and Ministry of Health.

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